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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2021 9:15pm-9:31pm CEST

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columbia as president, is deploying the military to the cali region, after several more people were killed and anti government protested. it comes as the country marks one month since the start of the deadly wave of demonstrations protesters. they are angry over throwing joblessness and inequality. the watching dw news from berlin. don't forget you can get the latest on our website. that's w w dot com. thanks for joining us. i'm on the news. ah, what people have to say to, ah, that's why we listen to their summaries. reporter every weekend on d. w. ah,
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ah, me on new year's day, 9191 from vintage, checked into battle in the most lavish hotel estate and suite number 130 and disappeared the following day. as the money porter pasco london was reported missing with a later found on his body, strangled in the hotel suite. the list of stolen valuable community, a jewelry store, and more than 200 gold marks in cash. the reward of 10000 marks was offered for any information that could lead to the arrest
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of the fate. baron, the man's real name was vill him bloomer. the 44 year old was a writer, and desperate to see his dramas performed on stages across the mouth. but to realize his dream, he needed money. oscar longer the dean is victim. eventually the poet was tracked down in trenton. soon after using arrest, he caught his wrists. today, his name can only be found in old police bonds. and in the annals of hotel ah, for over a century, this grand hotel on teresa plans to set the stage a great dramas and comedy is spectacular entrances. and tragic departure is a luxury hotel with a distinctive aura,
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who's inaugurated in 1907, destroyed at the end of world war 2 and reopened in 1997. the outline is situated in the heart of berlin. the outlines vibrant history is its greatest asset. a legend you can check out and check into. right in germany's political epicenter. the news, the old one was a meeting place for king. princes who keep play is an international finance for idolized and for women whose names were splashed across the marquees of theatres and cinemas. all whose only talent it was to be for
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me. said the ground on the lawn, 9 saint. charles century. lighten, known as had arrived in berlin in 1920. before that she had lived in the united states for years. at the outlines new year's eve, she caught the eye of hotel at louis law. the father assigned promptly developed his wife tilly, and header, became the new matron at the house. and incidentally, it's key is story. i had a header suddenly and told her friend, that's the man i'm going to marry. and she took advantage of the fact that the
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marriage between julian louis was falling apart inside the family. she was also known as the header, that stupid cow and misty. by the time the headstrong had joined the long family, the house built by her father in law, had been standing for a decade long had opened its doors in 1907, and prided itself as germinate the most modern and luxurious hotel. the imperial germany was at the height of its power. the economy was flourishing prosperity group. just a few years, germany had blossomed into a modern industrial nation. around the town at the 19th century, germany had even overtaken great britain as europe's leading economic power. as a young imperial capital, lynn was in a rapid upswing. been looking for lynn was really booming. at the time it started
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when the 2nd device was found, the time i'm berlin, went from the city in the kingdom of prussia to the capital of the whole german empire. and then brought closer to being a world power. when the empire was founded in 187071, the berlin counted 1000000 inhabitants by the starting world war one. there were 4000000. so in those 40 years, the population had exploded and changed the face of the capital. building. cultural life became more incandescent and interesting. and luxury found its way into the city and now and that's why had his father in law and outlaw came in the son of a crossman from mines. he moved about in, in $1880.00, and a mass to huge fortune as a gas trauma. that was clearly a brilliant entrepreneur, extremely good organizing. and with an instinct, what was in time, and that what people really want to eat and drink, what kind of decor they wanted to see. he knew there was
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a certain type of longing of bundles in german society. he did so many of his establishment showcased french and italian cuisine, with essence, a liberal yet either 19 hundreds nor hunts. oblong already own several restaurants in berlin. among them was a large terrace restaurant at the zoo and logical garden. japan testing cook at the coffee house by the zoo and he didn't show ice cream. he's so gelata even gun in italian to make it that was completely new in berlin. in a way you could say he helped revolutionize commentary, history and berlin and the clean arctic in been in quite yet, ah, in just a few years, my father in law and about 2000000 marks from the terrorist restaurant. he wasn't copying the parisian style. his restaurant simply was, commission. ships came from paris and the head wages spoken. every language. all of
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a sudden limb was serving. dais, boiled quit lobster pie, and shocked me. even the imperial family would dine, it is established, it's a high honor for a former carpenter. and so lawrence oblong could be sure of his emperor's support. when he embarked on his most daring projects, yet passed. he dreamt of building on modern grand hotels. bill him the 2nd was an easier to transform berlin miss city his capital into the center of an empire that he wanted it to be a splendid, glamorous and sensational as possible. of course, that we are perfectly with an entrepreneur. he promised to build the most distinguished hotel in the world. it was a natural fit for this image of a new metropolis. transfer me to paula.
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the emperor was a fan of new technology. he supported the emerging german business class and paid no heed to religion or ancestry while handing out orders and honorary titles to the rising economic pillars of his empire. from the stars outlines hotel projects was designed to please the emperor. construction amounted to 17000000 gold marks to me and out of his own fortune and take the rest with names ah, the investment equated to over 40000 gold bed. the annual salary in germany at the time was not even 1000 marks. when the outline was complete, the press spoke of a german hotel that offered the well something unrivalled and unprecedented each
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bathroom provided running heat. it was such luxury astonished, even the emperor himself, as had an outline recounted during his tour of the hotel. the emperor turned on every hot water tap in every bath to him. he visited all the way from the printer, please. sweets on the 1st floor to the simple rooms. on the 4th floor, he wanted to see if they actually worked. the emperor absolutely love the lawn. he practically scolded his bursar saying, why don't we have such beautiful carpets? everything is so magnificent and my place is drafting cold and immediately started using the avalon to house esteemed guests. and in a way that still the avalon does today me, but even more defining than the rocks and the taps was the color, their experience the wind said i was don't with a quarter of a 1000000 bottles. and the in house restaurant offered a variety of fine,
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and it was artic dishes ah! inside the kitchen, it was a frenchman who was king of the council. ah, whether the head champ really was french master chef esco ca, as had an odd long claimed remains uncertain. by the way the outlaws. straumy certainly stood up to international comparison with even today, more than a century later, connery onto the hotel would surely measure up to a high standard in house restaurant. no. as long as to my mission, i'm psalms,
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me have this booked by, as it was even signed by him. by the way, when you look through it, you can find abundance of recipes and ingredients he'd cook with oysters, sigo eggs, truffles. the things he was concerned with back them are still relevant today. he would ask himself, how should service be experienced? what you guesses you want, are we up to date and what can we develop? and that's new and innovative to read those questions are as important today as they were 100 years ago. and me the when will help. the 2nd host uncle came and with the 7th day, of course, some of the off of auto is recreating the dish of so they were stopped back then. but nowadays you wouldn't ever spanish with the same source as coffee
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recommended me. but one thing never das, a kitchen spain tease, determined by its reputation. ah, whereas the emperor dined subjects would at least those who could afford to, in addition to its choice cuisine, the atlanta also offered a variety of lounges of different purposes. whether salut, gosling, soirees, meeting holds for secret negotiations or something more intimate for an afternoon rendezvous. the outlaws provided just the right setting for any occasion when death, seated specially, and van attracted a new request, who may not have had such a fixed meeting place, otherwise flashed forehand, knock on the floor, and there was the castle. sure, nobility,
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and perhaps the highest echelons of society would meet idle and flaky. western spits neg, they're fast. about long old aristocrats could encounter new money. i'd have to cut, he went, no, i am gay. and that was celebrated. where else not have i the syllable he had van d for life and came and then or is the grandiose reception? he pays me the whole at the i used to be legendary for people to rating down the grand staircase to make their entrance. and because it's happening, and that's been completely lost nowadays. so it's a tire company. i don't know of any hotel where that still happens today can kind of table to some type of movies. in 1913 the emperor's daughter, princess victoria, luisa of prussia. and prince and announced fare engagement
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overnight the outlaws became the most addressed in europe, kilograms and express letters pulled in by the basket for the telephone was ringing off the hook. but the emperor's guest had already booked nearly every single bed we had. so we had to send out countless cancellation all over the world. british monarch, king george the faith came russians on nicholas the 2nd who took a carriage ride through berlin with a father of the bride. and you hock side from the toilet. and either for the wedding of victoria luisa followed a choreography that deeds back to the 17th century, but was still being upheld in the 20th century. why not good? now? there were fiat. and so just one year be for the 1st world war, the english king and the russians are, came to berlin service grant, found the celebration by them and also from union had to fight. you see the 3
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monarchs were also cousins.


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