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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 3, 2021 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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you know we're not. africa's population. people have the solution. 77 percent complete. new zealand gets tough on china putting trade relations at stake with its biggest business one spot the shift and the asian pacific the global giant. just a dream most women aiming for top managerial companies in germany what's holding them back. and it takes me around for
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a decade now the countdown is on to the 1st flight in a real environment for a new way of getting to work. business career suicide or is little new zealand standing up to trading giant china going to spark a revolution smaller asian nations are closely watching as prime minister. makes a major policy shift that could make things a little uneasy. when it was time to condemn china's crackdown on the democracy movement in hong kong and its treatment of its minority muslim population in new zealand has been reluctant to sign up to statements from its 5 eyes alliance partners the center left government even suggested its partners were not showing enough respect for china new zealand's biggest trading partner and urged australia to be more cautious in their wording when dealing with the chinese government this prompted an outcry from their allies prime minister. it's making what looks like
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a significant u. turn. and it will not have a sky anyone here that is china's role in the world grows and changes the differences between our systems and the interests and values that those systems are becoming harder to reconcile. new zealand's exports to china and worth more than to the next 4 largest trading partners australia the u.s. u.k. and japan combined tougher stance shows the rising challenge of balancing trade concerns and human rights commitments as china's influence expands more thank you i'm joined by our china analyst cliff couldn't cliff it why the sudden policy shift i guess it has something to do with a straight it because history has been standing up to china for some time now and paying the price through coal exports through wind and lots of different sectors and the links between australia new zealand are traditionally very close as we know and i think that's very much part of us and then australia is also part of the 5 eyes which includes the us and. so we and australia as i said on them but
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these other partners so basically it's trying to do it's trying to look closer to its western allies and to china even though it's a trading colossus and it just shows the whole challenge of how you have to balance trade and try to measure these hours it's a real challenge is so much at stake i don't has been vocal about things like the week as engine jang before. and you hear about it time and again here the pressure on the german chancellor to speak out on human rights issues but being vocal is it going to change anything well this is it i mean i think i think it again it comes back to this balance and then how much you actually you actually make an impact with this and i think in the trump era we saw the last of the western allies were actually quite divided when it came to dealing with china and china was able to sort of drive divisions there another biden is there things are changing again and there's growing pressure and i say here in germany on johnson merkel to be a bit tougher on. there are many because she always takes the trade line but things
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are changing we see some of the other new candidates coming up are talking about being tougher on china so i think that if there's more of a common front on the deal with china i think things definitely could change to a rebuilding of alliances could it could it change the way other small plays in asia also do business not not just the big players like germany i think it will because i think they're definitely watching this quite closely these countries while you do have loose trading arrangements and loose alliances there they tend to have a more of a bilateral approach when it comes to dealing with china and sometimes that can feel quite isolators actually in regions like the south china sea where absolutely says it's ours yeah exactly you know to say this is a big problem and if you're a country like the philippines or vietnam trying to do with these on your own it's difficult but if you suddenly see that other nations that there is more of a common basis to trying finding a different approach to how to deal with china on these issues then i think it's certainly going to be supportive to this kind of situation so
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a realignment not just in politics but also in global business cliff it could and thanks very much for coming in. a look now at some other business stories making headlines the pandemic hit a earnings for half of all people worldwide according to u.s. polling company gallup job and wage cuts affected people in low income countries most the survey of at 300000 people in 117 countries. retail sales declined slightly despite a bumpy year for e-commerce a study of 7 countries including the u.s. china and the u.k. shows online turnover rose by over 22 percent 2 and a half trillion dollars. supply shortages are hitting more german manufacturers' according to a study by the institute on top of the chip shortage hitting come make his at the moment manufacturers that need plastic and electrical products suffering. economic success can often come down to diversity studies show companies with
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diverse leadership are more profitable but feed executives in germany and missing men dominate boardrooms of listed companies here with a total of $614.00 seats women occupy only $86.00 seats germany is lagging in the u.s. women occupy more than a quarter of boardroom seats in the targeted corporations in the largest corporations rather almost the same case in the u.k. in germany women only hold 16 percent of boardroom seats but this change in the air spain's. has taken over as c.e.o. at german pharma for mack she's the 1st woman to single handedly run a daks company let's talk about that with stephanie low how she's director of the european academy for female leadership stephanie are we finally seeing some sort of change. well yes we actually do i mean germany has been so
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conservative for a long time and i do believe that in the past 10 years things have changed it has been a generational change but also or like a lot of activists and we had this huge debates about and he made leadership lack a female role models in power positions and i do believe that this is time to change and one of the arguments here was a lack of female candidates is there any truth to that i mean in the u.s. we see all of these female tech entrepreneurs in fantastic positions but not here in germany. well it depends on how you view it i would say 1st of all it is an excuse i mean if you look at the number for example of women studying computer science the numbers in the u.s. are not high and then in germany at all but i think what you can say is that there has that women have not been promoted in after the past and have not been given
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sufficient opportunities to develop into sepsis management positions and so if there is a lack of suitable candidates then it is the course before they have not been promoted to so i wouldn't say it's the lead i mean it's just a few positions i wouldn't say there's a lack you know from the big pool but from the continuous development there is what's changed now though to see this new female executive at mac and also several german companies have taken on a female leaders in executive positions over the past months. well we do see that there is this social pressure i would say that nowadays because of all these movements in germany but also the global movements about social justice it's kind of embarrassing to not have a few meters to have these you know all male white panels and so on so i would say that now that would say that arguments like business place arguments that companies
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. are more diverse sports are all created for the employees are happy that these kind of also feel so and we have a quote of course we got this to north one was passed last year and i mean those laws are not i mean they're i would say also symbolic in a way because they're not you know leg protests on and every management position but and they do mean something i mean they set the tone and the norms briefly has the pandemic changed anything well unfortunately what we can see now is that it has come to a retreat decision and ization of the well gender roles because in germany child care facilities and also schools were closed for long periods of time i mean even now they're not fully it reopened yet and what we can see from numerous studies is that it's mostly the women who would do the childcare again and become more as
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housewives as them and the men continue were risking mostly normally and i mean we do not know what the long term effect of this is right now i think it's definitely has a negative impact ok so one step forward 2 steps back stephanie low house thanks for direct thanks for joining us today director of the european academy for female leadership thank you. finally in tech news vala copter reckons its battery powered electric taxis will get you from the airport to central paris in just a few minutes by air and for the price of a taxi the countdown is on to the 1st flight in a real environment in the french capital. test conditions the small orning are ideal sunny hardly a breath of wind very little of their flight activity. volo copter executive christiane power is waiting for his evy tell the electric multi rover helicopter to
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take off. the pilot came to b.s. cone already flew the aircraft in public in shock and 29000 still he and the team keep testing the electric chopper. to test. test flight as part of one of our crewmembers pilot training basically the more you fly the better if it's just a better hand that's why the volvo copter 2 x. is taking a 2nd flight today what's remarkable the evy tell with its 18 small electric motors is much quieter than a conventional helicopter an important detail. you avoid this we want to be the urban concept we're very quiet and our concept means we're very safe and can provide very comfortable transport that's put. the air taxi will only have a 35 kilometer range current battery power doesn't allow much more than the
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manufacturer of all copper based in southern germany is currently readying it's for passenger transport and it's awaiting permits for its upcoming volo city model but it takes time and lots of money investors have already pumped 200000000 euros into the venture. do you schedule it it's have in that these phones are now being used to make our certification market ready get volatile cities serial production going and of course to enter partnerships with cities and authorities that. the voto city is lined up for its maiden flight in a few months. after is also developing take off and landing pads with various cities paris shanghai dubai or perhaps tokyo could soon after the electric air taxi service the time line is firming up. election. after the initial services in the coming 2 to 3 years we won't just manufacture the air taxis will also operate them so we'll also have an app for them like the ones from my
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taxi or car to go in which the customer tells the out i'd like to take a sightseeing flight in the city from the airport and then books it. when the time does come passengers can rest assured there even will not be operated remotely or fly autonomously to begin with at least the large amount of volatile city be flown by a pilot. away nice to business with. trencher it's. a lot of flashy wigs and glitter and glitter glitter their fight against prejudice and on cold cable life and recognition. little stores on the big stage. 3 kids stores may 17th on t.w.
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in mexico many portions of lots are thrown out in the uk right now climate change to fend off the story. faces life less the way from just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to ask i'm going. to sort of set. that subscribe for more news like this. alaska's arctic is one of the most remote areas off the u.s. it's also a region that has been particularly ravaged by the corona virus and all the help they need to recover is flying to the rescue. for you call it is providing vaccinations to surrounding villages and aid workers can only access the areas by
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plane or by snowmobile in fact alaska is currently vaccinating at a faster rate than any other state in the us how is this possible. that. there aren't any doctors in for you call on. but there is deborah mccarthy the health centers director she's responsible for the area's $500.00 residents who have to forego a lot of snow slopes instead of asphalt roads no pubs no restaurants no fast internet this is what normality looks like 8 miles north of the arctic circle.


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