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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for free. the me ah, ah ah, this is the w news line from then tens of thousands for the con gleese city of governor, where authorities fair volcano could erupt for the 2nd time in less than a week. and the worry is that this time will be much more serious. also on the program, european union has more economic sanctions against bela roost over the forced landing of the ryan in flight. and the arrest of a dissident blogger. germany's foreign minister tells the regime it must pay
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a high price. if the corona virus 1st emerge and i will hand west market, was it released and then the oratory accident. us president joe by angus china. by ordering a new investigation, he wrote one of the most pop in the children's books of old times. he just wanting to give kids hope. now, eric called the author of the very hungry caterpillar, has died the look at what made his books specially ah, me. and feel, gail, welcome to the program. a tens of thousands of people are saying they said he had goma and the democratic republic of congo was parties warned as a near body volcano could erupt at any moment. it's the 2nd time since the weekend the residence of fled, the city of 2000000, which lies in the shadow of mountain,
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nearly gone to the local military governor has ordered the population of more than half the cities neighborhoods to be moved to safety on saturday, novice floated within a few 100 meters of, of gomez outskirts reporter, ragged men awake. i told us had people reacting to the orders to evacuate. so from the morning, the pool moving directly to their west by the east, but i mean, they're not biting the worst, but people are furrowing folks. and actually after consequences that can come from this. so can they eventually or option of revoke? i was with people, at least one was wondering what's emptying for these for patients. some of people are just still in the town. most thousands of them they have left from different boxes of their town. i've reagan my wake up in a coma. now here's
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a look at some more news making. i'm making headlines around the world. we'll start a niger here where more than 150 people are fed drowned in the west of the country . after an overloaded boat sank in the niger river, officials say the ferry pot and sank a rescue operations and away australian state. victoria will go back into a 7 day lockdown starting midnight local time. on thursday, a new outbreak of corona virus infections was protected early. this week has increased to 26 cases. people mail leave their homes for essential reasons including to get back. but president emanuel macro has admitted that his country fail, the victims of rwanda genocide in 1994. but his speech at the county genocide memorial stopped short of an apology. rhonda has long accused france of complicity. the deaths of 800000 people were mostly towards you. foreign ministers meeting in
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portugal to discuss further sanctions against bruce, a. germany's fundamental hi co mass says the bellows have paid a high price for forcing the landing of a ryan and jets in order to arrest the didn't journalist ministers want to come up with a list of targeted economic sanctions that use already bad and valid. lucy and airlines from the skies flying in circles before going right back to where it started. the beloved in bella rizzi and airlines flight from minsk to barcelona, never reached its final destination. it was forced to return to minsk after polish officials told the pilot he may not be allowed to enter french es face . on monday the european union agreed to ban beller as an airlines from its skies.
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the measure is among sanctions imposed after bela was forced to plain to landon means the aircraft was carrying dissident reman protest. savage was arrested upon arrival. he is seen here in this alleged confession video with what appeared to be bruises on his face. he supported, i believe he was tortured from your store. it isn't by the raging, get a free speech of the tree and above all, it targets people who tell the truth and blog is the 1st to be past due to during the mass repression that began last year. could you please confirm, make sure that was good when you are asleep. alexander lucas. shank, please. ruth, over the country for 27 years, staunchly denied the plane was rerouted in order to capture protest, savage. he maintains that a bomb threat was the reason the plane was told to land the crack down on dissidents, intensified after last year's presidential election, which was widely regarded to be rigged. a trigger mass protests,
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more than 35000 people have been arrested since they began. as people around the world demand, precious savages released morn as much for political activist who told us rock who died in custody a way to go. his cause of death was listed as a heart attack, but his reader believes he was nodded. there are many variations hoping to change the cost of fighting for it remains high. will be w correspondent, ban reger. it is the meeting of a foreign ministers in portugal and joins us from welcome bands you leaders of already and sanctions against battle rule. so what more is f? a foreign ministers to do today? but the summit to toss the foreign ministers to come up the list of the list of options for possible sanctions. and for the 1st time, not only individual would, might be responsible for the re routing of the flight in the rest of 2 opposition
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figures. but also, holes sectors of the bill of russian economy shall be targeted to talk about sanctions against the very profitable industry which produces the potassium stalls. and also the petrochemical industry shall be targeted. and also maybe the financial aspect of this, this would mean a huge enlargement of those sanctions. and the questions also the assessment of these possible things is really they hit the people have been of us where they hit only the leadership over. they also harm the economy in europe itself, right? and then you bring that one export because what one does, what the point of the sanctions is, what does the in you hope to achieve by piling more sanctions on one of europe's poorest countries. when the current sanctions seem to have had some little effect.
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yeah, it's right to say the sanction. so if i have to have no drug so that you is now willing to enforce more sanctions because that is a thing. this incident on sunday was crossing a red line and there has to be a signal not only to better route, but also to russia, which is the staunch is ally of the root. and the german for him is hypo mas even heightened the prize. he said, not only have these 2 people that were arrested on sunday to be released, but all 400 political dissidence detainees in baler is have to be released before the sanctions can be lifted. but there's some technical steps to take that there will be no decision today that will take another days or even weeks until these new sanctions will take effect. if this is a complicated business, isn't, isn't it? because you said that it's important that battle roost themselves don't necessarily suffer and we have these flight bands and i was due on monday and type of board
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enclosures, which are going to further isolate the country and track dissidence who wanted to leave. so a foreign ministers addressing how to help those people who are trapped inside the country. but some foreign ministers raised raised this issue and say, we cannot keep this isn't inside the country, cut them off of all ways to leave the country. but the still, the lent bought us to poland lithuania, as far as we know, open and not so many different. it's actually take the state owned airline to leave the country. so minutes a say this might be the prize. you have to pay to hit bella. rosa and the leadership, but they also insure said we want to keep the connection to the civil society society. this does student exchange in the us do financing some projects inside available, so it's a double edged sword. actually. thank you for that bad, bad rigor in lisbon us president joe biden has ordered
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a new investigation into the origins of the corona virus. he wants intelligence officials to deliver their findings within 3 month us agencies and divide it over whether the virus emerge from an effective article or from a laboratory accident. the will hon. institute of technology houses, the biggest virus bank in asia. it's a maximum security bio lab. 3 researchers fell ill in november 2019, and were hospitalized with flu like symptoms, weeks before the 1st identified case of the cobra, 900 outbreak. the wall street journal was the 1st to publish these new details. quoting a us intelligence report, the hypothesis is that the virus spread to humans after a lab accident. 2 weeks ago, 18 prominent scientists wrote a letter to the journal science calling for a new investigation into the origin of covey. 19 every laboratory in the world,
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including our very own c, d, c. and i, containment laboratories in the united states. they all have had laboratory accidents, laboratory accidents happen everywhere. there are humans, humans are fallible. so it's absolutely reasonable to think that some other laboratory also had an accident not least because the whoo hon institute studied corona viruses and their transmission through bat. china has dismissed the lab leak theory. it says reports of 3 sick researchers are online and maintains there was 0 infection among the hon institute staff. after months of negotiations, china allowed a fact finding mission led by the world health organization to travel to hon. more than a year after the pandemic outbreak, the panel concluded that the virus probably originated in bats and passed to humans through an intermediate animal,
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the laboratory incidents. and i put this is extremely unlikely. but some team members complained that they were denied sufficient access to data by the chinese authorities. now the u. s. is calling for a new investigation, one that reaches a definitive conclusion. as get more on this from data here before sir william, blue cross. welcome william, but let's start with with base investigations. so we just heard that the w h o or already held an investigation. why does president biden think that a us lead investigation is going to get further and more access than the world health organization? well, i think we just heard about it in the report, the w h o investigators were really being controlled quite heavily by chinese authorities. it's of course in china's interest for their own credibility, in their own respect on the world stage that this,
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this doesn't land on their plate, so to speak. if it were to found, be found out that there was a lab leak in one of their most prestigious labs in whoo, hon. now, of course, with the us intelligence community doing their own reporting, us intelligence, cia, and a say other organizations they don't need permission from china or for any other country to go about their business at the very nature of intelligence. so they may have more access, more sources, more, more ability to gather information, as is their job, the navy, the w h o would have in negotiations with china. but we know that none of this was really new. although there's growing skepticism about the natural emergence theory, you know, serious scientists have been looking at this question since the beginning of the pandemic and looking for answers. ok. so the 2 theories, one either emerge naturally or the other is that there was a lab accident. and why is that the lab accident theory so sensitive?
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well, of course, lab accidents would mean culpability liability. there could be legal claims. there could be huge financial damages, of course, and of course the political ramifications there's respect and prestige on the world stage, as i mentioned. and also, let's not forget that a year ago, donald trump, for president united states, he was pushing a very nativist anti china, almost conspiracy. that this was somehow intentionally leaked by china to damage the world. they were. and china, for part, had conspiracies against the united states that there was somehow a u. s. military plot against china. we've been a lot of just very strange and unfounded accusations going back and forth. and very few serious scientists wanted to have anything to do with those kinds of claims, even if there might be some truth that matters. the problem with the credibility of the trouble ministration. that even when they said things that were correct or worthy of investigating people still kept their distance, it was something of a boy who cried wolf situation that donald trump created. of course, not only on donald trump,
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and it should be said as we heard him report that accidents happen all the time. and this could very easily simply be one of them. not because a conspiracy, not because of a bio weapon or anything sinister, but just because humans as we heard in the report or follow ok, but i us investigation whatever it finds. not just another brick in the wall of antagonism between the united states and china. oh, very much so, and we should see this in the bigger political contacts at the u. s. and china are in a great power game right now, joe biden, and his ministration have made no secret that china is their number one foreign policy challenge. viewing china as a threat in some areas, a competitor in some areas and trying to see it as a partner in other areas like climate change. and that is going to hold china to account whether it's on trade, whether it's on military aggression and expansion. all, all number of issues where the us east china as a potential adversary on the world stage in a potential adversary.


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