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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2021 3:30am-4:01am CEST

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it's. a sentiment reality if you want. and exams are going to go on a solution is the mission of those of us i had was led me to my own conscientious objection is to open the young people's minds i was gay and criticize the consensus but there's no other thing getting drafted in iraq and it gets it all. right now the situation in israel is very hot and it's getting harder and more and more people are afraid to say what they would the public's fear is become dangerous and a lot of people know that if they was in their mind they might lose their jobs lose their careers lose their circle of friends something as a family we need to find a way to be hope and i think that this brave action of the people who declared publicly saying out loud i refuse to serve in the un because no matter just
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the occupation can't leave hope to the greater public and without hope there's no strength there are thank you very much all of you thank you. believe that saddam he said you are hungry do you think i'm cheering from there but . as a movement if users matched to me people are after something that they didn't even talk about i mean they are making a change inside of israel if you wanted you have to be able the people of you have to know nothing do. you stand on this in this life if you want to be going on let's get this course and this will be years to come israeli society is something that you you know me from certain viewpoints and the army has you true you know that's really true that's making. i have a good. here's
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a very. many years of service but in the whole culture. he thinks it's an important human experience what would you think would be the best outcome. to spend the rest of your life and you know there are so much well like i would rather not see my balance of prison i think there are. probably better ways to reach over to israeli society and. it would be hard to answer again just what the army does and the patient when they're kind of advocating something that you don't know enough about and you have one chance to get to know the army and that's when you join it you know carol it's kind of heartbreaking because i'm really scared of not being part of this society because. that they're right there gathering all of this is my home this is
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where i see myself maybe my life and i don't want to abandon it because i'm not part of the me ok. what did you want to me when you were. all remember your physicist that well now i learned to be seen on the warrior princess. and i was i didn't want to be easy and i just wanted to be a warrior princess which i think i'm on the way i. was in the right that was in the form whether he did it was the result of mohamed ali well it was a little. and
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this and also they just was built on top of the village. it's crazy there was a village here they just came and built a settlement. on . the settlers and made a complaint that the smelt from that cooking stove is serving their quality of living so dharma came and turned it down. to. the army and the setlist they have agreed closer relationship.
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could yet lead to it's clear. to. us so we will. get. rid of those. but i will not. in my mind i kept thinking my gosh of course they hate us why would endanger us know what we're doing to them. so when you come in you see all dads you can sort of understand why. while you're in terrorist attack. people who feel cornered and given a corner and they get mad at safe we want to stop the balance we shouldn't use more
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force and more violence. to take them out of the corner. very soon they're going to die and i love to the charity i like him to suffer when you say i was seeing what's really going on and occupy their interest. it's not equality in any way they're that the law because it's screw ups happens the it's the 2 sides became more extreme between us and our absolute level before any peace. you know if it's 2nd only choice because it's not the only choice to see well the choice is the fight i'm sorry i remember the jews when they were before world war 2 most of the jews well advanced zionism what happened to my bed for that
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was until as i missed it was burned in the literature to the. top to east but the world does not. is not there to worship. it's hard to turn to for me to believe that maybe if that wasn't the holocaust things would have been different but after the holocaust the jews among the home state doesn't promote the book at all costs through the ups and you know all the mother of she was fighting to get to go into the field in the hope it's there for. most of those who are fusing right now are women. and it's it's a part of that the women fighting for freedom and fighting for equality and by backing off through much of a stick program so stupid. the
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was. when my grandfather was my age she saw the images of palestinians who were being loaded into trucks and the parts that. he told me that he broke his heart but also the his heart was necessary in. the us to be loaded with him in my friends or their families. so i'm asking myself the want to name the last power do i have to change things here and then and so i have the power to refuse. to. look to the man. i love the sense of our lives
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at least settling. jewish people out we should know that peace is their own way. and in order to achieve peace have to make. you know where the i mean the road of becoming more and more apartheid and i have to do whatever i can to try to stop it and try to change their walking. because the army is. refusing is the way to make people hear me and to try and make it but open their
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and also the shame on you you traitors know you're betraying your brothers to be deficient 6. ok let's do this. and knowingly everyone else was supposed to be nice today. but i would refuse to become a soldier. as be transported to military bases. if the fighting was up with you know if allowed in the base is a military about this. that
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maybe what we're doing won't end the occupation but it's the start of something. that has been said and it's assuming collective responsibility for what is happening here and for what's going on in our society and what our country is doing to millions of other people. driving us into them and it gives hope for change which is very important to. me i didn't come from a very leftist background both my parents were in the army and i think they would
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prefer a finalist and. i would advise anyone who is enlisting to tour the west bank and see what it's really like there to see settler outposts being established and know that they are illegal so i was there every week and documented their expansion and called authorities but nothing ever happened. we had nonviolent protests and the military used force against us they sprayed us with tear gas and the outpost was left there to keep expanding i had to do something and refusing was the thing to do . when i was my sister's age i wasn't as an old and knowledgeable as she is today and i wasn't able to take such a public stand. i am grateful to be able to support right now and i hope that this can be the beginning of
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a new family tradition where it is legitimate to not do military service and to struggle against it. i know my words want to be in which to sit listen to you in ways he thinks. the speech in my support to you. i'm sorry that you are going through some really good friends who've lost i'm sorry because the police who are in this not your place. people want you changing to the actions you want to hate to love from anyone to stray into in this from war to peace we are all called to see you. the strong don't you for your drawings for the new future and get to your church for the source of all this to me and through the summer.
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you're i think you're finally how are you. and you by mccain you it was hard to get hold of you 9. i share my cell with some pretty nice people they're right wing and don't align with my politics but i can talk to them and they understand what i feel. and they hate the military themselves the military screwed them over so they want to skirt over in return. so i'm getting a lot of support of statements like. the way to go or don't agree to go there which is really nice i've ever met there been a way to go. it's quite easy to live in israel and forget that there is an occupation at all so
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talking about the occupation in any way is a good thing and i think today as action really brought that up. and i think that was important. while italy has in prison we organized a couple of trips especially one to the south of one who was to see the occupation there. for the good so we did it was some american organization and that american organization said we want you to write something about the trip but don't use the word occupation so i said how can i write something about going to the have one tells without using the word occupation and they say well we talk around it i thought what kind of games are you playing i mean you need to call a spade a spade in order to start dealing with that and i used the word occupation you know the the the bad overheard it was amazing and americans really really like.
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my. yamaha.
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don't create minutes of the conscience committee the purpose of the discussion is to determine where the taliban is indeed a conscientious objector that's hardly a please try not to get too excited tell us a little about yourself why did you submit your request to the conscience committee . and it'll have an imam and a batter ass ok i'm italian ben aba i'm 19 years old i live in jerusalem i did a year of civilian service at some sure i believe in equality between people and that the control of one people over another is apartheid and cruel and exploited have it's a shocking thing that i'm not willing to take part in. but there are people who
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want to harm us right terrorists for example what do you think should be done about them. and internationally the right way to deal with terrorists is to look at the root of the problem why people do the things they do and then instead of investing in the army invest in political and social processes you have a day you miss him enough so israel should disband its military quote unquote it's a con 1st we have to end the occupation and it's a let me just give you a specific scenario pull you out with a friend and you see an elderly woman 2 boys are harassing her trying to steal her back what do you do. i mean in cash i would try to talk to the boys to understand what the story is and if that doesn't work then i would defend her if my body. does not contradict your refusal to cooperate with the military activity the purpose of the army is not to protect old women but to attack and impose occupation on
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millions of people do you want to end the occupation or be exempt from military service the same ticket bush you and to the occupation.
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i'm not like running away from highers fun civility for society and dangling to your work for like 10 almost 12 hours a day because civil service is when it's something i believe in is something that i'm able to do. stuff. together because he's not screwed well there is a sure good if we should say a vision of those living in these and you still out there use your day i don't talk a thing book and so. they say it's yeah i said
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it i see all of us here in a little yeah i just can't imagine this. and then very kind of but here feminist views. i still think it was stupid but. feel more strongly now that there should be in the term the route to national service side's army but the main issue is what the hell are we doing in the occupied territories and the question has whether it's for military security reasons or whether we're being dragged there so there's just a he said because of this little secret about what we should do that we'd like them to go to the army what we're saying is the government didn't decide what to do with the territories right but and the government uses the army to police it because they still can't decide and what these young people look at to tell you are doing their turn in the government you can't use the army as an occupying force but what is more important to have that although it's important not to be occupiers i don't agree with you i don't sing well i don't think we should go on living the way we do
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if we have peace with the jewish faith and peace peace with jordan and syria almost disappeared and so there's only lebanon and the army does all this policing in the west bank we should stop letting on our swords this is it it's both of you are being good posts and pens that. you should learn something of value good will be to smile you humble opinion you know that the flower is a very important ability i think are much better at cleaning it out and it was my whole life and it's really important that is it very useful. in the past you know i thought that i was more in the middle. and i've probably moved further to the west because the idea that you can fake change from the inside which is always what people say kind of go to the army and try to affect change from the inside i don't think it really works it's such a huge machine and so you know it will crush you if you try to change.
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living as a as a human being you always feel guilty about something i always felt guilty about not doing enough. so has to come to terms with it i can't help from. i do what i can. and i support my kids who do more than you know so far all i can do is support them than i do that. and that's my little bit of fighting the occupation through other people through subcontractors. and say if we'll have more than 60 continuous objectors at the same time we will shut down the military prison system because there's only a place for 80 quentin just objectors and there are other girls in prison that's a might dream they want to have even a place in prison to put us. she may not. want 6312th graders have signed an open letter to the government
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indicating their refusal to serve. my name is the taliban are. i was in israeli military prison for $110.00 days i left prison with the belief in peace inequality that we are all born equal and that
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cruel and violent occupation of another people not only hurts them but corrupts us . and if we want to live in true safety it's not by a plastic. another people may be good enough. and a lot done they want to thank all of the extremely brave men and women who came here and to fight this struggle and whoever will be brave enough to join us at any minute minute thank you so much. for coming. up with the true patriots i guess you survived to tell the story i survived to tell
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the story. because. my cost to sell. it was no surprise the job was decisive minute secures their night when this legal title the law. and the fine for the champions league sponsor rangers
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a. trip. to. china as a new. world power. a way tries to help us understand what's happening now in the authoritarian countries that so much information. exiled artists talks about the role of independent thinkers. what would an open dialogue look like. the way waves struggle for truth to so. i'm going to minutes w. . where all. the kids are good.
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take on the world. all the. stories that matter to you. know. make. sure we are yours actually on fire. lines. the state of the news and things are our top stories. gaza's health ministry says 20 palestinians have been killed and israeli airstrikes it comes after hamas militants fired rockets from gaza towards jerusalem earlier hundreds of palestinians were injured in clashes at the city's all oxo mosque fighting broke
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out inside the holy site with police firing stun grenades and tear gas at palestinian demonstrators.


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