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tv   Glucklich erst als Junge  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2021 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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against corrupt dreamers and dictatorship. they have tried more security more freedom more dignity have their hopes been fulfilled 10 years ago after the early spring. valley and starts june 7th on d w. today we're going to meet several people who have intellectual disabilities have signed up for a 3 year program the blue train and education specialists at the university level. the candidates are being interviewed today here at the institute for inclusive education in cologne.
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real assumes. the program is aimed at helping individuals who have disabilities become more fully integrated into the academic world and to help them meet more independent lives a total of 50 people applied to be admitted to the program. or wonder what they there's a lot of competition the best and i don't know what to expect today i'm excited about it but but i'm excited about it i'm not going to act as if he told her we want to promote inclusion in higher education moving up there finally. out i said i'd be like a different sort of professor at you know exactly of the university lecturer. i'd like that's a low grade over there. ok here i am you were born in a wrong war yes i speak 3 languages. persian kurdish german while i was still.
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i suffered from oxygen deficiency early on and that caused some visual impairment in my optic nerve but my disability is not an obstacle for me. wish people would give me more time to say things busy. if you. have been living with this disability for 28 years now. i've had a lot of ups and downs that normal people haven't gone through but i can get along fine when i have to. most of the candidates have jobs in workshops for people with disabilities don't continue to work there until i find out what the been accepted for the university training program. i have a learning disability so it takes me longer to memorize things i suffered from
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a lack of oxygen and that destroyed some of my brain cells. it's just something that i have to deal with sometimes i think about it quite a bit and it's not always easy for me to come to terms with it. a month is blind for a long time he's been looking for a job that's more challenging. i need more work places. that sound proofing material coming if you will. that since monday february 22nd 2016. i need more again. jenny enjoys her choppiness most a workshop. turned down the chance now i give the chance or i've got
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a chance now to teach people about what life is like for those who have to civility said to me in the not only am i think that's really exciting find that. florian lives in his own apartment at his mother's house. they used to say that you'd probably never learn to walk. do you recognize these photos. thus far and live that was in lipstadt the right before they put you on the ventilator. you were breathing for several days with the help of the machine went well and then things slowly started to get better. oxygen deficiencies among infants can cause serious problems in development florins mother has learned to cope with the situation because father has not. i think it
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was incredibly difficult for his father to accept that florian is the way he is. or was at that time. if they wanted to ferrari he won the i think he always wanted a son that he could do things with like roller blading or playing football but when florian was growing up that just wasn't possible. well how did you deal with. it was tough and very difficult. but i said to myself he's my son it doesn't matter that he has a disability he's my child and i love him just the way he is or don't. come when i look at pictures from when he was younger. and then think about all
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that he's accomplished in his life. yeah it's pretty amazing. this involved in. the mine now started. trying to. commutativity it's hard for me when i think that a problem i had when i was born can rule of. thumb can make such a big difference later on. everything's good c'mere. that's really not ok when i look back on it now it's really just that the thought is that you've done so well flow just a few minutes can change your life forever. just a few minutes a. week
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later the administrators of the technical university unclog decided to join a training program. were very impressed if you sound happy yeah. and i just want to say that i'd really like to have you in our program i'm so pleased yeah you know i'm glad. that workshop was like jail and i had to get out. and now you can then. dad congratulations. ok yeah. i know. that. for the last month or so he's been saying that he's the 1st college student in our family. that i kept my fingers crossed that this would happen and now it has clicked you know may i come out. but
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i wanted to say that we were all very impressed with you and we think that you'd make a good education specialist and we'd like you to join us. i have a training position yeah. almost flawless the trainees have attended special schools could not a university challenge the educational opportunities had seemed limited but that's going to change soon. of the gangs and in this whole way we have classrooms on the right and left to be not to go off to the output in some cases the professors conduct seminars that can last up to 90 minutes before the word closure. is that what we're going to do you. don't have we had
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a lecture like that in the 3rd semester in a room like you see here on the phone my office open for that i think so we stand up in front of the class and teach right now for do. you think. the 2 siblings will face a number of the challenges in this program or. can you have 3 years to learn the road course it'll go by quickly that's. it. i have tons of questions but i can then make this maybe the longest job title in the building by a social worker and social education specialist i would have to say and this means master right. master of science i do what you are a master of disaster when i hear must and my brain shuts down. if the place not to get this exercise is aimed at helping you to get to know each other better now and
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then it's called the triangle of common ground light them. no one by. the group begins by sharing their likes and dislikes like the one who was just something that was. it simply they have much in common. was it that's great a friend of mine does that new music yeah. right but then if he's a day goes night who i like everything and i think i like writing. it more than try to write this down there tried i don't like writing i don't mean either but. yeah that. and yet i also write about what she will be i'm having common for the 1st day of what should i write that we both have muscle spasms both post more than let's start like this keep it simple.
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to do no offense but there is some things that i don't like to talk about the thing going though i do i know her. as a but you can talk to me normally it's just worth of the. killing in fabien quickly find out that they have a lot in common and not just a disability. now discover more later on. 2 months later the training program is moving right along who wouldn't follow. it's been here i'm the university instructor here. i'm doug my bros and i. want us and over there other students with their a little shy and. the students start by introducing
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themselves to one another and i want where you from in indonesia i'm happy. that. you have this very common and i love the forms of welcome everyone i'm really glad that you're here today for our joint seminar. supported decision making. positions. you. can find it on we'd like you to tell us a bit about herself so. if you want to know for example whether he'd like to start a family a look at it is shawn my top priority right now as my career. as i like else is done and once you get a job and then figure out how to do it here's how to vice what i pick can be a lot of fun. so i'm ready for anything with which i was offered. here. where you guys can explore different options of them you can say i'll do this
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seminar and then this one and this one all the way we can do that too but because of our disability our choices are limited people have deferred produced from for what was this post groups have learned a lot. why. they follow the seminar i was a bit nervous i hadn't had a lot of contact with people with disability it's not even a school. system that said was unusual. what i really like the seminar is for they talked to us openly and that was really impressive for them if i was the shift that i think we were a little shy at 1st interested in the corner. then they started asking us all kinds of questions. i thought the seminar was great and we got a lot out of it. going on. the program participants have to get used to one source of experiences that include speaking to a group she's
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a actress and performance coach you need to do lucy to help them develop their skills when you get back up to a month or so certain that it's good to have you folks here i am pleased to be here . and i've really been looking forward to this. you need to. go hey what are some of the things you can do to make a good impression on your audience into. your purse you have to present yourself with all thorazine. what do you mean by authority of the public this will you go to show people that you want to tell them something it's like you're saying to the audience hey look at me i've got something important to tell you. says my so you draw attention to yourself. right ok very good what else those posts not. all this project but now you need to be a bit spontaneous and teach people in
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a way that's not boring and make someone to interact with you and that. can we say that you should try to make the best impression possible for. us something that. doesn't get that well there's no right way or wrong way to talk to an audience i use a lot of different techniques each of us here today will do it in their own way. it would really be a shame if we all sounded the same that wouldn't be interesting and no one would listen life is very kind and one is also now i'd like you to tense up some of your muscles keep breathing naturally don't make it too tense out ok ok let's do the biceps 1st tense the muscles and keep holding it for 15 seconds. on your mark get set go.
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on hand release that does get you kept breathing normally right ha that's a good exercise isn't it now. each of the might to 1st presentation in front of the group. have their own focus for all the people need is freedom but you can't find that freedom with me. we laughed a lot together and did a lot of stupid stuff in there to comfort the boy but in the future the word we has no meaning for you. i often go out and look for a place that belongs only to us where no one can disturb us the time i spent with you was wonderful but that's over now and it has no place in my future. i'll wait
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for you at the next traffic light the next red light. and i won't start my car without you thank you. in the way. that sounded natural well not exactly well done that's the way to do it. was powerful stuff i found that really powerful. husted side you can send up the neck turn any way you want it raise it or lower it so that you feel comfortable when you speak. you don't want to keep looking down 1st of all that's important for proper breathing and 2nd you can make better eye contact with the audience feel when what i want to tell you florian and this is important for all of you to set things up before you get started. and they is a. high. wait wait they can't even see you yet the 1st week
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ok they're standing by the door because that you've just come in so now i'll guide you over there ok ok but when it has i promise you ok it was karmic told 00. 0000 leave her. alone without. me a hero move. haha not how i was. oh. yes. i. know really undermines how many check the stock 8
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months now to become friendless tonight a man she wants to change she said t's new hobby tennis to the featured in paint always work from the center line you can feel it with your feet. it's at the top of the net would you miss it now find the centerline. of the missing step back a bit. oh oh. on. the imagine him. a little. bit so what do you think if the great. goodness if he mean we have to fill up the lines now concede you didn't. know what you meant all standing if you. sorry i don't believe him he's not a bit sorry i know he may mean it was. going to ok
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your up. to the. tune and fabi impeachment a brother without disabilities would take it. with them if you didn't i throw their sounds. great thanks like this some. of. you have you know we've still got time on just roll my chan down that if you go we'll push you. on for but us for they saw us what was it like for you guys growing up as twins. because of his disability concern for all said someone. to show the power for time i think i had a few advantages i think of even despite the and or example at school he used to have a lot of problems but our parents always tried to raise us the same way they still
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do games even know who your son's biden they made sure that we both did things together d.d. fishlike convocation off we go way up in the mountains if you need me to hear. of what them to take him up there whether he wanted to go or not i did so that we could all share the experience socially and of course we had the usual squabbles that all brothers did for coffee. just like us but it is good to be boring without . as a. little bit of turf it's completely different for every one. facet of our father more or less favored me over my brother to be honest and it's because i didn't have any say in the matter and i didn't ask my father for any special favors or flow and it was a. bond as much as and it wasn't easy to get out of that situation because later our father just wasn't there for us. but i think that this brought flooding
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on and me closer together. and now we get along just like any other brothers do little various. afterward flowing through to not about that conversation in the bowling alley. he now realizes how much he misses his father. he wonders with the he should contact him and tell him about the teacher training program. there were pm a little you know he always wanted me to change some hell will do things differently quote him for me but i want him to see that i've come a long way all by myself. had done that wouldn't have happened if i didn't have a disability so it's sort of
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a blessing in disguise there's truth to both of my it's a i think if you really love your child then it doesn't matter how he's developed because then you don't say ok now with this program he's had a positive development and if you were still in the workshop for example then i wouldn't regret it then i still would have done everything right that doesn't really change anything but it's him with his dad could say right now that he regrets leaving us but that doesn't make up for all the years that he was gone and so now to this is really. when i just want to see how he'd react to find out whether he still cares about. i needed to have that when i was younger it doesn't matter why he left us i just want to find out whether he still cares. but how would that help you. do you still really need that. thank you.
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the next step is to conduct. a search and now it's getting closer and closer and it's just making me crazy how many miles. off but i'm also really excited and sometimes all that makes me cry. that's how i get the emotion out of my system oh. that's a natural reaction. you're not an actress you should just be yourself. it's good to see people as they really young. back after that and i don't want to screw up the seminar and we won't because we work pretty well together and help each other it'll turn out fine i. cannot in months now this group has been trained to become university teachers they've been studying each patient and improving their public speaking skills and.
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i'm doing the introduction tomorrow for for i'd like to read it to you and then you can tell me what i need to fix the big. sure thing. as minister. i'm taking part in the training program at the institute for inclusive education. this 3 year full time program is unique in europe. it's a participant complete program and pass a final exam tell be higher education specialists at the university level. to give ya today's the day we're all excited and so are you but probably less than we are. anyway i'm pleased to be able to present to you the 1st in our series of
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seminars it's called my world sharing our expertise on disability. mind you mention can some people may know this but i'll read what i've written down here we are allowed to and we won't let others steal our rights they think that's important to me and to the rest of us they can take away our rights. to stand up please. i'm right here but don't stand in front of me i won't be able to see the audience. so now we're going to play and get to know your game and i think i'll say my name and make a motion. this is exactly go ahead i'm crazy a monch. and then your motion. i'm the loud.
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and that's your movement. and i'm quiet rude. loud quiet roots brave. and intelligent is that. this show joe the fear and right now i feel like i was hired to do this job oh there. it was work i still can't get used to hearing the word lecture but i'm working on it i do what good would it. do you think that we're all different from you. was not at all this it's a little bit you do a lot more things than i do that. you've got all these hobbies which i don't have it's most of it that makes g.l. and begin teaching courses in social studies medicine design was. wonderful if
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they want to understand what life is like for us and we can explain that to them. and when you do that it triggers something positive inside you but if i prefer move i'll be low. forward to doing this it's a great show for you to come to the burgos thought of it up. i think that the students. learned a lot to hear that you know that. he found the sound of an absolutely. wouldn't be. coming.
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to india. having an address is a fundamental right that's long been denied to residents of slums a digital pilot project uses mobile data to give each house its own address. the foundation is the strongest videos fine on anything that's why looking at a strong fish called an easy down to the beach can you look. back. in 30 minutes w. . this
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is d w news live from calls prose for an end to the conflict between israel and the palestinians but israel's prime minister praises his military's efforts and human ness and yahoo says he has no doubt the latest as strikes have set hamas militants back many years also coming up spain's prime minister fly.