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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2021 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] the who's this is the w news lies from berlin. the us and russian president hold what they call constructive talks in geneva. at their 1st meeting, joe by latimer prudent promised to work together. but tensions and divisions were made. also coming up another load of press freedom in hong kong at a tauriel staff at a pro democracy newspaper are arrested after a massive police rate. they were accused of colluding with foreign powers. after 5 days after seeing their key made present,
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erickson collapsed on the pitch. denmark are back in european championship actions . tonight, we find out how they're feeling about a return to the scene of the the me i'm see me. so we're going to thank you for joining us, joe biden, and flattered report and have described their summit in geneva as positive. it was their 1st meetings in spite and became president. and it comes at a time where ties between the us and russia are at rock bottom. the 2 leaders agreed to hold more talks on nuclear arms control, but differences on many issues, including cybersecurity and human rights, remain a highly anticipated meeting against the backdrop of frosty relations. joe biden and vladimir putin succeeded in breaking the ice. the 2 leaders met for 3 hours in geneva, over several issues of contention and emerge with
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a hint at progress. we should be able to cooperate words in our mutual interest and where we have differences i want to present, couldn't understand why i say what i say and why i do what i do and how will respond to specific kinds of actions that harm america's interest. among the issues bite and wanted russia to address with cyber attacks, something puts in denied, being involved and, and when he's american count about brought up human rights on the imprisonment of the russian opposition leader, alexia navarro. me put in, refuse to mention the name of the man in question states. i think julia get that as now. i don't know if this person knew that he was violating russian law or not, but let me check so he should have recognized the weather twice convicted felon. the meeting. they did agree on nuclear arms control,
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and the 2 countries planned to hold further talks in future. putin suggested biden, with someone he could work with a step forward despite the huge gulf between them. let's get some analysis of the summit. now we have d, w, corresponding band rigor to in geneva, and journals, jake cordell in moscow. good morning to you both there. let's start with you there in geneva. after a lot of press coverage and public discussion. do you think that president biden achieved what he set out to do from american standpoint? it is a mission accomplished, joe biden did what he said he would do before the summit. he told me i put in where the red lines are and what america would accept and what not accept. he threatened, devastating consequences if, for example, the opposition and figure i didn't say enough only would die in russian custody. and he also threatened consequences when the rental tax and side by text originated
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in russia allegedly will continue. so he draw the red lights in the sand. biden is convinced that the food understood that this is not about that person a relationship, but about doing business together. ok, jake, let's come to you and moscow because we did seem to, to see 2 different narratives emerge from the meetings. so what is your analysis of put in outcome from the summit? i think we need to treat the press conferences and we'll put in said all of the summit with a little bit of a grain of so that was largely for domestic consumption. and we know that allows the set piece events where you get the whole court with journalist and for the his view on the world. i think the view in moscow is that the someone will be seen as a success. they would never really anytime to any chances of breakthrough, there was nothing concentra really being negotiated. this is very much get to know each other and set out all positions. and in moscow is once they run news organization, put it the very 1st success is the saw me actually happened, joe biden played in to the fact that america and russia,
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2 of the world's biggest powers who kept talking on russia as a great power, proud nation he said the 2 had a unique shared responsibility when he comes to the fact that they are the 2 most heavily with nuclear home countries in the world. and this is all the kind of music and rhetoric the most reading like it was done in the past when american presidents have comes to russia and dismissed it as a regional power put it down. and really the goal for moscow in terms of the summer, was being seen on an equal footing. also, we have to remember the, the russia itself values, the stability and a predictable relationship. that's the cornerstone of blood matrix is domestic policy. and i think we saw in his press conference, he talk quite warmly, joe biden said he was a mattie could kind of cooperate with and understand, i think most go really see that as a departure from previous administrations. and it's looking forward to perhaps working on the few in the future areas where it can cooperate, but they're also under no illusions that this was never going to lead to any great strategic breakthrough. well, there were some areas of cooperation,
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very coming back to you. tell us more about what if anything was actually achieved . there is no breakthrough, but the 2 men agreed that they have mutual interest that they should follow and talk about it together. there will be a string of consultations and also negotiations of a long list of diplomatic problems. and they agreed that they have a responsibility for the vote for the security of the vote. the 2 because nuclear powers will talk about is ability and security. and this should lead to a new round of arms control talks or even arms reduction talks. so this is as concrete success. and there's also, although the they are fighting about cyber security, they will now establish a booking group that shows a deal with this problem worldwide. and so this is as sunset is a glimmer of hope at least. and jake, you know,
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we saw president didn't say there was no hoss still in this meeting. and yet tensions were very clear, especially as we just heard putting a denying that russia played any role in the cyber attack, the u. s. so if we look down the road, where do relations go from here? both sides will be hoping that the only place relations can go is up. i mean, we saw yesterday that you came out and warned the actually expected its own relations with russia to deteriorate before they could improve. but from the russian standpoint, they also expecting that this is really the 1st step in a long journey. they expect the ambassadors, the, the 2 sides agree to bring their ambassadors back into the country though that we back in country by the end of the month. so that's really about getting the basics of diplomacy, inaction, both bite and i'm putting talked on the importance of face to face contacts and person with direction. so bringing those ambassadors back is really a 1st step. the work in groups mentioned on areas like strategic stability and
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possibly on cyber cyber attacks will be in place by the end of the month. so this was really about putting the building blocks in place for future improvement or the relationship biden mentioned yesterday in the press conference they, they would doesn't trust foods in and then he'll be looking for improvements over 3 to 6 months horizon in moscow. that's taking a slightly longer view, they're saying that the results of this somebody will take 6 told most to say ok journalist j cordell, they're in moscow and he's been rigor in geneva. thank you both so much to hong kong now where police have rated the offices of the pro democracy newspaper, apple daily, and arrested 5 executives according to local media. one woman and 4 men have been arrested including the editor in chief ryan law. apple. daily billionaire founder and democracy active as jimmy ly has been in jail since december. and let's go right to our correspondence in hong kong cb kong standing by for us to be what
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happened during these rates. the presidential arrest today is the 1st one targeting media coverage under the national security. and also definitely it's a huge blow not only to democracy but also to the press. a code in hong kong that the national security departments from the police force. i use the apple daily of publishing, also online and printed article calling for alleged international and foreign sanctions against china and hong kong government stating facts in 2019, and 2 reasons. recent period of time. so although the, the authorities didn't specify the details of the accused articles on what kinds of wood things they used to call for sessions. we didn't know much about the details of the fence of the workings of the articles. they simply like us,
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like all members from the press that no not to try to test the line in future, like in a white face, a rep. and this is also like the, the security officials also freeze the access of the apple daily. so it's raise questions whether the newspaper can see you operate in the near future, but you know, a lot of questions for me. an answer that the government didn't give an answer to the why the apathy can do publish in the near future. a phoebe, this is a 2nd rate on apple daily and under a year, just quickly you can. what has made this a targets for hong kong authority? yes. last year in august, just 2 months after the implementation of the national picture till all police made the 1st grade and a newson rest thing, cima live with apple tayley and now being prostituted under the national security at all, for colluding with one forces. and now this is the 2nd time, this is particularly more sensitive the 1st of the previous month,
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because this is all i obviously it's hard to think a coverage of a poll conducted or published by a newspaper register newspaper the whole call. so if really, like, if sense, alarming technologies out hong kong, whether all juggling a food safety recalls on the grounds that lie in regarding some sensitive matters are corresponded. phoebe con reporting, they're from hong kong. thank you. let's get around up some other headlines now. china has launched a team of astronauts with new space station. it's 1st for mission in 5 years. 3 astronaut will spend 3 months carrying out experiments and preparing for a series of space. walk. the mission of the steps for engaging did become a major player in space, travel. hundreds of people are protested in the hungarian capital. buddha kept budapest against a newly adopted law that they, stigmatizes l. g, b,
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t plus people. it prohibits the display or promotion of homosexuality in anyone under 18. the european commission that the professing whether the law breaches in legislation to soccer now api european championships, italy not convincing. when over switzerland it is italy, 2nd victory. now in the group stage in rome, manual look tele scored twice for the home team and italy assured themselves of advancing to the round of 16. now fans were out in force on the streets and p. s as a rome to cheer on italy during that match with switzerland, their reactions to the 2 goals for manual look at tele, tell the whole story. italy did not even qualify for the last world cup, so expectations are huge for these euros. and so far so good, italy are looking like one of the best teams in the tournament. will have put themselves in position to advance to the euro's finals. 16, thanks to a win over turkey,
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derek bale was instrumental despite baffling missing on a penalty. he assisted on erin ramsey's 1st half goal and then on another with 2nd left in the matches. wales claimed the victory. now denmark are getting ready for their match up with belgium. it's been just 5 days since danish midfielder christian ericsson collapse. suddenly, during schemes magic and finland erickson suffered cardiac arrest and was revived on the spot. now the 29 year old is on the upswing and posting on social media from his hospital bed. but his near death experience left, he made badly shaken for some heading back, the stadium will not be easy. stronger together denmark squad are preparing to face their toughest group stage. opponents belgium while also dealing with what happened to christiane erickson. we have been talking about that it will be quite emotional to go back to parking and we know that we will
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have one believable support by our offense, by the whole country. and, and these emotions. we have to prepare that psychologists and crisis counselors have been helping players work through what they witnessed teams that the euros usually train at the match arena the day before a game. but the danes chose to stay at their training base instead. and how we're going to react about getting back. we don't know. we know as little as you do, how it's going to affect us emotionally, how it's going to affect us being there. and it doesn't matter if it's today or tomorrow. coach hillman says, erickson's hospital is right next to the stadium and that he thinks is dar midfielder will hold on his shirt to watch the belgium game right from his room. all right, coming up next,
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the wild ride of bitcoin benefits. one has more than the crypto currencies up and down. that's coming up in just a moment on the w business with the news news,


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