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new. faces do you have any news live from no diplomatic breakthrough and no let up in his writing palestinian violence shelling continues through the night after israeli airstrikes destroy a building in gaza city housing major international media outlets the military says the high rise was going to mass intelligence the press freedom groups are outraged . and israel's financial center comes under its heaviest bombardment of a mosque launches dozens of rockets from gaza into television. also coming up in
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sports news crunch time in the bundesliga book think greyman and book themselves another season in germany's top gun. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program the white house has weighed in on the conflict between israel and the palestinians u.s. president joe biden has again emphasized israel's right to defend itself and has told the palestinian president mahmoud abbas that hamas must end its rocket bombardment of israel meanwhile there's been more bloodshed in the palestinian territories multiple members of an extended family in gaza were killed by israeli bombs israeli airstrikes also destroyed a tower block housing apartments and offices of international media organizations including al jazeera and the associated press. u.n.
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secretary general antonio the terrorist says he was dismayed by civilian casualties in gaza and deeply disturbed by the destruction of the highrise. another israeli airstrike that is the gaza strip this time it's the home of hamas as leader in the territory yes. the response comes soon after the rockets launched towards israel. it follows a day of destruction in gaza. this building housed international news agencies reduced to rubble in seconds. israel's defense forces claim hamas intelligence was using the media as human shields. there is no evidence that hamas had a presence in the building. about the attack journalists pleaded with an israeli intelligence officer for more time. to go. you know
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we have from the a.p. news agency all of our equipment is in there including cameras and editing equipment give me 15 minutes to get it out. depleting fell on deaf ears. the airstrike went ahead as planned. in another part of gaza a family of 10 had no warning before bombs flattened their home they were killed in their sleep all except for a baby. in israel hamas rocket attacks also killing civilians one man died when a rocket struck his building in a tele be a suburb. others narrowly escaped death. and it would have been my house. coming out. the
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international community is desperate to see a cease fire. the united nations security council tried to meet to discuss the conflict but the united states delayed the meeting until sunday. for more i'm joined by deputy reporter shannon resign as he's covered the region extensively shani yesterday. i'm an element of hope that things are turning a corner in the deceased's i may be imminent we were discussing it instead of a night things have really ratcheted up i know it sounds like contradicting but actually it doesn't mean cease fires off the table on the contrary israel is now in a race against time they know they don't have much time because international pressure is mounting they know the photos of the so many casualties and the suffering and the destruction the mess of destruction in gaza they know it's working against them in the international arena and they try to race to the end to see as to achieve as many achievements the way they see it as they can before the
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time is up which is soon enough and in the background we still see some talks being held mostly led by the egyptians interestingly enough the qataris we used to be very active with mediating when it comes to hamas this time i'm not so involved and soon we'll also see into the longer this operation goes we will have to see harsh response has coming from the arab states which israel has just recently can develop with like morocco like you know like the emirates and so on this puts them in a very uncomfortable position israel is aware of it and she did it they don't want to do that in israel so they're trying to see it's tiptoeing how far can we go still but it's not going to last much longer they know that as well. as we just saw in that report we mentioned earlier of course yesterday we saw the bombing of that building with a housing a page and on the 0 journalists among also civilians. it's drawing a lot of condemnation internationally and within israel as well what do you think was the strategy there why would israel do something like that well they claim
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there's hamas intelligence there and accurate or not correct or not they don't really mind in part of israel's strategy in gaza what we've seen in the last day is no mass destruction of civil quarters and civil houses residential areas they hope that that pressure on the civil you know on the civilians in gaza will help rattle hamas shaken it up and put pressure on hamas this is what they're this is part of their strategy in this time they've been they've been at it right from the start usually it's a measure that they saved to the end and so for them i think it was also a mis calculus when it comes to international pressure we were just mentioning because targeting the press and that's that's doesn't you know that doesn't go well so easily and they might be paying heavy price on that in the front of of how that it's in the world it's mounting more pressure on israel actually back firing at them but the strategy of the scene all along is gaza is use civilians as
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a way to measure and you know to put pressure on hamas this is what they're trying to do and back to that international pressure that you just mentioned of course led to say we're expecting the u.n. security council to meet and weigh in on this the u.s. envoy. not having that much effect so. how much hope to have that the international community can persuade the 2 science towards what we need to keep in mind as much as everyone as much as we're counting on that pressure we're talking about international community pressure eventually comes to hamas and israel deciding that it's in their benefit it's in their interest to seize the fire. i mean we these voices we've seen it again it's almost like. it's a known charade of acts one after the other it helps israel and hamas climb down the high you know the high positions where they are saying oh we're never going to stop and so on it puts pressure that helps but eventually it's not going to happen unless airlines with both hamas and israeli interests are and i thank you very much
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for the update from date of new folks violence has spilled out into the streets across israel in cities where jews and arabs has they living side by side so many years this new on rest is exposing underlying tensions not least of all in one district of the coastal city of tel aviv's. anonymous attackers home on a toss cocktails into the home of an arab israeli family in jaffa 2 children awoken from sleep their home and their bodies burning. their neighbors to a frightened they mount to protest thank you. we cannot accept an attack on these children on our homes we are here to say out loud no to violence much more how to carry more had also to i had no known. protests in other parts of israel weren't so peaceful here and sees a real demonstrators blocked off streets and fought with police. rockets fired by
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hamas from the gaza strip pound israel some explode in mid-air targeted by defense systems others wreak havoc in residential areas. and me. i served in years radio me for 2 years i know what rockets sound like. me i was terribly frightened but god is with us it's horrible horrible. nora in the occupied west bank 2 tensions flared between palestinians and the israeli military on what palestinians call not by day catastrophe day commemorating those forced from their homes by the founding of israel in 1948. and this latest conflict in the middle east has brought people on to the streets in cities worldwide to protest against the israeli attacks here in berlin police clashed with crowds as thousands joined approach coniston the palestinian rally the gathering also marks the palestinian verse 3 this commemorates masters placements cheering the arab israeli
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war of 940 and. well let's turn now to some other news making headlines around the world thousands of people have been protesting in haiti's capital port of plants calling for an end to the on and kidnapping crisis criminals indiscriminately take women children and foreigners for ransom the united nations says 234 people were abducted last year that's 3 times as many as the year before. the operator of the largest u.s. gasoline pipeline says it's resumes normal operations after being hit by a ransomware attack the disruption to colonial pipelines networks stretching from texas to the east coast triggered supply shortages and long lines at many gas stations. grace says it's reduced overcrowding in its migrant camps a number of asylum seekers on its islands has a full and below 10000 for the 1st time since the height of the migration crisis in
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25th day at their worst some of these camps were operating at 2 to 3 times their official capacity bill though the number of people in the camps is falling many a still choosing to make the hazardous journey across the sea. the church coastguard on patrol near the sea border with greece the officers asked an italian boat from the european border control agency frontex to take in the migrants in the rubber dinghy in front of them. it's a common occurrence in the age and especially at night turkish patrols say they often encounter boats with broken engines which according to the migrants have been forced back to sea by the greek authorities. they hit us with sticks with their fists they tried to sink us they shouted that we should leave go back to turkey and . the greek authorities however painted different picture they accuse turkish
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border security of failing to take action against people smugglers and even of accompanying boats into greek waters a provocative act says athens having crossed the border illegally the refugees are subject to deportation europe is increasingly using tougher asylum procedures and border controls to seal itself off from asylum seekers eventually the turkish coast guard picks up the people in the dinghy boat and takes them back to turkey more than 4000000 migrants live within its borders the european union does not want them moving onto its territory and it's willing to pay turkey to keep them out. i don't want to go again no i changed my mind this man from congo. not be attempting to hazardous journey again having injured 2 field crossings his dreams of finding refuge in europe have died. as
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a sport now this weekend sings the 2nd to last round of this vega games this season with a lot at stake so this battling for those battling to avoid relegation hausberg face braman with both teams barely above the drop zone outspoken away victorious though securing another season in the top flight and leaving brain braman in deep trouble . the message was simple and work the fans believe anything less than a win for their team could mean having to prepare for the 2nd division even with one more game to play. their coach marcus vine cyril knew it too and so did very brave men coach florian cole felt his team was an even worse shape trailing 2 points behind our work. but things swung in his team's favor in the 13th minute when outscored midfielder ruben vargas was given his walking papers for attempting to kick an opponent which took v.a.r. to confirm it man advantage verda braman.
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were compensated well and then in the 57th minute scored when ronnie could ear a took an opportune shot after a fortunate bounce went his way from a corner when neil. braman pushed forward but it was not to be. and in the final minute of regulation time this outs were breakaway and penalty shot. taking the honors was daniel. to nail the final score. outs were celebrations were understandable as was braman stis appointment oxburgh remain in the top flight next season oh and its final league game coming up it's against byron unic and a very hungry robert leavened off ski on the hunt for the all time bundesliga goal
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scoring title a match up housework will be glad not to have to win. you know watching data mckinney's coming up after the break report that goes to me a lot more headlines for you at the top of the hour don't go away. i'm secure in the volume. that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances of the what's your story. 'd with them as women especially have been.


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