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founders, they'll compete under the olympic flag with the olympic him as they are, and them, the team will continue to receive support after the games. each member of the refugee team has a unique and inspiring story, but they all share. one dream are coming up next, the us wants to open up. trade talks with taiwan and china is not happy. rob watts has the details on d. w. bynum ah ah, people in trucks injured was trying to see the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. the families to leave and trade people cleans
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around 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. why? because no one should have to flee the make up your own line. w. need for mines. ah, the b u. s. senate to prove the quarter. the trillion dollars in texas spending investment bill aims to help the americans feel back some dominance from china and compete with aging technological ambition. meanwhile, china react angrily to us funds to begin trade talks with taiwan beijing, see if the island as its own territory. and as one of the americans to step away
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and staying with china this time the ceramic kind will look at the european table, where may kids who are trying to compete with asian impulse. this is the to be a business. i'm robot in bell and welcome to the program. the us senate will invest $250000000000.00 in tech research and development in an effort to boost america's competitiveness with china. rab bipartisan vote congress approved the investment bill. it's center is a $50000000000.00 investment in semi conduct development and manufacturing. the u. s. to see its global market share in chip industries in the chip in this big window . so make it 12 offense. also in the investment package is over $50000000000.00 for research into artificial intelligence. the u. s. ad to its war chest and its competition with china. washington is also seeking closer economic ties with self
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route taiwan. beijing is one the united states against pursuing a trades deal with the island if these taiwan is part of its territory and reacts with fury to any attempt to treat it has an independent nation. paging response to the american initiative was swift and unmistakable in its rhetoric. women tons, how may we urge the united states to implement the one china principal and provisions of the 3 china us joint communiques to stop any form of official exchanges with taiwan? will handle the taiwan issue cautiously and refrain from sending any wrong signals to taiwan independence forces was really far tool tool. the house, it's a statement meant to head off early signs that washington is eyeing and eventually trade packed with taiwan, us secretary of state antony blinking,
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alluded to the start of such talks during a congressional hearing. his remarks came with paging, already incense by a recent visit from 3 us senators to tie when he's president sighing when to announce a major vaccine donation. despite cutting diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979, in order to recognize beijing as china's only official representative, washington is still, ty pays most powerful ally and biggest arm supplier increased us support in the form of strength and trade relations is likely to feed china's anger further complicating relations between the world's top 2 economies. this cost to correspond to taiwan, so sung on why all the americans. so you came to get a trade deal with taiwan. well, the deal has been put aside for 5 years since the o box ma government and the trump and duration focus on the trade war with china,
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leaving no time for the nomic. and he goes asian with one. this really worries the democratic island because it is excluded from the r e. c p, which is the biggest trade free trade agreement between the a shop at the nation. and yet to be a step into other significant regional ignore make trade deals of the ally of the democratic island. the u. s. showed the friendly gesture and send a signal to other countries that they can do business with taiwan to count to china, expensive economic power. ok, so this is actually quite a lot to do with the aesthetics of actually having the talks. and how is the trade deal, or the idea of it going down in taiwan itself? it's highly welcomed by the town. the government st. it is enthusiastic and respect and at the prospect of what we do mean the trade talk with us. but some critics here are the catholic about what they called the belated move,
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because taiwan has agreed to import us port with rec, told the main and purchased arms from the us for quite a while. i'll and they worry that a deal like this between taiwan and the us will further anchor china when china is still the biggest trait partner of taiwan. meanwhile, we've been hearing how the united states senate has just approved this $250000000000.00 tech bill with the aim of competing with john is tech competitions . and what impact is not likely to have them firms in china and taiwan? well, both china and i want to do accessing the impact experts in beijing that it's better not to over interpret it. the bill of purely confrontational or productive is that the government should continue on science and technology. the development goals as taiwan to be on my drive, the semi conductor giant like p s and the to invest in the us more like there
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are chip factory plant in arizona. we see whatever they do. we are sure to see the turning point of the industry with the supply chain reshuffled. all right, so sometime joining us from ty pay thanks a lot. now for a look at the other business stories making headlines, declining in both the us trade deficit deficit down more than 8 percent to around $69000000000.00 in april. that's after a record high in march. when the gradual easing of pandemic locked down stuart consumption of goods, the now shrinking deficit is thought to be assigned. domestic demand is returning to normal. following sudden spending spree, a french court has charged remo with deception over a diesel emissions pro investigation focused on some of its older vehicles and
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suspected tests manipulations. reno denies the charges. several european comic who have come under scrutiny since the folks fog and diesel case capital in 2015. now generally the non profit is timing several of the richest americans paid 0 income tax. in some recent is pro public claims to the same tax returns. showing amazon chairman jeff pays off made their payments in 2007. and in 2011 testers, the e long must paid nothing in 2018 others who allegedly made no income tax contributions at some points in reason for the new york man, michael bloomberg. financial giants, george soros public has not said how to change. be confidential with tax data let's get more of this from financial correspondent in frankfort. chelsea delaney
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chelsea. the likes of bays austin musk paying 0 income tax. how can not even be possible? well, if it's quite easy then that's what the data has shown. i would note that this is confidential data that has been leaked by public. i did reach out to all of the people mentioned and their story and none of them disputed what the these tax reports have shown. what it really points to is the, the income tax system in the us. so unlike normal people like me and you, jeff phase, those must be, they don't earn most of their wealth from bi weekly paycheck, say most of their wealth is coming from things like, like the shares of their companies that they own. these huge stock holdings other investments their yard, their vacation homes, that's where the bulk of their wealth is coming from. and in the us, that is not taxed until you decide to sell those assets. so this basically allows
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for people like just phase those to see their wealth go up in the billions and not pay any taxes on that. this will, of course, raise more pressure on the u. s. to, to reconsider the way that they tax some of this. well, i think it's clearly a lot of people are benefiting from this. chelsea, delaney in frankfort. thanks for staying on top of that part. of the chinese are the world's biggest produces of things like cups and plates. that probably won't come as a surprise given that we do call them china. the dominance of chief chinese ceramic has been a major challenge for european manufacturers on that. they're trying to overcome his report from portugal. handmade in small series, that's gasper roach. as a business model 20 years ago, his ceramics factory was much larger and he had 15 employees. so i was
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when i was filling in order for a portuguese customer, he came by with a sample from china. the cost of the package piece was less than my labor costs alone, not to mention material and energy costs that have no fall of the thing because you do have got to the game and that's when rocher realized that mass production wouldn't work. so he downsize the company. now 6 employees produce exclusive pieces, according to customer specifications and it's working. but portugal ceramics industry still does mass production. mesa, ceramics makes traditional table where but almost went broke soon after opening. since a new boss took over a year and a half ago, it's doing well against chinese competitors. not coffee. when we managed to produce more with better quality and fewer staff source and our employees are highly qualified so much believe. francisco braga brought an idea to me so from his last job. meiza now uses robots. high degree of automation combined with digital
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printing makes individual series possible. mesa creates a wide variety of colors and designs with just a few shapes. will digital printing. thank you to printing has huge potential for me to the thing is that we can carry out lots of ideas with pro meet the can he can set new trends, novice to dance. he is. it didn't take long from mesa to sport. it's crockery to a wide variety of countries. it produces earthenware for other brands as well. the pandemic acted as an accelerator. last year german sales alone rose by almost 25 percent over the previous year. fail man to the full to the of the future cove. it in the uncertainty of the markets, being close to our customers has made all the difference in capturing new markets
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and new customers. ankle down, always want to catch, you know, new customers wouldn't go amiss for gasper roacha. he needs them urgently. the last 12 months have been a struggle for survival. no tourists closed renier stores, company sales plummeted by 45 percent. just lastly a u. s. gold coin mentioned in 1933, a sold at auction, $18800000.00 making it the most expensive coin in the world. does the double ego? it shows lady liberty on one side and an american eagle on the other. the 1933 double eagles, were the last american gold coins made the circulation, but were never legally issued by the president roosevelt's told took the u. s. off the gold standard, allowing the dollar to slide to boost exports during the great depression.
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just on for reminder about top story, this our, the us senate approves a plan to invest $250000000000.00 in tech research and development in an effort to boost its standing in a tough battle with china. and that's all for me. and the dw business team here in berlin, if you want more from us to head over to west dot com slash business, you can also find us on facebook as the w dot washing. and so next time, take the get to deliver, deliver, deliver, go. good morning to get ready to log in. started deliver, delivering china, yours for 7 days a week. and if they're too low,
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their weight is $3000.00. the doubles use crime fighters are back to africa. the most successful radio drama theories continues. all episodes are available online. course you can. sharon discussed on the w africans, facebook page, and other social media platforms and fighters tune in now. with the welcome to global 3002 buttons who have fled that home and making a new life in switzerland. but the hurdles a great, the homesickness in kenya, lake is the following villages. but where does the water come from and how is that
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affecting life and the region and china's delivery drivers.


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