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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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with speaking with you, because no one should have to flee the make up your own mind. w. need for mines the date of the news, a shot coming up to date. china as we go to spacing, depression, and prosecution. alright. group called china is actions against its weaker wisdom minority crimes against humanity. we look at the evidence for that claim to our own 1st person or false. and can this bo toes village and focused on find a way to survive as the water around it turns toxic the
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i bet it's benedict. welcome to d. w's asia. glad you could join us. right group i missed the international, has accused china of quote, creating a dystopian health cape on a staggering scale on court in its northwest and change as we go on to norma region . the comments by amnesty 2nd to general agnes calamine came as the organization released a report on how china has organized most imprisonment and torture of the muslim minority. we good community in the region that report calls for a un investigation into china actions. but what does beijing have against the weavers? we put that question earlier to understand director of crisis response. joanne, mary, not. i mean, judging from the government's repressive actions, it seems that they find islam and target muslim culture to be a threat. their goal appears to be, to forcibly assimilate muslims,
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and to root out islamic religious beliefs and trick muslim ethnic cultural practices. it seems that they want to replace these practices with state sanction, secular views, and really most notably, i think, most importantly with loyalty to the chinese communist party and to achieve these goals. and this international also said that it's report that chinese authorities have created a sophisticated surveillance system alongside a network of internment camps. the government calls re education centers. the daily surveillance of we go through cameras and facial recognition technology is something correspondent, mathias billing witnessed as well on a visit to the region to surveillance of the week. it starts at the entrance to their home. a few years ago, pe scanning devices suddenly appeared at residential compounds all over the city of rome. they had directed to the police.
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this is the compound where can be what it used to live. she has since moved to the netherlands and can now speak freely. we are a lot more like amazon you were certainly not allowed visitors anymore. only very close. ready relatives and we had to register them in advance and wait for approval in that was on a critical day. there's or own she is. the capital of sin, young in china's northwest region is home to the weakest. a turkey muslim people conflicts between weak is and the chinese government have wrapped it in violence in the past. since 2017, the region has seen an unprecedented incarceration of muslim minorities in re education caps could be new acidic, used to be a primary school teacher when she was suddenly assigned to this facility on the outskirts of the city, to teach mentoring to an educated weavers, she was told a lot of, i saw that the feet and risks of the people were in shackles,
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were moving as if in slow motion. that is, when i understood they had not taken me to a school for an educated adult, but to a prison camp. it is unclear what is happening now with this site. we are quickly stopped from inquiring behind the incarceration the stands of powerful network of surveillance and oppression. police stations with an eyesight of each other patrols in this treat policeman carry mobile id checking devices. it doesn't happen as much now, but in the past, people would get stopped every few 100 meters and they get him to come up, get a message. if an alarm went off during one of these checks heavily on policemen would arrive. they were already waiting nearby because they would put a black bag on the suspect's head and take them away. i have witnessed that often even today as to start shaking when i see
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a black plastic back to the heart of paul's for the on the outskirts of the city, we managed to fill them a cluster of data centers, police data and surveillance. postage are processed here an app on their phone alerts, policemen, one software has identified a suspect under close surveillance. and those who have recently moved to a different city travel abroad. acquiring an official suspect database who use an unusual amount of electricity pose phone is often disconnected. again, we have stuff from me. what is happening? it seems young as seen by observe is around the world as a crime against humanity. a system re minutes in the darkest periods of the 20th century, powered by today's technology. that's not just electronic surveillance,
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but torture as well. that china, as most of them are not including weekends and ethnic cars are facing infringing. last year i spoke to one such person cycle, so you'd pay an ethnic cassock. she spent 4 months as an inmate at the so called reiteration camp in 20172018. she to counter that experience in this come to me. now you co authored a book about your time in these reeducation camps. it's called the chief witness escape from china's modern day concentration camps. what did you witness the type, the way the new attraction, but after i was brought to the fascist internment camp, i realized that it was a nightmare. younger or more band. you got the truth. and i said, i know it's hard to believe kind of just google,
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if i had not seen it all with my own eyes, i would not have believed it. how can something like this happen in the 21st century? i think for niggley, men launch out there were about 2500 inmates and my complex 2 men, women, young and all of them were innocent tofal from craig, they were forced to make false confession. so what joe chan bullshit. all of them had their head. she had to show call their limbs were shackled despite injuries. jo call. now, because even they had told to wear psychological torture as well as physical torture. that was extremely brutal. all good from generally meant, you know, there's lots of things that i will never forget. or julia, every time i eat, i think of the main made so what you'll find the hope ah prevents where sonco harmon, toyota j is shown to them and i think of them before i go to bed every night to get
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my mind keeps returning to the internment camp where i worked every single day. congress probably did. he didn't say what do you think that i can't stand futon in can be you guys telling you a very young girl. she got raped a lot and then you change it to thought she said, struck me. it was i can never forget it, but it stuck in my mind. that interview and other stories on china, depression of its ethnic muslims, and changing available on our website, dot com forward slash issue ah,
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to protest the next where men may, pollution is threatening efficient communities, age old tradition. the fishermen have for years and lived on boats in the famous mon charter lake, one of a shows largest fresh water lakes it lies in southwest park is done in the province . but you as a pollution from neighboring industries, has made it extremely hard for the fisherman to continue with the old way of life. for these people, the water is home for generations. pakistan's, mohan of people who have been living in both houses here on lake mon charge, the people say life was good. here one was abundant catches of fish, but conditions have worse, and now the people left here are struggling to
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survive digging. i got married here and i was born here. my children also grew up here and i have 8 children, no money. my husband is deaf. so i go to catch fish with him, i if i get a key lowest fish and sell it and buy bread to feed my children life on the boats disbarred to their short con basic facilities. the single room boat houses have small stoves for cooking, which shrubs from around the lake providing fuel who's not my says lake mon, charged water is no longer drinkable, but she cannot afford to buy clean water. it's
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a cruel dilemma. who can bear the hunger of children? no one. if we buy water, we will not save money for food for children. therefore, we let our children drink this toxic water. is there a hospital nearby saying there is no hospital? no school and no water filter from which we can drink water that are funny. so currently, in recent decades, fertilizers, pesticides and industrial waste have contaminated the lake and decimated fish stocks. as a result, the mohan, as unlike men, char, just a fraction of the earlier population most there's is a vanishing culture. and the government is doing little to say, that's what i mean. and that's it for today we leave now with pictures of the
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the you in the the me tips for your bucket, lift the magic corner for food and some great cultural memorials to boot the w travel off. we go young, walk in immigrants. they know the police will stop that the road is pollution and their flight could be fatal. but going back is not an option.
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peace ma, i'm on a, are stuck in the spanish border area there. they're waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d, w. me the, the, the berlin international film festival is more than just red carpets, star power and glamour. it's also one of the world's most political film festival. and one of the very topical films in this years line up is the documentary courage about last year is crushed protests against fraudulent elections and bellow roofs ahead of the screening bell or russian opposition leader spedlari, tick enough sky. i was in berlin, speaking out against her countries. authoritarian leader, alexander lucas shanker,
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she told reporters that lucas shank, those political prisoners were no longer living, but merely existing. she also called for more international support for bella, rush and civil society. and a free media now took enough sky and other opposition figures are supporting the release of the documentary courage and the film director, alex a poly and follows the fate of 3 actors who joined last years protests ah, scenes of peaceful protests and bellow roofs last summer. caught in the documentary courage today, they look like images from another era. it's so painful for us to see our our i will see many so beautiful how to tell the people of the streets with our wives arrayed, wiped the flags, and so understand that we lose this digital. when in over 2020, the film follows 3 actors turn protestors, dennis, and marianna. last summer,
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they were full of hope for change. now, all 3 live in exile. me. they decided to leave barrows because it was not possible to walk and to live in this air fear feeding. and they decided to moved to key if and right now, all of them are in exciting care after their participation in band demonstrations against dilution. present. alexander lucas shank, both puzzled and dennis were arrested and detained for 15 days at a prison in minsk. the prison plays a central role in courage. here is where families gather to find out the fate of their loved ones, arrested or disappeared by the regime. as soon as they were released, dennis and puzzle left the country, marianna was the last to go. but she too saw the riding on the wall. after
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a case of ryan air, slight romano percentage decided to take the last slide from him to kia and she escaped with her husband and her son young in san to kia oh, i mean, before the recent crack down, the actors were banned from performing after staging. plays critical of dictatorship, making art inside bell. ruth seems impossible at the moment, but leon believes his country needs its artist. now, more than ever. his speech, not only about the theater artist, but also about about pain came about a writer, filmmaker. it's to it's a to try to help people to or can their fear overcame
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their trauma, really depression trauma and to say, please not lose a hope you will just despite notes of resignation and despair. hope shines through. encouraged and a key seen, a young police officer picks a flower into his riot shield as a sign of solid arity, with the protesters who cheer him to hear. the film shows convincingly that the vast majority and bella ruse reject alexander the shank. and that despite the violence and repression, there is real momentum for change. and when you hold that was curious to see him will show me the whole truth of
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this peaceful fighter from below since society, again, this sort of monster and will cry aloud about this topic. and i'm really sure that we will change as a political situation. ah, censorship is also growing stronger in hong kong. the government, they're announced new measures banning any films. it considers subversive. earlier this year, hong kong authorities stopped a sold out premier of a protest documentary and pulled the opening film from hong kong international film festival. it was also the 1st time over 50 years that hong kong television didn't broadcast the academy awards. a film about the islands protest was one of the nominee well,
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after sexual harassment allegations put his career on hold oper legend, placido domingo is making a controversial come back in his home country, spain. ah, this domingo accepted an award at madrid's way or theatre after singing the night before standing ovation. conservative politicians and welcomes domingo back to spain. while reading feminists say it sends the wrong signal by sir domingo resigned as the head of the l. a opera amid accusations of misconduct toward female performers, the 80 year old has denied any abuse of power. domingo isn't the only one accused of abusing power here in germany. some of the countries renowned theaters are also in the spotlight for alleged incidents of racism, sexism and megalomania. stories abound of theatre directors, mis treating actors. and since the pandemic had more and more actors have been
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speaking out, the germany theatres were closed for months. but while stages were empty, behind the scenes, the debates been raging about sexism, racism, and abuse of power. ah, what's gone wrong? a german theatre ah, a club, the end of the simpler question might be, what's gone? well, because essentially everything's gone wrong. the other will and meters going to change and i would be presumptuous if i said i knew what it will look like in the end was to be some 1st aussie. i am it. that is an actress in berlin. she says she's never experienced as much racism and sexism as she did in the theatre to talk to them from 75 percent of theaters are run by old white men. i have no problem with white men, of course not, but it raises the question, how are women being portrayed in the theater? how are certain roles being played?
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which women get cas hadn't to target the? maxine gorky theater in berlin room, i take him madame, has often performed a future known for highlighting the role of migrants in german society. but it's director sherman lang half has been accused of angry outbursts and nepotism. some say the theaters dominated by a culture of fear. tanya, best men, women aren't better people than this is about a systemic problem. that is not about peoples gender or skin color, or family background of us in the whole fiber has, would have us been hinted to. the gorky theater is seen as giving a voice to the oppressed as a space for social criticism. call for growing for it to live up to its reputation . me escaped floyd to there are people who have to capabilities the skills and the political know how to take over and lead certain theaters to,
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to apathy by name and to life. on the other side of the country, just as she will house theatre, husband, at the center of a debate about racism for months. critics of the theaters, leadership color toxic and racist. the allegations were brought forward by a member of the company con young says a director targeted him with racist jokes. the theater did nothing until he took the story public before for us here, when the incident led to us getting outside help. who and that's via thus, thus we wanted an outside perspective on what happened for also i'm cooking to compile and document and make the events transparent, new lesson born or to come and kill war and transport. and my humble and an agency from berlin has been called in to help this,
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which shows once to transfer the theater with the help of workshops and a code of conduct me nice talk to and then look at what, what i structures do we need in place in order to successfully portray interesting societal changes to come through to the end of us and to speak to an audience that's increasingly diverse. that's good, that's, that's the reason it seems like theaters are having a big racism problem. now that this is the 1st time people are working there, who could even experience racism, it's clean mattress and the theme stage in berlin features theater from a black feminist perspective, one of the creators simone did it, or she considers anti racism workshops, a sign of helplessness she says the real goal, it's better working conditions. i tend to die. it's people really shifting their thinking. you can introduce anti racism policies. but
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in the enter so many different ways to beat someone down. what if it's something non racially motivated, abusive behavior. she says, has long been mistaken for genius stage direction, which is what i really wish. what happened the next time some big shot director starts yelling, and throwing descript around is for all the actors in the room to just look at him with astonishment and start giggling. and go take their lunch, break, holmes and institute. i'm cooking and transportation into an establishment against operate. only think we have to reach a clear agreement. yes, there is. are freedom. but freedom shouldn't mean infringing on somebody else's dignity pallets and actors have to learn that they aren't empty shells to be filled with some directors, ideas, lands on the there are people who have to voice their needs in order to do their work. well, then mentions and you can definitely all question listening to other ah,
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germany theaters have a lot of work ahead of them. the big discussion has only just gotten, ah, for news from the art world. now before we go, if you look here closely, you might just make out a face wearing a medical mask with a handful of pixel sold for more than $11000000.00. at sotheby's auction of digital art, the buyer will receive the face not as a physical artwork, but as a heavily encrypted and f p, a non fungible token the work titled crypto punk $75.00 to $3.00 is part of a series of 10000 spaces generated by canadian software developers, and in case you ever wondered how the rolling stones lived before they were famous, here is the answer. an exhibition in france. reconstruct the london apartment,
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the ban shared in the early 1900. 60, apparently, even the beatles thought it was disgusting when they came to visit the so called unzip. it also features the stones costumes instruments and all kinds of memorabilia. that's it for this edition of arts and culture. i'm a great weekend. the the the ah,
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the secret lie behind the discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore the fascinating world heritage site w world heritage 3. get the app now. tell me how it all feels jewish like that's what from the producer and bona and journalist in cuban money are exploring, delving into history and the present because i would never have thought that could be live. so my phone list is jewish in europe. the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d w. ah,
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me, oh, oh, the moon. because you know
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the me the news this is data live from the n g 7 late is pledge, 1000000000 curve at 19 vaccine doses for countries at the summit in england, i'll discuss the plan to vaccinate the whole world by the end of next year. kim and chancellor, i'm going to, michael says it's up to g 7. countries to show the world. been not just thinking of themselves. also coming up has germany's grain parties run out of steam a long ago. the greens were leading the poles which is weeks ago until national election.


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