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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2021 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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i don't some great cultural memorials to boot. travel we go. this is c w news a live from berlin and a metro bridge collapses in mexico city killing more than 20 people the elevated where the rail line gave way sending a train plunging into the road below rescuers had to call off the search for survivors over safety fears also coming up india's agony intensifying as
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coronavirus cases top 20000000 the national backs a nation drive is faltering even as the sheer number of infections overwhelms the health care system and chloe shouts award winning film nomad laughter is the talk of tinseltown but it's practically unheard of in her native china we will take a look at the impact beijing's censorship is having on hollywood. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program we begin in mexico where at least 23 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a metro accident in the capital of mexico city authorities say that an elevated section of the rail system collapsed while a train was passing through sending part of the train onto a busy road below the incident happened a late on monday night on the city's newest metro line line 12 emergency crews are
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on the scene the search for survivors was briefly suspended over safety concerns. and from mexico city we're joined now by journalist paulina welsh now paul you know what more do we know at the moment well right now they're risky words have been suspended they end that there are no more people inside. the kerry action nor on do need to collapse a great they end there and that they are yet is still. there is to work and to take that away that this subway bought it and that there are no more people you know no more rescues and the last number is that there are 23 dead. including children and $65.00 injured that has that have been taken to different hospitals nearby they are yet in the west of mexico city it happened at rush hour
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so that's the latest we know ok so that death toll climbing higher at least 23 people now you are saying authority is confirming dead at the scene there. you know we're looking at these dramatic pictures of course of this bridge falling tell us how we had any indication how this could happen there are signs that the structure of the railway. was damage seen still 1017 and there's a report saying that part coal wraps the columns. that put together that hold together they're always struck during and they are still investigating used to since you know these have been that since the $25.00 pm local time so we still don't know what will we saw something that's the issue but 3 keys.
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they will this create and you know find out what actually happened they have researchers at the area right here in these houses sarah absolutely and we know it's it's the middle of the night there in fact in mexico you mentioned that you know there are these are saying now that there are 6060 something people who are injured presumably they have been rushed to the hospital can you tell us a little bit more about who they might be i mean who would have been on on the train or under a train at this hour what type of area did this happen in for example well i want to tell you 1st that the reports say they were taken to hospitals because they have. arms. in that accident so that's why some of them are already undergoing surgery and will this is in the what is. this
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the c.d.c. has 16 different small towns. delegations in these not. just in the west and well it's just like middle class they were. wow so all of these people now we've heard more than more than 20 fatalities at least more than 20 fatalities 60 something people injured you know now seeking help in these hospitals journalist polina walsh now joining us reporting from mexico city your city where this tragic tragic incident has taken place thank you so much for bringing us up to date. well here are some other stories making headlines. foreign ministers from the g. 7 group of industrialized countries are holding a 2nd day of talks ahead of a leaders' summit in june many of the world's biggest geopolitical issues are on
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the agenda at the london meeting including the military coup in myanmar and the war in syria. hong kong's chief executive carrie lamb says that her government is working on new legislation to tackle quote the spread of misinformation hatred and lies her announcement coming amid a crackdown on democracy and press freedom in the territory which is ruled by china . the us tech billionaire bill gates and his wife melinda are divorcing after 27 years of marriage the couple made the announcement via twitter they say that they will continue to work together at their charitable foundation which focuses on environmental and public health causes. germany's october fest has been counseled for a 2nd year in a row with marion premier marcus suitor says that the safety risks are too i as no one knows how long the pandemic may last the annual festival in unix celebrating beer and bavarian culture normally draws 6000000 visitors. the number of
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corona virus cases in india has officially topped 20000000 as the crisis tightens its grip many experts believe that the real figures for deaths and infections are in fact much higher than the official tally at the same time supply shortages are hampering the national vaccination drive and the health care system is buckling under the weight of new cases. there is no room for these patients at this hospital instead they are made to wait outside and let hoping that the oxygen supply will hold out as ambulances queue at hospitals while the means of transport also taking on a crucial role. trains are india's lifeblood it's tracks hauling freight and people across the country's vast land mass today they also offer a lifeline and this locomotive pulls
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a precious cargo oxygen headed to the worst hit areas. india's railroads have been drafted into the country's emergency response in other ways to. 11 train coaches have been converted into isolation wards there's a separate coach for the doctors that's 12 isolation coaches available here there are 2 oxygen cylinders in each coach and we've set up 9 air coolers as well sprinklers on the ceiling control the temperature 16 patients can be accommodated in each coach and sanitation waste disposal arrangements have also been made by. ingenuity and improvise ation doing their bit to stem the rising tide of coronavirus deaths but it's not enough to shield the modi government from anger over its failure to prevent this deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic it was a contribution factor to an unexpected loss for the prime minister's b.j.
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a party losing an important state election in west bank go. much like the surgeon infections this is not what modi had in mind when he declared the end of the pandemic at political rallies all of it india after this miscalculation his political fortunes may be linked to the coronavirus more closely than ever. and for more let's bring in. chief. 20000000 infections reported in india how are authorities trying to reverse the search. i said i have 300000000 new infections and that can be a theme for my list of for india now the government is trying to discern the 2nd wave that india is now see but it's doing this through frictions in the. fuse in many parts of the country here and dandy in fact in one school the number of new
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infections in the past 24 hours. to the lowest in about 20 days so a lot easier for people that this is to do with a lot that we have daily and the 2nd plant said that the indian government hasn't had to go of the surge these banks initially started this movie and now they've expanded the best nation program to anyone aged 80 so the vaccination program is going to underway in delhi yesterday some 40000 people between the ages of 18 and 44 came out and this is important to know because a lot of young people are getting infected due to safety. and you know even still though are you to are hearing about severe shortages of vaccines in fact and people wondering how is that india one of the world's biggest suppliers of vaccines in this situation. don't you see you're like many of the
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states and you dear are completely a bunch seems you took a backseat now you don't have enough to get this new theories of the vaccination program until we. can get vaccinated india has the once manufactured a vaccine that's in need of the seed of it's to do you know that your critical bill alone to know that you do this and maximization a company doing this next issue program but it seems that in this underestimating only need to be in to. dance and he lets nations see the swamp it's not. the situation does it's going to air a country. that many. people still want that 2 of them the bit ones who started trying to get vaccines from overseas for example russia has bee that's now going to be used it is next season like. and i spoke with our delhi bureau chief
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a short while ago now chloe chow made history as the 1st asian woman and the 2nd woman ever to win the best director oscar but viewers in her native china were not able to enjoy her triumph the ceremony was censored along with all mentions of shout in the media her film nomad land which won best picture has an openness there the backlash began in march when beijing discovered an interview that the director gave 8 years ago. the world is talking about filmmaker chloe except china where the director of the oscar winning film nomad land was born the reason is an interview gave in 2013 where she described china as a place where there are lies everywhere she and her film have been censored from the internet in china so have people in beijing heard of her. going sorry i haven't heard anything. i haven't heard her name very young.
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this man decides what people in china are allowed to see right after taking office president g. jinping declared that art has the fundamental responsibility to serve socialism he's increasingly been using china's economic might to censor hollywood as well. thanks to the pandemic last year china was the biggest film market in the world with some 2000000000 euros in revenue now or in a situation where offending the chinese government means potentially being shut out on the largest box office in the world and that is an increasing source of pressure on hollywood decision makers to play ball so hollywood has really edited films for the chinese market like bohemian rhapsody the bio pic of freddie mercury lead singer of the band queen in patrolling his life it addresses his homosexuality
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including a scene of a kiss which was removed from the chinese release. a scene recreating a famous music video in which mercury dressed in women's clothes was also cut homosexuality is taboo in china. in a report titled made in hollywood censored by beijing james taker analyzes the self-censorship by the us film business. hollywood enjoys this reputation of being an industry that speaks truth to governmental power to see that this sort of free pass that the industry overall is given to beijing to influence their movies is disappointing. china's president knows that if he controls hollywood he also controls what the rest of us see and what we feel. is hollywood being willing to change content for the global release of the movies not just the version of the
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movies that show in china so that communist party censureship dictates actually effect what the entire world watches the chinese posters for nomad land had already been printed before the ban china's propaganda apparatus loves films that are critical of the u.s. not criticism of its own country nomad land is unlikely to ever be shown in china. you're watching news thank you so much for joining us take a. train kids. that you love for weeks and glitter glitter glitter the. prejudice i got called a boy. with. little stores on the big stage.


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