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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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i would have been surprised himself with what is possible to this man called really what moves back and also talk to people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from echols last hour. these volunteers are stepping up to help india cope with its deadly 2nd wave business group is building an online database mapping available medical resources across the country. it's a 247 operation volunteers need to constantly verify the availability of hospital beds oxygen tanks and medicine on their phones. we are trying to do as many people as he possibly can so that we need all the.
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many people even the youngest are trying to chip in how and wherever they can. it's inspiring to see someone so young getting involved it gives hope during such a dark chapter in india's history and it's getting darker a dozen big indian opposition parties are calling on prime minister interim modi to take immediate measures against the ferocious 2nd wave which is leaving hundreds of thousands dead. the fires are burning outside this new delhi crematorium has run out of space because of the recent spike in the number of people dying but that isn't the only problem many remains of the dead are unclaimed after cremation and their 2 volunteers are stepping in. when they don't know better than a day during this pandemic the relatives of these victims abandon. the organization
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collect these remains from all the crematoriums and perform for the last rites for the victims so that they can achieve salvation if you. volunteer is estimate that 80 percent of the 121-2000 unclaimed remains were victims of carbon 19. different than biology is a consulting euro psychiatry's and joins us from bangalore you've just finished another hard day's work tell us what it's like describe for us the situation there where you were in india. yeah thanks for having me on the show today. you know the thing we're all pretty aware that india is really going to adopt i am always the 2nd to be able to make. number of cases of crossed. cross and every day we're getting news of people affected losing a lost many of our loved ones being on frontline i allot of michael leads we have
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been struggling to keep up on the reins in health care demand it stop it stop we're all of course and we just hope that things don't get better so that i was reading over over 4000 indians died from covert for the 2nd day in a row on thursday what's it like for you personally. i think we're all being a collector to buy this you know it's it's a kind of grieved out it's unprecedented that none of us were really prepared for and is the 2nd to be it was far more or you know dangerous than the past one and probably we're yet to understand the long term impact that it's having but you know it's very strange that not even one deep passes by of the last few weeks that not not one of us have been affected a bit a sad news somebody hospitalized someone died and you know all of us have been affected in many ways more than one personally i think it's really
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a time that i don't want anyone else to peace but it's i'm sure it's also learning for all of us were working at the frontline you say. experience what's the government learning out of this because its strategy hasn't worked until now is a changing its strategy. yeah i think see as i mentioned all of us are learning here and it's been unprecedented for all of us in fact the government it's made by us as well and i think they're also in a in a tough situation they have tried certain things which hurt me hasn't worked at well but then there has been a recent change in a strategy mainly a 3 pronged strategy one containing the infection of some measures of lockdown in fact i'm speaking to your from bangalore from cannot occur where we have peace in a lockdown to report menace of states and going locked on to corrupt infection or trying to alarm and force corporate appropriate behavior of social distancing and
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respiratory hygiene at the same time are building up on the health care infrastructure to hold on to the reason demand and most importantly now that we have started a vaccination drive the corbett $1000.00 backs in communication strategy is in place and we are trying to make maximum availability and coverage of the vaccine i think the government is trying for that. just explain to me what what sort of a prime minister needs to be urged from a coalition of opposition parties to act to save his own country that's the news i was reading today. yeah i heard the news too i think what i can tell you ben is from my own personal perspective as a frontline health worker and i think there are different our public health agencies national health agencies are also proposed to the government to the prime minister you know has different different strategies that work best specially in terms of the corporate 1000 back submission and ensuring that there is health equip
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t. and equality in health care access and specially looking to the sea 50 of the frontline health workers because there will be the main backbone and force for this ongoing battle health. fascination campaign. yes so as of 11 made the data that you know i was going through. for 9.9 percent of indians i receive at least $1.00 of vaccination and a 2.7 per cent if i'm not wrong have been fully vaccinated that have their $52.00 of of either call that scene or call the sheaves and you know i think in terms of person theaters it's looks better but then what you have to understand is that in a country like india which is very populous and has a lot of social cultural ethnic diversity it's getting vaccine you're ensuring
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facts in distribution and countering vaccine hesitancy the the major challenges that undergoing not specially backs and i will ability i thought centers well are rich and poor getting the vaccine are hindus and muslims getting access to the treatment they need. or i think the infection doesn't differentiate based on race culture or ethnicity social economic status or region so we are treating everyone equal but of course you know certain areas certain pockets specially you know the homeless the migrants the social economical e are under privileged they're facing innumerable challenges in general relation to the corporate and that includes vaccination b.b.s.'s well especially you know the misinformation has been huge and immense and there are a number of banks who bets campaigns going on and there's a lot of hearsay and probably the effect certain classes more than others who are in rule of us are not that well informed or in touch with the media how much more
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can the country take how much more can indians hold out how much longer is this going to go on do you think. so i think the resilience sir has been immense in spite of all the odds not all of us i think it's a collective responsibility and all of us are in this together trying to fight it out just to inform to you all that i think the new strategy by the government involves 4 main important things in terms to fight it one is the information on the new corporate banking vaccine our countering vaccine hesitancy and showing corbet appropriate behaviors and also dealing with the vaccine even if because a lot of you know a lot of indians are also very eager to take the vaccine so i think the key lies in an integrated and balk at the communication and social model is ation strategy should wait. just finally can you offer indians any sort of hard. things so yes ben hope is something which as psychiatrists really deal with and the
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nation needs whole positivity it's needed of course rational positivity and you know this is from all the challenges and real opportunity to strengthen our public health infrastructure saw the pandemic will eventually seeds of your hope collective you hope 'd so and it will actually make a learn a lot of things for the future to prepare ourselves better for such futuristic places in the us. fingers crossed. thank you very much for being on the show great to get your updates thank you thanks. that important question now from a viewer about vaccines for our science correspondent eric williams. how long with the vaccines of protection. we don't know yet and even when we do know more there won't be a single answer to this question since about
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a dozen different vaccines are currently in use around the world and since they're made by different manufacturers and are based on a range of different platforms they almost certainly won't all protect people for the same periods of time on average what we can say is that the makers of some of the 1st vaccines to enter use widely last december are now reporting back that levels of antibodies have generally remained quite high in recipients which is an indicator that those people are still well protected 6 months after getting their shots those results have researchers hopeful that immune response at least that induced by those vaccines will last at least a year and possibly a lot longer but developers aren't leaving it to chance most have already started modifying and testing the next generation of vaccines some of which specifically
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target variants of concern trials involving a 3rd booster shot with them are ongoing and don't forget. though there is no sign yet that vaccine induced protection is is beginning to wane even if it does that won't happen overnight and even if immunity does start to drop faster than predicted health care authorities would notice it early and a lot of the experts i've read seem to be pretty confident that we'll be able to respond quickly. and here's a positive sign why turning a corner of portugal and seeing the surgeon summer holiday bookings up to the u.k. out of the country to its safe travel list british tourists returning from the country won't need to be quarantined portuguese hotel operators say the man's growing business could recover this summer as more countries follow suit several
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european nations are hoping to see a resurgence in tourism as more people get back sedated a year was trying to coordinate plans to allow people to cross borders easily without lockdown restrictions. thanks for joining us again stay safe and see it's a lot. of. folks in calling quite a bit to cheer me. up spring began in 2011. people stood up against corrupt rulers and dictatorship. all these moments. have left deep box in my memory.
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they had hoped for more security more freedom more dignity. have their hopes been fulfilled. in years after the arab spring. no a 1000000000 starts june 7th on d w. the world population is increasing the climate is trying to it's getting warmer and there are going to be more and more places where you cannot grow predicts no probs we have to fix that so the whites have done that is to use the modern tonight a modification that would to make that a call it is all who loves so you put anything we go on by traditional genetic modification you take one to lead you know exactly what it is you put it into without a plan to cover up exactly where it's grown i think we will be able to provide
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enough food for people by 2050 if we can make crops to grow under 70 arid conditions this will achieve a much greater stability in the forms of law that we have at the moment. and. 3 young activists battling injustice on 3 continents. and you documentary explores the impact of the struggle against social political and environmental wrongs on the lives of the young protesters also coming up on the show. could mobile sound systems be the way forward for german nightclubs hard hit by the pandemic. welcome to arts and culture we've all heard of cater to bad and
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terrifying days for feature protests but the young swede is not alone around the world young people are increasingly refusing to put up with the lack of action from political leaders d.-a featured. children follows 3 such activists or in their early twenty's they've all made personal sacrifices to campaign for what they believe in. protesting injustice can mean putting one's life and freedom at risk. the documentary film dear future children follows young activists in chile uganda. and hong kong. what motivates them what keeps them going for 22 year old pepper it's the hope for democracy and independence from china. we all were raised with democratic values with freedom of speech we have freedom of
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press but in the racing years china is china everything to make hong kong just like any other chinese city. had to take her shape with their own propaganda. isn't her real name anonymity is of the essence pepper doesn't just protest she's at the front line. acting as a buffer between other demonstrators and the police. the film shows the brutality of the officers crackdown even after protesters try to flee i can feel her in east africa and against us. because he's not one to be caught and the rest. of us a series that until a one minute i feel like i can't do that anymore. by november of 2020 police in
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hong kong had arrested more than 10000 protesters pepper's best friend was one of them sentenced to 10 years in prison a high price to pay for her convictions. for high political the protagonists in our film realize that they have to be able to deal with fear is fear can also be a driving force it invites a bit all 3 are afraid of their future because they're threatened by states like china. they know that they can use that fear and turn it into engler and into courage that gets them onto the streets and motivates the people around them. in uganda 22 year old hilda is standing up in the fight against pollution and climate change her country called the pearl of africa is now facing alternating droughts and torrential rains the last storm cost hilda's family and thousands of
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others their entire lives stark and destroyed their fields. a fear that the future i am walking for right now one and the fact because of inaction. held as activism comes at a cost she hardly has time for her family on top of that she now receives death threats and yet she continues undeterred. the film dear future children also takes us to the chilean capital some tiago were 23 year old rhiannon is fighting for social justice. she is seen as one of the beaches countries in latin america britain we have a huge thing a quality government. you know rages you know passions and because of leaving gets harder and harder. like pepper in hong kong ryann is on the front lines with protective goggles and a gas mask. the police used tear gas to disperse the protesters
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along with water jam and rubber bullets. in the middle of shooting at the film's 21 year old director france a broom was hit with a rubber bullet despite his press vest his helmet protected him from injury but others haven't been as lucky. being up the front line means a lot of research. many people lost their rights by chance of the police. they just should have a ball it's due. on their faces. i always hope this doesn't happen to. people running. up to anything for a better future. i don't do this to my future children. dear future children
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one documentary with 3 portrayals of courage and resistance. and that fail has already won several documentary prizes definitely want to look out for now $78400000.00 that's the price paid by the highest bidder for this coveted painting by french impressionist artist claude monet water lily pond outdid itself it was snapped up for 30000000 more than expected is one of the famous series of paintings inspired by the artist's own garden the options or the 1st in person bidding at some of these new york in more than a year of the lots included banks's iconic protest image love is in the air that fetched just shy of $13000000.00 in house made history by saying it would accept bitcoin for the work it's the 1st time
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a major auction house has agreed to accept cryptocurrency as payment for a physical piece of art. music tina turner is to be admitted to the rock n roll hall of fame previously inducted as part of i can tune into and this time the singer is being on it for her so when i work the field fighters and rapper jay z. are also being inducted carole king was previously on it as a songwriter this time she's been chosen as a performer the ceremony will take place in october in cleveland. and german band cough tobacco also joining the hall of fame. the pioneers of electronic music will be honored in the category early influences now when the pun demick close the doors of germany's famous nightclubs the ins have time on their hands they also themselves how they could future proof that business is against similar threats now some are turning to mobile sound systems inspired by
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a concept from jamaica they've set about bringing germany's famous club sounds out from behind locked doors with no loss of quality. this is real and ok start a new york it's like an orchestra it's an orchestra has to play together and hear each individual speaker has to dialogue with the others and joke and give them they can only create the right sounds together in his own thoughts to. since the pandemic hit club manager benyamin order has used his time off to build this giant mobile sound system. collapses on through the years a good track for a sound system it's by i'm super target from rio produced by d.j. more aboard ship from digit. brutal sounds made for big speakers rich bass and rap.
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sound systems are more than just glad speakers piled up on top of each other the documentary sound system shows how they got their start in jamaica. but. it was at the point when. it was on the dogs. i've got so many people wanted to steal. especially. for a person who could not afford the balance is that part. clubs and hotels. from jamaica to the world sound systems became a global cultural phenomenon as gathering points sound sculptures and the basis of new styles of music. back in munich d.j.
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duo schlock told bronx creates music specifically for their own sound system. it's not just about hearing the music it's a full body experience as interesting as the ford i'm going to play our set standing in front of the speakers where everyone else is you have to hear what the people are hearing that's the only way you can guarantee that the sound coming out really is what you wanted to be really so. when you're right in front of the speakers their force is incredible. so for some people that can be a bit stressful at the beginning with an understanding and. because you're not used to the bass really pushing the air out of your lungs. munich base is what the duo calls it style of music but the d.j. his influences go far beyond germany. live on in mexico city or something we were in mexico city at
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a sony dado event rows of speakers stretching 150 meters on either side and a sunny day those are the ones who play the music taking turns playing half hour sets and i'm constantly estimated to go in the congo drum comes in you see the trash fly from one side of the street to the other we were so impressed by what they do there. the coronavirus pandemic has put germany's club scene on mute for now but could mobile sound systems change that. this sound system is more flexible than any in a club but you can use it to redefine urban space creating a new stage is new. in just minutes out from italy. where does regular stage munich's legendary basement club charlie has been silent now for over a year. before the pandemic crowds of people used to fill the space dancing till sunrise the club slogan was let the memories begin. in an area
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nalbandian mean or don't want to start making new memories outside these walls. thank you mr gets reviewers have to get into action for our basement doesn't meet coronavirus safety codes so we've decided we have to take back the cities and somehow get our audience better to give in this book to be different when you're a d.j. a party organizer a club manager what can you do without a crowd of people but a book or. benyamin a reader calls his sound system a totem for club culture a symbol of hope for a new start it wouldn't be the 1st time here in munich centuries ago when the plague and did hear people also celebrated by dancing do you know much now we take funny you know but you know. how we did find out that we.
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well it sounds promising sofa now but there's plenty more on all our stories on our website that's d.w. dot com slash culture for more of us here on arts and culture thanks for watching.
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here here with a check comes gargling from the town. news stations at health clinics. or has often been in short supply. now it is flowing from towns across the country . thanks. for go. 30 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech prevention no sustainable chocolate production. all of a sow's are available online and a. course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social
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media platforms. crime fighters to name now. imagine how many push. ups right now in the uk right now climate change isn't off a story. basis lifelessly went on just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to our. success. subscribed for more news like this.
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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight israel calls up thousands of army reserve reserves the conflict with the palestinians escalates israeli forces pounding targets including residential buildings in the palestinian territories and in israel's of the cities jews and arabs are turning against each other the prime minister condemning what he calls mob violence also coming up tonight taking time to smell the roses the new code 19 therapy that helps patients to recover lost since is to learn how to smell
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