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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2021 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. also indirect. china is promises, partners, rich profit in europe, and there's a sharp warning you wherever accepts money from the new super power will be dependent on it. china's gateways, europe starts july, 1st on d, w. me sir, america film. and if you'd be much cynthia metal, it's either me or i said look, and i'm going to move into members to now are going to really go to the news we are living during the most extraordinary time history for
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electric, you might have gotten red. see auto and mobility show in this edition, a teacher in spain conjures up his very own mobiles. you remember it was totally nothing in the world. okay. with them on that a resurrection as open gives the man to an electric come back. this project is really cool. i like it and our search for the ideal young people's car involves the baptism of a different kind. okay. yes and political polluted was an old all new johns and new leases on life now on red. ah,
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ah, ladies and jan's welcome to the raft, check. today's car is very special, it's somewhat a prototype, but it's even more than that. the new opal manta g. s. e. electro mark? nope. oh g s stands for performance. earlier models were called g s i or grand sport injection. now there's the new purely electric manta, that gfc, as you can tell who we are inside. and since covered is still being i need to wear that mask. but let's quickly talk about the car. as you can tell, this car looks very much like the old monta. ah, the 1st months i hit the market in 1970 with engines ranging from 68 to 90 horsepower. it was uncle's answer to the successful ford capri and as stylish looks earned lots of fans. but why does the new manta look so similar to the old one?
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and the reason for that is it actually is a monta. they took the body from an old monster and only changed a few minor things in the front in the back, but the rest is all original. at least on the outside. but not under the hood. we decided to 1st put that electric back in here. a great also this digital advisor, the car features the 147 horsepower electric motor. yeah, if you can tell here in the from this if i'm mistaken, leave the new open visor, but it's even more than that because this one is fully digital and it can give you anything you want. it can show graphics and it can show text it remind you all the old man's out in the form of the front is the same with the old monta and that's where the opal visor came from. inside. we've got the pure
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panel, which is literally the, the factory piece of the mocha dash o pulse, pure panel, integrate some info, tame, a touch screen into the dash. by the way, the new moco was the 1st car to feature opal visor front, which integrates grill headlights. and babs into one module ah, the interior of the electric manta prototype. mike, the rest of the car is a fascinating mixed of all the original parts and the newest technology bucket seats add to the 40 retro flare. ah, there's little the whole down here. this is where the electric manta is charged. now you might be wondering, why is it down there and not as a top. the reason for that is in the original month, it was there as well. so if you wanted to review your car, you had to do that down there. so i think it's pretty cool. the engineers decided
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to keep that little feature on the new months. i as well with a 31 kilowatt hour battery. the manta has a range of around 200 kilometers, but that wasn't the focus of this project. a nice little detail at the rear. if the months are lettering, just like it is on the new open market. so what about the electric mantas future? the you knows that everybody is looking for who v currently and to just do a coup h will be really difficult on so, but basically to really explore more than just branding or new. it's to really new technology and new way of producing one example, the updated mantle logo on the side with an integrated q r code. this logo can take you to a website with info about the car and in the future, all new opals will have a similar one. ah,
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this project is really cool. i like it. my special highlight is the year that looks for us think, but somewhat old school as well. it is unclear whether college that will ever come onto the streets. but i would really appreciate that it doesn't have to be a monta which be if it's a call that is similar with an electric drive train. but for that we'll have to wait for the s u. v boom to fall off. the one positive sign was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback this mom has received. and its marketing people will evaluate whether we're small series production could make sense in the future . ah, me
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excuse me, profession for argument and that you know up are sitting or me feel nice is impress . he'll come out of the little portfolio in folio if we get another guy that will not a yes member of the season or am i asking about computers that were out of class? he go they don't know simple to seem pretty. you know, a complete army, michael? surely he ended, he said, well, yes, and this will be and we have several of the which i me remember it doesn't really get any of the community. said russia federal bit or so old. ok. when i'm on the i feel the annual incident on the amount of moving, but i think i'm and did all of the yes, i get a hold of the princess for the magazine. how many kids come out that are going to go into the us? well, we have and i said, would you do that and i should be no, may or may not be allowed to me that there are many, many of them in the grant this machine. maybe you would that get stuck in the
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community out of the army fairly. be in level money, cynthia major, if you to me or i said we're going to get more into manvatson our get up to read me about you wouldn't be until the tele made a different thing on i gotta get in a case on me, cannot hit them we can almost say, do you know what the answer will you 2 emails? hey mama, think good to go to the italy in any market as he does all the up again, your scholarly will have them, but they'll maybe view you that, but it's got natural law, victory. e, i believe rela scholars marita. she said there was no, no, no nobody can carry in because you probably had my nose and she gotcha. i got a gift from here now. yeah. emotional got yes. you need to see they look also look, mr. put a deal for linear committee will have to get here before the electrical
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e k for me major, but in the i say the new customer can better while i'm on the data will be on monday. the promotion fullness will do the loading of unionism or the combustion profess. lemme see though, i see so annoying before i will not have been in there. my dear. i think i feel the chassis is not eagleford. i'm in the lower monger level. since i'm going to sell but are several that'll give us a low. but once you push next, these kind of premier level will be in a little out loud. korea who shall a few video that i see now. she se cassie's i yet to we can be thought as to the forget know, sorry i get on just, you know, so we have almost nothing from just so we have different shades of kimberly beto not mental for any one of this is jeff. he's there. we're going to get a hold of me and this year and you came on here with you guys for the field for the
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way i wouldn't want to walk into the middle of the m. and that way up when i last, we've been shown that i said i got hi gambiola here with us the line. and i told him i did. yes. easy pursuing the data like we know, i mean, you know i've, i've had a couple is different. okay. just, i mean, but i am glad lots of things shown data that i have august. yeah. hi, i'm yes. hey, but it's in the book and got money and money that will allow noon in today. like i said, he says he's ideas, but in the us when i feel move. okay. no, i just see my particular guy go to the doctor gave me that. i yeah. but not one of the which will jesse's the a be in our lobby or that my dad he and me that in, in the middle. so if you can 3 our dba will you also get an idea what you think it is home for their mother. last be last year by the new commodity glass. it amino la
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nicole, just call me when you get a moment or nausea, mutual go until you go. okay. yes, sir. randal? yes. a the assign yourself because i'm a, i've been in the city, i'm be great. you need to know you bobo golfing into the white lemonade, out in global cave. i mean, it was, i'll go get a c t n a, you're not present in internet a guy and you'll be assigned you your timing to and to see us in the law that he got filled up the initial group, who's he really south snout as well what am i say he, i literally say this is the believe they will see. so you can no, no, no, no, no someone at the who the, that the, that was a whether think or stacy movies and don,
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it's simply, i think i love me, not a less in 11 bit love visually said that he's been the one on it. he said to me, the look a lot i will give you will know what about the order. i see the whole thing was complete and done. the fatal people are the sort of bonus i want to have enough. in other courses, i guess will title a lot of the other coaches as the final be in a particular montana. come on local, get more intentions on the the boys and dulles international. see about what i'm going to follow up and for those immediately like i, you can get
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a momento of where the fuss is not going to get a los callo be then that is and this is bonsai. yeah. k, as you know, me only goes to the middle level don't is id is going to leave you. but once you've got the, the near la and the last your and either the circle, luckily, or not going through a lot a lot, but they push it. important that what you like to go or good luck gave my natal and hear about that. he hasn't the more about that if you listen to me now i got a statement that with concern he can simply write on this last year in through the list and he said get up. this did that manual. so you could okay, i how i can feel it to affect my mom because i'm a hoary and i had to keep your i've got all the week a i get out of your local channels. i guess the me
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the wrong number. so we can, what is the, what's the 151, a lot of good bit of pseudo k. well k, if you look up by the hello, seneca, by the way, maybe gone will we? i don't, but i don't got a electrical come on meal. then you get a risk, which is it is 3 days coaches they still go to go to the doctor and they think all portrays from the pico so, but then they gotta have the franchise as you know. gotcha. so then when i'm on your phone, you're not going to love it. and then i will, you will i will do manually chat a little, maybe a corner once a year. inefficient in videos i'm in the embrace are going to break the book, you know, no machine to show you. your machine took the machine, deleting out emails to start the process. anything until you hit on going, because then you will get is hello, hello, good to go yet. i wanted to say,
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you know what? i don't not to go for and say, hey, we're careful by the way to go and what the word for last scale big a water is home. but in a day, if i didn't, they gave me a moment ago lot. but he made us on is to say that because get those this bus you becky, as soon as possible the, after a few in the back, those go last, i really that route to that with us to the she was in it, but the net, they go more, i'm in there for we those who are not. but if you're me, we're going to me got, you don't want to be likely then materialistic will be so, you know, and then she's going to be and show the whole up, you know, you know, she house time stuff on it all up on the market on the out, i mean more michel e love been to that is, will not be in today. they got to the city of tape for a while. it's not been received in the us. you know, they got to get it, but the net that is in some other key they must have played our lease every go here
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is made the id hosting and see deal manipulate the word will normally not or will not populate the next day. alex, what is going to get converted to us to but the net, their own car rebuilt, they will see what i meant to be the one on a new book. one of the kind of intel or not is not me. look here, can we know what i get from e, but from what? suddenly i don't know what i meant to know the gate when i mean most interested where for month, where i can look at it. i should be nice guessing. complimentary don't be in a list that i love to get because i get off if you go on top of when a ford focus on call ghana, whereas i get, i mean you could do the longer this is regarding and they get the study and stuff
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like that, but i said for the says hello, there must be that much fuzzy middles getting what a lot now will study. yes. have him. it also gave me the info for millionaire to mill study. yes. here mean davis, but worse than ever winter expense. i mean, those were not, but i would actually when i showed us knows that he has got quite a few me still in the us. notice how to move instead, and couple of it is, but i believe it would be more for you, but it, but i look on the money that one of my later, you know, they must, you know, they're melissa. he another boy, he's really health. ah, ah what's the coolest cheapest car for young people? i'm soothing the key because i was an options you
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can't do it often enough or the readout classic. the fear panda versus it was a little bit weird. you get a hang of it pretty fast. that's the natural gas fuel. they have to be sir, wrapped up in 3 apprentices and a student to take the cars for it's been supposed kind of cool. yeah, it's a hybrid through electrical and casual. starts with my nose. it's cozy. things like of old car. and really like old speaking of, oh, wrote down the windows like in the 2000. yes. pretty much space. yeah that's, that's kind of a good point. but if you mean in the front, i don't know if not, but i would say for the prices are right. exactly, because you can 2 trips, but for the city it's been around is also theat panda,
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hyper sport costs $13.00 and a half 1000 euros in germany. it claims average consumption of $5.00 leaders per 100 cane. since it's debut in 1980, it has carved a successful niece in the economy class segment. what it lacks in equipment and performance. it's makes up in cargo capacity. the hybrid sport pack, 70 horsepower, which is plenty for getting around town. what do you think about the color guys? i don't like to obviously small. you can park anyway. yeah, sure. so let's look at the trunk, right. that's not so much space and i can always lift that and then use a little bit more space on the display. it's like a little more than you go all the buddy steering wheel. so you can just like, while you're driving and just like in negation and us agree every
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even with diesel telegraph yesterday, the luxury you can just put your phone in there and while driving can charge a phone a little bit. bluetooth, click here to cancel is the cheapest of our candidates at $10750.00 euros. the x line version in line like metallic that rep tested cost, a fair bit more. but for that, you get at the heated steering wheel, among other perks. the 3 cylinder, turbo gasoline engine can output 100 horsepower. what consumption rate it at $4.00 leaders per 100 k i like off. but this one has natural gas. yes. good. any advice? and try to appeal to kind of complicated to put in the natural. so for the 1st time you have to, like, put the face
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on the i like to rip. got this kind of we also got the wireless charging over. yeah. it's nice always slightly. there's no normal charge of their own use, but no normal used to be so somebody else has to pick up not a cable. so i would say for this to the end for the highway. it's ok. okay, cool. the saturday is the spanish carmakers basic model has slightly better environmental credentials than the other 2 cars, thanks to it's compressed natural gas engine, producing lower c o 2 emissions. the visa has a larger interior than the pens or a potential and lower fuel costs. are rough testers use 3.4 kilos. are compressed natural gas. ask for 100 kilometers. that costs about 3 years in germany. by
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comparison, the same distance in the kiosk cost about $60.00 or 70. ah. but what about the handling? only one way to find out what's wrong. yeah, and if you all the good sign of y'all for the shipping hub, i believe i've been off. i'd have him go from michigan to take on good luck to all of our you want to go when you started up, what was the moment of access to it was new for
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me the the minute i guess one of those numbers, either yes. the 1000000 via wash, brilliant oxer. i from what i'm, you know, over of the doctor is in just a sick when he has to be real. when you have an old shot, your father had mid maxey my from to somehow you that was done is off governess. i'll go up to 5.
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daniel stopped by the with the controller go out of business. okay. yeah. and it was an old that was not able to do this, but it does look like all the things we invoice it was pretty good. so the feeling was at 1st it was a little bit weird to get the hang of it to try to take the steering room,
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the right direction and then learn learning by doing such training. it's a good training to be pat. now up the street, i've chosen the yes, because i guess the, the price range is just for students. it's perfect. yeah. you're right. so even it's not like the fastest and the most lectures car. i'm still happy with it. i'm shooting the kia because 1st of all, i love the color. i love the design inside, outside and yeah, it's a safe driving it and it's one thing we have so same opinion about yeah, yeah, we love it. it's good coffee also with like you always younger control. the price is a bit higher than some money, but i think especially for us through them, but as long living i think so. yeah, yeah, you can do something the,
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the best value for money is the only means is worth it and some driving assistance options. the coolest car buys far is the key of the condo, libby, and fuel conscious ideal for 1st time buyers. the visa is not only the largest, if the high c s too, but makes up for it with low running costs. so there you go. the next time on. read the. the news, the news
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. the news, the news, the news ah, to the point. clear positions, international perspectives, polite this week have been on the highly anticipated meeting in geneva between 2 very powerful men in famously don't get on well. so was it worth the wait to find out, join me my get on to the point the, to the point,
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the very d, w 3 or 5 or 200 and maybe even global failures. welcome funds. not from these degrees. anything is in the, in the, in 75 minutes on dw, the, against the current room in virus pandemic is the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken with, what does the latest research say information and context.
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ah, i recently dated 19 special monday to friday on dw, the interest the global economy, our portfolio g w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission analyze, suffice for market dominance versus west with d, w. business beyond on you to guide that it's a 77 percent platform for you to be feat issues and share ideas. you know, on this channel we are not afraid to ask and then you can copy young people clearly have the solution. future,
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the 77 percent. now, every weekend on b, w ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. voting had ended amy rounds presidential election. public indifference has been blamed for low turnout. many iranians are frustrated with the tacit economy and the lack of moderate candidates take a look at which direction iran might be headed next. also on the program, french president, he manual back call visits. german chancellor angela math both possibly the last
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time before she stepped down in september. we was in store for the franco gemini.


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