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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2021 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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and thing industry is saying another. great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. new manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d. w. . illiam. the shot that makes all the difference indian celebrities like filmmaker come out haasan getting an ocular dated for all to see to encourage a country of over a 1000000000 people to follow his example. if only there were enough jobs available for everyone instead the country that's making vaccines for the rest of the world is faced with a massive shortage how could this happen. india's vaccination rollout to all adults is hampered by a creaking infrastructure and
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a new aggressive variant that spreads faster than anywhere else in india fails what does this mean for the global pandemic right. welcome talk of united special good to have you with us especially if you're joining us from india i hope that you and your families are well and safe because the figures we get from india are absolutely shocking almost 390000 new cases of infection and more than 3 and a half 1000 deaths within the last 24 hours international help is getting underway with the 1st imagines the aid supplies arriving from the u.s. but in the end it's all about getting millions of shots in arms s. a.s.a.p. . prime minister narendra modi seen here getting his vaccination generally likes promote india as the world's pharmacy but now the chief of the world's biggest vaccine producer has slammed the indian government because they do . in order enough jobs in the last few months suddenly the government is left
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standing empty handed. we don't have enough vaccines right now we'll let you know as soon as we receive the vaccines. compared to other countries india trails the us with just over 42 percent of the population having received at least one vaccination in india 157000000 people have been vaccinated at least once that's a lot of people which is 9 percent of the population. the most popular vaccine in india is astra zeneca under the name covert shield. after 3 weeks off or 76 percent efficacy. after the 2nd job at 12 weeks this rises to nearly 83 percent. over shield is manufactured in india with a license from the european pharmaceutical company astra zeneca until recently the
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production went from here to destinations all over the world. but because of the steep rise in the number of cases a home the indian government to stop exporting. this also applies to the 2nd vaccine produced in india kovacs in it currently can also only be used in india. kovacs and has to be administered in 2 doses 6 weeks after the 1st vaccination it offers protection of 78 percent. of 3rd indian vaccine is awaiting approval psycho vigil come onto the market from mid may. bush will this be enough to vaccinate against the pandemic in india from. the big question. at the center of social medicine and community health and job harlan there a university in new delhi he joins us now good to have you that's a nation obviously seen as the only way out of the pandemic is it also the only way
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out of the crisis in india. no the current crisis is really of providing clinical care of providing intensive care to very large numbers of being able to maintain infrastructure and supply chains that really is the cut in prices also a very large requirement of human resources. that clearly is is what's the burning problem now recognition of course is crucial but the explanation is not going to address this problem in the short run which is a few weeks that we are talking of now but surely you are trying to still get as many shots in arms as possible how does this actually work in terms of distribution do hospitals or divac scenes themselves are. who is deciding who gets the vaccine rolled in and governments prioritize ations strategy had mean by risk categories
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which meant health workers and other. care responders bust which is a which was shouted over the 1st 3 months and then age group 60 and then age group $45.00 in the above that's what the privatization strategy was and from a 1st which is tomorrow it will be open for all the dollars above the age of 18 years but several states are facing a shortage and that's in supplies and therefore realistically it's not going to begin for the 18 plus group from tomorrow there will certainly have to wait till the supply situation stabilizes how is it possible that there is this shortage given that india is actually providing the rest of the world with vaccines. what's understood at this point is that this rapid expansion to 45 year age group it was earlier 50 plus who it come up with it is this meant an additional
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demand of 202250 1000000 those as which was not so readily available and add to the fact that now that it's 18 years plus it's a lot more though the vaccines that you were talking off so this putting that scene from russia has been approved. the emergency authorization the 1st batch is that expected perhaps in a few days in the 1st week of may as a direct import from russia before being being manufactured in india by one of the indian companies so even if this were to make arrives on this show deal it's still going to be several weeks before actually months can be met and therefore several states have certainly postponed this 18 plus age group. till a few weeks down the line and given the fact that there are already 2 indigenous let's call them maxine's
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a collection we had in the report already approved and then there's another one psycho d. which is due to get emergency approval in mate will those vaccines be for indians only in order to hopefully as soon as possible turn things around. the current emphasis certainly is to be able to minimize as much as possible again going by these by these private eyes ation principle. as we understand it will take still a few weeks for at the grid vaccines to be back into the supply system to be able to at least clear the depending those as particularly up to age 45 so all of these are certainly going to add to the kitty but the next few weeks things are going to be slow and i don't want to i don't want to even imagine what this delay means for the situation that you're already in at the moment. nevertheless this may sound
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heartless but what is this crisis in india what does it mean for weald wide vaccine supply will there be a knock on effect for example when it comes to the kovacs program yes it's very likely at least by current projections the contributions from india are certainly going to be delayed if not actually less so i'm sure the kovacs group would be worried about it. i think i think what sort of got misconstrued initially was that india produces 60 percent of the global vaccines which is true in the aggregate of childhood vaccines but in this category of influenza vaccines and so on this contribution is actually to the tune of 20 percent that experts say so that 60 percent figure is is not entirely applicable here just very briefly what lessons can the rest of the world learn from what's happening in india
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right now i mean we're talking about a pandemic we have to overcome it together. shelby have to overcome it coming together we have to learn from each other i think the issue of variance of the of the newton forms is very crucial in the responded to it in a certainly the u.k. strain which as we know then spread to nearly a 100 countries worldwide became a dominant strain that at several in several countries similarly the indian strain the b 1617 is also considered to be playing a very crucial role right and i think reasonably need to learn from each other particularly out variance that we managed to desk there from. the java harlan near university in new delhi thank you so much and to do stay safe thank you thank you it took time to answer more of your questions now over to derek. how could you not engineering be helpful in fighting not coming pandemics.
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genetic engineering is one of those phrases that get thrown around a lot but i found a surprising number of people don't actually know what it means so so let's define it before moving forward when you genetically engineer something you use tools from fields that are usually mell grouped under the label of biotechnology to manipulate and modify an organisms gene out of the goal is to make it do things the organism wouldn't do otherwise for example produce a highly specific medicinal product or produce it in faster ways or produce event larger amounts genetic engineering methods are now common in areas from from crop science to to waste mitigation to sustainable fuel development but when it comes to modern medicine genetically modified microorganisms play
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a really central role nowadays for instance microbes have been engineered to churn out much of the insulin that people with diabetes need to survive and gene editing methods are also key to designing new medications they use not only to manufacture complex biologics like monoclonal antibodies but but also vaccines viral vector vaccines like those made by astra zeneca are like like poster child examples of products made with genetic engineering they work because the designers were able to splice genes from stars tovey to into a harmless ad no virus there that when injected can help make you immune to cope at 19 so genetic engineering is much more than helpful in the fight against pandemics
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it'll continue to be a crucial facet of our. reacting to them and containing in the future. before we go buy and take pfizer have asked european regulators to authorize take over 19 vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds and they also plan to seek authorization with other regulatory authorities world wide thanks watching. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away please. please pretty please we'd like to demonstrate live me mixed tree trunk lid to keep. the. olympics more than 300 people are seeking.
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constant. stream. in what's being called a historic milestone germany has committed to begin returning the famous binion bronzes held by german museums to nigeria as early as next year. welcome to arts and culture we'll have more on what this means for the debate around the restitution of art looted during the colonial era and also coming up. spring has sprung with the opening of germany's bi annual federal horticultural
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show for short taking place this year in the eastern city. and paris based stick or trickster the truman burbank is an online sensation with a tongue in cheek take on how to make your playground. on thursday germany's ministry of culture announced the planned return of the binion bronzes from german museums in 2022 and most of the artifacts were looted by british forces during a military attack on the kingdom opinion in what is now nigeria back in 8097 and they're now scattered between as many as 160 museums and institutions worldwide well it's a trailblazing move and certainly ramps up the pressure on other european former colonial powers to follow suit. some of africa's most prized treasures for decades demands for their restitution have grown . now cultural and political leaders have agreed to begin returning to the facts
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held in german museums by next year. i must admit. but there was also very positive result and everybody agreed to it steps being grown so used to being in. art has to go back to nigeria so this is really great really great news and a significant change of heart the branches were to be showcased that new forum just a few weeks ago the foundation which currently holds the bronzers was reticent about the possibility of returning them. many museums around the world. are exceptional. so when they came to europe they highlighted a completely new image of africa as a continent states in history and culture the pennine bronzes are of course part of
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the cultural history of nigeria but they have also become global by good ones. the 4000 artifacts were planted from the beneath empire are now part of nigeria after foreign and pretty straight in 897 they were later sold to museums in europe and north america now nigeria will regain sovereignty over some of these war and sacred ark work so central to the nation's cultural heritage nigerian part can side by how restitution we'll see how this repatriation will take place and. there will be looted artwork really maybe in german using that will be there is it doesn't because. if. it were a dialogue. nigeria plans to build a museum in painting the house of the looted martyr for.
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the. young people because they can't come to you can't visit european. jews there or you will be able to. physically see. creation's if they were in niger. one leading european historian says her research shows that for decades museums deliberately track their feet on the issue of restitution. museum directors try to buy time they actually formulated it in writing as a strategy they left the problem to the next generation that's now it's clear we can't we mustn't continue to push it off. so the next generation we have to act.
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not just about ownership but about a whole new way of thinking really think you have to to deal with. and how we speak on it please so there it is a very very long we and very complicated but we could write so it could be it was seen could also be kind of hidden even in europe. germany's decision to act marks a paradigm shift in the handling of looted artifacts. well during these long months of pandemic induced long downs gardens have also become places of healing and response and germany's federal horticultural show which opened last week hopes to capitalize on people's need for outdoor pursuits interestingly this year's host city of our force has a very long tradition of garden shows that dates back to 865 and so just prior to
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opening we went to see how it's reconnecting with that heritage. flower power i didn't care for more than 600000 francs on a site nearly the size of 16 football pitches germany's federal horticultural show cougar is held every 2 years this time around. state capital is the host. the city's petersburg with its 17th century since it is one of the show's main sites. architect. has been in charge of transforming the former fortress and military science into a paradise. fever that the state's more goal was to make this somewhat forgotten place an experience for the visitors we wanted to breathe a new life into. this fantastic fortress. this is
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a military site that was off limits to locals and visitors for a long time. to do this. a lot of work went into transforming the neglected sorry buildings had fallen into disrepair. the transformation is quite amazing together with her. setup a network of paths that link the historic buildings with flower beds. when we create open spaces we are always paying attention to what is already there and kiss it away so to speak like in sleeping beauty we want to make it visible again and accentuate the atmosphere. for example in the monks which can be accessed by a joint slide also mix things up by planting both for arches of vegetables and herb between the flowers spinach garlic and many. the 1st
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ever international garden show was hosted in forks in 19553961 when it was in the former communist east germany it began staging regular international horticultural shows with the new park at the heart. of park remains the main attraction 60 years later the huge garden complex is one of the state's top tourist attractions and will remain in bloom until this year's show ends in. the hour is relieved at this year's show is able to open with covert restrictions in place she spent 3 years working to get the petersburg in shape. we really hope that visitors to the pater's will see the fortress in a new light. noise. the new space is with the many delicate flowers different colors and sense. and few. do so it will give them fresh
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input and joy. he's a floater especially in this corona virus pandemic. the. joy and color at the federal horticultural show in a city famous for its floral tradition. and after its success in 10 other cities around the world an exhibition devoted to dutch artist and c. opens this week in barcelona as one of the world's most widely admired graphic artists famously united arts with mathematics to create impossible worlds and impressive optical illusions the show features over 200 works that have influenced advertising fashion and even cinema. and deprived of an audience the artists of the past he decided to play to the statues at the famous music city
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which is also devoid of visitors due to covert 19 shutdowns recorded concert will be broadcast on may 1st fulfilling conductor pomo hit us casado his mission to bring music and the museum into people's homes. and finally once upon a time in grade school he was a class clown and today he attracts attention as one of the quirkiest skaters on the french scene and 3 young also known as the truman burbank makes parents his playground with an a take on how to enjoy the urban landscape. is a skateboarder with a sense of humor he's been posting his one of a kind videos online for 5 years an internet sensation. also known as the truman burbank has turned. every day environment film set for his genius stunts. i used to play the clown in the classroom i
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love to fool around i don't plan anything i just improvise once i arrive on the scene. his entertaining clips all right. not just skateboarding friends so. i created a world of. high level. somewhat unconventional i want to entertain and i don't have to be the best there great thing about my sketches is that they don't have anyone iranian american or portuguese can understand. the person 1st at the age at 16 he was practicing 8 hours every day. tricks like this one require preparation. the great she has been treated with wax at
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35 is one of the more senior skaters around. magine long beards eaters just racing around into their boards but in reality forming tricks is physically demanding especially when you're doing 2 or 3 in a row. and this mentally taxing too is a real risk of getting hurt. and if you try to take myself seriously i always see we're just skating. having fun with a board under our feet nothing more there's no reason to get arrogant or think you're better than anyone else it's just about having fun. one thing travelling all the other skaters m.b.'s of his sport right by the eiffel tower. well that's all for this edition but we'll leave you with some more images of the famous binion bronzes held in various museums across the globe
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germany will be returning the examples in its museums to nigeria in 2022 without all the best from us and offered us. are you ready for some great means i'm pristine when glass on the eyes on the edge of my graduate with a brand new video of the news africa michelle then tackles the issues shaping the concert hall with more time to off on an in-depth look on to all the friends got caught up to you what's making the hittites and what's behind the way on the streets to give you in different forms on the inside d w news africa. 30 minutes on w. commands and.
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the beat still to come on jags created under the nazis the same kind of racist christians by the americans the iconic comedies no non-game for dogs and cats listen to the men on camera read. you mean. you. are not proud of them they will not succeed in dividing us and our not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick trying to shift. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for minds imagine how many foolish old loves are thrown out of the water right now climate change isn't off the story. this is why i left the way for just one
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week. how much work can really get. we still have time to act i'm going. to subscribe for more likely. drink trades. that you will love. she will extract begin to help fritz glitter glitter glitter. there against prejudice i don't hold cable like i did nothing i've just gotten out and for britney. your little stars on the big stage. spokesman 17. w. o
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5. this is news live from berlin israel stops to bury the dead are afraid to saw stuff that's a massive religious celebration. israelis will share a national day of mourning on sunday for at least $45.00 people who died in a crushing stampede at the foot of mount.


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