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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2021 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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the more security, more freedom, more dignity of their hopes been fulfilled. where does the stand today? 10 years after the arab spring. and rebellion starts june 7th on d. w. yeah. ah, this is dw news and these are our top stories. g 7, finance ministers have reached the deal on global tax reform at a meeting in london, britain ratio sooner called it a historic agreement that will make the global tax system fit for the digital age. it will make corporations pay a minimum rate of 15 percent. no matter where they are located thousands in hungary capital, but the past have protested the plan construction of
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a europe in campus of a chinese university. hungary and taxpayers would shoulder the nearly 1000000000 euro financial burden. but no local contractors are to work on the project, most hungary and opposed the plan. and anger is growing against prime minister victor oberon, the 1st cruise ship to dock in venice. since the start of the pandemic has left the city amid protest, activists oppose the huge vessels that carry thousands of passengers at a time saying they pose environmental and safety risks to the cities fragile lagoon . this is dw news from berlin. there is more on our website just go to d, w dot com the ah, who's the
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awe early morning and barking metal st. capital of laura in northwestern venezuela at the entrance to the wholesale market. hundreds of customers have already gathered a lively market is run by a community with utopia, an ideal that goes to solar. ah, cruise that goes, it's all as a federation of 50 organizations, mostly cooperative with 33000 paid up members and a staff of some 1300. but in spite of the general shortages in venezuela, they managed to produce and sell an impressive amount of food. se courses so long that goes through solar, runs 3 large weekly markets in boxes in mann middle school. and for smaller ones, around the city or klein the for the summer,
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$60000.00 for media here, we devised $75000.00 families with $450.00 tons of fruit and vegetable each week. so marked by the india again. dickens, it was in the current situation if it goes to solar, what to disappear overnight for that would be have the international thanks and have hit the venezuelan population har. everything is in short supply so sola plays in absolutely vital role for the people of bark metal more than a 3rd of the residence by their food and it's market they
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views that goes to sola as being on their side. they trust the organization. not least because it steers well clear of all political controversy tries to shine, our prices are lower than at the conventional markets because our profit margin is much smaller. so if you're getting that, we just cover our cost up s k 12 nice to home. we're not interested in making on the money, not in providing a community service. so lies done reading the for she various kinds of vegetables. there's old at the same price of pies for called on sandwich $75000.00 families, partition agent. so solar belongs to them. better than most everybody should know for many years we've in israel and have been getting poorer. and
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gustavo, silas is an economist, and a founding member of seco says sola, in any organization. the 1st thing they do is to put a formal structure that form a structure limits your possibly be a, be yourself so we, we eliminate or left you a heads up possibility of being as it can happen. but how does this enormous organization manage to operate without the usual structures and hierarchies? who makes the decision? what do they decide about? how or decisions taken tasks, assign priority set? i mean, i'm fine, you know that in both joint local miners
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and values have the connotation that that you can learn by here we learn about it. we practice him. ah ah, who's the 8th of march women's cooperative in the village of palo verde is a member of that goes to solar. ah, the women produce whole foods each week. their products are loaded onto trucks and transported the 3 hour drive to barky see metal. ah, there they are sold that,
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that goes to solar market. i think women meet regularly and not only to discuss business. today, the founding members are present. gabriela carrera recalls the cooperative challenging beginning. today we need to know those days. male dominance was very strong. people we wanted to show that we women could also create a cooperative loan, but that it wasn't only men who could organize thing and say, just you know how we wanted to show them you know, help. oh, jasmine barrow. they're the most low putting the she pamphlet, the gospels formed the basis of our class yours. how did god create us women via your effort from men that are not bad? and or are we as valuable as men in the side of god? so not by yourself. but what did god in hand? does he have us as slaves?
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our own are not very bad. they still are loading. in the early days, it wasn't just the men who marked these enterprising women almost everybody called them crazy goats because they were cultivating vegetables and flowers to sell. it was the man's role to be the breadwinner. it took many years before the women achieved financial independence. and could afford a modern production facility then m, all we make a product, for instance, whole grains, a deterrent, pasting data, in addition, various musing that we also make. so image and you know, la la duka, some of the founders of the cooperative were also members of a catholic lay organization called the legion of mary.
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the legion supported the women and helped organize adult education, including courses on nutrition and gardening. more that can last years. i don't know, momento, they, they were below. they were always moments when we wanted to throw in the towel. sometimes we got home very late. oh, barely sold any purpose for the lives of being women. we have the strength to keep going. the lamp, they still have that strength. they've become a tightly knit group who solidarity goes far beyond the trick of making good pasta . a solidarity, they pass on to their children. morrissey, we can see that we didn't make a fortune, but we've enriched our lives and that of our families. and we can make provision
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for sickness. i saw 3000000 to me last time being just can't. okay, and i think we can share most thing i'm. it's got me combine. yeah. if a company points out that i've done something wrong except it can be we, we spend every day together. we're like family for me. why the, this modern italian pasta machine is their pride and joy and their main source of income. despite the women's determination marketing, the product wasn't easy. at 1st they joined seco, says sola, early on, so they could bypass the middleman and sell their wares directly in the market. over the years, the women haven't only created secure jobs and a regular income for themselves. and their families,
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they've become more independent. you're going to get an apprentice, emma, who involved a big learning curve, ended up we learned to say thing collectively to respect the needs of others as well as in. but we don't need the majority, but also different. what else, you know, the 2nd there. so la funeral home and downtown bar, casey metal provides dignified burial services in which the bereaved can come to terms with their law. applying the need for a funeral home was what gave rise to psycho to sola. now an enormous federation of cooperative so let's see if the solar was founded in 1967 because it was needed because of death or
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a dignified burial was unaffordable for the poor population. so they created a cooperative and a burial insurance fund, raising money, not a company from the to the own. f o co operative, died and we had to find a solution to pay for the funeral. together we founded the funeral service. that was the start of 2nd. they fill out my year. yes, they used to be several funeral home isn't that isn't fair. but most of them close down by didn't because there was no moment ariel for the coffins. i guess that has to do with a general situation in the country and the way a moment than what we have only been able to stay in business because we work together like a family. if accuplacer, muscle, real life,
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the lack of raw materials makes people inventive, they find ingenious solution. so, it's all rough cycled material and these are the receipts from our market. like they provide a soft cushion before the body. our aim is to use only recycled and ecological materials. when people when i, when we do more good master all death is the last thing that happens to you in life . we do everything to provide a dignified farewell, even for people with little money, but i never heard of the people who want to use the funeral service, joined the co operative and pay a monthly fee is what i say. my phone call, i'm more you're proud of our work and do it with love and commitment. even
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a minute i got hungry. we have 23000 register members including relative that some 100 people. 1000 people are insured with tech. i'm one of the 23000 times 820. that's quite a lot my government. but what i can because most people prefer to come to us instead of elsewhere burial costs more. all they use such bad materials that the coffin falls apart. the body for that i would say a book, it's monica. i me sickle cell, sola means a lot to me. i mean, i came here when i was 23. it means everything to me.
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what holds that huge organization together? its functions so differently from conventional companies and organizations in psychosis. everything in santos to solos grows out of a collective sense of necessity, collect even not the needs of the community are discussed and analyzed in regular discussion groups. $1300.00 people reflecting together and nobody has and former authority over everybody. i probably will believe it because we the implant is we want to convert the work in places in a transformation process.


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