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in any way with the 3 laces if the and i'm very grateful for the samsung phone, many here in sex to me on how to relatively poor estate. both the a f t a could win and would, when it pulled strongly from month capitalizing on voted dissatisfaction with the pandemic while keeping to its core and team aggression message. instead, sundays result indicate the f. d may be weakening and it's stronghold areas, but it's putting a positive spin on the result. them as a b r. it is not bad. we're very happy with the result. it's pretty much what we got last time and i have to say it's important to me that we got the working class back. the last part, he has lost the voters, and the work is in this day came to us and i'm actually very happy with this result . even though saxony analogy is a small side to see, to use when here is a much needed boost to federal leader and lash at it, he's got a lot on his place,
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like fending off the challenge nationally from the greens he were riding high in the palm if he succeeds lash, it's done the greatest chance of winning the biggest prize. replacing uncle michael as chancellor call. so what can we learn from this regional election for the upcoming federal election? that's just 3 months away. find out, i'm joined by pops example. he's a member of the german parliament for jobs. medical c, d. u party misses, insecure party managed to defeat the far i. they have the insects now and also have kept the greens as bay you think you can pull that off in september again? i think so, but 1st of all, we have to see that it's a good result for the c d u, it's a good result for the democratic voters. hope it's the end of the discussion. if there is a difference between the new states in germany and the old states, we had some discussion than the last days. and in the end, you can see our voters of voting democratic parties. and in the end, it will be
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a boost. the also for the cdo from the conservative party for the federal elections, i think. but the problem though is many seem to have turned to your party just to avoid the victory of the far right. not necessarily because they like to see the you so much i think we have a very good plan minister in the facts, none out. that's a very strong leader of the party in this state. so that's one reason. another reason is of course not to have a strong, ultra right and strong ultra left. so the voters voted to democratic parties. and i think in the end that we have a clear result altogether for democratic parties. and i think this will be something that we will see on the federal level, strong conservative party, see you and sees you. not so strong. green's as a lot of people expect. and the ultra right and left parties won't be so strong as expected. but you said one decisive factor, in fact,
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the was the popularity of your p. m, and that stays on a house love at the national level though. and opinion pull from this weekend shows that your kind of for chance to arm in lash, at trails behind the social democrats and the greens kind of the how are you going to win with a decidedly unpopular candidate? i think 1st of all, this will change. i think the luxury made several very good decisions in the last time. this will give him a boost also as a leader. also see you as a whole party. he was very present in the election campaign in the last weeks, so it will give him a good backing for the last weeks. and i can see the 2 other mentioned candidates are green candidate. has a lot of wins against her because of many decisions. the green party made the last time, and i can see that the social democratic party is struggling a lot. so i think also our top candidate. i mean, it has a lot of thinking right now. so you think you have one in sex now with lush?
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it and not in spite of lush, it that's what i think, definitely. ok. what on the greens that seem to keep seems to be your part, his biggest rival now on a national level, do you still consider them competition after the showing instructions unheard? of course, this is not 100 percent a decision and election that you can compare with the federal election. of course, the greens are one of our opponents and the political struggle. but i think the opinion poll right now, the opinion polls right now on not giving the results in some months, i think the greens will go down. i'm very sorry for the social democratic party. they going down and down each month. so i think the greens will take the position of the social democratic party and we will win in the end, more and more voters in the next month. so it's the plan to turn even more green then for the c d. u to catch that part of the green votes. i don't think so. i
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think we should make our positions very clear in the next month. coalition talks will be held afterwards. now the voters want to see where is the c d u standing for? well, the greens where the social democratic stands for we should make clear our positions . and afterwards we see which, which part which parties we can go in coalition talks. but 1st we have to make our positions very, very promising. central that member of the german parliament for america, because christian democrats. thank you very much for your time. thank you. judges in the netherlands have begun hearing evidence against 4 men who are suspected of being behind the downing of malaysian airlines slide image 17 over eastern ukraine, hearing in the murder trial has just got on the way. it's been healthy, amsterdam skippable airport from where the image 17 took off on its final flight.
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the 3 russians, ukrainian suspect, are still at large, meaning the they're being tried in offense for old 298 people on board image 17 died when the plane was shot down. that was nearly 70 years ago. families of the victims are bracing to hit painful details in court. a tree for each of the people who never returned the memorial site. next, his repo airport has $298.00 trees and total. 3 of them are dedicated to pete looks family. he lost his brother, his sister in law, and their son on board flight mh 17. they left 2 daughters who did go with him and only those 2 young daughters at the time. and so yeah, i had to tell the daughters that their,
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their father and mother and brother died and to tell my parents who were in the hospital at the time that it was very shocking. yeah. pete cook chairs, a foundation, bringing together thousands of next of kin. he says the image, 17 disaster header, real impact on all of dirt society where the bodies were repetitive. the whole dutch nation was loss was what she did on television was terrible, but this was also very, very beautiful. that there was so much compassion among the dutch people, slight mh 17 took off here at people airport and never reach the spinal destination in malaysia. now after years of investigations, a court here in the netherlands is determined to find out what exactly happened on that fateful day in 2014 and also who is responsible at the center of this inquiry
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are the remnants of the bowing. triple 7 here being viewed by the court. a massive jigsaw puzzle that was pieced back together in a dutch military base. the crash site 7 years ago, or 298 on board, the plane were killed when it was blown out of the sky over a war zone and eastern ukraine. evidence points to a book, anti aircraft system, which was moved from russia and to rebel territory controlled by pro russian separatists. these 4 men will stand trial. they remain at large, allegedly protected by russia. those were presenting the victims family, say this doesn't make the case any less important law as a law or will so in time can take 5 can take 10 years, maybe 15 years and mister put in and his regime will not always be in power. so maybe if there's a shift in government and if there will be a shift policy. also there will be
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a shifting policy in this file so they will have no rest. the suspects, i'm sure of that. peter luke, on the other hand, says he doesn't care that much whether the suspects go to jail. he just wants the truth to be spoken. i think it's important that, that we know what the role of the russia if they had the role, what role of the russia federation was not only will push the button, but also who was in the and responsible for all for all. what happened? so this can take years and even 7 years after mh 17 crashed, he's determined to see this through until the end cycle of not some of the other stories making headlines around the world. rational position figure alexandra vonnie has been discharged from a prison hospital and returned to jail mavargannis in here cause hospitalized in april after going on hunger strike in serving 2 and
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a half years for embezzlement. ok, supporters for political motivation? molly's come see me, go into the scene here and file footage has been sworn in as modest presidents after leaving is 2nd cool in a year is promising to be a transitional leader and hold found transparent. election international community has condemned is asia of power over 90 percent of results and peruse presidential elections in and the outcomes look at ever more types rightly populous tape of which maury as a narrowly, just one percentage point over her left is the pullman's. pedro can feel that after ad polarizing election campaign, overshadowed by the coal with 900 pandemic. well then 1st the people are dead after 2 express trains have collided in pakistan, police say one of the trends derailed and then the other slammed into it. it's not
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clear what caused the crash august ounce prime minister. iran calm has orders an investigation. the twisted metal, the remains of 2 packed passenger trains. just before dawn, one train derailed, falling into the path of another hours after the crash rescue teams and local volunteers as still trying to free truck passengers. the $37.00 on a train carriages were destroyed. many passengers are still trapped there. and rescue work only started 3 hours after the crash and the injured taken to the local hospital where medical work has rushed to save the lives of those pulled from the wreckage. but authorities say the remote location of the crash has slowed the rescue efforts. because they can,
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you can see that the rescue operation is going on. the soldiers from the military ranges, district administration personnel and how it came to taking caught up on. but the operation will gain momentum off the heavy machinery arrives too much of pakistan's. rail infrastructure is left over from the british colonial era. while the cause of this crash is still unknown, accidents are all too common on the rundown railways. in india, the capital delia has been reopening, devastating 2nd corona virus wave receives on monday, jail is markets shopping malls opened their doors to the public again, offices and the cities metro. also back in action, running the 50 percent capacity to maintain social distance thing. just weeks ago, denny experience, one of the worst covered 900 crises thing so far make shift from atoria. run up.
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comes with died of the virus in the city every day. for me on this, let's cross over to delhi bureau chief, amazing. she, india prime minister, no, no, and remotely has just address the nation. what did he say? well, the essence of what the 5 minute have to say was to give a robot to defend the government 10 being of the dead. the 2nd wave of the current pen, denny, he said, the guns had been very difficult in the past 2 months that the government had risen to the challenge. he talked too much the shortage of oxygen liquid medical. you know what the government are done or when supplies that the government have done everything to get drunk, lifesaving equipment, and all that was needed to be with the panoramic to oversee the red not want to address the nation was based on vaccination. what india was doing to vaccinated people, you create and do scientists, and now that is the 21st of june,
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the central government is going to give back to free of cost to all india, to vaccinate everyone over the age of 18. and that was a contentious issue because running shorter back to so that was a big game. but in essence, one of the things that she has addressed was to just want to that predict that the government was completely unprepared by the 2nd week. at the same time, the grid to support it, to show that name that will be very much in charge. his government has a plan and it would defeat the girl and live. so was actually open then entirely at the moment. we asked us to day as far as the seats reopening of day, you will have shopping center more standalone p off neighbor with markets which is opened up but not fully. partially driving offices have been allowed to operate again capacity. and then as you mentioned, the metro, which is very crucial, we'll be trying to get to work as we open to the public at 50 percent capacity. so
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you see all these measure it, there's a sense of opening up the food portion of the message being over the domain on god. well, india is, of course, one of the hardest hit nations in this pandemic do these opening steps come as a surprise. now, not the surprises, some amount of release, again, because it knocked on was a long and very hot, but there's also some apprehension that you said because india is mute, still bad, be hit by the 2nd week. now the idea opening up is based on the federal truck to the feet, get to decide when and how much they want to use the lockdown based on the individual situation. so you have been using a lockdown in some faith in boston. some states where the infection be off warning, for example, in denny. but again, that keeping very much in mind that the numbers must be good. the number one must
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be know that they'd be the number of infections, nations that carried up. but as a sign of the apprehension the market opened in day, hardly any people out on the street. so there is a deli responded achieve. thank you. and sports is now in soccer. germany have won the mens on the 21 european football championship. they beat portugal one ill in the final in slovenia because met grabbed the goal early in the 2nd half. germany's 3rd continental triumph on the 21 level, puts down a marker for the senior side with the euros starting on friday. on that when i joined by jonathan gray from the w's ford, jonathan, germany's under 21 was considered the favorites for the tall. and so how did they manage to pull this off? you know, by going really is it for team that wasn't necessarily expecting to even exit the group stage or we've heard in the past. the coach stephan comes has been quite
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critical about some of the players coming through. he's been for about 70 players. and the last 2 years, he's tried to fine tune his score a school features, no player from by a munich bruce, you don't mean to be like the best teams in the country. but what they do have is a sense of togetherness, and unity, and that really comes through, i think in this tournament, an incredible story, really the match when a lucas matcher. he used to play for england, believe it or not, he grew up there even played at this level for england before we switched allegiance to germany. so i think english will probably be kicking us out. they've let him go. i think now the big test for jeremy is having these private transition to the senior side. that's something that's gone wrong in the past. when the last one this tournament in 2017, only one of the players says not very then made it through the senior sites for this upcoming years. one of them. so it's all about the senior side. they are playing that final year, was warm up against the lat via tonight. what can we expect that? well, we would expect when that there are any rank 158 in the world,
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jenny day 12th and amazing by german standards. i think it will be important for them to get away and just to have some a mention and a bit of confidence going into the tournament as costa mines back a few years ago. 2018 before the. well, captain russia, they had some, dia, performance isn't the friendliest before that tournament. and then of course, they crashed out. i think more than anything year the lab will be hoping his site keep it clean. she defense really has been where the problems out there if they can, you know, not can see the goal. i think that will give them a big confidence based going into the tournament. that's what germany's captain manuel. no, no. he'll become the 1st germany goalkeeper to reach 100 caps tonight. he's 35 years old though. how much longer with the sticker on what he's always said, as long as he's feeling up threat as long as his body. i let him keep going, then he will this from if it keeps enjoying the game that had been some room as last year when the tournament scheduled to take place last year. maybe it would be his last international tournament and the 2 feet away from our country to stay
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going to come in to replace him. but i'm think of a dozen a germany team without manuel noah. he's been there for more than a decade and an incredible achievement to, to be the 1st go, keep it to get to a 100 caps when you think of the co, keith is germany. you've had in the past that maya all of a con. that achievement is something that he is very aware of himself. for me, he is very me all the number because we're a national team always had a great goalkeeper of the legend was to student between the poses picked up again the social enforcement and the fact that i'm approaching the 100 mark makes me extremely proud and therefore, i'm really looking forward to it, but it's not to do this and that you feel like the enthusiasm still shines through there. and who knows, maybe if jimmy do, when the earliest and perhaps that will encourage him to carry on. you still got a long way to go those to break the overall reco. that is
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a $150.00 caps held by low to mateus. 50 shorts of that number. that's. thank you very much. jonathan crane d. w. sport. okay, was down the topic. spain will be without that captain, for at least the 1st much of the years after he tested positive for covert 19 said your bas kit will now have to isolate for tender is really him out of his country. euro 2020 opener. again, sweden, on june 14th, the rest of the spain squad tested negative for the virus, but they won't now play in what was meant to be their final match against the radio tomorrow spends on the 20 wanting will take place as team jersey launch his go. it's cost something of a controversy. ukraine's new shirt for the euros has not gone down well in russia because it features the map of ukraine that includes crimea. this was the big on
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veiling look closely, and you will see crimea is part of the maps offline. on the russia, which amex then, instead of in 2014, and consider the part of territory thornton organize the us approved to design from here is internationally recognized as part of ukraine. almost 8000 athletes have already qualified for the tokyo olympics, just as a real in 2016. there will also be a special team in tokyo, the refugee olympic team, $56.00 i o. c. scholarship holders hope to participate in the olympics. one of them is iranian refugee said, phys lula. iranian sage fund lula has one goal firmly in focus, to compete in tokyo as a member of the refugee olympic team. sure the reserve would be very proud and the life of
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a refugee isn't easy. a lot of people don't know that initially in 2015 said escaped from iran via the balkans, fearing for his life during the world canoes sprint championships, he took a selfie in front of them, a land cathedral. the iranian regime accused him of having converted to christianity, which carries a death sentence. he found a new home and cause who are. he's devoted the past 17 years of his life to competitive sports. after he settled in germany, kayaking remained his top priority. everything in one like this. we have 3 to 4 training sessions a day from monday through saturday. each one is $1.00 to $1.00 and a half hours. we always have a half day off on wednesdays. we always have fitness, training, running and pedal sessions. comp, claiming loudon on site for lula, has found a friend in the 1996 olympic clinic champion debt leff hoffman. he's day f,
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s i. e. whenever he needs motivation for either one or 2. i was depressed one and a half months ago and i came to debt life and i said, i wanted to quit. but i talked to debt left a lot of questions that left you have the see if you see me as a replacement father figure, you can also me his exact words were the 9th would be great, but don't give up too much. and i said ok, it's my one and only chance use it to show them who i am. that's all i can do. that really worked out great. with this loop, i get lucky because he went on to win at the world cup and he'll be hoping he'll be able to give his all at tokyo to that's it from me and, and his team for now coming up next in the w news, asia thailand launches along the way to the national vaccination drive against covert 19, but is there really enough for all and widespread flooding turns vast areas of st.
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into seascapes, more than a quarter of a 1000000 people are effective. and we need an old woman heavy metal bands who say that thrashing stereotypes about all that lot more n d w news, a paris of energy just after this joint probably for the for what it is update at the top of the office. the news news the news, the news,
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the, the, the, the, the, the, the ah immigrants they know the police when they know that the route is not
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a solution. they know their flight could be going back. not an option. peace ma, i'm on and the other day are stuck in the spanish border area alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d, w. i. when i arrived here, i slept with people in a room. it was hard. fair. i even got white hair is learning the german language. yeah, a lot. kids to me. trinity, to instruct you want to know their story, like verifying and reliable information for migrant. are you ready to get
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a little more extreme? places in europe are smashing all the record, the step into the venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern globe trotter's, for some of europe's record breaking. and also in book form. the basically the, the i've been use a show coming up today. vaccinations in the midst of a corona virus serge, dinah, and begins go about effects additions as a 3rd baby of infections threatens despite a lot of control. but is it already too late and does the country have enough vaccines, plus deadly flooding and lent sides polls? tens of thousands from their homes and long days of rain. st. rivers overflowing
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turning low line areas into makes and the.


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