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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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black lives matter, spotlight on racially motivated to same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries. discrimination is inequality or part of everyday life. for many we as why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind. w. 4 minds you're watching the w news, asia, hong kong government has banned the cities annual remembrance marking when chinese soldiers shot down students around chinaman square in 1989. residents worry, this is he has another attempt to reshape and rewrite this city's traditions and history. for pro democrats the state to the high going beyond just the remembrance of timeline is also go to the heart of what hong kong,
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whether we still have to fight. right. in the hot weather, we are still missing where we can still operate them by out in action. and we take a closer look at hong kong, last opposition, media outlets and its chances of survival in a more authoritarian climate. the news i melissa chan, thanks for joining us for 30 years. the only place in china where you could commemorate the 1989 chinaman square student movement and killings was in hong kong . but this year and last, officials have banned the vigil in yet another move to curtail civil liberties in the territory for several weeks leading up to june. 4th, the square had become a focal point for protest against economic hardship and corruption. students also
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gathered to demand democratic rights and freedoms from the communist government. but as the crisis continued, chinese leaders decided to send in truth to crush the demonstration. footage of one lone man standing in front of a line of tanks has become one of the most enduring symbols of the crack down. no one knows exactly how many people were killed. some say 100 other 1000. many of the 1400000000 people in china today, especially those under 30 years old, raised by propaganda and patriotic education, have no idea. all this happened. it has been up to hong kong to preserve the memory of the event and prevent beijing's complete. we writing or rather erasure of history, but those who choose to do so now face danger. for over 3 decades, a c of turned a light in hong kong has kept the events of 989 live the cities,
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annual visual, a symbol of defiance. i'm thinkable on mainland china, but now even handing out candles is heavily policed. weeks ahead of the 32nd anniversary. the organisation, hong kong, the lions headed by child hang term began promoting the annual. come immigration. it will be the 1st and staging, impose the national security more here. people are even more supportive, i will say, but the support as last expressive is actually going beyond just the remembrance on cameron is also go to the heart of what hong kong. where do we still have the fight? right in the hot weather we us so this is where we can still to serve our pre freedom by our own action. also we share the space with the people who are already arrested in custody. but their hands, a largely tied police have banned the vigils for the 2nd year in a row, fighting covered safety restrictions. although other mass gatherings like concerts
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and football matches, have resumed just 2 days before the anniversary. the alliances june, 4th museum, a museum commemorating the events of 1989 was closed down due to a licensing investigation by the authorities. many of the organizations leading members are in jail for protesting, including chairman lead shook young. we spoke to the veteran activist, shortly before he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. we are in this, we are like in a tunnel, but if everyone still come up with a candle, that this is spirit that we are looking for. i believe in the people hong kong we listen truth, make sure that the hong kong people know that we never give up. even though maybe we have to go to jail for the alliance with child hang tongue. it is not just about commemorating the protests of $989.00, but about being able to defense,
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to be able to call for an end to one party rule. but democracy protests and now labeled as subversion by the aging. it could be a reason to outlaw the activism and the alliance itself. we are not so i think we just know question that they go from one to rent, if it's not insisting on some slogan awesome. some principle, the risk is what we are doing. sincerely fighting for the end of one target, they pay to ship say we were always really kind of what about the right quantity? i wonder whether this happened. sure. now, over a long way away depends on how hot recent recess right work is that the alliances june, 4th museum have begun preserving the piano and square exhibits in digital format. if china continues to close down all avenues of physical protest in hong kong, moving historical evidence to an online museum may end up being one of the last
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remaining ways of showing resistance. joining us the glacier, quang hong kong activist in exile here in germany. glacier, when you can't commemorate it, becomes an attack on historical memory. how much do you think paging is trying? not just you raise kaname and completely, but to rewrite hong kong recent history, i will try know, trying a great bass to actually rewrite hong kong katie of especially about what's happening in the past few years. for example, recently a lot of documentaries and news program made by the government funded broadcast service rtc which is known for it and dependence and critical assessment of what happened in the movement. what is the government doing to move and in general, and the documentary, the neutral grounds have being taken down from on why and there are actually multiple assets to the government trying to rewritten what happens during a movement through issuing press statements or saying that whatever the products
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are claiming or actually interact. so i do see a pattern of hong kong government replicating what aging has been doing for 32 years, trying to rescue the cover at what actually happens in the do you think they will succeed with this, or will we see interesting ways people will try to fight back of it. i do not think they should work succeeded, how government would succeed because hong kong are known to be very creative when it comes to a kind of white terror or the threat of tennessee ships, for example. and hong kong are, is, are looking into the possibility of building an archive that all of this new show grams that i just talked about, that will be taken down. and there are people trying to use technology like block chain to actually archive what actually happened. so that it can be temporary or it's changed by the government. and even if all of it means fail, we always have a memory, like the struggle of man against power is
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a struggle is memory and forgetful. and i think we are determined to remember all of the, remember what actually happened that day, and how can i stop us and passing on the trees. and so going back to this can and many digital, it becomes connected to the greater hong kong protest movement. we've seen the last few years. tell us a little bit about that glacier. i was actually personally not very involved in the virgil's in victoria park. i was usually part of other very deals that are happening in different places of hong kong because when i was younger, i cannot convince myself to buy into the concept building a democratic china does that feel kind of but and these 2 years since 2019 the june for is virtual is actually one of the most peaceful and most so called lawful assembly that will have as a form of resistance. but now this very peaceful marriage, you with badge and was not allowed in the name of corona, but we all know its being electrical. and so if we do not defend their vice for
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people assembly and either rooms for and the staff also tied, he would be taking away from me as well. so it's been very important and for a b, c here. so i did attend the virtual last year and victoria eventually. now this conversation about history and memory brings up the issue of the role of the media . and they say that journalism is the 1st rough draft of history. now we see opposition newspaper apple daily under attack. i want us to take a look at this report and then i want to get back to you with a follow up question. apple daily a tabloid newspaper that has taken on an efficacy role in the fight for hong kong democracy. as paging titans, it's creep on the cities freedom. many still fear their future is now hanging by a thread. keeping up spirits a challenge for the editor in chief like you found a like apple is still here even if our found human lie was arrested. if i'm
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arrested, we should continue to do journalism. it will be a big news story. apple daily, already made headlines last year, when found a jimmy light was arrested from his office on challenges related to the 2900 pro democracy protests was sentenced to altogether 28 months of jail. may authorities froze his assets under deter terese national security law. and other blow to the media company, you're going so at the same time, the local government says it's working on the legislation to take what it calls this information hatred and lies. the series of events led to widespread believes that the apple daily will soon face a ban, many into pro democracy camp fear they will loose hong kong, last opposition paper. lea monument all oh gosh. you might have assumed that we will be shut down. that the government will find trouble with us. but as i've
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discussed with my colleague as editor in chief, i cannot take these political elements or rumors into account operations. all the toilet polls are they all locked into a camera. but alterations have become increasingly difficult. reporters with our borders ranks hong kong press freedom at 18 out of 180, a free fall over the past decade. despite shrinking media freedom, the newsroom vows to, as it puts it, report news as usual from business as usual. glacier, if apple daily ceased to exist, what, what that mean for hong kong in terms of that 1st rough draft of history, it would be a drought as a blow to the freedom of depression. hong kong, as
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a whole daily cease to exist or offer it because apple daily was known to be hong kong. some are crowded top like it is one of the most so called media that is so supportive, democratic movement in hong kong. and why know that very little media that is doing its job as a journalist that are independent and not inclined to the government. and it would be definitely the test cases of the freedom of depressed in hong kong right now. and as a whole daily was shut down or credit down on that that would be that would be a very strong set. and all that freedom to pass at hong kong has really see steps are now there are still room for media to report on criticism on the government and under a national church. it has been increasingly difficult, but the blow to apple daily operation would definitely say know the death of glacier quang. thank you so much for joining us. that's it for today. we leave you
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with another look at archive footage of the crackdown by the chinese military on june. 4th, 1989. thank you for watching the tv on the side against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research thing, information and context? the corona virus. 19 special next on d, w. you ready to get the
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places in europe are smashing all the records into a venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern gold trotter's cover some of europe's wicker break and also in book form me the. this isn't a desert island. it's poor kid, famous speech. normally it overflowed with taurus, or the pandemic put an end to the tourist and has been on hold for a year, leaving millions with us a livelihood. the government had hoped to welcome tourists back on the 1st of july, but that looking increasingly unlikely. the number of new
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infections is skyrocketing and the country's vaccination drive is only making slow progress relying on china sino vac vaccine. but reports of severe side effects and even some death, a keeping many ties at bay locally produced astrazeneca jobs are also available. and a nationwide mass vaccination rollout is due on the 7th of june. welcome to kirby 19 special hi, monica jones and berlin, which is getting ready to open up starting tomorrow. cafes and restaurants will be able to welcome guest indoors again. all this, however, i mean falling case numbers and, and accelerating vaccination rates worldwide, we're actually getting close to 2000000000 shots now. but it is still
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a race against time, especially for countries such as thailand, which currently faces its worse corona virus outbreak around 80 percent of all cases. since the start of the pandemic, i've been reported there within the past 8 weeks. of particular concern to authorities is the arrival of variance believed to spread faster. the security holes in control of road and thailand, southernmost region behind the barbed wire village under locked down cases of the very interest discovered in south africa where detected hit after a person inspected with a very and believe to cross the border from malaysia and more bonding will look now knowing villages in the tuck by district, the district officials on how many cases we have in each village. this regional cluster as part of a nationwide rise in cases, infection rates and thailand, imaging new peaks. less than 3 percent of the population of been vaccinated so far
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while getting his 2nd curve it shot prime minister prior channel. so to allay fears, we have to assess the situation of the news with areas of high risk, moderate and you have to adjust our explanation plan. but i can assure you that one will be vaccination, which will be a national vaccination campaign wound kick off until the 7th of june. the government says 70 percent of the population will get vaccinated by the end of the year. meanwhile, bangkok, public transport workers have been queuing for their shots at the cities and you railway hub. their 1st in line at this new vaccination center that will soon open to serve the general public. can drugs room tom is professor of medicine and director of the coby $900.00 maxine program at chill along. com university in
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thailand. and he isn't content to see thailand, wait in line to buy vaccines from another country, but instead built up highlands own vaccine production capabilities. and he joins us now. professor kia baton, have you with us? case numbers in thailand arising now, isn't it a bit late to start working on a new vaccine now? yeah, i think the so this is a great question i think is the answer. yes it's, we will be too late, but if we consider that message is for the 1st generation vaccine. again, why tied to current wait time? but we go it really for the 2nd generation, lexi and also for the future pandemic. so we believe that by the time that while we were in read the make it a while ago, i think most of type people probably got connected to foot generation vaccine. so we anticipate that a, we're wesley will be a booster of you know,
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took into it the new residence. so when you talk about the kind of vaccine, the next generation, what type of ex in, are you actually working on easy to the technology. we are working on right now is the m on a record platform in collaboration with a friend in, in a you can progress her through weisman. he's one of the pony of money in technology and human trials. i believe they're starting now. so when do you think the vaccine, the booster shot will be available to the public in thailand? it, it really depends on whether we have to do face tree try or not. at the moment that we,
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we were actually in candidate need to go to the right, go to phase one, phase 2 and, and the 5th tree efficacy trial. but what we anticipate in the next few months is that to the w h will consolidate him or to the u. s. h or other international scientific consortium we should be able to identify or as to be what be quality of neutralizing protection level. so that the case is mean at what level of the protect protection tied are going to be and, and that the kid the where the current new doping maxine might not need to go to phase 3. so we just have to do face one. i did to find the right dose and the safety and then go to phase 2, right, and look at the, and look at the set up to look at the efficacy. so in that case, we should be,
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we should have this 2nd generation vaccine that could booster to be a while or well by q one. if we don't need to do face 3 is going to like you, i keep my fingers crossed, that you can skip phase 3, but nevertheless, it becomes very clear that developing a new vaccine takes time and it also takes money. as a vaccine developer, what did you make of this? the current an ongoing debate about peyton's waving? yeah, i think that i'm in the whole world really come up with the agreement, which is a dollar per year. right. well, the su and in terms of where being that income up in patton issue, i think, doing the pandemic ideally, if licensing issue can be read. i think the waxing development, particularly in the low median income country,
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can be more widely fast and much faster anyhow, right now, what we have to do is we have to go with the licensing and it is going to take time, right? right. to take time for sure. you're right. and, and, and partnerships also help from what i understand. they're in asia, homegrown m r n. a vaccines already undergoing trials currently in china, in india. and in japan, thailand is a relative newcomer. what road you expect tie vaccines to play in the region? yeah, i, i think, as i mentioned earlier, dad, 40 foot generation vaccine is going to be a lot of supplying, coming out. i think i would say maybe always apply in the, in by next year. so what we m right now is literally we m for the 2nd and
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3rd generation vaccine. and we hope that with some collaboration with the regional country that also have the same go to get access to money, banks in technology. so probably we can work it out to get it and be working with some country in district as well. all right, and of course the next pandemic is probably just around the corner. not too soon. hopefully for us, i said kids, thank you so much for your time and all the best for you back. yeah, thank you very much. yes, sadly, there's always a next pandemic. so what can we learn from previous ones? time to ask derek. oh, how did the spanish flu pandemic, and even without treatments or vaccine, the insulin dependent to begin shimmering the world in 1918,
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it's thought to have been factored around a 3rd of the global population in the space of a couple of years, though, it's impossible to pin down the exact numbers most calculations estimated claimed between 50 and a 100000000 victims. now that's as many or more as those later killed in the 2nd world war from then by 920 the spanish flu seem to fade away. the pandemic just trailed off and nobody at the time could really explain why happens in the ologist and historians now believe the beginning of the end of the loop and damage occurred. because in the absence of vaccine, that's how long it took to achieve a measure of global heard protection through infection. but it came out of a rendez price disease killing the same percentage of people today would take
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hundreds of millions of lives. an interesting aspect of this historical narrative is that experts say, even though the pandemic ended in the early 1920 the virus because it didn't get appear on. instead, it moves like in unity and large parts of the population, drove it to mutate into last year on the form. in fact, researchers who analyzed genomes of modern flu viruses have identified genetic traces linking down to the original 1918 virus, which has been seaquest from century old, long south. so in a way, the pathogen that car such devastation back then is still with us today, it just evolved into less virulent forms that occasionally been evolve further back into deadlier variance and strains, though so far,
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never as deadly as its ancestor. and many experts project, something similar could occur with source covey to me. and that's all for today for me and the team. and berlin, thanks for watching. they say, ah, the ah, the news news news,
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news news. the news ah, the forgotten about for a long time at last, bobby grillo and his colleagues are directing traffic again and the piazza the media transforms into a real. once more the
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90 minute me what people have to say matters to me. that's why you listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. i
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be our guest at frankfurt, airport city, managed by from board. oh, the. the news . this is a double the news live from the fees of an oil spill grow into lanka. as the countries voiced marine disaster expands a container ship carrying chemicals and plastic spoon for days and spilled with cargoes is now thinking. we'll get the latest from colombo, israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu days in office, appear numbered after opponents agree. a coalition that could aston netanyahu has
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signaled he's not going down without a fight. and 40 years ago the world was confronted with a new dangerous virus. that's when the world 1st learned about h.


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