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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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lose the world food program 5 and the worldwide helping people help themselves. my goal is 0 under the news . this is the news life from berlin us president joe biden lands in the u. k. on an 8 day mission to rebuild trans atlantic ties off to the trump era is 1st foreign trips and taking office will include a g 7 summit and me thing with the washing presidents also in the program. a russian course labels, alexa vaughn, these anti corruption networks,
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extreme it as the kind of stuff stuff is cracked down on opponents. ah, hello marina mohammed, stir biden has landed in britain on his 1st foreign trip as us president. he will visit 3 countries over a days, but the main event is the g 7 summit in the u. k, which kicked off on friday. the gathering is expected to focus on distributing current of our vaccine. trade and climate change 5 and says he also has other important work to do in the days the head is my 1st overseas trip, this treasure united phase. i'm headed to the g 7 vendor, the nato minister, and then to meet with mr. to let him know what i want him to know at every point along the way,
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we're going to make it clear that united states is back. and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. and monitoring the story for us from washington d. c, d, w, 's carrying a cheap toy. so what are biden's foreign policy priorities? where he's his 1st trip abroad as president has taking him to europe and this is a clear sign he wants to show you are up that transatlantic relationship is the most important relationship for the united states. but in is going to meet around $35.00 war leaders in his a day trip. and this includes a prime minister bar is johnson who will be hosting the g 7 summit, but also turkish president. ready to go on. and of course, a significant and probably quite difficult meeting with russia president vladimir putin by didn't want to rebuild and to repair transatlantic ties that have been as
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trained during the trump era. but he also wants to refrain relations with russia during that meeting with, with putting and china. it's also of course, going to be an important issue here. he wants to show china about the united states and europe are working together against coming to enemies. the important question will be, of course, if other countries in europe also would define china as an enemy, like the seats and g 7. leaders will be meeting in person for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic. what can we expect on the issue of vaccines? yes, regarding covert 19 other vaccines. we know that the united states has purchased a 500000000 doses of phasers, colby, 1900 vaccines, to donate to 92 low income countries and also to the african union by the and is expected to announce this nation tomorrow and thursday in his remarks. at the g 7
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summit in the u. k. m, the dosage will be distributed through the global vaccine alliance known as kovacs, with 200000000 to be shared this year. and the rest of the remaining $300.00 are going to be donated through the 1st half of next year. and as you know, vaccine inequality has become increasingly pressing concern regarding a possible to track pandemic. so what bite and wants to do here is to, to set an example of what other. 2 wealthier nations, the once he will be meeting with should also do now. biden has taken a tougher tone on russia and also china was like, he's come out of this meeting with president putin. well, this is going to be a critical meeting at the diplomatic challenge for president by the national security adviser takes leave on the set this week that they don't regard a meeting with president putin as a reward. but as a vital part of defending america's interests and america's values. so this shows,
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this is really not going to be a pleasant talk and leave and also added that president biden is not going to meet with russia president despite their differences, but because of their differences. and also president biden and made clear interest moments ago while speaking in the u. k. to the troops there that seeking a table predictable relationship with russia is what the united states is doing. but that the united states would also respond in a meaningful way if the russian government engages in handful activities against the united states or any other country in the world. all right, counting that you more in washington d. c. thank you. now, russian court has branded the organization founded by jailed opposition leader, alexia, novelle, me as extremists, the ruling balls, anyone in the network from running for public office. the verdict predict, prevents nevada these allies from standing in parliamentary elections in september
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and activists who have worked with the organization plus anyone who donates to it all shares its material could face jail. well, d, w, 's, jake cordell has more on the verdict from moscow. this decision was widely anticipated and alexi, nevada, the team had already moved to be span that network ahead of this decision. so on an organizational level, that doesn't change anything that well, those changes to now, anyone who has worked with alexis found the in these organizations become liable for some pretty hefty possible prison sentences of up to 6 years employees as well as extending this broad and very vague idea of responsibility could extend to people who are native to the organization, volunteered to an event even re posted or shared something on social media. but one of the key issue is effectively bands and outlaws. anyone who is work in the
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election of value organization from running for office in russia, and that's crucial because it comes with paul white, a crackdown head of parliamentary elections, which is scheduled for september. previously, when russia had elections, it went through the process of one by one, eliminating candidates, it didn't like where they were too much of a threat. now, with this new law, it places a blanket ban on basically anybody who's been involved the life. think about me standing for office now, several of america's richest business leaders have paid little to no income tax in recent years, and investigative journalism outlets pro public, it says it has seen tax returns, showing that 1000000000 is avoided paying tax in the completely legal way. it's an explosive issue at a time, right at a time of rising in the quality. they're the world's richest man, just phasers ilan musk, and they pay less taxes than most people. while living mind blowing,
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lifestyles pro public revealed that pays those paid no taxes in 20072011, while must paid on in 2018. the billionaires don't seem to have done anything illegal. they just use tax avoidance strategies beyond the reach of ordinary americans. super billionaires get their well from the growing value of their assets . they're only taxed if they sell those holdings. president joe biden has said he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. good afternoon. no one likes to pay taxes. i know with my dad, you say it's a small price to live in this country. i firmly believe we firmly believe the need to make our tax system work for the middle class. that's why i think we should ask corporations in the top one percent to start paying there for a share and why we should crack down on millionaires and billionaires. we're escape taxes by cheating. meanwhile, the internal revenue service has been hit by years of budget cuts and low morale, leaving it less able to enforce the laws that are already on the books after
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proposed look, as report came out, the white house focused more on condemning the leak than on the issue of tax and equality itself with us against any unauthorized disclosure of confidential government information by a person with access is illegal. and we take this very seriously. the biden administration has said that many of its priorities will be paid for by higher taxes on the wealthy. by collecting that money, it seems, or you will be quite a challenge. we've been working at ease makers are backing a new electronic travel document which will allow for the vaccination people to move around the european union without quarantine or taking extra corona. virus tests. members of the european parliament met in person for the 1st time after a long layoff under pandemic, distant singles. the long awaited return to strasburg. after
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a year of covered 19 restrictions, members of the european parliament of back at the official h. q in the french city for real life plenary sitting. we have this mission as a city to represent democracy, but also the diversity of the territories in europe. we're in the met a few colleagues and he's such a great time to see them again to exchange again, to ask about how is the virus and the society going on in their countries. it's very nice to be back. not everyone shares the sentiment, many fear the return is premature. and half of any piece of state home living office is in hallways here, empty, and doors from the shut. i'm sure that all of us really want to go. i mean, we are longing to get everything back to normal, but we can't take risks when we are enough. probably $970.00. so we need to be very, very careful. and that's why i'm not. but others are calling for
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a permanent end to these months. the shuttling savage paperwork between brussels in strasburg once a month course, the 100000000 years to year. not to mention the environmental impact. any change i ever would mean rewriting you treat is something local, french green. suppose we have turned up to welcome any peace deck to this city is that the base for part is included. so that's your contracts. i like that for parliament to have the sessions here in europe shouldn't be centralized greens from strasburg. and the us are happy to welcome our representatives that they fun and isn't on the other side of the road. movie dean as leaves preparing some revenues, meals, and it's food truck hoping to drum up business from returning parliamentarians and desk staff. because contin service inside the building will remain restricted. it can, can you put a monkey with somebody from parliament to come to them?
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and i said yes. and so the sentiment will see how it work. experience will work in the press go on a journey back in business, preparing to report life, to households all over europe. but after all these months in the virtual world, if you repeat empowerment forever changed as, as he was full of new experiences. you know, we became addicted to zoom and events and fun so it will not be so easy to come out to. so despite the fact that we're coming back and just and just strip, just raspberries is really a symbol of coming back to the malady. but i think that normally it will be different from what it was you know. yeah. go in downtown strasburg, business owners, hope the future won't be digital only in some believe the old fashioned appeal of good food and drink could lose more politician respect what is waiting. ready for
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them, with our hearts, we would like everyone to come back and to regain the lines. we have also to plus transfer, playing house to the european parliament is this source of income. but it's also a source of pride in part of its history. in the heart of europe, this is berlin film festival is an open celebration. it's. i'm a special features, outdoor public screenings of $126.00 film is open as cinemas across the city. the building on is main venue is this is especially crated cinema on museum island, where the red carpet has already been rolled out. now improving access for people with disabilities or something. most of us agree is a good idea. but greece is seeing an outcry from some groups about changes being made at one of the world's best known heritage sites. the acropolis,
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greece is most iconic, landmark. it was built in athens some 2500 years ago. during europe's 1st experiment with democracy. what is a steep climb up and in the spirit of 21st century inclusiveness, the current government has decided to make the monument more accessible to visitors . a new cement walkway enables wheelchair access and authorities now plan to add rails and braille signs for the visually impaired. what's the answer to bush, ma'am? i've seen people in wheelchairs who came up for the 1st time and felt happy. i think this is something that should also make us happy yet that helps demand. but not everyone is happy. some politicians and academics say the new additions are ruining the classical stomachs even among over the course, this site was never paid when it was always just the rock and throughout history. if there had been a ramp, it would have been paved with marble or stone,
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but that never existed. i laughed in a bit except, but there are some foreign tourists say they aren't bothered by the modifications. this is one of the most recognizable sites on the entire planet. and with the technology, we have not to make it accessible to people who have mobility issues is just kind of brutal. actually the culture ministries, as the improvements have been designed and installed with care. and that the criticism is politically motivated and for watching bye bye, ah, just going to read a cheaper went over. and that's how the emphasis followed the most misty mendez at least about the valley. that the gnostic dragon has called to home on future wars. d. w. richard walker
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explores the evolution of digital warfare, making military law more efficient, deadly decisions. those with the don't go with them survive scenario. absolutely not. future wars starts june 10th on the w the u. s. most one step closer to a quarter of a trillion dollar industrial spending package. so is it a step back from the ideal globalize trade as the us try to compete with china's own tech ambitions and it's big spending. also on the show, volkswagen settled with former executives in charge of the company during the diesel emission scandal. wanted to follow up from the wide scale fraud is still
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ongoing. and paris is relaxing its pandemic restrictions as the city themes, restaurants open their doors to indoor diners. hello, welcome to the show. i'm sitting busily in berlin. with us has taken a big step toward a spending package meant to boost the nation's competitiveness with china. in areas such as semiconductor production and artificial intelligence, the senate passed a $250000000000.00 version of the bill with support from both sides of the aisle. suggesting that the politically polarized us concerns over china are unifying. on this vote, the a's or 68, the nase, or 30 to the 60 vote threshold having been achieved. the bill is passed bipartisan agreement this re these days in the halls of and on. but on this bill, republicans and democrats came together to boost the u. s ability to compete with chinese technology, which as a percentage of g d. p,
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we spend less than half as much as the chinese communist party on basic research. we rely on foreign nations to surprise credit supply critical technologies that we invented like semiconductors. indeed, the u. s. global market share of semiconductor manufacturing. hester lee wrote it from 37 percent in 1990 to about 12 percent today. and recently, a chip shortage has exposed mulner abilities and the u. s. supply chain. the centerpiece of the new bill is a $50000000000.00 investment in semiconductor development and manufacturing. there's also $29000000000.00 to establish new directorate, focused on artificial intelligence and quantum science, with a national science foundation and $52000000000.00 for research programs. they are over all the bill calls for investments of about $250000000000.00 with most of the
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spending occurring in the 1st 5 years and a major effort to decrease the u. s. dependency on chinese product or a quarter is our financial corresponded in new york. let's bring him in for more on this yet. it's good to see you. you know, in recent decades the u. s. is really shy away from providing government support for certain industries. is this era now and end? it definitely marks a big shift. i mean, we have to wait also for the house of representatives to approve, but it seems to be pretty likely that we actually might for change the, this bipartisan support. if you look what happened in the past couple of years, federal spending for research and development was less than one percent of aggress domestic product. and that was the lowest federal spending for the industry if you want to put it that way. basically since the moon landing, so since the 16th,
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and it's not just this plan that the biden administration announced that we also have those $2000000.00 infrastructure packages that are also set on the sidelines. so yes, so the, by net ministration really seems to make a big step and make a big change when it comes to government involvement in the industry and in the economy overall. you know, the ideal of globalized trade was that every nation basically focuses on an area that doesn't overlap with some other nation. and thereby there's efficiencies that are created in that era and out, and at an end, as the u. s. tries to compete with china in some of these same areas. well, clearly it will take some time to hand globalization and globalization is to stay for a certain degree. but having that said, yes, there's also a shift, not just from the me on the, on i did states,
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but from other nations and regions as well, to actually be less reliable, especially when it comes to the supply chain. and in se, asia, i mean, we've dealt with those issues for so long here in the united states even besides the ship shortage, for example. they're also ideas, for example, to start mining of lithium or earth here within the united states. that won't be entirely easy with all the environmental protection that concerns that are also part of it. but yes, it's a key tendency that countries tried to produce as much as possible within their own borders. and this is not just us, if an ornament or a quarter or financial correspondent in new york. thank you very much. was staying in the u. s. the new report there says that several of the richest americans paid no income tax. and recent years,
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the investigative journalism unit pro publicly says that same tax returns showing that amazon chairman jeff pays those, for example, made 0 payments in 2007 in 2011. while tesla, c o l, must paid nothing in 2018. others who had legibly made no income tax contributions at some point in recent years. include a former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and billionaire finance here george soros. republica has not said how it obtained the confidential data. all right, let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. joe biden is withdrawing a trump ban on new downloads of the chinese owned. we chat and tick tock apps. instead, the commerce department will undertake an evidence based review of potential security concerns. the trump administration claim that u. s. users data could be tapped by chinese authorities, posing a national security threat. julie has just thrown the switch on latin,
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america's 1st ever thermo solar energy plant in the talk them up, desert spread over 700 heck. tears. thousands of mirrors focused on light onto a 250 meter high tower. molten salts and a receiver, a top tower, absorb the heat to power steam turbines generating $110.00 megawatts of electricity . julie aims to become carbon neutral in 2050. go no issue. nobody aside. salvador has become the 1st country to adopt bitcoin as legal, tender lawmakers in the central american countries congress passed. the bitcoin law prizes can now be shown in the crypto currency. taxes can be paid with it and it will not be subject to capital gains tax. volkswagen has several claims over damages related to the diesel gate scandal with former executives leading the company at the time. they'll now pay the car maker total $288000000.00 euros. most of that will come from executive liability insurances, but bosses are also on the hook personally x c o martin winter coin to the tune of
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over $11000000.00 euros. the former audi boss. rooper statler with over 4000000 volkswagen says both men fail to fully and swiftly clarify the use of legal chief software in diesel engine sold in north america from 2009 to 2015. the diesel gate scandal has cost v w whopping $32000000000.00 in fines. legal fees and vehicle re fits. we asked our financial correspondent frankfurt, chelsea, delaney. if this isn't just a slap on the wrist for someone like winter corn. this has been described as a record settlement for an executive of a german company, but it certainly pales in comparison to the more than 30000000000 euros that volkswagen has had to pay out itself for the diesel gate scandal. initially, volkswagen was reportedly seeking about 1000000000 euros from winter corn and other executives, and that's the amount that both so i can believe they would have saved if these executives would move faster after hearing about the allegations of shooting at the company. volkswagen has really been trying to put duplicate behind them. they've
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been making a lot of inroads into electric vehicles. but the diesel candle is certainly far from over a winter point today was also charged and berlin with line to a parliamentary committee. he also is facing a criminal fraud case in september as well. there's still thousands and thousands about getting lawsuits from investors from customers, and these are likely to spend on for years. finish correspond. chelsea laney there . paris. the city of lights felt a little bit lighter on wednesday. the city's famed restaurants opening once again to indoor diners. falling a pause of 7 months to the pandemic. diners are keen to be back and restaurant owners eager to make up what they've lost to look. this restaurant manager norman paris feels he's moving one step closer to normality. he's finally allowed to welcome guests inside and you as his terrorist at full, instead of me half capacity. i can always go, i normally when it's raining,
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we can let our line sit inside of your in corona virus restrictions, we had to turn them away. now we can stay open until 11 pm, which means we don't have to rush our climb over. the restaurants turn the plummeted by 65 percent over the past year, with a loss only partly made up for by government subsidies. the director hopes the cafe will soon be running at full speed again because travel restrictions are also easing like this. we have many of our clients that fill the gap last regulus leave the area during the summer holidays. with our tourists, we won't have much business. some mid july on them parisians are delighted to regain their freedom, but they also feel slightly wary. shape is khadija sitting in here in russia. the sun outside is getting really hot. there's less and less noise, as outside, it was quite a lot of traffic. we don't, this was a country child muslim,
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i'm christian. i feel like i'm alive again and can take up my own copies. but i hope people will keep sticking to certain safety rules. this is a very lively area, especially at night time. this was the actors, cultural venues and shots are low to let in more customers. timms and sports clubs are reopening under certain conditions. more restrictions are to be lifted in the coming weeks is code infection, numbers allow freight. the government has put more than 200000000 years on the table to get companies through the crisis. these emergency support measures were now gradually be faced out, hoping that the lockdown will have been the last one due to the cave 90 and condemning. and finally, aston martin has unveiled a limited production of 25 of the iconic james bond sports cars, which 1st while the world and the 1964 film goldfinger, the gold finger, d b 5. continuation is a faithful reproduction of
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w 7. aston martin made at the company's factory near london, the original home of the b 5. the cars come complete with the standard secret service gadgetry, including machine guns, fake, of course, switching license plate, smoke emitter, and of course in telephone. there's no ejector seat, but it's still a bargain at nearly 3 and a half 1000000000 euros. pocket change. alright, that's it for me and the dw business team here in berlin as always find as online d, w dot com slash business, and seem deadly. thanks for watching this in fear. in turkey, they are increasingly subjected to sexual domestic violence. the countries withdraw from the convention meant to protect women, sends a dangerous message. but now women are fighting back
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on into the conflict with tim sebastian because of your role issued as late as human rights and democracy in europe. and it makes unpleasant, we decided to question the leading official who's trying to protect me out of commission human rights as opposed to what is this suspect conflict in 60 minutes on the w ah, the news they know the police missed they knew that the route is not
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a solution. they know their flight could be going back. not an option. peace ma, i'm on and they are stuck in the spanish border area. alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d. w. the news a warm welcome to you. this is focus on europe with new lives show. thanks for joining us today. many women and turkey are still in shock about the fact that their country has withdrawn from the east convention and international agreement
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that is supposed to protect women from violence. thousands of women and turkey have taken to the streets and protest, young and old, religious or conservative, they are outraged. over are the ones we are needing of the landmark agreement at a time when violence against women is on the rise. president at one claims he made the move to protect families in turkey. this woman also seeks protection from a husband who beat her brutally for years and is openly threatening her with murder . gentle team is one of many whose rides to safety has been violated with the withdrawal from the international women's accord. women across the country are outraged because the number of females murdered or famous sides has been steadily rising over the past years. with some 300 recorded into a 1020,
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she looked anxiously out the window. there were any suspicious cars parked out front. is anyone standing by the entrance? this is john through the daily routine. the 31 year old and her son rarely leave their apartment in the western turkey city of bolo, any more, not since receiving death threats from her own husband. to kill all of you. like the slippery with a blunt news. the kid stays with me. do you understand the johns, who continuously receives threats like this? and she knows he means every word before she left him, he had abused her for years. he even bade her mother. the police did nothing apart from advising. john sue, to seek protection at a women's shelter all. meanwhile, are abused the fields perfectly safe, the sun buzzing odor. sam, they told me that if i kill you, i'll go to prison for 3 years. you know,
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bob sharp, but that won't stop base after 3 years. i'll be back out today to jump off on john, who doesn't believe the turkish state will protect her. instead, she's turned to the public on turkish media as she's spoken out against her abuser . and the turkish authorities failure to act a bold move, especially now that turkey has withdrawn from the stand or convention protecting women from violence. president ed one justified this step by repeatedly claiming that the convention served to spread western notions of emancipation can demit any . it will not let foreigners influence the way we deal with the issue. we have our own historical and cultural ways, but we will not allow the safety of our families to be jeopardized. these women are demanding the protection of their families too. but in a different way than at one envisioned, they are pressuring turkey to respect the international agreement. in the past year,
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300 women were murdered and another 117 women died due to unknown causes. now turkish women of fighting back literally more and more women are signing up for self defense courses like these here, crow, my god and israeli, marcia lot is being taught because it may not be time one participant is 24 year old d like her last violent encounter was a year and a half ago on her way home. one night a man followed her and harassed her. d like was able to drive the attacker away by calling for help. surveillance camera captured the event. you alarmed me. it took me a year to get over it, but i'm here because i want to leave the fear behind. i don't want to think about which route i should take to get home. i want to overcome this a passive attitude. the women in this class have had enough of violence and
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harassment for men. the course leader has observed mostly young women in her group . this is all to all of the different offices. more and more 25 to 35 year old women come in. they're not all participants have experienced physical violence sized our kids for kids can they just wanted to know how to react to harassment if the order the lid it they just don't want to put up with that kind of behavior anymore. and no, probably just neither did d like now thanks to this self defense course, she feels safe on is dembo streets again, but she still constantly here sex. this comments for men we start homes are saying is someone thinks you're screwed is too short or your cleavage is too low or color. they don't keep it to themselves. janet the neighbors . but the close to just use you guys. a new cousin, old monk, being
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a woman in this country, means running the risk of falling victim to violence and refuse to be met by johnson. he has found another way to protect herself. she's installed the security door in her apartment to prevent her abusive husband from breaking in. but she knows if he's determined to kill her. he will dive under the or he told me himself that you said, look at one has withdrawn from the symbol convention, protecting women. to do this, we can kill as many women as we want without punish us. on the stumble convention should continue to be respected in our country. it was the only thing that heard men long, cool, cool, ardor. growing solidarity among women and turkey is also acting as a deterrence. john 2 experienced and out poor support. after she made her case public since then, the threats against her and her family have stopped. it seems,
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there are 2 things that scared of general air kids abuse. they're being exposed to public scrutiny and be overwhelming support that turkish women have shown for general. but even paid for her lawyer, if you will love mountain climbing, then connie, it's in bosnia herzegovina may be the right place for you. it's an up and coming destination for people who love the heights. this is where kathy mitchel cage has made it his responsibility to rescue those who have injured themselves along their trick. cuz him loved what he does. he loves the heights, but he and his colleagues are volunteers. and as such, are supported by local authorities, even though they are risking their lives to save others attention in teams. the injured person has been located in the company to me. okay. this twisted her ankle and rugged terrain him. thankfully this is just an exercise
1:38 am
for kareem and his fellow, rescuers need to know how to respond in an emergency with the mobiles out to stabilize her spine. and uncle with an inflatable cost to move, you know, get it total. so now we will place her on the stretcher and start the evacuation. now sheila green, what tourism is booming in the mountains of bosnia and herzegovina. more and more people are flocking to its pristine landscape. but nature has its perils. the weather here can change in minutes, that can spell danger for inexperience taker. the rescuers have to upsize the injured party. only a few weeks ago they had a real emergency to deal with when a hiker was seriously injured at the very same spot. it was a live fully tenants, an experience mountaineer. he had fallen while trying to photograph the scene of a recent avalanche and broken several ribs unable to move,
1:39 am
he was just barely able to reach his phone. an hour later the rescuers arrived because i'm not sure. what other choice i was certain the rescue is would come. 100 percent. sure. they saved my life and be eternally grateful to them for august as a whole. lot of this is melinda. this is the 1st time a list and it has been back here since his accident. he wanted to watch the exercise. now i can really see what they had to go through when they rescued me. they just send it to state slope to ab sell me from their documents. i can only say i admire them, especially because they were only 5 of them at the time would be paid. but it's difficult for the rescue team to equip even just 5 rescuers adequately can use a mountain rescue gets virtually no funding from the local government. and bosnia has no law regulating mountain rescue at the national level conditions for kareem
1:40 am
and this team of rescuers are hard. a pull, open the door open and we have to buy half of the equipment or so some of the you the other half assured him, you know, most of it all premier quality. now we shouldn't be using open i me preferable. but once we have no other choice, i mean, we use it at our own risk post. we'll talk to move forward with a quote, if not so you want all the necessary equipment is stored in a garage that the rescue team members pay for themselves. they had to move out of their former office in the fire department at the city governments to be asked. the city said it was due to renovation. that was nearly 2 years ago. for 3 minutes after 2 or 3 months, we noticed that they weren't going to give us back our office space for the thought . so we asked for an explanation regardless of detect another war. and they're still waiting on an explanation. you can use
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a civil protection director says the city has many obligations, but not enough money to go around. you see the mountain rescue team is just one of many associations in conyers. you know there's, there are dozens of clubs here. and they all want their own space, as opposed to the city can't afford its own rescue. team lock which, you know, i'd say that whenever the mountain rest team heads out, they're mostly hoping they're growing people. when the weather is bad, it's them, the adventurers could go out there even though they shouldn't nebeker about it. but the rest of the team say the overall number of mountain tourists has risen sharply to them. that means they help out whenever they're needed, so couldn't upland. any person spending time in the mountains as a loved one, waiting for them at home. that's why i go out there and help the leaves me when you save someone else's life,
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it's an overwhelming feeling. and that's why they keep going despite all eyes. so it's connie, some mountain rescue seems among the things that many of us here in europe take for granted is that we can get clean water whenever we open and tap. that's not the case for residents of the russian village of maturing school you, yvonne belkin, for example, he has come to accept that authority's may never provide him with this very basic service. instead, he has developed a sense of humour, almost as dark as the water. the villages are faced with this is called a coffee. if it comes out of the faucet, it could be either a joke, the people of nature and sky. either way, it never ceases to amaze them the brown sledge. they've been getting from the top for years. instead of clear drinking water. you know,
1:43 am
you can't use it for washing or for drinking, but we have no choice. do we have to let it settle for a while and then we boil it would you let? on lemon, tough st. residents pump out the brown liquids by the buckets every day. while they do have running water in their 2 story building, the water pressure is often so low. it's easier for them to just pump the water at themselves. no matter where it comes from, the street pumps the home tops. timidly. the water in the village of meter and sky originates from a major river in southern russia, the co buying when the spring floods, cold water is turn the clothes gray brown flow is to beatrice, case watermain is virtually unfiltered. once the villagers draw the river water, they have to leave it out for several hours and containers like these 20 liter plastic bottles until the dirt settles. then the water is a little cleaner,
1:44 am
but only a little. we end up drinking everything, the clay and sand and everything else floating around in it. he can't even remember the last time he drank truly clean water from the top. laments the retiree, a van rebel can it is the same stuff. i've been living here since 975, and that's how long we've had to deal with it. some boil it, but i don't. i just learned that women lay to use the water for cooking, or sometimes when it's really filthy, my drink claim water from a water dispenser for the school. you know, the retail water costs, money, money, this retiree can hardly spare even regard can, has to spend up to 3000 roubles a month, about 35 euros for store bought drinking water. that comes through about one 3rd of a pension that's barely enough to live on as it is. during the soviet era,
1:45 am
the village of meter and sky had us of cause a large scale state owned farm accounting factory. not only was the state and church of agricultural production, it was also responsible for the basic purification of the water, the long time residents recall then the soviet union collapsed with it the old purification system. the wrench will not believe them. they used to be large tanks along the road out of town where the river water was processed before it was led into the village of whom was going to. but then new rulers came, everything was looted. and ever since the moment a little longer money ever since these types have been crumbling, they're no longer able to clean the water from the river according to a report by the state environment.