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well micro plus states also in june decided to take action against states for the sake of the island's future. and paradise. cypress is a jewel in the eastern mediterranean boasting greek and roman ruins dating back to intimate. useful beaches and a lot of trash where it doesn't belong in the natural surroundings island residents are cleaning up eco after it looks at 3 of their inspirational initiatives say if you could cleaning up beaches and neighborhoods. this am check here it wasn't left by the residents it's amazing all the rubbish that can be found in the natural area. to volunteer garbage here is pick up the waste that others have left behind
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a good deal that's not so fun and will hopefully inspire others to follow suit. but we're going to show a bench every weekend for those who wish to join us with the cleanup and help achieve our goals. cans for kids recycling for a good cause. and a minium is a valuable tool material volunteers are collecting drink cans and sending them in the form of pressed and a mini involves the proceeds go to buy medical equipment for a children's ward at a local hospital. so far we've given them very close to 300000 euros for recycling argument we always say to people don't let. refills cypress. reduce plastic pollution. the idea is simple people can fill up
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their own bottles from public water taps financed by donations rather than buying bought in plastic bottles 3 ideas one goal getting garbage under control through proper disposal recycling or just avoiding it completely to ensure cyprus remains what it is and it did mediterranean island. cheerio a very useful practical way to harness nature for a good cause they help indeed crease what they're doing is good for public health good for the soil and a way to save money it looks like a real situation. the . chemical pesticides are still the main weapon for many farmers in nigeria.
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they may be affordable and fast acting but they're harmful for the soil in the long run. there are alternatives. and. farmers one solution that uses the seams and leaves. everywhere. and. help. is to help risk. the leaves are pounded and soaked in water for 24 hours and then strained. the resulting brew provides nutrients for the plants and helps to keep parasites away. when drying the scenes turned white and can also be pressed to produce. and explains how to apply the name extracts by mixing them with water and them directly
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to the meat. products need more time to. turn it but they're more sustainable. if you're also doing tell us about it visit our website. south africa is home to an incredible range of animal and plant species its biodiversity is amazing bata trees it is a big country and has very different landscapes they too are on trees too boring degrees but in the last bus lines in the east of the country are threatened by mining erosion and grazing and that means the lively who over the people there also in jeopardy bought some good projects to help the people and the landscape or that
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i don't have enough money. is happy she just sold 3 of her cars for the equivalent of over 1000 euros she's a single mother and the mobile cattle auctions organized by environmental and rural solutions are a godsend the options are very good for us and very vital for us because we don't hire transport to take the dock to the site for selling they come to us and some sometimes we do negotiated the price if one looks at this fight in the past small holders in south africa's grasslands could only buy from and sell to their neighbors the big cattle options were held much too far away. so many around here the mobo auctions have been the only source of income during the pandemic i think are there not about how. people are organizing the most brazen associations 'd and we offer the options as one of the incentives to belong to the association you get
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a far reduced rate and the people also want to make cash from the cattle their source of the bank the cash cow the local economy and the local trading widget so people people love coming to these auctions the environmental and rural solutions rest organization launched the options in $24.00 team since then $3800.00 cattle have gone under the hammer for a total of $1700000.00 euros that's benefited more than $500.00. but families. the cattle bred here on the grasslands are renowned for their excellent quality. we commercial farmers. but unity for us and for them to get the cattle sold for us to be good careful and to make some money. environmental scientist nicky mcleod and soil scientist see martella founded ers 20 years ago. and how the cattle auctions are just one part of a wider scheme to promote sustainable practices in rural areas. much of the
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grasslands has been badly degraded. the fragile ecosystem has been jeopardized by overgrazing and mismanagement and. the grasslands cover 10 percent of south africa but supply 60 percent of the drought stricken countries water needs. against a backdrop of global warming and climate change problems such as overgrazing soil erosion and water security have become more urgent than ever. should keeping this beautiful grassland intact as a water absorber it's basically the skin on the ground is. given as grass then attacked is so important for a punishing a water source here. but tackling the issue of over grazing in a region that depends on livestock farming is a challenge. one solution involves reviving an age old herding tradition.
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started long time ago with our forefathers. 'd the way they used to do it was to pile up some stones and paint them. that way the community knew which side was follow and which side was for grazing there were to be a record or 2 on our market this. traditional system of land rotation had been used for a very long time but as more and more people left the area to find work in the cities the practice died out. a lot of the young that people didn't and thus tended but if they talked to the elders of the community then it was easy to have this system more accepted that the challenge that we have that is made around here isn't livestock theft. here in the grasslands 47 percent of young people are
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unemployed and crime rates are soaring. but the r.s.s. found a solution to that problem as well. in the village of sheep are being to toot so it's clear who they belong to that makes stealing them pointless. the branding is done by eco chaps young people trained by the ers team as a veteran repairing medics. they work by themselves distributing medicine and vaccinating livestock on remote farm just. they don't really want a different breed it's a very successful project. the owners of i used to have 12 cattle 5 sheep but now drew to this our source each in helping us with. functionaries you know and other media says well i'm having now.
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sheep i'm having going to get will do to this. and they came a cloud have convinced many people here in eastern cape province but living in harmony with nature benefits them to help secure their livelihoods. we've come to the end of this week's episode of equal africa i hope you're going to eat our reports on this one we should teves big project and dedicated people thank you so much for joining us on will be looking forward to seeing it again next week i am standard 3 no go here in kampala so long by bike. by sandra and good bye everybody out there i hope to see you all next week in the meantime you can always 1st at our website or social media channels i am chris elapse signing off
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for take us about.
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this ideology may apply to soccer but it doesn't always apply to the manufacture of soccer balls there's a lot of money. most of the world soccer balls are made in steel cut. the visit of. but it appears to fair trade standards. in 30 minutes on. the book greater the danger the bigger the
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rush. to get real seekers on the hunt for the ultimate adrenaline kicked willing to risk their mobs in the process. here in little masochistic we want to take things to the edge a known as the result and disasters exclaimed to some. 75 minutes on w. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hair. learning that language head nevertheless this gives me a little push maybe took in truck loads of say if you want to know their story.
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it's her fighting and reliable information for margaret some. place. above plagues and coming calling us a bit of. the arab spring began in 2011. people stood up against corrupt rulers and dictatorship cut them up all these moments have left deep box in my memory. this is a usually it was an incredible of a feeling. that people were liberated. they
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had hoped for more security more freedom more dignity have their hopes been fulfilled. where does the world stand today 10 years after the arab spring. and a rebellion starts june 7th on d w. this is the news and these are our top stories violence has escalated between israel and palestinian militants israeli air strikes in gaza have killed at least 35 palestinians and damaged buildings a mosque has fired hundreds of rockets at targets in israel including the city of tel of the at least 5 people in israel have been killed in our nation's security council was set to hold an urgent meeting on wednesday over the unrest.


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