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hi, a to you to the pan demik, the when it is had a message for the world. ah, we just want to say the whole europe, the whole war over certainly looks like the right next is our magazine. she is living in the digital age. that is not the break. don't forget, you can always find all the latest news from around the world on our website, dot com for linda and the entire team. thank you so much for the my 1st wife i was sewing machine i found from women are boned by the ocean, was given something as simple as learning how to raise a bicycle, even since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my own and it took me years to finally gave up and went to buy me and
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my cypress and return because sewing machine going, i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing a bite as now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties and social rules and inform them about that basis, right. my name is david and i work at the me, i once that has changed the privacy policy, and this is causing a lot of protest worldwide to continue using the messenger app and full users are required to agree to the new terms and conditions. and they go on facebook, increased access to private data, what's up and turn to apps. today's topic on sift the
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messenger. that's the easiest way to keep in touch with people that are important to us. the call. the 9th and damage has made this even more apparent in december 2020 for example, although 100000000000 messages were sent via what's up every day with around 2000000000 active users. what's that is the number one messenger out in 2nd place also from facebook? is the facebook messenger with around 1300000000 users. with 1200000 users chinese messenger at which it is my 3rd and with 550000000 users, the most popular independent messenger is telegraph. let's get back to the market leader with one in 3 people over the age of 13 using was that it's truly a global set up. it's also a huge source of income for its parent company. facebook which collects private data to create profiles. these other used, for example, for personalized advertising. it's actually a common business model, but many say lots of new terms and conditions go too far. data protection groups up
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. and so what's new? what's that the messages are encrypted. when you send a message, it only gets decrypted on the receiver device. under the new terms and conditions, end to end encryption will be mean, meaning check content will still be confidential. but when you use what that so called meta data is accumulated to companies use this data to extrapolate valuable information on how a person uses their device or fire network defense. according to whatsapp, new privacy policy. this data will now be passed on to his parents. companies the e u is the only place where this is prohibited on facebook acquired. what's a special regulation, what's put in place. jennifer king is an expert and information private at stanford university in california. she wants that passing on data can have dangerous consequences. they use the y twang of different types of information to to
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target view is often think about this only in terms of kind of online commerce and online shopping. but it goes much more broadly. i mean, certainly in this country in the us, we saw the controversies around facebook's participation in our elections and election advertising. and we also seen how much the algorithms that facebook uses to recommend content to you, especially facebook groups, have led to people becoming more radicalized in europe, passing on data within a company. and the massive individual data is prohibited according to the general data protection regulation. but facebook plan had also provoked criticism in the u . s. and many other countries whose has the response. facebook clarified that it was only going to collect information from chaps concerning communication with company. but this would allow facebook to receive data on the
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consumer behavior of users, for instance, the static and then be used to make more money with personalized advertising. ready and there is a further motive behind the cooperation with. ready calculated because the more that a company like facebook can argue that they cannot possibly disentangle. all of these other companies that they've acquired from the core of facebook. the more leverage i believe they feel like they have and trying to fight anti trust concerns that are currently being raised here in what step you don't have a choice, they don't accept the new conditions. they won't be able to use all the familiar function. since watson's new terms and conditions where now it's at the beginning of this year, more and more people have been looking for alternatives. and popular choice is signal in january, he even hit number one for a short time. in apple's app store from sect was found a brian acting, and of
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a 3000000000 euros when facebook bought was app. today, he's a big fan of signal to even co founded, the nonprofits signal to nation, which for most open source privacy technologies. and to give the foundation, 50000000 euros a startup capital and important contribution to its success. ah, the signal is a messenger that focuses on user privacy. the data is encrypted using the open source signal protocol, which is where the ask it's a plane, enables users and encrypted messages, photos, videos, and documents to another user or in group checks. ah, signal was created by a cryptography expert knew by his student. the martin spice did previously work for different tech security companies and had been twitters chief military officer in 2013 moxie left with her and found it open. whisper signals, predecessor,
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it's fans include some prominent names in tech circles. christie activist, ever student, and twitter failure check, dorsey appraised, extremely secure. i did genuine test phone treated you signal last year. the european commission also recommends using signals that staff members are privacy. experts appreciate signal to the messenger other app. do encrypt transmission. but signal is trying to build a business off of essentially guaranteeing that the communications pre new and other signal users are completely private. they don't hold what we call the keys, the encryption keys to those messages. and whether you're concerned about other individuals, hackers or the government signal probably checks all those boxes. signal has declared an offensive on facebook's or page data policy. for example,
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with ads like this one, they were supposed to be on the photo platform instagram. the advertising was to be tailored to the individual user, using data that advertisers can purchase this data, include hobbies, locations, and even opinions on socio political issues. pretty scary stuff. never showed up on instagram. facebook claims that signals campaign never got started. signal says they were blocked. one thing is certain low. the issue has definitely raised awareness on privacy. telegram has also prevented from the controversy surrounding was out today more than 550000000 people worldwide use this app. the most popular alternative to what's aft isn't signal but telegram launched by pablo from russia. telegram registered $150000000.00 new users in the 1st month of this year. switching to telegram is easy. caps can be imported from watch tab with just one
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click. thanks to a browser extension, the app can also be used on your desktop. this works because telegram uses a cloud service. if you don't want to save messages to the cloud, you need to set up a so called secret chat messages or then save your own device. the self destruct time for messages and files is another feature that protects your privacy. i would encourage you to put some type of expiration date on because one thing you always need to assume is that when you join online service that they are going to have the defaults set to the maximal exposure. the want to keep chaps around, you know, if there's an option to share data, it'll probably be selected also a little bit of homework and try to familiarize yourself with what that platform does. a kilogram and signal run on android as well as the i o. s operating system
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kilogram is at the tree and doesn't allow its content to be regulated. sounds good, but it has led to radicals. he and germany, for example, gathering and huge chat groups and spreading hey polls and saying use the messenger service provided by the gaming type of discord is also becoming increasingly popular. first, ahead with gaming fans. it now has around 150000000 users worldwide. that's twice as many as last year. keep taking a closer look at this high flying app. this card was originally designed as a platform for gamers. but now you can also find groups called servers to talk about other things. you can start your own server or join an existing want to meet like minded people. ever since the number of discord users double to reach a 150000000. however, the most popular communities are often already mix williams is an associate professor, teaches courses on gaming,
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and he explains the industries unparalleled in times of the course 19th. this is the same we see across gaming this course, not only a gaming app, but gaming is 2060 percent across most platforms, as people have flocked to find some kind of social outlet when they otherwise couldn't each other face to face the many different functions and discourse or one reason why people are turning to the app to keep in touch with friends. chat rooms can easily be personalized. you can create subgroups channels with different privileges for individual users. oh, and you can communicate via video or voice chat more. you can also share your screen on your on they were actually some gaming centric platforms that are still around venture low and team speak. there are still used by some gaming cultures. this court has some more functionality. it's user experience
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or u. x is a little bit nicer and smoother and cleaner. it's also notable that it isn't driven by advertising. and that if you go there, you don't feel quite so surveilled by commercial interests. i think that's a bit of an appeal. there's a catch that discord is a check for that was developed for gamers and the messages sent via the san francisco bass provider do not end to end encryption and to and encryption. very important to me. so discord is currently not an option even though i'd really like to stop using walter. but then most of my friends are still there. you 100 caspar data protection commission and hamburg has issued an order which only applies in germany. looks are indoors, fans into the german users are currently protected by this order abiding face due from processing their data. right? i mean, i have to see if this order, which is limited to 3 months on the,
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be taken up to the european level. and keep from ending of to farms in the upper we're trying to get our colleagues from the european data protection board, including to join us to also assume it's the international standardized data protection is something i would like to see implemented. i think it's a scandal that facebook can't or won't make their terms and conditions more transparent. i want to have more control of my personal data. and as the global success of alternative apps shows, i'm not the only one. what's your opinion? have you thought about switching to an alternative app, or are you worried that it might be hard to just stay in touch with your friends? and there's no on d, w dot com on our youtube channel. that's all for me today. see you again soon. the ah, in
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i 77. this is all about the b t q plus community. not sure exactly what that means. what she needs in relationship because we said like a legal situation and on how society l g b t keeps us community the 77 percent on w, race car driving to save the climate in places where the environment has already been decimated. this is extreme. an ambitious project that back by starting the purely electric spectacle should bring climate change
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forward, full speed ahead, red 60 minutes on the w me. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list, the magic corner. check hot spot for food. and some great help for the mortals to boot the w travel off. we go. welcome to that. 77 percent the show for you africa. you i'm bringing you this. we shaw from our crop. gone this capital the international de against who will be withheld recently. and that is why we did to keep in this show to africa, l g b t q, class community. that's lesbians, gaze transgender,
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bisexual, korea, and anybody else who doesn't fit within societies, gender structures for us deutsch villa.


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