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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  June 3, 2021 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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bennett is the son of american immigrants to israel. he made a fortune in high tech before jumping into politics in 2013, revamping the right wing, subtler party jewish home model. he served as secretary of defense, and secretary of education under netanyahu. bennett would bring very little public support to the role in 2019 elections. jemina party received no mandates and in the most recent round it one just 7 out of the 120 seats in the connected. i think it's a bit of a disgrace that someone who is elected with only 7 mandate is the person who decides the fate of the country. i think that it's good for is although i'm from the left side. i believe that the new prime minister will unite israel because it is now divided into many pieces. and we need to change. bennett has promised to work for all israelis, not just his supporters. then shallow because of the lucky government like this
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will succeed only if we work together as a group, not i, we are not, we will bring back. so we was his real secret weapon, the day of its foundation. call on the floor. got with them or not the candidates, lemon, shallow bennett would have his hands for guiding a coalition that spends the entire political spectrum. and israel would have its 1st taste of the post netanyahu era, for as long as it lasts from on the story i'm joined. now, by political and leo analyst, dahlia schindler, she's a fellow at the century foundation and joined us from television. welcome, nestali bennett has been described as an ultra nationalist. if you government treated those valleys, what would that hope? what would that mean to hopes of resolving is israeli palestinian conflict? well, it would maybe help resolve the israel palestinian conflict in the eyes of israeli
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right way national. and i just want to point out that bennett, who was among the 1st israeli politicians in modern times to actually actively campaign on annexing large portions of the west bank as far back as late 2012, long before mister nathan, yahoo was actively advancing and an explanation plan from april 2019. so bennett would be happy to resolve the conflicts based on annexation. but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. i think when you asked about resolution, you were primarily talking about negotiated agreements with the palestinian probably based on on the 2 state solution or something like it. it doesn't look very auspicious for the prospect of that kind of solution because definitely bennett and his party is basically dead tuesday pollution. and he's not the only one in coalition. you don't sorry, party. all new hope is a break away from lee could. he's been a little bit less clear on exactly what you want,
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but it seems that he is not exactly a supporter of palestinian state next to israel. and so they won't be the more hard line aspects of the coalition. we shouldn't remember that necessarily been it, as you pointed out, you will be 1st in a rotation for prime minister. but with 60, in the coalition doesn't have 17 because one of his people on his list distracted from the last and, you know, the coalition is made up of 61 members. he is still a minority and i don't, you know, we don't have to contend with completing views of a number of other parties who may have somewhat different views. but i don't see any big breakthroughs coming through for these really helped me say to say the path forward is complex on that front. there already is we saw at the top of both and people celebrating in the streets, the end of netanyahu's era. they perhaps underestimating this man's political survival skills. well, that is the question. everybody's trying to figure out. i mean, many people have bought this one. yeah. who was wrong leader leaving the country
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a stray for so many years that the idea of getting him out 3rd seemed like somewhere between the session and impossible. and so yes, some people are celebrating. but 1st of all, there is still a procedural hurdle in the past, it was simply a technicality, which is the swearing in by the smith. it goes to take place some days after somebody announces that he has, or she has been able to form a government in this case is even that is becoming politicized. the person who has to advance mode is the chairperson of the speaker of the who is the could and yahoo lawyer. and he is expected to drag out that process longer than usual in the hopes that buying more time might allow natania who to convince some of the makers from the parties that have agreed to go into the coalition. not to go into the coalition and change their votes, they would need a quite a number because it's not a matter only of having one fewer than 61 boat, which is a majority needed to
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a majority for the coalition. they would have to reduce the number of votes and supported that party to fewer confidence los than non novo. because all you need is a simple majority government. so i think that it would be hard for me to actually carry down at the stage, but not in analysts valley. i've seen lin, thanks so much. was because the sri lanka, a massive cargo ship is sinking as it drops into the ocean over 1000 containers of chemicals. a going down with the experts fear the scale of the environmental disaster. if all of the cargo was lost already local authority, say, did fish, turtles, and plastic debris a covering the nearby coastline the flames may have been put out. but authorities in sri lanka see the worst, maybe yet to come there preparing for a possible oil spill from the end. the express po,
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which is thinking of columbus main hobble may never know if the ship things the oil on the ship will leak to the ocean. and the beach and our fishermen will lose their job. we cannot allow that. you get that in the behind his hobby. then the local residents are ready reeling from the disaster. billions of plastic pellets have washed ashore, prompting a fishing ban and concern for the environment. now what about the ship is causing environmental damage in the local area? it's fuel is mixing with the sea water that increases the mercury level in the fish and the water. so we can't really eat the fish. what am i will have them in the whole system? it does them in the ocean it as a living beam and fish. and lisa had been destroy the vessel which was ablaze for 12 days,
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had nearly 350 tons of oil in its fuel tanks. tons of toxic nitric acid was also in its cargo, among other chemicals. a criminal investigation has now been launched into the countries was maritime environmental disaster. and let's take a look now. some of the other stories making use around the world. health ministers from the g 7 group of industrialized economies are meeting in oxford, england. it's a symbolic location. as research, as at oxford university, developed a cover $900.00 vaccine together with the pharmaceutical company, astrazeneca the ministers are discussing, the prospect of joint protection against the future. pandemic and sharing vaccines with poor country graces kicked off a mass vaccination campaign for asylum seekers. living in refugee camps on the islands. this comes months after the 1st jobs were offered to the general public. great government has been criticized but being slow to inoculate,
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migrants that overcrowded camps with poor sanitary conditions. 38 weakens who fled china, which go to turkey, have described forced abortions and torture by the chinese authorities in jung problems. speaking ahead of a people's tribunal in britain, which is investigating if they genes, actions against the ethnic groups, amounts to genocide, mccann, capital kabul. a bomb wrecked through minivan giving at least 4 people. in the 3rd time, commuters were targeted in the city and just 2 days, at least of the attack took place in a she has a neighborhood minority group has been frequent targets of militant well, a week ago africa, the most active volcano erupted in eastern democratic republic of congo, the city of goma was flooded with lava and thousands of locals were forced to flee the area. now people are slowly beginning to return to the area,
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looking for what remains of their homes and they livelihoods. they. w correspondent, mario mother is in the city to meet with some of those impacted mazique f house was lost, everything. her house where she lived with her children and her family business. the entire life she had carefully built up over the years, consumed by flames in a matter of seconds, was so good. we decided to flee, hoping that lava would not affect our house. but on sunday, when he came back, everything was gone and we were left with nothing. she had no time to take any belongings with her. now she's living with friends, but could only take 2 of her 10 children, the others i was neighbors. one here, one, human one. okay, i'm going a little, it's making me very sad, but there's nothing i can do about it. like my
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see get over. 4000 people have lost their homes and the entire livelihood. some of them contract at friends, houses, or in nearby towns, but now they depend on humanitarian assistance in order to survive me. why was there no warning for goma? about 2000000 people live in the area. the director of the coma volcano observatory says the world bank did not renew the funding for the work with no funds that were unable to monitor the volcano properly. in october, the internet was cut off that caused problems. we have stations that 150 kilometers away, but then we didn't have enough fuel to get there. but because you remember, when the internet is working, the observatory receives data from sensors on the volcano every 4 minutes for 7 months. that was not the case. long, everyone knew that we didn't have the means that we worked with difficulties. but
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some vulcan ologist say there were clear signs that they will cain or could erupt in the next few years. civil society activists say the nameless, squarely with the government, and the good mobile can observatory itself, though santee for, if they were corrupted. if they didn't spend money or food you founded by bank the, we could prevent the dead. my dad right now, my father who is responsible, all she cares about is trying to rebuild her life. when i 1st thing in the was there is nowhere else. i can go. there's only one goma. there's only here for me to stay with my children yet. don't know what the one like my speaker, the people of coma lives under the shadow of one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes. they can only hope the city will be better prepared by the next time erupt. and finally,
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to american football and the nfl has agreed to end racial discrimination in settling concussion both suits from players. nfl has been using a formula that assumes assumes black players have lower cognitive function prior to injury, a practice known as race norming. it's been used to work out the amount of compensation a play is used for brain injuries suffered while playing football. and the nfl is played follows the civil rights lawsuit from 2 black plas. okay, coming up next is october 19th, special the the site against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say information and context? corona virus. 19 special. next on dw
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me species. an expedition introduced a company research team to the pacific to do the language. starts to d, w. the news. this isn't a desert island. it's per kid, famous speech. normally it's overflowing with taurus, but the pandemic put an end to that tourism has been on hold for a year, leaving millions with us a livelihood. the government had hoped to welcome tourists back on the 1st of july, but that's looking increasingly unlikely. the number of new
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infections is skyrocketing and the countries the vaccination drive is only making slow progress relying on china's spinal vac vaccine. but reports of severe side effects and even some desks are keeping many ties at bay locally produced astrazeneca jobs are also available. and a nationwide mass vaccination rollout is due on the 7th of june. the locals wanting buy one take over there and i will have to wait until october. but if case numbers continue to rise, it'll probably be too late for the many hotels and beach resorts. welcome to koby $900.00 special. i'm wanting to johnson berlin, which is getting ready to open up starting tomorrow. cafes and restaurants will be
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able to welcome guest indoors again. all this however, i mean falling case number sent on accelerating vaccination rates. why we're actually getting close to $2000000000.00 shops now, but it is still a race against time, especially for countries such as thailand, which currently faces its worst corona virus outbreak around 80 percent of all cases. since the start of the pandemic, i've been reported there within the past 8 weeks. of particular concern to authorities is the arrival of variance believed to spread faster. security forces control of road and thailand, southernmost region. behind the barbed wire village under lockdown. cases of the very interest is covered in south africa, where detected hit after a test and infected with a very and just believe to cross the border from malaysia more banding. we'll look down knowing villages in the tucked by district the district officials with on how
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many cases we have in each village. this regional cluster is part of a nationwide rise in cases, infection rates and thailand, imaging new peaks. less than 3 percent of the population of been vaccinated so far while getting his 2nd curve, it shot prime minister prior channel. so to elaine is what we have to assess the situation of the news with areas of high risk. moderate, and you have to adjust our vaccination plan, but i can assure you that everyone will be vaccinated. above a national vaccination campaign won't kick off until the 7th of june. the government says 70 percent of the population will get vaccinated by the end of the year. meanwhile, bangkok, public transport workers have been queuing for their shot at the cities and you railway hub. there 1st in line at this new vaccination center that was open to the
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general public. can drugs room tom is professor of medicine and director of the coby $900.00 vaccine program at chill along. com university in thailand and he isn't content to see thailand wait in line to buy a vaccine from another country, but instead built up highlands own vaccine production capabilities and he joins us now. professor, kia baton, have you with us. case numbers in thailand. arising now, isn't that a bit late to start working on a new vaccine now? yeah, i think these are, this is a great question i think is the answer. yes, it's we, we have be too late. but if we consider that message is for the 1st generation vaccine, again, why tied to current wait time? but we go it really for the 2nd generation, lexi and also for the future pandemic. so we believe that by the time that while we
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were in raise the make it a while ago, i think most of type people probably got mostly needed to put in ration vaccine. so we anticipate that we're working will be a booster of you know, took into the new residence. so when you talk about the kind of back seen the next generation, what type of rec, seen are you actually working on these to the technology we are working on right now is the m on a rex pad fall in collaboration with a friend in, in the u n. professor drew weisman. he's one of the pioneer of money. actually in technology. yeah. and human trials, i believe they're starting now. so when do you think the vaccine the booster shot will be available to the public in thailand?
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yeah, it, it really depends on whether we didn't have to do face pre trial or not at the moment that we, we were actually in candidate need to go to the right could to phase one, phase 2 and, and fit tree efficacy trial. but what we anticipate in the next few months is that either to the w h will consolidate him or to the us and the international scientific consortium, we should be able to identify or as to be what be quality of neutralizing protection level. so in that case, it's mean at what level of the protect protection tighter going to be and, and that the kid the where the current new doping, maxine might not need to go to phase 3. so we just have to do face one. i did to
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find the right dose and safety and then go to phase 2, right, and look at those and look at the set up to look at the efficacy. so in that case, we should be, we should have this 2nd generation vaccine at the booster to be a while or well by q. want. if we don't need to do face tree is going to like you, i keep my fingers crossed, that you can skip phase 3, but nevertheless, it becomes very clear that developing a new vaccine takes time and it also takes money as a vaccine developer, what did you make of this current an ongoing debate about peyton's waving. yeah, i think that i'm in the whole world really come up with the agreement, which is a dollar buy it right. well the soon in term of whipping that term up in the
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pad didn't issue. i think dealing depend, emmy. ideally, if licensing issue can be read. i think the web developer, in particular, in the low median income country can be more widely fast and much faster. anyhow, right now, what we have to do is we have to go with the licensing and it's going to take time, right? right, to take time for sure. you're right. and, and, and partnerships. and so help from what i understand. they're in asia homegrown m r n a vaccines already undergoing trials currently in china in india. and in japan, thailand is a relative new comma wood road you expect tie vaccines to play in the region. yeah i, i think, as i mentioned earlier, that for the 1st generation vaccine is going to be
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a lot of supplying, coming out. i think i would say maybe always apply in by next year. so what b m right now is literally we m for the 2nd and 3rd generation vaccine. and we hope that with some collaboration with the regional country that also have the same goal to get access to my new technology. so probably we can work it out to get it and be working with some country district as well. all right, and of course the next pandemic is probably just around the corner, not too soon, hopefully for us as a kids. thank you so much for your time. and all the best for you back. yeah, thank you very much. yes. sadly, this always a next pandemic. so what can we learn from previous ones? time to ask derek. paul. oh,
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how did the spanish flu pandemic, and even without treatments or vaccine, the insulin dependent to begin shimmering the world in 1918, it's thought to have been factored around a 3rd of the global population in the space of a couple of years, though, it's impossible to pin down the exact numbers most calculations estimated claimed between 50 and a 100000000 victims. now that's as many or more as those later killed in the 2nd world war. some done by $920.00 the spanish flu. seem to fade away. the pandemic just trailed off and nobody at the time could really explain why happened in the ologist and historians now believe the beginning of the end of the flu pandemic occurred. then because in the absence of vaccine,
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that's how long it took to achieve a measure of global heard protection through infection. but it came out for renders twice disease, killing the same percentage of people today would take hundreds of millions of lives. an interesting aspect of just historical narrative is that experts say, even though the pandemic ended in the early 920 the virus because they didn't disappear on. instead, it looks like immunity and large parts of the population drove it to mutate into a less virulent form. in fact, researchers who analyzed genomes of modern flu viruses have identified genetic traces, linking them to the original 1918 virus, which has been c quest from century old, long south. so in a way, the pathogen that car such devastation back then is still with us today,
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it just evolved into less virulent forms that occasionally been involved further back into deadlier variance and strains, though so far, never as deadly as his ancestor and, and many experts project something similar could occur with the source covey to me. and that's all for today for me and the team. and berlin, thanks for watching. they say, ah, ah, the news news,
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news, news. news the the, the the ah, ah, ah, what people have to say matters to us. mm. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. can you hear me now?
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yes, yes, we can hear you in germantown. we bring you uncle mack or never. right . just so with what is what it was to is medical really what we talk to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics. and how is the world? how for woman's taking her to join us from echo last on the me here watching the w news. asia, hong kong government has banned the cities annual remembrance marking when chinese soldiers shot down students around town and square in 1989. residents worry. this is yet another attempt to reshape and rewrite. this city's traditions and history for pro democrats the states the high that's going beyond the remembrance of
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cameron and also go to the heart of what hong kong, where are we still have to fight twice in the hot weather. we.


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