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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2021 7:03pm-7:31pm CEST

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did under the new security law, imposed by beijing. apple daily has provided extensive coverage of the crackdown on the pro democracy movement. as of thursday evening, its website was up and running. the paper staff published in editorial, their reassuring their reader is that though we are facing a sweeping clamp down on our publication, the staff of apple daily will hold fast to our duties faithfully and press on till the end to see the arrival of don. will they w correspondent, phoebe kong is in hong kong. she says, the warrant authorizing the raid allowed police to remove journalistic materials. the unprecedented arrest and rights. insight apple daily newspaper headquarters for the face targeting media coverage under the national security law. what makes it even more exceptionally police were given called for, for the face time to seize, generally take materials for investigation, raising further concerns of erosion of press freedom in hong kong. although they
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thought he has tried to reassure to politics that has nothing to do with press freedom is actually accused. i put a newspaper as a whole of publishing sauces of online and printed articles, calling for international sanctions against china and hong kong. they think back 220192 recent period of time i'm met, people are getting more fearful that the uncertain redline is going to impact all walks of life in home comb. after a year off, the implementation of the sweeping legislation will term grundy is editor in chief of the hong kong free press. he joins us for more on this story. welcome today w. what have you heard about what happened at apple daily's offices or 500 police deployed this morning in the early hours they went through repulsive computers. a lot of this was the live stream by stuff they see of a full t p. c. in the 5 our raid and they came after police broke into the flat, some rated and a warning rate arresting, apply executives,
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some of them are hancock's and paraded around the newsroom national security chief . the really thing that this relates to 30 articles and all some of them they came back to before the national security with an active and he said that they related to calling for the country to impose sanctions on hong kong. so although apple daily were rated last olga and connection to jimmy, lie that hiker an owner or found a rather, this is the 1st time we, we've seen a newsroom rate over a media organizations, output it content. yeah. and so that is you say, the charge is that those articles in danger, national security, i went that does it make people like yourself as, as a pro democracy? does that make you wonder about your own future? they're in the territory? well, let me add were not a pro democracy outlet, we are an impartial,
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non profit news organization. and for that reason, i am sure you know we're going to be okay, but well, i think all of us would like to see, clarified is what exactly the 30 articles were with a hard news pieces with a opinion pieces or were they added tauriel the voice of the newspaper, unless that have clarified, i concede, is having a chilling effect, you know, across the industry. but when we have put this question, when other the us into the security chief to the national security chief, you know, the media and public just told to obey the law and we're not getting any clarity on that. like a lot of the media here, fine at the moment is to simply keep calm and carry on a path for the worth. hope for the best and get the news out. i suppose kind of daily keep going with its assets are frozen and equipment seized. that's a good question for them. they, they want to say, you know,
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the show goes on for them to put out a prince edition, particularly tonight is quite symbolic and important because they don't particularly make money. they shut down the pie $18.00 print edition just weeks ago, but with it being the last pro democracy daily in hong kong, they're going to be putting out hall for 1000000 copies overnight. we've got a staff member there this evening to witness this because the way hong kong attend to respond as they did last august, is to basically wipe michelle of the apple daily in the morning in lieu of their being any protest at the moment, particularly during covert this is one way on kong, as of have found to express their support and their discontent. i imagine. so for them the show goes on and read of they have said that they will buy apple daily even if they blank. good talking to you. thanks so much for joining us. tom grunted from the hong kong free pressed. let's take a look at some of the stories that making news around the world will start in india,
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where an investigation has begun. after a baby girl was found to live in a box floating on the river, ganges. the box contained the horoscope, giving the date and time of her birth and her name ganga. the indeed was the whole doctor's estimate. she's around and got in sam b as finding present kind of calendar died a 97 is sons of confirmed his death from pneumonia after he was admitted to hospital 3 days ago. officials didn't specify his illness at the time, but it did coincide with a climate coven cases in the southern african nation. as the calendar moves from 1964 to 190900 prosecutors in france. the request of the 6 months jail to perform. the president nicholas cosy, is on trial in paris for illegal 5 campaign financing. which denies being responsible for the massive over spend on the sale of 2012 being mentioned. as soon as he and his party got double the amount allowed and then tried to hide the
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company. the u. s. supreme court has dismissed a republican lead challenge to a bomb care. the decision will maintain affordable health insurance for tens of millions of americans. justice is rule 7 to 2 that texas and 17 other states that mounted the challenge did not have standing in the case. republicans have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to strike down the bomber in a health candle since it was passed in 2010. straight to washington, then joined dw correspondent of a solid welcome oliver. how significant is this verdict? well, it's a very big deal film because number one, it has been one of the most prestigious project of the obama era and his administration. and also donald trump, after that, had put it very high on his agenda to get rid of obama care of the affordable healthcare act, which brought health insurance to 31000000 americans. because unlike in other
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industrialized countries that has not been a law in the united states, that it was telling its citizens to have health insurance, the republicans have always argued this is too expensive. it's a very individual decision. if you want to be insured or not, the democrats in contrast, arguing that they want to protect low income families and also the middle class of course, republican states. now, as you mentioned, including texas suit against a part of this law, which was essentially a penalty. if you were not insured, you had to have a penalty. you have to have to pay a penalty. the supreme court now deciding that no the states are not in charge, they don't have the legal standing to take that to the supreme court. and this is not the 1st time the court has rejected. republican attack on the bama k. now it's been the 3rd time, in fact, there have been decisions made by the supreme court in 2012 in 2015. and now
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again, always by the way, with a different legal reasoning underlying the ultimate goal, however, has always been the same. and that was to take obama care down the 1st time that happened in 2012 was by the way, also a very close decision at the time. conservative justice john robert sided with the liberals on that matter of 5 to 4 decision now was very clear this time around 7 to 2. although donald trump and important reminder of years appointed 3 conservative judges in his term. so there is a really conservatively dominated supreme court now, ruling in support of this law of the obama era. you cannot have it any clearer than that, right? so does that mean that, that this is the final word on the affordable care act? well, for now, at least it seems like that is the case, but because with every wording and the hurdle will be set higher for the
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republicans to take this to court. again, that always will have to find new legal reasoning. they will always have to come up with a new idea to bring this to court again. that said, of course, the deal people certainly try to do that again. but then on the other hand, also we have to consider that this law and this affordable care act is getting more and more popular, popular among americans 31 millions, as i mentioned, have already been insured with health insurance and obama care. and so the law and the attempt to take it down in particular will get more and more resistance from voters as well of a solid in washington. thank you. a chinese spacecraft carrying 3 people has done successfully with the countries. new space station they blasted off about 6 hours earlier to take part in a 3 month mission to set up experiments and prepare for a series of space walks. this latest mission is considered a significant step forward in establishing beijing as
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a major player in space. another success for china space program. the ssion jo 12 rocket last off the dock with the country's new space station or for the next 3 months to the coolest 3 will live in a module slightly larger than a city bus. carrying out experiments going on space walks and preparing the station for completion. next year. china space agency will be monitoring the astronauts to see how they handle the time away from earth. separation. often if they send you the, the time to 3 months commission is a long term human crude space flight plan, which requires astronauts to stay in a relatively narrow and confined environment that it takes time to adapt to the weightlessness. they will also have to cope with an environment filled with noise and vibration. it will be uncomfortable and these effects will have a cumulative impact over time. china space program is mostly home grown. the united
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states congress forbade nasa from cooperating with china a 10 years ago. it cited concerns over the chinese space program secretive nature and its connections to the military. the international space station launched in 1998 has hosted astronauts from over a dozen different nations. but for china, it's off limits coming between regimes. response company will build one ourselves. while the i s s reaches the end of its life sandy, often china plans to complete its station by next year. and when it does, it will be in a position to decide who can come aboard. so you, that's a good on the mayo caught at this stage in construction were not yet considering for an astronaut dissipation. and it was before an astronaut. there certainly going to enter the chinese space station one day, a football, you know, there are a number of countries that have expressed a desire to do that and we will be open to it in the future. they go teach it type
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while they're still work to be done on the space station. china is already looking ahead to its next project. a proposed lunar base that it's planning together with russia and said, show up today to me a lot more world news at the top of the our next here on the w. i. cove, it special. i'm good. ah, yes. just fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus. 19 special next on d. w. use crime fighters are back africans. most
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radio drama continues the seasons. a story focused on his speech, cholera, prevention, and sustainable charcoal production. all of those are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on e w, africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms. crime fighters to noon. now. i the now are populations across the world cove in 1900. maxine just struggling to reach some of the world's poorest countries and communities are also some of the most jap, wary countering. deeply held believes is a tall order, especially when historic inequality and health care itself is partly to blame. but one campaign in berlin is paving away. how can skepticism in these groups be
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overcome? hello and welcome to cove in 1900 special and chris kolber and berlin. here in the german capital, the vaccination campaign across the cities, refugee shelters was delayed large parts because of supply issues, but also by the spread of misinformation, mainly on social media. with the help of an education campaign vaccination take up is now increasing the back to a little normality in this refugee shelter in berlin. suing classes resumed, today, the inhabitants are delighted for most of the pandemic, the home was very, very quiet. i was caught on. okay, in touch with many people before corona and i used to go out to lunch, but now i cannot to meet up students depends. it is very difficult for me to get
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a baby new. i want to pen demik to and so we can have contact with other people, again, thought about the contact to share with him. some residents know that getting vaccinated helps protect others and my independent mach most wary of getting the job. that's why this group of doctor's social workers and interpreters visit refugee homes to convince the most reluctant to sign up for an appointment. i didn't feel a lie to. many people were very afraid. they would become in short time get through bosis. this was much discussed in the media which also steer the fear amongst the residents too much easier on the truth. but in one of the short due to the high risk of infection shelters, refugees where almost top priority in germany vaccination efforts. but various delivery bottlenecks and approval issues have delayed the campaign. even though
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this is now sorted out, social worker says it takes a lot of convincing for people to take the job vision assessment. it is important that you make them feel with knowledge and so there's no wrong question. and i mean use interpreter's directions. you can ask questions in their native language, articulate themselves better, a few more it's ease in the conversation. english play by the end of the afternoon, the doctors have met with around 20 people. face to face contact is key to success . in some refugee shelters, readiness to get vaccinated has jumped up to 80 percent as a result of the information campaign. for more or less bringing lena to meant to she is a senior researcher on poverty and inequality. human rights watch. welcome to the w, alina in our report, we just learned about the reservation people in refugee camps have towards getting vaccinated. the see
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a similar pattern with people living and other precarious conditions. thank you so much for having me. i absolutely do. so what we see is that the, the high end quality, especially economic and quantity that existed before the pandemic, as really translated into concerns in terms of access to vaccines. and also the interactions with governments. and many of the populations have been left behind by government for so many years and decades. so in, so it is really not unique to refugee populations. in fact, in the united states, we see that black and brown people often who had disproportionately higher infection rates initially, or they had more hesitancy towards the vaccine and out of the fear of cost. so what, what are some of the quite implications, but also it due to a long standing neglect of the government and mistrust and the government. now
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these vaccination guys, nevertheless, are part of the reason why the economy, at least in many countries in the west, is picking up again. but you say that low income households are at a particular disadvantage in that recovery. why is that? it certainly depends on the, on the country context. i would say it interesting even to take a step back, i think what we see is dad to global and quality meaning and equality between countries. here is a huge risk that low income countries will be falling further behind. as we see there's an equality in access to the scene with higher income countries. having hoarded much of them and, and now haven't disproportion access to them. but at the country level, they have already been signs of, of the lack of transparency and access to the scene. corruption that often favors certain groups in getting access earlier. and here low income people have been
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a disadvantage. another reason why is that in low income communities and neighborhoods health care is often lacking and is not available to the same extent . so people have to travel far distances to reach a health care center and get access to the team. we look at the economic impact of this pandemic meal. millions have lost their job during this time of crisis around the world, particularly in the service sector, and in low paying jobs. now, with economies reopening, won't these jobs? will these opportunities for people come back? not necessarily him and what is very concerning is that we saw that especially low income jobs have been lost at a much higher rate than by paying jobs. and one of the concerns is as countries opened by gob, those won't come back to the same extend you've seen as in previous crises and
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recession after the 2008 crisis. for example, besides many of the low paying jobs have not come back. and many people who are pushed into a poverty or unemployment did not necessarily route and re hired one to country recovered. and so one peter really pushing for is for countries in a recovery phase to kind of consider the, the employment effects and a long standing effect, especially ongoing companies. now, speaking of recovering to varying degrees, governments have been trying to support people that have been particularly hit by the ben demik. all you worried that this sort of support could be a one time effect. very much so it's, it's been an extraordinary year and we've seen countries respond to the crisis in bays. they never have before. so the amount of money that have been poured into relief programs into similar packages has been quite impressive. but we add
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human rights much. we've done analysis and about 2 dozen countries. and what about their relief programs and what we've seen as many measures where highly temporary in terms of cash payment that we receive populations at one time. but aside from that be ortho concerned as countries have taken on more and more debt to finance fees, recovery and really programs that as countries have to service these that they were introduced harsh. already programs that are harmful to human rights. they may rely, increasing the on the private sector to deliver essentially public services such as health care education. and they may conduct further cut to social protection programs that are so essential, protecting people from poverty and equality. and that's seen our researcher at human rights watch. thank you for your thoughts. thank you. and up next is
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our science correspondent, derek williams, answering your questions about the pandemic. oh, who does could 191215 minute. there are 2 facets this, this multifaceted question that i'd like to talk about. the 1st is of course, the straightforward issue of what the virus does physically to an average young adult as compared to someone who is older and they are the statistics. tell a pretty clear story. coded 1900 mortality, increases dramatically with age. let's look at recent data from the u. s. more than 4 and 5 deaths there have occurred in those over 65 and fewer than one into 100 reported deaths have been and people under 30. but
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as vaccinations rise among the elderly in countries like the u. s, doctors say that the average age of patients who are being hospitalized with the disease is dropping dramatically and that many of those younger patients will end up with conditions like crippling damage to the lungs or the heart. so, although cobit 19 is a lot less likely to kill a young adult, there are still really pressing reasons to get back to native because getting it can have devastating long term health consequences. the 2nd important facet of this question is, is the pandemic, emotional, social, psychological, and economic impact. it's affecting every one of every age, but is experts say in many ways hitting young adults especially hard and,
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and that a key time in their lives. there are no warning that due to lock downs and other measures generation cove, it is facing shortfalls in opportunities for, for crucial self development. many young people are rising to the challenges, but, but my colleges and other therapist in many places like, like here in germany, are also currently being overwhelmed by this tidal wave of young adults in need of help. and. and a lot of those professionals now say that even the serious toll taken by infection in today's young adults could in the long run, be overshadowed by the impact cobit 19 has on the groups mental health me. and before we go, taiwan has produced its 1st home grown covered 900. maxine magine,
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vaccine biologics has applied to the taiwanese government for emergency authorization of the job. taiwan is currently facing a surge of domestic infections made worse by shortage of vaccines. less than 5 percent of the population have so far been inoculate. that's our show for more you can always in our website at w dot com slash covered 90. because cobra and berlin, thanks for watching. the news. the news, the news
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the the the ah. how many turn out in the world climate change cost, the stores this is much less the way from just one week. how much less can really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all
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what we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. analyze the for market dominance. with the w business beyond me is 11 years a show coming up today. china launches the 1st crew to it, space station along my truck and successfully blasted off with 3 astronauts on board if the giant leap invading space program. but what's driving it? prism or strategic objectives? and with the 2nd wave of no virus infections declining when vaccine hesitancy hinder india f as to keep
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a 3rd wave of the.


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