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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2021 4:00am-4:46am CEST

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life is so much more than what you think, you know, i would never have thought that could be live, so open and so freely and remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. this broad explorer and stickers, jewish senior, the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw, the in the me. this is d w. a news and these are our top stories. world leaders have wrapped up the 1st day of the g 7 summit in the united kingdom. the gathering of the biggest global economies is focused on ending the pandemic and fighting climate change. the group aims to supply 1000000000 doses of cove in 1900 vaccines to 4 countries. you have
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a critic say their pledges still fall short of what's needed. hundreds of israelis and palestinians of protest in the possible eviction of palestinians in east jerusalem. a group of far right is rarely settlers is trying to use in israeli law to expel the arab families from their homes. the dispute help spark days of deadly violence between israel and the hamas. milton group in gaza. health officials in brazil say nearly half the residence of rio de janeiro have received at least their 1st cove in 1900 shot. the city only began its inoculation campaign last month and had been quick to loosen restrictions. rios vaccination rate as well ahead of the national average. but hospital workers warned there's no room for complacency. w news you can find more on our website, d, w dot com the
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ah, the, the, the berlin international film festival is more than just red carpets. star power and glamour. it's also one of the world's most political film festival. and one of the very topical films in this years line up is the documentary courage about last year is crushed protests against fraudulent elections and bellow roofs ahead of the screening. bella, russian opposition, leader spedlari, ticket knob sky. i was in berlin speaking out against her countries. authoritarian leader, alexander lucas shanker, she told reporters that lucas shank, those political prisoners were no longer living, but merely existing. she also called for more international support for bella rush and civil society and a free media. now tick enough guy and other opposition figures are supporting the
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release of the documentary courage. and the film director, alex a poly on follows the fate of 3 actors who joined last years protests ah, scenes of peaceful protests in bella. ruth's last summer caught in the documentary courage. today. they look like images from another era. it's so painful for us to see our, our, our cpr many so beautiful. how to tell the people of the streets with our wives, a race whites the flex and to understand that we lose digital when in over 2020, the film follows 3 actors turn. protestors, dennis paval and marianna, last summer, there were full hope for change. now all 3 live in exile. me. they decided to leave barrows because it was not possible to walk and to live
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in this air fear feeding. and they decided to moved to key if and right now, all of them are in exile and give the after their participation in ban demonstrations against dilution. present, alexander lucas. shank, though both possible and dennis were arrested and detained for 15 days at a prison in minsk. the person plays a central role encourage. here is where families gather to find out the fate of their love once arrested or disappeared by the regime. as soon as they were released, dennis and puzzle left the country. marianna was the last to go. but she too, saw the riding on the wall. after a case of rain, air slide, room and percentage decided to take the flight from him to kia and she escaped with her husband and her young son to kia
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ah ah. even before the recent crack down, the actors were banned from performing after staging plays critical of dictatorship, making art inside bell. ruth seems impossible at the moment. but leon believes his country needs its artist now, more than ever. his speak not only about the theatre artist, but also about about painter, about a writer, filmmaker. it's to it's a to try to help people to or can their fear overcame their trauma, really depression trauma and to say, please not lose a hope you chose your despite notes of resignation and despair. hope shines through. encouraged and a key seen,
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a young police officer take the flower into his riot shield as a sign of solidarity with the protesters, who cheer him as to hear the film shows convincingly that the vast majority and bella ruse reject alexander lucca shank. and that despite the violence and repression, there is real momentum for change. the hope that was curious to see him will show me the whole truth of this pitiful fight from below since society, again this sources monster and will cry aloud about this topic. and i'm really sure this will changed as
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a political situation. ah, censorship is also growing stronger in hong kong. the government there announced new measures banning any films it considers subversive. earlier this year, hong kong authorities stopped a sold out premier of a protest documentary and pulled the opening film from hong kong international film festival. there was also the 1st time over 50 years that hong kong television didn't broadcast the academy award. a film about the islands protests was one of the nominee well, after sexual harassment allegations put his career on hold. oper legend, placido domingo is making a controversial come back in his home country, spain. ah, this jimmy go accepted an award at madrid's way or theatre after singing the
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night before standing ovations. conservative politicians have welcomed domingo back to spain while leading feminists say it sends the wrong signal. wester domingo resigned as the head of the l. a. opera, amid accusations of misconduct toward female performers, the 80 year old has denied any abuse of power. domingo isn't the only one accused of abusing power here in germany. some of the countries, renown theaters are also in the spotlight for alleged incidence of racism, sexism and megalomania. stories about the theatre directors miss treating actors. and since the pandemic had more and more actors have been speaking out, the germany theatres were closed for months. but both stages were empty. behind the scenes, the debates been raging about sexism, racism,
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and abuse of power. what's gone wrong? a germans theaters, ah, a lot of the similar question might be, what's gone? well, because essentially everything's gone wrong and meters going to change and i would be presumptuous if i said i knew what it will look like in the end to do some 1st aussie. i much am it. that is an actress in berlin. she says she's never experienced as much racism and sexism as she did in the theatre. detective and it's 75 percent of theaters are run by old white men. i have no problem with white men, of course not, but it raises the question, how are women being portrayed in the theater? how are certain roles being played? which women get cas hadn't 2 trips to maxine gorky theatre in berlin from a take him, a debt has often performed a future known for highlighting the role of migrants and german society. but it's
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director sherman lang half has been accused of angry outbursts and nepotism. some say the theaters dominated by a culture of fear. tanya, best men, women aren't better people than men. this is about a systemic problem, that it's not about peoples gender or skin color, or family background of us in the whole side that has been hinted on to the gorky theater as seen as giving a voice to the oppressed as a space for social criticism. call for growing for it to live up to its reputation . me escaped, lloyd to people who have the capabilities, the skills, and the political know how to take over and leap certain theaters and to, to apathy by name on to life on the other side of the country. just off schulhaus theater has been up to center of a debate about racism for months. critics of the theaters, leadership color toxic and racist. the allegations were brought forward by
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a member of the company con young says a director targeted him with racist jokes. the theater did nothing until he took the story public before for one day to see when the incident led to us getting outside help. who in the sphere, that's what we wanted an outside perspective on what happened for an awesome i'm looking to compile and document and make the events transparent. just nameless, born, or documented war and transplant. my humble and an agency from berlin has been called in to help this we chose once to transfer the theater with the help of workshops and a code of conduct me this nice talk to and look at what, what a structure is. do we need in place in order to successfully portray interesting
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societal changes to come to the end of us and to speak to an audience that's increasingly diverse? that's good, that's the reason it seems like theaters are having a big racism problem. now that this is the 1st time people are working there, who could even experience racism. assessments as how long does a female stage in berlin, features theater from a black feminist perspective. one of the creators simone did. she considers anti racism workshops, a sign of helplessness. she says the real goal, it's better working conditions. ah. in the day it's likely people really shifting their thinking. you can introduce anti racism policies. but in the enter so many different ways to beat someone down. what if it's something not racially motivated, abusive behavior. she says, has long been mistaken for genius stage direction,
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which is what i really wish. what happened the next time, some big shot director starts yelling and throwing the script around. it's for all the actors in the room to just look at him with astonishment and start giggling and go take their lunch, break, holmes. and if a kid and cooking and fun secretion done as well, but us been against the operate, only think we have to reach a clear agreement just yes, there is. are like freedom. but freedom shouldn't mean infringing on somebody else's dignity, pallets and actors have to learn that there aren't empty shells to be filled with some directors. ideas. there people who have to voice their needs in order to do their work well. so no mentions and even dismissal at all. question, listening to other, to me, germany's theaters have a lot of work ahead of them. the big discussion has only just gotten ah,
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from news from the art world. now before we go, if you look here closely, you might just make out a face wearing a medical mask. well, this handful of pixels sold for more than $11000000.00 at sotheby's auction of digital art. the buyer will receive the face not as a physical artwork, but as a heavily encrypted and f t, a non fungible token the work titled crypto punk 75 to 3 is part of a series of 10000 spaces generated by canadian software developers. and in case you ever wondered how the rolling stones waved before they were famous, here is the answer. an exhibition in france. reconstruct the london apartment, the ban shared in the early 1900 sixty's. apparently, even the beatles thought it was disgusting when they came to visit the so called unzip. it also features the stones costumes instruments and all kinds of
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memorabilia. that's it for this edition of arts and culture. have a great weekend me what secrets lie behind was the discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites. the v w world heritage 3. get the app now. young moroccan emigrants. they know the police will stop. they knew that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal. like going back is not an option. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d. w. the me.
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ah, me ah . chocolate has been important for so many reasons before it became chocolate as we know it today. it was used as currency in the form of cow see what we commonly called culture. it has been used in sacrifices and has been used for legit purposes . cow, cocoa and chocolate are substances with which we celebrated through which we have morn. it has really been an economic engine. me
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chocolate is something that some people consider inspection, that tail scarf down that costs about $0.99. that's not something that they really think much about me. and then there's this emerging movement toward cross chocolate and toward and understanding that this is a substance with a history, a story, a legacy war or a place. and it's, it's a substance you celebrated and it's one that is now being created very mindfully by a number of different makers. it's one where the genetics beam are being considered and ways they hadn't done before. me, it's about like how this chart that was made, where it comes from, where the teams come from was making these been one of the big changes. i see that needs to happen in the industry. the perceived value of cocoa beans needs to change . so the great thing about the chocolate industry, it's just we're, we're really at the sort of the infancy stage. i think we're
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a very small percentage of the market. and so one of the things is, it's not just about trying to make more chocolate. it's about percent and it's about really changing perception that way you make that happen is you like you bring it into existence by leading by example. and that's the thing that i have about rocca parliament thing. i love about friends, broad, the thing i love about the dairy taylor talk a lot like all of these guys are leading by example, because like, you know, they're making a great product. but they're also really open and talking to a lot of people. actually think that really can change the world in a very fundamental way by bringing money to people who need money. there's only so much we can do with our heads down in our businesses we're, we're a small business team which is incredibly difficult to try to divert our or finite
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energy into the groundwork that needs to be laid. there is a very, in depth process to how chocolate made. and each one of us has our own refined purpose and process on how we do that. i don't want to go down there. i don't want to take advantage of anybody. i want to be able to pay to farmers exactly what they deserve. business can be done in a way, in which benefits everyone. i'm going to go find cow. i'm not going to do it because of the promise of economic reward. i'm going to do it because somebody has to do it. we put everything into this business. so we want to make sure that every piece of it is something that we understand and know about and has some connection to. and so much of the flavor gets that by what the farmers do on the farm. and it just seems like it makes a lot of deal to go down to these origins. get to know some of the farmers that
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we're working with. get to know the people behind the, the product that we're purchasing. i think there's a lot more than just something that put in your mouth and you taste. i mean, there are so many lives behind that chocolate car. ah me, i'm going to change for work. now i have to put my son wanted me ah, the but i will have, i have to work with 3 sack my me or good 1. 1. and then the other
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in the middle that so i have to work your magic, selecting organic cut. now it's a lot of work. he who he, he'll get everything. yep. if you get more out of it, it'll let us know to me m, i would say we want the yellow ones or because they have to move over. ah, the monkey. ah. let me know when you are in somebody's work or in the city. if you have to do what you are told here,
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i work on my land, i decide ok, let me die. and why does life give me this line? and if i continue to treat her badly, what will i eat? but as this happens in krakow as well in the conventional farm are the ones that aren't organic, they use a lot of side bit and they no longer respect or don't sense. you know, they will use these. there are a lot of organisms in the store that are working the land. i don't see them, but that's when people say that micro work, the land well, and we kill them when we use pesticides because the land gives life to all of that . they need me, there's a lot of knowledge that it's already been loss. we are not aware of what
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is going on and we are not aware of why these for us, or we are not aware why we need to keep the trees funding. now, we are not aware of why we don't, we should not feel dams or contaminated. what information is something that we are lucky? we know that foods times minds and stomachs and people. so we through to food. we can let people know why these does the for the amazon for us. it's important. ah
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yes, the 1st time that i'm going to count. so we're going to meet a group of people that have been part of a program where they're been giving a call over the last few years. so they're just starting really with going going were in the center of origin for how and what we wanted to see if we can find some of the local varieties at the town, each of which are going to have a different flavor profile. and see if we can find some that have potential to be used to make very i've done a lot of different things in my life. i went to grad school out in los angeles,
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and when i finished, i thought i was gonna move to new york at that point. but i ended up taking what was going to be a summer vacation to mexico and turned into 2 years kicking around. central and south america totally fell in love with it, with people and with the nature always had in the back of my mind, the idea that i wanted to come back to latin america and try to do work that would help to save a bit rain forced i'd seen a lot of the destruction that i've been going on over the years. i work with the cow farmers here in peru and in many countries, and the farmers who are able to keep their account get a better price for their account. are going to be able to have a more bio diverse i report to system on their land. this is our friend steve, who is visiting our community. very good. so our friend steve also has experience working with us and i speak with out the microphone. yes. so just i think everyone
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can hear me. yeah. it, when it gets there, whoa, whoa, whoa. i work with cal producers in many countries from mexico, all the way to bolivia, livia, if you're our hondo i am working to search for a native cook now. local cow, wild cow. mooney, like the kind you have to stay. ok, you know, look at it, was it a, what we want to do is, which of these cows will work will make a good chocolate. but i said own way. and so i get done with in there, here in the middle of a cow country of origin. the cow comes from the amazon region in both info and drama. so if we could find a good cut out here, it would be unique as of us, go only. you also want to protect the plan because after all,
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there your i like both. okay, so you have to realize it won't happen on one day to the next. i see the way i'm on . yeah. now remember the name was k will scott to see 1st, we need to check the quality window. then we need fermentation boxes and to learn to ferment, well, you can have the best way to calen the world, but if it isn't well fermented, it isn't worth anything. that long. can i reuse the cocoa beans wedding? otto loud in here to assure you that they cross pollination is just another technique and you can use it with a lot of cow pods in it who has wild cow on their land. i yeah. so these are very old taco bell or high school. what is that? it does this guy's going to take it where he says he has an old country. so we're going to see what kind of
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a cow he has. hopefully it's something that might be interesting. let me know where the plant that and then 72007 is very old. going to what does the hard look like when it is right? do you have one that is ready? there's a right one right there. whereas the right one, i want to see, but are you sure it's the same as this one? look at this pod is the same as this one. it doesn't have a point like this. i see. no, i haven't checked. see, that's what we have to know because it could be a different one. it will taste different or if it is one is a little different. you can see it smoother anyway. have a slender neck. look at this one. it has one like that. can we go over there?
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well just take one, not all of it. and we're going to look at the color of the seeds 2 will have to look closely at all. we need to take about $20.00 to $25.00 beans of each guy. for the me. i did you get to see the tree? this is this is from the wild. they are native to hear all of
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these trees here. 38 years old. all of these on this hector of the same over. let's go picking. yeah. let's try me. there's always farmers that are pushing to figure out how they can produce better quality, but they're usually the exception. we have farmers here who have a cow. i have chocolate makers coming next week who want to buy that account?
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nobody says they don't so my name is esperanza unit d. so he hit and i'm the manager of the agrarian coffee cooperative and go on. i have been at the columbus in 20 and raised my goals since i joined the cooperative . i'm not really here for so many years when i joined it was for one year, however, i stayed for the years because we had to investigate how le quarter to prove it. but in order to sell that, so we have joined the trade market and that's what we want for the cross chocolate makers. you can and to understand that they are small businesses and we are as well with small scale producers working through the cooperative learning together. okay,
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level sense because the market price goes down by sometimes the price is so low that the pharma simply cut down the calvin trans banana. and if they continue to be pulled over, each member has about one or 2 hector's small producers. they are not producing food is no longer on this group, and we're here at the go and send my team the if i'm go, i've been coming here for the last 3 years working with a cooperative. when i make my visit to prove to help them improve their quality, if we can get the installations improved, then our odds are going to go up tremendously. but no matter what material they have in the field, how good difficult might be if we're not doing a good post harvest process. if they're not doing good fermentation,
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slow drawing of the cow. that flavor is not gonna really come out for the chocolate makers and it's not going to be acceptable for sale to export. did you know that can tell beans are fermented, they have to be from it. otherwise they can be 90. count the way to switch. but it's not the for the seeds that we're after, for a letter from the, from the station. ah, we found out each job maker has their own unique methods for these brothers. sure. and other flavors are often added here before i bring. ready it in tomorrow, i know you're chuckle, it is ready to have you never know why all commercial chuckle needs kind of
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the big industrial guys normally just burn worst case and the quality of the venus in. right. and and now you know, how much time and cherry takes to make so go for, i mean, joy chuckle, traveling with dan and neat and ryan, i mean those are all 3 of those guys are, are so great. they're generous when they're their knowledge. and so we can't buy a contain luca cow on our own. we're just not big enough to do that. and so working together really is the only way that any of us can, can buy a container loan on our own. i
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the much more optimistic than i was initially thinking i'd be upon the visit was really great to hear all the stuff that they've been taking to separate out been we were talking about what color tarps were going to be best for insulating the boxes overnight. here when it's, when it gets pretty cold, we're talking about how many days it should be before you start to see lines in the beam. you're talking about how many days the beans would fit in the top boxes. bucket for bags for storing where cow and these are sort of the nuanced questions that are really gonna like, they're really gonna push this forward and take them to, to a new level and better help us understand what the ideal way for them to process. because it's going to be looking at looking really good morning carries of fruit
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and like a lot of fruit, it comes in a lot of different bright scientists and get careful argue about this all the time . but there are roughly 11 different varieties of count. most of the research up and, you know, having focused on finding, including the ending these risks, industrial trucks. will it make one more yield less focus and labor who craft chuckled makers are trying to push back to keep well, variety with their interesting flavor processor life and supported around mentioned base and embed contains the largest amount of url by right out, which will it's many scientists to believe that old guy could have originated from your room while cow is found in the range. but as far as you are, these are loom variety cow. thus it's when he's growing under the rain forest
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canopy in the shade of the l. radio history tree. this makes it such a great crowd because like many other fruit, vegetables in lifestyle, you don't need to cut down. there are regional range for a $3.00 to $3.00 by yeah. somebody was on the list of the chocolate makers are asking about the history of the tree and where this material came from, who grew it and. busy how it happened, where the seed came from? the truck for letting me. mon. yes, but the was brought from the wild and that seed was planted here. hey. it's hard to say who planted it. we don't really know. it could have been a land. we don't really know why didn't they want to know who planted it, and when this one here is about 10 years in the know, so anytime i arrive on a sourcing especially improve,
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there's always this incredible energy going to get together with the other talk makers, matt, and elaine ryan and not one white tud straw happening on the down and telling people like this is how you need to do this is how you need to do. why. and i'm going to make you the best chocolate growers in the world. i think as a craft shop and industry, we have a lot of work to do to build infrastructure, to support the farmers here. it's not just one group or one person that, that there, you know, we are the sort of faith of potentially an enormous market for them. so the amazon is a bio diverse place on earth. it's also the place where we have huge
4:39 am
for us there which are helping us and maintain carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. if we were to pick the worst place on earth to grow plantation crops, it would be here in the summer. told us is the 30th all of the areas around what used to be before. so today they are huge lanes without tree. you know, sort of, one of the trainees have been lost not being in the forest thing. all of the trees can be cut down that continues are doing it because there is a good price to demanding more pineapple thing. pineapple has a lot of health benefits. now they're going to be in the tunnel. feels the spreading to more areas here. but if it's causing deforestation that is causing in logical imbalances here in front of me,
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thomas here with a cow. we are trying to reach some humidity environment. it is so dry that will eventually end up being a desert. but by growing cow, we are trying to avoid this because content is from the forest, it is native of the forest. it's not, or monday i did, or at least 300000 d far as detectors that don't have any economic value anymore. these areas need to be re far as did within a forestry system, which tech, how plays the primary role tech, how it works well, and as far as 3 systems as of 2 or 3 years ago, we have approximately 25000 productive hectic in the region ah ah
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ah good in flowering nicely. a lot of flour. no, sorry more we don't know get in with them, but we don't want to knock them down. it could be that this one is the best. it could be this one isn't right. we don't think this one is ready. we want a bright yellow id, you know? yes, if you call her father or you look at this s and no one, whereas the tree and nothing where the tree is over there on the hill alone. yeah, this is the native cook out here. this is we brought in. right. these are the seeds i've been asking my dad to bring some more up to me. in a lot of these communities they used to live much more no matic they. they were
4:42 am
coming from different areas and they kind of settled in this region. a lot of them just in the last 20 years or so. interested in with the oh, i love 2 of those days. i i very 40 to 43. i don't know how many i know when you're 30 from the other. i don't
4:43 am
know exactly. what can we afford? for me we need to get 25 so that we can fill it back. that's the 1st priority. we're getting more than 20. we've got, we've got a sample of a single writing here, which is awesome. me got another one of them over here. ah, we had enough to produce a sample of this single variety of people from here, which is fantastic. we've been trying to get it now for the last couple of weeks and haven't had having a tree with enough but ah, ah, i
4:44 am
use the the this is our main variety. and then this one, i don't know what we're going to get. that's not a very big harvest.
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go back i 3, when you get germany too much, i didn't know how much you might just approach my job in the us. i need to be so the got a little too hot, sitting on the balcony and i lie up, but there wasn't much of a choice. that's what we had. so we're looking at a decrease in the sugars in the pulp and we're looking at the been started to oxidize some of them or even starting to germinate. and to top it off the cow that both come in today to the for mentary here is not coming in till tomorrow. so we have to let the sit out for another 12.


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