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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  May 30, 2021 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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the 30 minutes w. o. o. what matters to us me. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. ah, ah, ah. me welcome to a new special edition of check in the coping, 1900. pandemic has made travel difficult, but outdoor activities have become more popular. blue cash vega and nicole foolish
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have also enjoyed time in the great outdoors in the past year. we got vega took a camper, van to mark and cycles along the modal river. and nicole free this explored the bavarian, out of this me 1st stop. steger takes us to the beautiful natural landscape, northeast of berlin law. this is the perfect spot. the ah, i'm doing is like many other germans. this current of our summer. i borrowed a camper van, and i look forward to breaking the fresh air in the account. there are few people and a lot of space. about 2 hours drive northeast of berlin. fields as
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far as i can see, ah, and many lakes in between. pure nature, my world, ah, i've just arrived. that's my camp site at the lake. the boss here shows me the way to the parking space. so what now? yes ma'am, was the last, you know mister steger, i'll walk in front on and you'll drive up there and then back in to ask. oh yeah. yeah, super keep coming. turn a bit to the right. super, super lot. go straight on the know that a little to the right. great. you did it done. now i need electricity. and action is things, are there more people here than in the past years? the government has recommended going on vacation in your own country because of the
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corona virus for this year. and in deference to corona, virus measures were not fully booked. the book once, we could easily accommodate 200 more people. but we don't want to do that of any tune. you can see that there's a lot of space to florida. the fin were outdoors and the risk of infection is minimal. but we don't want anything to increase, nor, as naturally we have grown regulations. when are they going to we ask that you wear a face mask in all public buildings and stores sanitary facilities, and the boat rental would follow and nothing would suit hon. no visit? well, the typical campus movies like me or a permanent campus, as you can from austin, that is that you can assume that in the camper community 10 percent of the people have never been to a german camp ground before. these are now under way to set that up as there's an even bigger run on camp sites. this is not likely. so in normal summer as we turn away 20 people a day. now it's 3040 or even 50 from to he was gonna,
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i hate to admit it, but we unplug the phone, come 1st is only home, the telephone, let and call. it just wasn't doable anymore. nice to me or my phone. now are there must keels at night. do i have to put on repellant? i'm told no, we fence them off a good night as this can be. as you know, it's not a big deal for mosquitoes. the plagues only happen if it's moisten, warm during breeding season. then the larvae hatch often goes on. that's not the case. this year hadn't been count your mosquito bites and will compensate you for each one for you in the shouldn't be too many. i'm not taking a big risk in saying that to steve boys. all right, thank you. my neighbors have already made themselves at home. a can prevent me here safely, so now it can take a break. i will explore the area on foot and by bike and to be honest, i'm really looking forward to over nature and swimming in the lake. so let's go 1st the tour of the site. nice and shady here. ah. and there
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is also a lake. this is very important because it's hot, really hot. ah, let's see if any of my neighbors are at home at all. for conway from come to come in. linda. not far from here from mr. p. lagoon, we've been coming here for 20 years. yeah. yeah. why you camping because we always camp what's the best thing about it, but it's nice to be fresh out. it's not so crime shows nice to know if we can find even if the campground still not like being talked in a hotel with 500 other people on the way camping here. this is called up to the corona. we're on holiday here in germany. my daughter here we have a wonderful spot. we're glad to you slick team. i got into my queue time to get on
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the bike me. as a cyclist, you have peace and quiet everywhere on the roads. there are hardly any carts, and you've got plenty of psychopath. that's really enjoyable. ah. you know who likes to vacation here in the oh, come on. our chancellor under merkel. she grew up in this area. meadows forest, many rivers and around $600.00 lakes. so it's just the perfect spot for all those who are looking for peace and quiet. ah, ah, i want to look around the mach lakes nature park. why are there so many lakes here?
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the landscape has its oddities and to my father knows them. he's the nature guide, and the 1st thing i do is get to know a special landscape architect damage. it's in. we have to go in here to get to the beaver dam. you will come august. the bookmark has many, many layers. the year we have a natural, a greeted by beaver who is stunned, and then we have to be made the dam here with wooden mud hold. it's impenetrable. and stable to done is this on to is w, i can one over a little. this is scott sure. no problem. config. okay. then i'll climb on. the beaver's roof, being all the way. $25.00 to $30.00 kilos. so that was my wait i pulled it no problem. the beaver design this landscape creating a habit. it for many other species.
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that is it all in a day's work for a beaver. how long does the beaver take for that? i figure just a couple hours. seems to me then there's another leak. it's like a come on. can you actually jump into any leak like that? yeah, more or less showing up in terms of the water quality. yes. of us in that there are protected areas are not allowed to set foot into calm enough on the street and then a bunch data is where there's a dock or a beach. it's no problem. i sample the large and small lakes, they all formed when the glaciers retreated during the last ice age 15000 years ago . ah, i continue my trip through the long, shady avenue. it's better. i take a break. the church is an old,
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as the village dates from the 13th century. it's nice here. this is the opportunity to buy some provision. oh, i even find regional here the i got my you all from the mark. surely geez, that's mine. and now let's go to the next lake. me. it's not far. it's obvious that 1st nevada also has a lake this is the perfect the
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use the next stop on our check in special about traveling during the pandemic is the moodle valley. ah, it's pretty dark in here. it's pretty chilly to. i'm in tottenville on the move the river. the city is known for these underground silver balls. where are we? what kind of filler is this? hello, and how did is it when one of the largest sellers of the tub harbor and the former wines selling my liquor bank? unfortunately, they no longer use just such today. it's complex. there are fellows under the whole of tom tom because at the end of the 20th century, it was a huge wine trading center. people said it was the 2nd largest wine trading center in europe after bordeaux and from baltimore, when in the 1898 alone,
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some 18000000 leases of wine made their way from here out into the big, wide, wide in the course of either of it. the 1st thing all visitors noted above ground is the bridge gate on the missouri l at the beginning of the 1900 century, there was enough wealthier to commission the well known berlin art nouveau architect, bono, merely, he not only designed the bridge gate, but also a number of villas, art, nouveau, architecture characterizes cotton's got off to this date, a great place to start my journey along the missouri. ah, today i want to find out why them ozell is one of the most beautiful river escapes in germany. so i'm off for right along a part of the move, the psychopath from cob kaba,
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to co him. but that's not all. i'll also be finding out why move the wines are so special. the nice thing about a bike path that runs along the river is that it's fairly flat, at least as long as it's close to the water. the missouri valley also offers a lot of beautiful panorama. but for those, you have to paddle a little harder in but it's worth taking the d tour uphill here, for example, are the rules of even book capital built in the 14th century, it was repeatedly attacked, destroyed and rebuilt, until it was finally blown up in the 18th century, from here i can get a fantastic view over the missouri valley, the biking along them was l. i can definitely recommend that most of the time, you can right along the water boy from cars and streets through natural landscapes
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or small wine growing villages. the river and the wind somehow they belong together, especially near. it's where you'll find the cold months, probably the most famous vignette in germany because of the slope. i meet the winemaker martinos the moment. why is the wind from the missouri so special? how does that differ from other wind? fine? it's the soil di and because we have the steep shale slopes. the slate found at these elevations warms the vineyard slightly back and not due to its dark color. the slate stores heat di and are signing, which is admitted to the great bind, little by little and by not one not hopper. given that means it's always a little warmer, up here on the hill than in the flat or areas. and that helps the reasoning. most of all to ripen well, because reasoning is a great variety that ripens relatively late. notice. so here are the reasoning matures nicely without acquiring too high and alcohol content. and due to the shale
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soil binding, it has a great morality. natalie tate, steven chief, aboard and con content 81 can do what it was very like which making that were still too far from harvest time. and so it won't be much of a tree with no kind. you'll notice that the grapes are still pretty hard to be, but if you want to try, oh, go ahead. when will be in merced as kansas kiana torn or all like i said, the reasoning ripens late guys, and a lot of it so sour, a lot of acid and not much sugar. we have other varieties that mature somewhat sooner and already taste great dish make. they have been better for a taste. no, don't be offended, but well, just spit it out. awesome it out of the vineyard into the mouth and also shows news wine shop and where you can taste the fruit of his labour. the winemaker. ah,
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what have we got? yes. look, i have selected a wine for you vine. recently, of course, from the vineyard we just visited in our, the vine back and give it a try when and when should start and, and we did my with pleasure. so to your health, mahogany to void. delicious. wonderful. i'm glad you like, isn't it? maybe you notice the morality i was talking about popping up. well, i'm not much of a one kind of serving. i could say that the wine is somewhere between sweet and sour. what should i be tasting? what is unique about this one? is all correct. it's fine. generally, it has a slightly peachy romantic, as is the case with many readings. the nice really characteristic thing about our
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recent grown on the steep slopes, is it like morality, which makes it tastes a bit salty purpose. if you let the wind dance around a bit on your palette, it develops this characteristic quality and a certain lightness of a special window. even though it's quite mature, it's a bit lighter and doesn't have such a high alcohol content on lifestyle. and that's what makes the modal and it's shale soil so special. i wonder if you want no more than if i didn't. if i wouldn't move, it may be that way along the marvell, the psychopath runs on both banks of the river on route. you can always find fairies to take you to the other side. the i still have
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a future lama is to go before i'll reach my destination. co. him. visible in the distance is telecom castle. it looks old, but only dates from the 1900 century. cochran has just 5000 inhabitants, but it's much visited city. many mozilla river crew this set off from here. i've got one last tip for you could take the cable car up to the pin back to the from there you have to hike a little further over the rocket to the pin coin the this cross was put here in memory of a shepherd. wanted to take one of his animals from falling and died in the process . from this spot, you have the whole panorama in front of you. the
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for our final stop on this special edition of check engine nicole release brings us to new heights on a tour in the bavarian out the small, the very in town nestled in the i've come here because i want to spend some time in the mountains 1st on site and later unplug the me. destination is the shock than a scenic point, and the better stein mountain range, lose the 2nd had a house, build up there for the 1st leg of the journey, i've reserved a bike. i know a whole welcome to make the climb a little easier. i've decided to rent an
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e by us and then is there anything i should watch out for? i mean, i think the feeler since and probably the most common error people make it overestimating the situation. got accomplished with the bikes will take you just about anywhere. they offer a lot of power. this is then suddenly you're at the summit and can't get down before this. to over, extend yourself. that's why you should be careful on the descent. keep your hands on the brakes. take your time, go slowly and enjoy the nature around you and don't come shooting down the road. she's soon as i leaves mitten. i'm in murray, and the beautiful bavarian lamps the past are wide and the ascent is still manageable. after a couple of minutes of riding through the forest, i arrived at a leak last se. but i still have a long way to go. the
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after one last deep climb, i think i deserve another little brake shoes. so it's nice to see the better stein. no rest for the weary. it's time for the 2nd part of my track, but i won't be making the send to the king's house, and all by myself, stefan adam will accompany me. he's a mountain guide from mitten vice. he says the mountains have a calming effect on him, and that sometimes you just need to look and listen. i was with me,
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we're getting close to the top on the side of the trail. stefan points out some yellow gentian. to me. it's a plant commonly found in the alps. it thrice here at an altitude of some 1800. ah, ah, that was worth it. not bad, not at all me. and there it is. i can see my goal. the king's house on shopping at the foot of the better stein mountains. mm. the back tore them in climate change are set to be threatening. the alpine flora and fauna is that something you see yourself? the keys went a lot of time in the mountains and he was feeling them back. wonder big tourists move. in the case of tourism. yes, some. there are popular spots like the soup spits
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a summit that are really over run by masses of tourists. but as you experienced yourself today, we hardly saw anybody on our way up. can you like to get off from this get? there are really quiet areas, for instance, in the call vendor range over there. it's all going to even in peak season, and we're at the absolute peak of the season right now. you can be all on your own . same last, this is the one thing that very different this year is the corona virus. and a lot of people are spending their holidays closer to home. many germans are seeing in germany. what if you notice here in the region and the us dyna matthews's yeah here and you'll get this and the guests are noticeably more relaxed than in recent years. relaxed in that sense that most readily accepted when you say they can't do something or other, i think it's either there's not so much i want it and i want it now which has been something of a trend the past few years when they get really unpleasant we're not seeing any of that loss or people seem happy with whatever is possible. i hope it will stay that
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way for a while. little paradise right outside your door and thanks for showing it to me. my pleasure. i can handle the last stretch on my own. the king's house is now in plain sight. of course, king ludovico didn't walk up here himself. he had servants to carry him in a letter. this summer, the king's alpine height out is closed in compliance with social distancing and hygiene guidelines. but after the long hike, we definitely want you to see what it's like inside me. oh, in spite of the beautiful swiss pine paneling the living quarters on the ground floor come across as relatively plain, seemingly out of character for the fairy tale king. ah.
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the upper story however fully reflects its creator. here the 2nd had a sumptuous hall, built in oriental style, crammed full of gilded carving, lit, through stained glass windows and decorated with fine rugs, magnificent chandeliers, and peacock, feather. ah, the turkish room, with its found in the centre, provided the calculator backdrop for the king's birthday. celebration, isolated high in the bavarian, all he recreated the magical world. a b, a rapier knight. ah. was my money i was just before reaching my final destination. i have a close encounter with
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a stubborn local work. yeah, it's cool. didn't expect that? did you quite call one cow mill? me? ah, look out find is where my journey and king lucy had the belvedere built, not far from his house. from here the view of the rhine valley simply breathtaking . ah! if you haven't got anybody to carry you up the mountain high like this is pretty intense, but take the journey, the destination right. plus there is nothing like that feeling of satisfaction. you get once you reach the top and you get this view. so extremely exhausting. but also
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extremely worth it, me ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the news, the news
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me with the the what keeps shape? what makes us sick and how do we spend? my name is doctor calls from the i talk to me they can watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your stay twos, and let's all try to stay in good shape. coming up.
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you're tired of your brain the right. we have great news on the topic of blows. from the desert. las vegas shantia and conservation here. fast the greenhouse of southern spain. get news from the blue planet. in 30 minutes on the w. ah, the news? ah me.
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because you know isn't oh oh, oh, no, no. i the we're all going to go on field. yes. as we take on the world's oldest, we're all of our stories that matter to you.
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i police, my we are here is actually on fire for mines. ah, isn't dw news, and these are our top stories. in the colombian city of tale, at least 10 people were killed in anti government protests a day after the military was deployed in the city. the month long protest started as an outcry against a tax reform and have now grown into cause for more jobs and an end to police violence. in democratic republic of congo and estimated
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400000 people have fled the path of destruction.


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