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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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the make up your own mind. w. need for mines. the. the news . this is the w why from berlin, nato takes a tougher line against russia and china, for the 1st time and native leaders declare beijing, a challenge to global maturity. and they put moscow on notice will get analysis from washington, d. c. over coming up on the show. i think it is sensible to wait just a little longer. u. k. prime minister of foreign johnson extends england. pandemic
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locked down for 4 more weeks, became the public stomach. another month of restrictions was on she on a trial. and mars deposed liter appears in court on charges that included smuggling walkie talkies human rights group say the charges are focus ah hello, i'm claire richardson, a very warm welcome to the show. me the leaders have said the rising influence of china has become a systemic challenge to the global order, but they stopped short of labeling china a threat, and a tough, tough new stance was set out in a joint statement following mondays, nato's summit in brussels, us president joe biden was eager to repair relations with allies at the meeting. it
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was joe biden's, 1st nature summit. you may keep your marks off. now please turn and watch the digital tower. and the us president arrived in brussels with a promise to reaffirm the united states commitment to a military alliance's previous feud with this day. and then it was down to business, identifying old and new threats to the alliance. russia and china both seeking to drive a wedge in our transatlantic solidarity. we're seeing an increase in malicious cyber activity. it's the 1st time the alliance has brenda china as the security threat. joe biden has made pushing back against also italian regimes, a keystone of his presidency, and especially on china. he wants nato to show a united front. the allies are concerned about china's growing economic,
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diplomatic, and military might, which is why be now described china's behavior as this is tamika challenge. but leaders also stress that nature seeking to work with china when it comes to global threats, such as climate change. an approach german chancellor medical strongly supports the same, but when looking at cyber threats, hybrid registered the corporation between russia and china. i believe you just can't ignore china. we shouldn't overstate in my view, so we have to find the right balance. looming large at the summit was also the scrambled to complete nato's with tool from a gun. it's done. after the united states, surprise partners, but ordering us troops home off the almost 20 years natal military operations are coming to an end. we pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives or being
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wounded. please put your marks on joe biden. we'll move on to geneva this week, where he needs russian president vladimir putin to come with a message that the u. s. is ready to respond if russia continues its military build up on nato's eastern flag. and we can get more from dw correspondent oliver's ballot who joined us now from washington, d. c. over strong words there from joe biden, as he prepares to meet with russia's president vladimir putin on a wednesday. i'll tell you more about what we can expect from that meeting in geneva will clear we will see a very different approach. first and foremost, joe biden said earlier today, as we also heard in the report that the u. s. is not looking for a conflict, but he wants to make clear, well, the red lines are so you said russia is a worthy adversary called food and also bright and tough in the psychology behind
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that, if you will, is that he's trying to show he's taking putin seriously, he also softened his tone as you remember a little earlier he called to put in a killer. so we haven't heard any of that rhetoric anymore. and that opens the door for negotiations with russia. president biden, once a cooperation, or at least offer the such a cooperation in areas of common interest. but he also wants to make clear the times of the trauma era when the u. s. handed out a card last to russia that those times are over now. and that election meddling ransomware attempts also any aggressive behavior in general that these times are over. and if not, russia will face the consequences. and we also heard dana taking a tougher line against which, against china, and it does appear that bite has also been successful in getting me to leaders to speak with a united voice on confronting beijing on its trade in human rights practices. what exactly will we see from nato to that end? well, nato in general sees china as an adversary, as well in the summit,
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tackled the role china a place in the world. and we've seen that in the final communique that was issued by the nato members voicing a strong concern about the rise of china that had potentially could pose a threat to the world. audra a tool tele terry and regina that already has the largest navy that it's military is still growing. and also china aggressively growing it's geo political influence and at the same time breaching human rights undermining democracy and hong kong in taiwan. and so the message of natal was clear, it was a message of deterrence really, that the block would stand firm and that it's based on a strong foundation. now this summit was joe biden chance to reassure european partners. the u. s. is committed to the alliance after souring tires under his predecessor donald trump. has he been successful? or clear? you have to remember where we're coming from and we're coming from a time where just 4 years ago, the president of the united states president trump
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a call natal obsolete in brussels. and there are those words have left their mark. i'm going to hear now those words of affirmation by joe biden, by the leader of the largest military power in the block. that was extremely important. it was an extremely important message of unit view looking at china and russia. so yes, on that and by the was successful. but of course there are many on answered questions such as military spending just a single old one, a germany for instance, as still admit its financial goals doesn't correspond to all of resolve in washington dc. always a pleasure. and we can turn our attention now to some other stories that are making headlines at this hour. thousands of activists have protested in budapest against legislation, would ban any content or crane or promoting homosexuality or sex reassignment surgery is expected to be approved by the hungarian parliament on tuesday. prime
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minister victor or benz conservative party unveiled the legislation last week. a bipartisan group of congressional leaders in washington, d. c. have held a moment of silence on the steps of the u. s. capital to remember the estimated 600000 lives lost in the us. she. the corona virus pandemic. on monday president joe biden acknowledge the milestone and urged more americans to get vaccinated. well, there is a fair bit of disappointment across england, as british prime minister boris johnson has announced a 4 week delay to the plan to lift most krona virus restrictions on june 21st august. the caution was needed because of a surge in new cases driven by the delta variant. originally detected in india. the average number of people being admitted to hospice or in england has increased by 50 percent week on week and by 61 percent in the northwest,
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which may be the shape of things to come. because we know the remorseless logic of exponential growth. and even if the link between infection hospitalization has been weakened, it hasn't been severed. and even if the link between hospitalization and death has also been weakened, i'm afraid numbers in intensive care in i see you are also rising. and d, w reporter had a homo joined me now in the studio for more. and i thank you so much for joining us . what kind of public reaction have we seen to this 4 week delay? well, the brits were expecting this so called freedom day for a really long time, the prime minister and i sent months ago. so, and it was, and it was really kind of advertised as this end of the pandemic for the u. k. so as you can imagine, quite a lot of heartbreak, a bit of anger. the brits like the rest of us really just want everything to go
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back to normal. the economic follow from this delay will be pretty big. be industry mostly affected, will be nightclub night life since they've had to remain closed since the start the pandemic last year, whereas bars and restaurants, etc, you know, i to reopen, so they've invested thousands of pines into their reopening, they're going to be overburdened with debt for on the other hand, i think a lot of people agree that this is really the only viable option for the u. k. right now, the infections are really increasing at a rapid pace and no one wants the country to go back into a lockdown. so the agree that the government kind of has to make this decision, certainly not. and we did just hear johnson, they're making a compelling case for why this was necessary. but here's playing a little bit more why this is such a concern, is this delta variant which 1st emerged in india more dangerous? well, it's probably important to mention that scientists are still doing a lot of research here right now. so they're not 100 percent. sure. on whether or
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not it's definitely more dangerous, but what they do know is that it's much more infectious. it's at least 60 percent more infectious than the u. k. very. and that we saw across europe earlier this year. and that's no lead to over 96 percent of u. k. is cases coming from the south variance and their risk of hospitalization is also higher, especially among young people, which is quite interesting. over half of people and hospitals with cool, that right now are between the ages of 30 and 50. and neither could well be because older people have already been vaccinated. they're essentially immune to the virus . but that is then a problem for overcrowding and hospitals. the good news is that the vaccine seems to be working, especially biotech, medina. they still have high protection rates over this new variance. but nonetheless, those are startling of figures. as we know, viruses do not respect national borders. i mean, do we expect that this variant is going to make its way to the rest of europe?
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most likely, probably important to mention that the reason why it's so ramp in the u. k is because the u. k. was the last country to battle flight from india, which is where the barrier originates it, of course. but they do expect that the very will make its way across europe. there are a few cases already. also in china, in the us. scandinavia has quite a few cases, experts to expect that this will become the dominant strain across europe. their countries and governments are just trying to kind of by tying, just in the hopes that they can get as many of their own people vaccinated as possible. before this very, it makes its way over. countries like germany have a really strict travel ban on flight coming from the u. k right now. and that's so that they can get as many people vaccinated and that enough people we will be protected and that the health care systems won't be overwhelmed when the strain eventually makes its way around. so buying some time like the u. k is doing,
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these are the reporter had a whole thank you so much for joining us in the studio. with that updates we're going to turn our attention it to me and mar, now where the trial of deposed later on. so she got underway on monday, 4 months after she was ousted from power in a military coup. she faces a long list of charges including breaking cove, it restrictions and illegal possession of walkie talkies. her lawyers and rights groups dismissed the charges as bogus. and the military's attempt to cement power. this photo of unsung suit she attending a hearing in may, is the only known image of her since the military coup. even her legal team has very limited access to her. this 1st trial is about whether the 75 year old violated social distancing rules and illegally imported to walkie talkies. to cut on sounds good helped me and she has a toothache but still looks as fresh as ever by the former de facto head of
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government will face more serious charges in later trials. she's being accused of a legit incitement to sedition and corruption. i think it's a parody of the legal process. i think most of the charges against drawing sensitivity and against a lot of the other political prisoners, more than $4000.00 is basically justification for an illegal q data. and most of them shouldn't be taken seriously. this is, this is pure, repressive theater. that's all it is. we're back on the streets of john gong on monday, calling for democracy. since february, thousands have been arrested and well over 800 killed. but the civil disobedience continues more than 4 months after the coo, most of the country, appears to be standing by on sun sushi to football of european championship now and monday group stage matches starting they tense game in seville as being hosted
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as we then the spaniards offered relentless pressure on swedish goalkeeper robin also in the 2nd half, but also kept the home squat off of the scoreboard throughout. and the results from day 4 of euro 2020 show a spain and sweden, thanks to olson fought tween mill mill draw. as we heard on monday, slovakia got past their neighbors to the west, poland, 2 to one and to check the public defeated scotlands to know and is your news update at this hour. i'm clare richardson in berlin from the team. thank you so much for joining me. young moroccan immigrants, they know the police will stop that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal, but going back is not an option. shattered dreams starts june 18th on
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d w. ah. me the next thing we face discrimination for being in the call us tell us what your liter the women here do their washing and cooking. and i ask myself why the same thing if you wanted to go up into the summer, why can't women do that to the why can't we go mountain climbing? alas, i mean,
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i like the mountains and then thank you. feel as if you're flying across the town with me i i use
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the me ah ah, why not? good morning, children. the you about the mama can play with people native to south america. mara, go up to the mountains and make their offerings. lloyd, i'm sorry, good. those are our route. for a long time. we were slaves and oppressed, but we're also people who for the fact or the name of our i'm are
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a flag on a very good event. shows the flag be part of these again, but it doesn't only stand today. i, mara, it also represents all indigenous peoples in the americas. the web. real good. did you write that down? very good. you can sit down and see what's new. just i'd like to try it on this one in this one. so again, it might fit me in my feedback. lastly, as such, a nice pattern sessions change so far. and i have to go with this one to one might be better because the smaller one the
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is who's leggings feel it ice pick? yes. for sunscreen. yes, it's in my back in the middle symptom of the 1st symptom of frost bite is when your fingers turn purple, then they go black. when they're black, there's nothing you can do. you go to the doctor to have it cut off because it's dead on me where they use when it's been snowing and you can see what's in front of you. your 1st step has to be very soft and then firmer, like this. at high altitude, you might suffer
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a cerebral in the mail and you could then lose consciousness, or you might not be able to remember anything, including your own name. you've never been on a plane before, so you might get sick believe in yourself and that you'll make it to the top one step at a time. that good luck. thank you. the the other thing that
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better for a trip we're going to climb the wall in arching tina. can you tell us anything? let's ask the coke. i think you'll be fine except what is going to change because there might be trouble we can fix that now. up here, but mama gives you daughters the strength they say now let's see. everything will be fine. disconnected. yeah, yes. that's a care of it.
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we're going to watch and see no, but we can take a single coco lee with us as an offering or if we want to make an offering, we'll have to make sure the leaves are well hidden. we always have to remember my mom, my clinical boys keep touch your mamma and also that you have to have me be quiet. i killed the mice, but they good. yep. yeah, i could. okay. yeah.
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ah ah ah my darling have a safe trip i i use ah ah, that's how it is. it's only hard to say good bye. ah
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ah. campus and we have to remember what this is. we have to lives in the moment. the gamma would believe in you, you can do it, we'll call okay, why crying? the killer all here. now, come on, ladies is still sad anymore in the voice of the people, the voice of indigenous women who've never had a voice that you represent all of them in the, in the
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news the news, can i try them on the news?
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news? the who's alone. we can bring all this to the shelter
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with the boots and crampons and everything you will need at the 1st cabin come into the rest of the bag. even leave the rest on your bed to keep the sand out. tomorrow we'll go that way to the base camp. with the mountain is barren and exposed to the wind and whether it's a hostile climate up there were no good concoct will give us a warm welcome in us because we respect her and going to climb, who with love, our desire to see the stomach will guide us going to school, but he does a woman around of apply or in
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the me ah ah
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pick a bed bags, let's have some tea. welcome to your one, little hon. well, down the if you were amazing, it was tough going with the cold as you know, and the wind in your skirts too. when be a great day, we'll start working on. we were good. we didn't even break a sweat and we're not tired yet either. normally i walk faster, but if i done that, here's where i'd have a headache or lays almost. you're a great guy, but i thank you.


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