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16 fits for w. . our. people have to say it matters to us. that's why listen to the stories reporter every weekend on t w. hello everybody and welcome to cool off or it's great to have you with us i'm chris a lens in lagos nigeria always we have a lot of interesting news stories all the apartment bureau and offer that is great piece and i am so glad to be no video coming to you from compiler here in uganda
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a big hello to everybody today will be taking you on a trip all over you to 4 continent as we investigate some of the many environmental problems that we face here among the topics on the show. how hygiene is what to. do with just. how many things to grow. and the house of africa's breast. and people's lives. were sometimes. lost we had to. what is that you may be asking not everybody knows that is what is the name of swaziland adopted in 2018 the small landlocked country lies between south africa and once a week less than. most of its clinics did not have access to clean water when the corner virus and it became more than ever before to remedy the situation thanks to
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an international initiative things are suddenly an old bit. anyone wanting to enter. must 1st have. a purpose only a recent development. and in 160 the water is easy to use and. it's available both for the patients and stuff. they found with a lot of microbes. so it's best they wash and so. they enemy mate most of the bacteria and. in the south african country. the average life expectancy is around 59 yes that's among the lowest in the wild
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a lack of clean water is part of the problem livestock agriculture and see which contaminate the water making it's unsafe to drink until now. and it's probably only this water to depend on it comes straight from the river and now his head that a clear makes a safe alternative for now when we need water very clean water and water for free we go down to the hospital long queues for outside the clinics each person is allowed one kind of clean water a day to make the water have been heated to 90 degrees celsius enough to kill most germs and bacteria. is also here to receive the brush. is becoming an increasing problem because of climate change that water level in the reserve us dropped and groundwater has also been affected the station has been set
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up to monitor the water table we need to understand what to present to our water table. with changes in terms of for the pittance and for the sort that it's a shore where it's still safe to extract groundwater sofa 10 such observation sites have been set up across the country a central 7 trucks the status of each in real time south africa's water management institute as part of the project and keeps a close eye on what the security in the region groundwater. pollution and once you pollute ground what it is not. easy to. compute a fight between state so that is be concerned so we absolutely have to put in place mechanisms to assess and protect the quality of groundwater is well
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is also money to its help section the what's a hit in project was called financed by germany's development bank k f w it's prime minister. says improving public health is a major part for his government he believes it's key to the country's development well when we put health. we had to build the clinics we had to build infrastructure and in that process all apartments were tapped into that tradition ship and they said we can come and help you and that is the essence of development corp the clinic project was implemented by a german australian company 10000 people already have access to safe water every day and soon schools will also be provided with hot water to accompany it's
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constructed a large solar plant in its what. you can do a naturalistic days alternately not directly but indirectly you can get a final commercial grind out of that that's good business good sense but also it's being a good corporate citizen as well. meanwhile nasa says the clean water makes the job easier for independent thanks to the new hydrogen measures it's also much safer for head and the hot water for survived just in time last winter it's now approaching in the swat team. that is great couldn't hold water got to see all the sun its energy is just one of the many natural resources we kind of use or use y.c. to make the wind better on our lives but. all next story is a ball protecting the lives of wild animals every year 25000 elephants for prita
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poachers in africa most is a bar we can yeah i know that god is a really considered a horse sport for poaching there were times people felt they had no other way to make a lead it. jeffrey a thing you know used to come to the forest of my job to kill animals now he comes to protect them parts of the forest became a refuge and the poacher has become a ranger he and his colleagues are documenting the traces wildlife leave behind and any destructive human activities now that poachers traps like this one of being removed there are more and loads here again as is the thing in the village and. they look nice in the south when i was skinning them it's a little like that as event with the good as well as he did if we take of the ice
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and i would that i found him and us he'd been there id said the thank. you so nice to me is that. you said no to condemn him with. the documentation he works on enables inferences about which species live in the only pony endangered species refuge. it's once a month he replaces the batteries in the camera traps. the photos will help with the creation of a more detailed census of the forests inhabitants. the total slippery frog which only lived in this region is one of several species here that are critically endangered but its population is growing much to the delight of the ngos founder. when we talk about just this kelly way you leave when your house in your neighborhood the destroyed you cannot survive nothing they call knew he was going to this friends so this is how we resolved it one would become pains to
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reduce the consumption of this for us foods and the 2nd thing though we've done so very well one will sue provides boreholes sources of water for their people so that they don't need to come in boston wash if they use this stream in the month. of the flood. the only pony endangered species refuge has recently been expanded by an area the size of $16000.00 soccer fields thanks to neighboring landowners in churches a significant achievement considering that ghana has lost 20 percent of its forest cover over the past 2 decades. so we've already heard the balts using energy from the sun to prove vijay in our next report is about harnessing the wind to generate electricity in germany the countries that tell me to leave the dead to cool and dangerous nuclear reactors behind and produce energy in a clean just inable way that is quite a challenge to supply
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a large population and lots of energy hungry factories are part of the answer is to build ever bigger and taller wind turbines this huge ring of concrete is just one small part of an incredibly tall tower that's going up near munster in worcester in germany. it will support a wind turbine. the segments are so big they have to be put together onsite. we're going to. begin with the 1st prototype in 2010 since then we've built in erected more than 2000 wind turbines we even built the world's tallest in 2017 with a hub height of 178 meters. at the moment 13 wind turbines are being built here the energy they will deliver will be needed especially once germany's last coal power plant shuts down in 2038 but the expansion of wind energy is not going
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fast enough in many parts of the country says we're on each. he's managing director of the company that operates this wind farm which faced pushback from locals that's part of why it can take 10 years for a project to be approved banners like these are one sign of local resistance some people in the region complain that wind turbines are a blot on the landscape. this village is home to an active citizens initiative makes childe is already annoyed that her house is surrounded by wind turbines now they'll be joined by more less than a kilometer away from her farm. you have who i don't talk you can hear the wind turbines from a kilometer and a half away you hear them turning it's annoying and i thought. other residents feel less disturbed. as me steps in they don't bother me i don't have any nearby and i
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only see them in the distance. that i was on i work in a green job myself so i can relate. it's good that we're working toward renewable energy. and getting good bye to fossil fuels and i can foresee on survivor 5 soon there are ways to get communities on board meet on each get talk to residents beforehand and had a good experience on this project he offered them a share in the wind farms profits. this year my home is this because i what we do is raise the capital for the project from local residents they essentially give us a loan and we give them back interest that a fixed rate i'm dalia would be given that could be 5 percent maybe 6 percent less in money for food with and much more that's quite a lot compared to the interest rates banks offer nowadays and there are few. and experts say the environmental impacts especially on animals are less than many assume. if. bird strikes are not such
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a big problem compared to the number of birds killed on highways or killed by cats . if we really wanted to do something for birds we should consider the impact of domestic cats or the speed limits on the highway that would probably make a much bigger difference for moody's if you. nevertheless the industry is working to improve the turbines so they're more environmentally friendly even with blades over 80 meters in length as a valve and that's on which to make the turbines quieter we use labs that help reduce turbulence and reduce noise to help protect the environment we have sensors that register any bats flying nearby. then the turbines shut down automatically. if all the older when parks in germany were replaced with more efficient ones like these the country could meet all its current electricity means but not for long because these needs might soon double with more electric vehicles on the road and
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further digitalisation of the economy. is the wind along with solar and biomass are the renewable energy sources of the future. but every winter bind is an intrusion into nature so this electricity comes at a cost. and that cost is much more than a certain number of cents per kilowatt hour. so this power must be used sparingly. electric cars shouldn't consume 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers if we can get that number down below 10 and we can. it's technically entirely possible. of course it should be standard practice to use energy wisely and without waste in industry on the roads and at home this winter park will deliver green power 240000 households. white sun the beaches are beautiful. always us clean the look study found that many bitches for us are highly
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contaminated with micro plastics also in june decided to take action against states for the sake of the future. and paradise. cypress is a jewel in the eastern mediterranean boasting greek and roman ruins dating back to intimidate. you from beaches and a lot of trash where it doesn't belong in the natural surroundings and interested in cleaning up after him looks at the inspirational initiatives say feel good cleaning up beaches and neighborhoods. this sound check here it wasn't left by the romans it's amazing all the rubbish that can be found in the natural areas. to volunteer
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garbage here is pick up the waste that others have left behind a good deal that's not so fun and will hopefully inspire others to follow suit. organize events every weekend for those who wish to join us with the cleanup and help achieve our goals. cans for kids recycling for a good cause. and a minium is a valuable tool material volunteers are collecting drink cans and selling them in the form of pressed elementary and loves the proceeds go to buy medical equipment for a children's ward at a local hospital. so far we've given them very close to 300000 euros thank recycling argument thank you we always say to pay for thank you let our.
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refills cypress reduce plastic pollution. the idea is simple people can fill up their own bottles from public water taps financed by donations rather than buying daughter in plastic bottles 3 ideas one goal getting garbage under control through proper disposal recycling or just avoiding it completely to ensure cyprus remains what it is and it did a mediterranean island. cheerio a very useful practical way to harness nature for a good cause they help indeed what they're doing is good for public health good for the soil and a way to save money it looks like a real win situation. chemical
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pesticides are still the main weapon for many farmers in nigeria. they may be affordable and fast acting but they're harmful for the soil in the long run. there are alternatives. and. farmers one solution that uses the seams and leaves. everywhere. help. very is to help risk free. pounded and soaked in water for 24 hours and then strained. the resulting brew provides nutrients for the plants and helps to keep parasites away. when dry the scenes turn wind and can also be pressed to produce. and
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explains how to apply the name extracts by mixing them with water or applying them directly to the meat. products need more time to. turn it but they're more sustainable. how about you. visit our website. south africa is home to an incredible range of animal and plant species its biodiversity is amazing bata trees it is a big country and has very different landscapes they too are countries to varying degrees in the last grasslands in the east of the country on threatened by mining erosion and grazing and that means the lively who over the people also. bought
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some great projects to help the people and the landscape for us. is happy she just sold 3 of her cars for the equivalent of over 1000 euros she's a single mother in the mobile cattle auctions organized by environmental and rural solutions are a godsend the options are very good for us and very very tough for us because we don't hire transport to take it the doctor or the site for selling they come to us and some sometimes we do negotiated the price if one looks at this fight in the past small homes in south africa's grasslands could only buy from and sell to their neighbors the big cattle options were held much too far away. so many around here the mobile auctions have been the only source of income during the pandemic they probably are not about. people organize the most brazen associations ready and we
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offer the auctions as one of the incentives to belong to the association you get a far reduced rate and the people also want to make cash from the cattle their source so the banks have a cash cow that the local economy of the local trading widget so people people love coming to these auctions the environmental and rural solutions ers organization launched the auctions in 2014 since then $3800.00 cattle have gone under the hammer for a total of $1700000.00 euros that's benefited more than $500.00. but families. the cattle bred here on the grasslands are renowned for their excellent quality. we commercial farmers. but unity for us and for them to get cattle sold. good careful and to make some money. environmental scientist nicky mcleod and soil scientist see my tele founded ers 20 years ago. and how
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the cattle auctions are just one part of a wider scheme to promote sustainable practices in rural areas. much of the grasslands has been badly degraded. the fragile ecosystem has been jeopardized by overgrazing and mismanagement. the grasslands cover 10 percent of south africa but supply 60 percent of the drought stricken countries water needs. against a backdrop of global warming and climate change problems such as overgrazing soil erosion and water security have become more urgent than ever for keeping this beautiful grassland intact as a water absorber it's basically the skin on the ground. giving us grass that is so important for a plantation a water source in. tackling the issue of over grazing in
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a region that depends on livestock farming is a challenge. one solution involves reviving an age old herding tradition. started long time ago with our forefathers. the way they used to do it was to pile up some stones and paint them. that way the community knew which side was follow and which side was for grazing there were to. this traditional system of land rotation had been used for a very long time but as more and more people left the area to find work in the cities the practice died out. a lot of the young that people didn't and best tended but if they talked to the elders of the community then it was easy to have the system more accepted that the challenge that we have that is major around here is
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in livestock theft. here in the grasslands 47 percent of young people are unemployed and crime rates are soaring. but the r.s.s. found the solution to that problem as well. in the village of sheep are being to toot so it's clear who they belong to that makes stealing them pointless. the branding is done by eco chaps young people trained by the ers team as a veteran repairing medics. they work by themselves distributing medicine and vaccinating livestock on remote farm just. you know really when i'm very pleased it's a very successful project. the owners of i used to have 12 cattle 5 sheep but now drew to this are sausage and helping us with the.
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fascination and other media says well i may have been now 30. sheep i'm having green tea kettle due to this. and they came a cloud have convinced many people here in eastern cape province that living in harmony with nature benefits them to help secure their livelihoods. we've come to the end of this week's episode of equal africa i hope you've enjoyed our reports on what we should teves big project and dedicated people thank you so much for joining us and will be looking forward to seeing it again next week i am summer 3 no go here in kampala so long by bike. by sandra and good bye everybody out there i hope to see you all next week and the meantime you can always
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1st at our website or social media channels i am chris elapse signing off from take us.
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acrobatics. it's where contortionist stephanie is in her element. she searches for extreme locations for her shoes. climbing up them is this. thrill in and of itself. there. are
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limits. to 13 w. . train trips. they love so she wouldn't extravagant outfits and the litter glitter glitter. in. their fight against prejudice i don't hold cable like i did nothing and just dancing up and formed record. deal for little stars on the big stage. stunts me 70.
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6 and now i'm going to place it. in the arab spring began in 2011. people stood up against corruption rulers and dictatorship. all these moments have left deep box in my memory. of it was it usually it was an incredible feeling. the people who were liberated. they had hoped for more security more freedom more dignity have their hopes. fulfilled. where does the arab world stand today. 10 years after the arab
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spring. or a 1000000000 starts june 7th on d w. this is d w news live from berlin grieving families bury their dead enough gonna stop the funerals i healthful some of the dozens killed in multiple explosions on saturday most of them and young girls will go live to kabul. no vaccines are told the world health organization warns that nearly a dozen countries mainly in africa have no access to cope at 19 shots and there often is that new variance could emerge from vaccinated populations could they come
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here and occupy des plaines.


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