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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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oh. this is g.w. news live from berlin and metro bridge collapses in mexico city killing at least 20 people the elevated rail line gave way sending a train plunging into the roads below 1st responders are searching for survivors. also coming up india's agony intensifying as coronavirus cases talk 20000000 the national vaccination drive is faltering even as the sheer number of infections overwhelms the health care system. and europe hopes to broken taurus again thanks
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to accelerating national vaccination plans borders could reopen in time for the summer clubs chloe chows oscar winning film nomad land is the talk of tinsel town but it's practically on her up in her native china they will take a look at the impact beijing censorship is having on hollywood. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program we begin in mexico where at least 20 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a metro accident in the capital mexico city authorities say that an elevated section of the rail system collapsed while a train was passing through sending part of the train onto a busy road below the incident happened to late on monday night. on the city's
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newest metro line line 12 emergency crews are on the scene the search for survivors was briefly suspended over safety concerns. and we will of course bring you all the latest developments on that story a soon as they come and but 1st we're heading to india where the number of coronavirus cases in the country has officially top to 20000000 as the crisis tightens its core up many experts believe the real figures for deaths and infections are much higher than the official tally at the same time supply shortages are hampering the national bax a nation drive and the health care system is buckled under the weight of new cases . there is no room for these patients at this hospital instead they are made to wait outside and left hoping that the oxygen supply will hold out as ambulances queue at hospitals other means of transport also taking on
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a crucial role trains are india's lifeblood its tracks holding freight and people across the country's vast land mass today they also offer a lifeline and this locomotive pulls a precious cargo oxygen headed to the worst hit areas. india's railroads have been drafted into the country's emergency response in other ways too. 11 train coaches have been converted into isolation wards there's a separate coach for the doctors that's 12 isolation coaches available here there are 2 oxygen cylinders in each coach and we've set up 9 air coolers as well sprinklers on the ceiling control the temperature 16 patients can be accommodated in each coach and sanitation waste disposal arrangements have also been made. ingenuity and improvise ation doing their bit to stem the rising tide of
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coronavirus deaths but it's not enough to shield the modi government from anger over its failure to prevent this deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic. it was a contribution factor to an unexpected loss for the prime minister's b.j. bay party losing an important state election in west bank go. much like the surgeon infections this is not what modi had in mind when he declared the end of the pandemic at political rallies all of it india after this miscalculation his political fortunes may be linked to the coronavirus more closely than ever. and for more let's bring in. chief. 20000000 infections reported in india how are authorities trying to reverse the search. i said i have 300000000 new infections and that got to feed
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for my system for india now the government is trying to grow this search the 2nd way that india is now seeing its do this to this fictions in the. fuse in many parts of the country who do care and dandy in fact in one form the number of new infections in the past 24 hours a day to the lowest in about 20 days so most maltese are hoping that this is to do with a lot that we have here at dairy and the 2nd plant said that the indian government hasn't got to go of the surge is vaccination they still have to do this in january and not expanding the best nation program to anyone aged 80 so their vaccination program is going to underway in delhi yesterday some 40000 people between the ages of 18 and 44 came out and this is important to note because a lot of young people getting infected do this. and
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you know even still the operator were hearing about severe shortages of vaccines in fact and people wondering how is that india one of the world's biggest suppliers of vaccines in this situation. don't you see or like many of the states in the media are completely. backseats now if you don't have enough to get this new theories of the vaccine. you can get back to me to know india has the once manufacturing vaccines that simply need to see to institute. that here critical bill along with another a maximization company during this next nation program but it seems that in this underestimating. to the end of the. dance and he lacks the nation's islam it's not. 60 situation doing just. the country.
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many. people have to do still that 2 of them it was who started trying to get vaccines for example russia has. that's known to be used it here snacks. brussels barrow cheats is me delhi bureau chief i'm ready to team up thank you so much for joining us. on now to some other developments in the pandemic sri lanka has imposed tough new restrictions in an effort to contain the spread of the virus public gatherings and weddings are banned and schools will remain closed until further notice cambodia is set to lift its locks out in the capital phnom penh despite another record rise in daily cases the country is battling its worst outbreak today and north korea has warned its citizens to brace for a prolonged a struggle against the virus the un has earmarked nearly 2000000 vaccine doses for keang yang but it's unclear how and when those shipments will arrive.
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european union countries are discussing whether to reopen the e.u. to travelers from outside of the block the european commission has recommended opening borders to people from more countries where the pen demick is under control as well as for tourists who have been fully vaccinated but potential visitors are still likely to encounter different rules in different countries before the pandemic france was europe's and the world's top tourist destination after months of lockdown france will begin relaxing its nightly curfew starting on may 19th reopen cultural sites and allow cafes bars and restaurants to offer outdoor service . here in germany overnight hotel stays for tourists are currently forbidden and no date has been set for reopening in person dining in many places a nighttime curfew remains in effect and some destinations are even off limits for
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nonresidents though many european countries that depend heavily on tourism like greece for example are pushing for a full reopening in time for the crucial summer season greece has been a strong advocate of developing digital documents showing that travelers have been vaccinated or tested negative for the corona virus as a way of revitalizing the tourist industry for more brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomenon is standing by alexander how high are the hopes that tourism will resume as normal in the e.u. and get a boost this summer. very high i would say i think that what the european commission is proposing is really could be a real game changer and this is of course good news for all those who are willing to travel in the summer but also good news for all the european member states who are european union member states who are really hoping that they soon can receive
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tourists because their economy relies on tourism so and i think that the european commission is now coming forward with this proposal because they know that many member states are already planning on reopening reopening their tourism ok so they're looking at vaccinated visitors from countries that have the virus under control how does this work in practice though alexandra well at the moment there are only 5 countries that are on the green list allowing non-essential travel to the european union countries such as singapore for example or new zealand and the european commission is suggesting that more countries would local with 19 and think sions infection rates could be added to this list of debt is of course something that the member states needs to discuss and to agree upon and the average not to question is what kind of certificate what kind of documents they need to
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travels travelers will would need to present at the border to be able to cross the border that is also something that still needs to be discussed and this is really urgent for a lot of countries in the center who get their revenue from tourism a lot of a lot of their g.d.p. a lot of their condom use depend on it who's been hit the hardest. well you just mentioned italy friends greece of course is a very good at some example of how countries are suffering tourism and greece generates a 5th of the country's g.d.p. and one in the 5 jobs so you can imagine how they're hoping to reopen their tourism and actually they're already planning to do so in mid may brussels bureau chief alexandra for naaman thank you so much.
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let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world germany's october 1st has been canceled for a 2nd year in a row of varian premier markets that are says that the safety risks are too high as no one knows how long the pandemic may last the annual event in munich celebrating beer and the various culture normally draws 6000000 visitors. in the united states f.b.i. agents have shot an armed man outside of the headquarters of the central intelligence agency the suspect attempted to drive into the compound in langley virginia triggering an hour's long standoff he was taken to the hospital but his condition is unknown. the funeral of a black man shot dead by police has been held in the u.s. state of north carolina lawyers for andrew brown's family called his death unjustifiable and are demanding the release of police body camera footage of the
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shooting. the situation in ethiopia's cheek region continues to deteriorate as the conflict enters its 6th month millions of people have been displaced and even more are dependent on aid to survive children are among the most affected almost 5000 have been separated from their parents while fleeing for their lives others have lost relatives to the violence. alone frightened and uncertain of the future thousands of children have become separated from their parents during the war and. today they're cared for by aid workers but what will tomorrow bring. who. fighting is the hardest thing i've been 3. many people have been killed many homes have been destroyed. we left home early in the morning after we had explosions it
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was right after we've gone to visit our uncle for a few days when. we had to run for our lives. some of the children were separated from their parents while fleeing the fighting others have been orphaned all require medical care food and shelter aide workers don't have the necessary equipment to help them at the moment the needs on the ground a huge and what we're seeing is not enough funding to support the services that are required to reach through and their families so a lot of the health care facilities and to grow and not functioning at the moment they've been damaged due to the conflicts and have a lot of stores and equipment looted. aid organizations warned that without immediate intervention the situation could spiral completely out of control.
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while the children and she cry cry out. the international response has been mostly silent. german police have shut down a major internet platform that shared images of the sexual abuse of children officials say that the darknet site was one of the biggest in the world and had been operating since at least 29 team they investigation found images of severe sexual abuse including of toddlers several suspects are in custody. the boy's town website is now offline but until recently more than 400000 members met up on this darkness platform to share illegal images of young boys being abused after a lengthy investigation by germany and europe all 3 main suspects were arrested mid april and a 4th is now in custody authorities shut the platform down. all 4 men were arrested
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on suspicion of criminal activity they're being charged with conspiracy and publishing pornographic content 3 of them are accused of being the administrators of the boys town website the 4th is suspected of being the most active platform member and having made over 3500 posts and i mean you chuffed to post it so hard whether the men themselves committed abuses unclear these can only be determined after the data has been analyzed even though the raid was successful germany's federal police know the investigation must continue. when you have such a large system and cut off its head you're only eliminating the current administrators the members still exist we have to assume that a similar site will resurface but that doesn't stop us from continuing to prosecute those responsible for the website the offenders face prison sentences of 6 months to 10 years state prosecutors believe the suspects will receive multiple years behind bars. the us tech billionaire bill gates and his wife melinda are divorcing
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after 27 years of marriage a couple say that they will carry on working together at their foundation they focus on environmental and health causes among them fighting the coronavirus. bill and melinda gates more than just one of the wealthiest couples in the world for decades their names have been synonymous with charitable giving on an unprecedented scale but now the 2 have used twitter to announce they're going their separate ways . after a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship we have made the decision to end our marriage we will continue our work together at the foundation but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives. over here bill gates who became the richest person in the world as the founder of microsoft married melinda french in 1904 together they founded the bill and melinda gates foundation in 2000 which has
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spent over $50000000000.00 fighting poverty disease and inequality and in the past year more than a $1000000000.00 fighting the coronavirus only way to eliminate the threat of this disease somewhere is to eliminate it everywhere this illusion is not shaming the rich countries that are doing the natural thing of wanting to protect their people the solution is to vastly increase the manufacturing capacity so we can cover everyone as soon as possible for now the question of what will happen to the couple's $130000000000.00 fortune is between them and their lawyers. and football we will discover the name of the 1st champions league final list later tonight when manchester city face off against paris sandra mon the english side are aiming to reach their 1st ever champions league final they hold
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a 21 lead from the 1st leg of the semifinal match up but despite having home advantage city's coach pep guardiola is trying not to get ahead of himself. poor thing the truth is the 1st family are here most of us to have in this club. and of course i know what exactly we were playing for. but sometimes in this type of game gentlemen my gym motioned to him more calmly in exactly what do you have to do we need to do the research we need to do to be brave we need to be going to see if we need to plan the game is going to be a battle is going to be difficult but the most important that we are going to be really and have to berlin have been back in action in the blender seeker after a 2 week coronavirus quarantine after sitting out 3 games they are now keen to pull themselves out of the relegation zone but against meit's how-to could only manage a one all draw. being 2nd to last in the standings this late in the season means
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your him big trouble could is here to berlin come back strong from their quarantine and rack up some points against both spend sons minds. you got them on the way after 36 minutes. during that set. a perfectly designed and executed free kick headed in by the frenchman to open the scoring for a hair up. but it took mines only 5 minutes to respond but i feel it more when netting his 1st born just the get go. and what a nonstop of beauty it was. and that's how it ended. and is here to pick up only one point though it could prove crucial in their battle to beat the drop. now
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a swimmer from me on maher wants his country banned from taking part in this year's tokyo olympics saying that a regime involved in genocide does not deserve to be part of the games when ted owen has been a vocal critic of the country's military rulers he says that olympic participation risks legitimizing the regime. when ted is one of the most top swimmers based in australia he's met the standard to qualify for this year's tokyo olympics but despite all the training he's put since with cheating that he says he won now take part even if selected because of the military coup in his country. there should be an international boycott of the name of the committee and of any memoir teams being sent to global sporting events because that those teams will be used as propaganda by the military regime to legitimize their rule and their laws.
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competed for myanmar of the 2019 southeast asian games with the unrest continuing in his country he's calling on the international olympic committee we are you see to intervene. at the very least i expect the i.o.c. to send an investigative team to myanmar if they can because i do have fears that the many in their efforts are being intimidated or threatened to either participate in the olympic games or an international sporting events. we. dream may not of course of the starting blocks. for him a restoration of democracy in myanmar would be a much bigger victory. now clearly show has made history as the 1st asian woman and the 2nd woman ever to win the best director oscar but few hours in her native china were not able to enjoy her tryouts the ceremony was censored. along with all mention of her in the media her film nomad
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land which won best picture hasn't opened there the backlash began in march when beijing discovered an interview the director gave 8 years ago have a look. the world is talking about filmmaker clothes except china where the director of the oscar winning film nomad land was born the reason is an interview gave him 2013 where she described china as a place where there are lies everywhere she and her film have been censored from the internet in china so have people in beijing heard of her. ruling sorry i haven't heard anything. i haven't heard her name very young. this man decides what people in china are allowed to see right after taking office president xi jinping declared that art has the fundamental responsibility to serve socialism he's increasingly been using china's economic might to censor hollywood
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as well. thanks to the pandemic last year china was the biggest film market in the world with some 2000000000 euros in revenue now or in a situation where bending the chinese government means potentially being shut out on the largest box office in the world and that is an increasing source of pressure on hollywood decision makers to play ball. so hollywood has really edited films for the chinese market like bohemian rhapsody the bio pic of freddie mercury lead singer of the band queen in patrolling his life it addresses his homosexuality including a scene of a kiss which was removed from the chinese release. a scene recreating a famous music video in which mercury dressed in women's clothes was also cut
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homosexuality is taboo in china. in a report titled made in hollywood censored by beijing james taker analyzes the self-censorship by the us film business hollywood enjoys this reputation of being an industry that speaks truth to governmental power to see that this sort of free pass that the industry overall is given to beijing to influence their movies is disappointing. china's president knows that if he controls hollywood he also controls what the rest of us see and what we feel. is hollywood being willing to change content for the global release of the movies not just the version of the movies that show in china so that the chinese communist party center ship dictates actually effect what the entire world watches chinese posters for nomad land had already been printed before the ban china's propaganda apparatus loves films that
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are critical of the u.s. not criticism of its own country nomad land is unlikely to ever be shown in china. now visitors to rome's colosseum will soon get a gladiator's view from a new for tractable stage the high tech floor will give tourists a taste of what it was like when gladiators fought to the death the stage will protect a network of underground rooms and tunnels trapdoors and police will recreate the system used to bring animals and fighters into battle the 800000000 euro project should be completed by 2023. you're watching t.v. news a quick reminder of our top stories authorities in mexico say that at least 20 people have been killed in a metro accident an elevated rail line collapsed sending a train plunging to the ground below and trapped cars under the rubble officials say that a support beam gave way dozens more people have been injured and transferred to
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nearby hospitals the accident happened on the metros line 12 its construction has been plagued by complaints and accusations of irregularities. next on d.w. news it is kick off i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching take care.
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can cause. one man is heading for the 7th time in one season cut the thunder is moved to come should be here for the 2nd time. a number of. colleagues can be fun to. him and conscious of stereotypes good personal secrets.
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what does it actually mean cities got this amazing athlete myself we travel to the northern beaches embrace and just days before scotland's general election. like to make people that think about them less and how they feel about being the cause of the united kingdom. crazy. crazy different. 60 minutes. it's an ongoing quite story a bit of. the arab spring began in 2011. people stood up against corrupt robbers and dictatorship.
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they had hoped for more security more freedom more dignity have their hopes been fulfilled 10 years ago after the arab spring. arab only and starts june 7th on d w. c . from the bundesliga to the top of world football german coaches are.