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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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africa, south africa, both the energy initiative green came forth. john environmentally friendly, sorta generate clean energy from forward. and hydro power is always energy. africa in 60 minutes on the w. o. o keeping schools sink from covered 19 vaccines, one defense. but most kids are still waiting for the job. in the meantime, testing is critical. children often don't develop of the cases of the corona virus, but they can spread it, putting teachers and families at risk engine tests so far made the grade. but is
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there a better way to stop the spread of the disease and benches all and welcome to the show. some german schools are now using the lowly pop test. sounds like fun. not all pupils so enthusiastic about it, but better than a long swab up the nose. database, right? are you ready in 30 seconds? go then it's been loaded. so the 2nd, the children that this element 3 school in cologne. which was the swabs. then go to a lab where they are tested for comparative you method names to make testing easier for young children. and it's quite good. it's definitely better than i know. last test. a shindig elkins park. i find this quite handy because afterwards i feel
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safe about whether or not i have corona danny over the smokers house. but the taste is disgusting. i always tried to think of lollipops and after was tasty still doesn't leave my mouth from the rooms that caps takes the cotton swabs to the lab, logistical challenge. because another 500 schools, i'm bringing their test here in the lab, the swamps that tested using what's known as the pooling method. this means all cotton swabs from one class evaluated together in one test. this is because the lonely test is expensive to save, pays around 50 euros analysis each month. if you take 20 swaps are presenting 20 students and divide them by 50 euro's then you get a good price. additionally, we would have to add the costs, the logistics,
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and the materials use on, but i think what absolutely competitive with the rapid pace, if the pool is positive, individual retesting is required. generally, the left doesn't deliver the results until the next morning, but that would still be early enough to break a potential chain of infection set and then click father. that's what you need from us. we are multiplying the genetic material of this virus by effect of 30 trillion majority. this means that you can recognize the virus activity when it is very low fee. and not only when someone is highly infectious and already spreading that virus load among their peers. on a mac mentioned sometimes, here at the elementary school, several infections have been detected at an early stage using the lolly test. although covet cases are currently declining in germany. all the kids will continue using the test at least until the summer holidays. what and whole life is head of
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the traverse. this program it finds the foundation for innovative, new diagnostics, a global alliance for the sector. in some places in the world, kids are being tested before, all adults of fully immunized, but early in some, in the meantime, tests and alternative in preventing the spread of cobra. would you say? definitely testing is really one of the most powerful tools we have to control the spread of congress. we can use to test to diagnose new variance and it protects those who are not vaccinated. and you know, to control outbreaks. you need to test to trace. and so i played and a lot of the kids are not protected by the, maxine, we need these accurate, affordable and child friendly testing strategies. and we saw some more effective or efficient ways of doing it there in cheap ways is testing children though any more challenging than testing adults? definitely the challenge is,
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i mean many as one of the kids said today the year the natal swaps. they are very unpleasant and it's often not easy to be with the kids to or to get tested. so if the child is uncomfortable with attrition and runs around and then the sample quality might be below and then the test is reliable. so there's a lot about testing approaches really inefficient way to get a lot of kids to the same time. so it makes more sense than, than the usual nasal and throat swabs. are there other, any other alternatives in development? well, many different ways to to test and we are constantly looking for, for less invasive methods like the nasal swaps not than the ones that go further in . but we also looking at new innovations and through funding from the german government and we looking into work for instance, face masks where we capture the virus in the mosque. other groups are looking at
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artificial intelligence when you, when you cough into your smartphone, and then you have an interpretation. you can use smart watches to monitor temperature. so that's another thing in the pipeline. so i work a lot on testing for children in regular basis. and one of the challenges we have here is that rely on the students about the stuff you caught up from the long and it's really difficult for children. so here we actually have to sometimes put a tube into the nose and into the stomach and it stays there for 3 days. then you wash the stomach for for the bag and get the bacteria out there. so we've used stool or the proof, the child tentative sample and it works quite well. so there's some procedures have different challenges and children are always the hardest group and we need really yeah, you recent research and development to make this happen. but i'm sure a lot of people, including kids, would be quite enthusiastic about the multitasking mask can. can you tell us more
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about that, how effective that would be? well, it's early days and there's a lot of research being done at this university of less than you can by other groups, and it's already being installed in humans. sorry, in at the moment. yeah. so we think of the source for coverage. we are starting to see the best new results coming up also for for t b. so it's an opportunity to potentially test for multiple diseases using this approach. and you know, once we out of code, it might be useful for us virus or flu. that kind of thing, but more than whether or not we're talking about little, big human beings. the thing about rapid test is that they're quite likely to deliver those false positives. we've often spoken about this. so is there any way around that? well, you know, they are, we are looking
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a lot at the trying to find simpler and affordable tests and it's very important to, to always have evaluations that compare different tests against each other. so you actually choose the best kind of test in each class. we're working here with, with apartments across the world to, to make these independent evaluations. for instance, the university clinic in heidelberg and shoving to berlin and, you know, some tests up better than others. and, well, we basically need to, to try new approaches and. ready yeah, for me, the lollipop approach really seems to be a great invention with for the situation right now in germany with, with a relatively low incidence. the right thing or the whole of their head of the tuberculosis program. it finds the foundation for an innovative, new diagnostics with some innovations and testing and the importance of testing for children. thank you very much. thank you. he'll turn now his derek williams with
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your question on vaccines and variance fall. the current vaccines cruising selected variance to search oh, this is another of those internet rumors that gain some traction in the last few weeks, because somehow it sounds like it might be kind of plausible, but it actually isn't to explain why. i have to go over some of the basics. again, all viruses evolve randomly over time, as they replicate. and a minuscule number of those mutations will prove advantageous. let's say that one of them makes a mutant, a lot more transmissible. and humans, while law a potentially dangerous new variance over time, that variance offspring could start to supplant earlier versions of the virus,
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simply because the variance spreads to more unprotected people in a population within a short period of time because it's more transmissible. so when you start to look for that barrier, specifically in that population, you see increasing numbers of people getting it a search. but that's an effect that can be traced back to the variance ability to spread faster, and people with no immunity, not something that's caused by or driven by vaccines. what vaccines do is turn unprotected people into protected people with immune systems that are quickly able to shut down any subsequent infections with source code to whether that infection would have been with a fast spreading berry and or, or a slower spreading one. in other words,
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they keep us from turning into factories where the pathogen can replicate a lot, and the less the virus replicates, the fewer chances it has to mutate. so in the long run, vaccines will actually help prevent other potentially dangerous new barion from arising by slowing and stopping the spread of stars could be 2 and drastically reducing the number of times that it's able to make copies of itself. mm. finally, we asked children age between 6 and 15 in dozens of countries to take part in a project, recording their impressions of the crisis. we leave you with their drawings, that not only convey the sadness and loneliness, but also the admiration they have for doctors and nurses. i
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use the little guy that is the 77 percent the flat bone for african issues and share ideas. you know, we're just not afraid to capture. and then the african population is when class
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and young people clearly have the solutions. the future is 77 percent now every weekend on the w ah, how it how it all feels. the jewish life in europe. ah, that's what film producer, these kona and journalists are exploring, delving into history and the present. ah, some things are painful. many more surprising. everything is important because life is so much more than what you think,
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you know. i would never have thought that can be live, so i'm really close to remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. it's broad explorer and stickers. jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw, ah, the, the, the berlin international film festival is more than just red carpet star power and glamour. it's also one of the world's most political film festival. and one of the very topical films in this year is line up is the documentary courage about last year is crushed protests against fraudulent elections in bel arrives ahead of the
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screening bela russian opposition leader spedlari ticket knob sky. i was in berwin speaking out against her countries. authoritarian leader, alexander lucas shanker. she told reporters that lucas shank of political prisoners were no longer living, but merely existing. she also called for more international support for bella, rush and civil society and a free media. now tick enough guy and other opposition figures are supporting the release of the documentary courage and the film director, alex a poly and follows the fate of 3 actors who joined last year protests ah, scenes of peaceful protest in bella. ruth's last summer caught in the documentary courage. today, they look like images from another era. it's so painful for us to see our, our, our c t l means so beautiful. how to tell the people of the streets with our white
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race, whites, the flex, and to understand that we lose submitted to to win in over 2020. the film follows 3 actors turn protestors, dennis paval, and marianna. last summer, there were full of hope for change. now all 3 live in exile. me. they decided to leave valuables because it was not possible to walk and to live in this fear feeding. and they decided to moved to key if and right now, all of them are in exciting care after their participation in band demonstrations against dilution. president alexander luther shinkel, both possible and dennis were arrested and detained for 15 days at a prison in minsk. the person plays a central role encourage here is where families gather to find out the fate of their love once arrested or disappeared by the regime. as soon as they were
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released, dennis and puzzle left the country. marianna was the last to go. but she too saw the riding on the wall after a case of rain, air, slight romano percentage decided to take the flight from him to kia and she escaped with her husband and her young son to keep ah, ah, even before the recent crack down the actors were banned from performing after staging plays critical of dictatorship, making art inside delarue seems impossible at the moment, but beyond believes his country needs its artist. now, more than ever, his speaking not only about the theatre artist, but also about about paying about a writer, filmmaker. it's to it's
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a to try to help people to or can their fear or can their trauma really depression trauma and to say, please not lose the hope despite notes of resignation and despair. hope shines through encouraging an a key seen a young police officer fix a flower into his riot shield as a sign of solidarity with the protestors who cheer him to hear the film shows convincingly that the vast majority and bella, ruth reject, alexander lucas. shank. and that despite the violence and repression, there is real momentum for change.
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and when you hold that was curious to see him will show me the whole truth of this beautiful fighter, full of bill that was sent society again, this sources monster and will cry aloud about this topic. and i'm really sure this will changed as a political situation. ah, censorship is also growing stronger in hong kong. the government, they're announced new measures banning any films. it considers subversive. earlier this year, hong kong authorities stopped a sold out premier of a protest documentary and pulled the opening film from hong kong international film festival. it was also the 1st time in over 50 years that hong kong television
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didn't broadcast the academy award. a film about the islands protest was one of the nominated well after sexual harassment allegations put his career on hold. oper legend, placido domingo is making a controversial come back in his home country, spain. ah, this jimmy go accepted an award at madrid's way or theatre after singing the night before standing ovation. conservative politicians have welcomes domingo back to spain while leading feminists say it sends the wrong signal. domingo resigned as the head of the l. a opera amid accusations of misconduct toward female performers, the 80 year old has denied any abusive power. domingo isn't the only one accused of abusing power here in germany. some of the countries renowned theaters are also
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in the spotlights for alleged incidents of racism, sexism and megalomania. stories abound a theater director is miss treating actors. and since the pandemic had more and more actors have been speaking out, ah, germany's theatres were closed for months. but both pages were empty. behind the scenes, the debates been raging about sexism, racism, and abuse of power. ah, what's gone wrong? a german theatre ah, club to enfold? the similar question might be, what's gone well, because essentially everything's gone wrong as to other world leaders going to change and i would be presumptuous if i said i knew what it will look like in the end rest of the some 1st or 6. i am a dad is an actress in berlin. she says she's never experienced as much racism and sexism as she did in the theater, detach them. it's 75 percent of theaters are run by old white men. i have no
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problem with white men, of course. not but it raises the question, how are women being portrayed in the theater? how are certain roles being played? which women get cas hadn't to target the maxine gorky theater in berlin from a take him, a debt has often performed a future known for highlighting the role of migrants and german society. but it's director sherman lang half has been accused of angry outburst. nepotism, some say the theaters dominated by a culture of fear. tanya needs to best of men. women aren't better people than men . this is about a systemic problem that it's not about peoples gender or skin color or family background in the whole family would have us been hinted to. i, the gorky theater, seen us giving a voice to the oppressed as a space for social criticism. call for growing for it to live up to its reputation . me escaped,
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loiter isn't. there are people who have to capabilities the skills and the political know how to take over and lead certain theaters from to, to apathy by name and to life on the other side. of the country, just off, chargeable house theatre has been at the center of a debate about racism for months. critics of the theaters, leadership color toxic and racist. the allegations were brought forward by a member of the company, con yama says, a director target at him with racist jokes. the theater did nothing until he took the story public before for one day to see when the incident led to us getting outside help. who in the us via thus thus we wanted an outside perspective on what happened for an awesome i'm cooking to compile and document and make the events transparent. just name us born or to come
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and kill war and transport them to my home. born, an agency from berlin has been called in to help this we chose once to transfer the theater with the help of workshops and the code of conduct me the most nice talk zion. and often look at what, what structure do we need in place in order to successfully portray interesting societal changes to come to us and to speak to an audience that's increasingly diverse. look, that's happened. the reason it seems like theaters are having a big racism problem. now that this is the 1st time people are working there, who could even experience racism. click on the inside of a stage in berlin, features theater from a black feminist perspective. one of the creators simone did it. she considers anti racism workshops, a sign of helplessness. she says the real goal,
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it's better working conditions in the day, it's likely people really shifting their thinking. you can introduce anti racism policies. but in the enter so many different ways to beat someone down. what if it's something not racially motivated? abusive behavior. she says, has long been mistaken for genius stage direction. but i'm going to is what i really wish. what happened the next time, some big shot director starts yelling and throwing the script around is for all the actors in the room to just look at him with astonishment and start giggling and go take their lunch, break, holmes. and if it hit and cookies and fun secretion is low, but us been against the operator. i think we have to reach a clear agreement to you. yes, there is. are like freedom. but freedom shouldn't mean infringing on somebody else's dignity pallets and actors have to learn that there aren't empty
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shells to be filled with some directors, ideas lands on. and there are people who have to voice their needs in order to do their work well. so notice dimensions, and you can definitely all question listening to others. ah, germany theaters have a lot of work ahead of them. the big discussion has only just gotten, ah, some news from the art world. now before we go, if you look here closely, you might just make out a face wearing a medical mask. well, this handful of pixels sold for more than $11000000.00 at sotheby's auction of digital art. the buyer will receive the face not as a physical artwork, but as a heavily encrypted and f t, a non fungible token the work titled crypto punk 75 to 3 is part of a series of 10000 spaces generated by canadian software developers.
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and in case you ever wondered how the rolling stones lived before they were famous, here is the answer. an exhibition in france. reconstruct the london apartment, the ban shared in the early 1900 sixty's. apparently, even the beatles thought it was disgusting when they came to visit the so called unzip. it also features the stones costumes instruments and all kinds of memorabilia. that's it for this edition of arts and culture have a great weekend the the the the
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the africa south africa both are new energy, the initiative green k port, john environmental friendly startup, generate green energy from solar and hydro power is always energy. pico africa in 30 minutes on w. o. 2016. that's a good bunch of the clean cars. i want to see if germany was the last few years have been quite right fully and such
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a very dumb home when it comes to jermel be it and of course always look right in the birches, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of $900.00 on approved, i got to be in the news. every person never comes, but when you're feeling more together, you'll realize it's culture. another way of living. are you ready to meet the german then join me, right? just do it on the w. oh, can you hear me now? yes, yes, we can hear you. and how long is germantown? we bring you angular mackerel, and you've never had to have a full prize just so what is who is medical really what? move back and walk. also talk to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike. and how is the world's most? how for woman shaking her leg is paid join us for macros last the the
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ah ah, this is g w. new the live from berlin, g 7 leaders pledge, one of billy and cobit 900 vaccines for poor countries. at their summit in england's bill, discuss a plan to vaccinate the whole world. by the end of next year, german chancellor ongoing medical says it's up to the g 7 countries to show the world. they're not just thinking of themselves. also coming up on the show as
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a germany as green.


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