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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2021 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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conflicts are inevitable. consequences. unpredictable. gateway to europe starts july 1st on d, w. the the was, ah, this is d w. news line from berlin. armenians prime minister, heading for another term in office for snap elections. nicole pershing young cleans victory after the results paid him a strong lead. the result is likely surprise many after armenians disasters setbacks in a recent war with neighboring, azerbaijan. also on the program. moscow steps of anti cove. it measures as new
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infections triple this month. officials their find themselves fighting through projects covered 19 and vaccines skepticism. first for the olympics, new zealand selection, openly trends, gender athlete to represent the country and tokyo will go live to awkward for reactions. and italy, fans go was in room 13, qualifies for the euro. 2020 knockout stage with a wind overweight. ah, i'm aaron tilton. welcome to the program armenian prime minister nicole passion. yon is cleaning victory in step harlem entering elections with around 2 thirds of votes counted, he has a strong lead over his main contender. passion, young called the pulled to shore of his mandate after asters,
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more with as or by john last year. last year he's fires, saw armenia lose large suassa territory in the long dispute, no got no cut off region. the election results could impact the future of that agreement with us or by john the, the result came instead of the after the polls closed, one figure was available quickly turn out. despite and emotionally charged campaign, only half the eligible voters cast that bothers, encumbered nicole petunia and the paid on facebook. shortly after accounting started to claim victory. but main gothic, we already know that we won the convincing victory in the elections. and we will have been seeing majority in parliament, same force, passion, young, called the election in a bit to stabilize his government. armenia is still smashing from its defeat as about john in the wall over the disputed enclave. nagondo kara, was a peace treaty broken by russia in november,
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the loss of ass ways of territory. and that's after thousands of on the union soldiers had died in the fighting. the last war kicked off a wave of protest. we've demonstrated steven storm in the parliament and yet, yvonne you are going to be do i want to be able to get up in the mornings and go out for my exercise without finding a demonstration outside on the street at this meeting of the last 3 years have been awful, i economy our politics, it's all gone tightly wrong. the president rebecca chevy is heading to 2nd place in the polls. far behind persons party. he's already cried, fall over the result, claiming fraud. but that's unlikely to concern pushing young,
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who want international praise. so leading the country to its 1st free and fair elections 3 years ago and looks said to emerge victorious once more. and now here's a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. french far right leader marine la penn's party is perform the weaker than expected in regional elections on sunday. projection show, the republican party of former president nicholas are cozy on course to come out strongest from the pole. the 2nd round of voting in france is 13 regions and 96 to put them all will take place in a week. allister indians have protested against a new israeli settlements in the west bank. they burn tires and set of fireworks close to the town of novels, which has been the scene of multiple demonstrations. is really settlements in the west bank are illegal under international law. what parts of romania are battling severe floods and heavy rainfall? hundreds of houses in the eastern european nation are under water. some residents
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needed to be evacuated. meteorologist, worn more rain, could be on the way the united states has, and 2 and a half 1000000 cobra 19 vaccine doses. the island of taiwan in a move like a lead to anger beijing, which considers taiwan parts of china. i want government has accused china hampering its efforts to secure enough vaccine supply. china was furious earlier this month when us senators visiting taiwan, announced the vaccine donation. most of europe has seen a sharp decline, uncovered $900.00 cases this month. but moscow, the numbers of new infections has tripled it. a new record highs this despite the white availability of vaccines. the soaring case load has caused alarm among officials who have stepped up measures to contain the rapid spread of the virus. the celebrations that moscow soccer fans own are over for the time being the russian capital. i've seen record numbers of corona,
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virus infections for 2 consecutive days. hospitals are preparing several 1000 extra beds for over 19 patients. the cities mercer gay. so beyond the delta variance is responsible for the latest outbreak with a guy and you know, the gun related to the escalation was unexpected, because 60 percent of musk of ice have already been infected with coven 19, or have been vaccinated. so there should be a lot of her immunity on the and we need you even about the out. the variance is not the only problem. the mare says too many russians are skeptical. vaccinations are easy to get, but just 10 percent have got the shot so far. in response, moscow has imposed a mandatory vaccination requirement for some sectors. other regions want to follow the capitals lead, but residents remain unconvinced. yes, of course they should come strict or instructor more people will have a negative attitude. i don't trust the vaccine. he's going to look so well that i
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haven't found the information. they just say we should be vaccinated against cobra . that's all the city hospitals now wants to restrict routine procedures to vaccinated patients with exceptions, only in emergencies. starting monday, moscow will be testing so called cobra free bars and restaurants only vaccinated people. those who have recovered from the virus will be granted access. let's get you up to date now. and other developments in the pandemic after a slow start, china has announced it's administered 1000000000 doses of cobra, 1900 vaccines. worldwide. more than 2 and a half 1000000 shots have been administered, south korea plans, the eas restrictions in the capital, sol from july, 1st, restaurants and cafes can operate until midnight. social gatherings of up to 6 people will also be permitted during the next world cup. guitar will only let fully vaccinated fans into soccer stadiums. the gulf nation is set the host tournaments, which is scheduled to start in november 2020 to new zealand has selected
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transgender athlete laurel hubbard, for the team, for the tokyo olympic games. later this year. the 43 year old weightlifter will become the 1st open transgender athlete at the olympics. average to hospital level is below the maximum for the international olympic committee. pretty exclaim, she has numerous physical advent advantages, having competed as a man in the past who deals government backs for inclusion. i'm joined now by clarissa paramita, a journalism, auckland, new zealand. so clarissa, tell us a little bit more about laurel hubbard. yes, erin, floral hubbard will be the 1st transgender athlete to compete at the tokyo olympics . she's the 43 year old news, ill weightlifter, who will represent new zealand and the women's super heavy weight category. hubbard lifted the mail for 35 years and computed immense weight lifting competitions
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before transitioning and 2013. how bart has been named and the new zealand weightlifting team consisting of 3 female weight left 1st and 2 males. it is the largest weight lifting contention that use zealand has ever sent to an all in physics, and all 5 athlete will compete at the olympic for the 1st time. alright, so hubbard will be the 1st openly transgender athlete to compete me olympics. what criteria did she need to meet to be able to take part in the games? so, harbert has been eligible to compete in the olympics since 2015 when the international olympic committee, or i o. c issued guidelines allowing any transgender athletes to compete as a woman, provided their testosterone levels are below 10 nano moles per liter for at least 12 months before the 1st competition. so such guidelines have been met with controversy globally and also here in new zealand in early june and open letter was
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sent by more than 40 former olympic and elite athletes to new zealand minister, a fort asking for an extension of the consultation period for sport, new zealand draft guiding principles for the participation of transgender players and sport. aaron. alright, so there's been a lot of debate around trends. gender athletes recently. what is the reaction specifically to hubbard's inclusion in new zealand seems in so far? i would say people are divided here a survey helped by a new zealand news platform asking the public shoot trends. women athletes compete in the same category assist. women had almost 10000 people voting. know, and almost 900 responders saying yes. so people are aware that our ideas around gender are changing, but they see the need to have a more extensive global research around transgender women competing at both the community level and elite level in women's port. meanwhile,
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the government thinks the question of which athletes were allowed to compete, and what classes in the late sport was back left to international federations. although the fundamental premise for them is everybody should have the right to participate. and that's where we should start the conversation here and new zealand . aaron. alright, clarissa, thank you for getting us up to date. let's turn on to some sports. and at the euro, 2020 soccer championship. italy have one group, a after beating wales, one nil in rome. though both sides qualified for the last 16. mateo pasadena scored the winner for the italians with a header and the 1st half wheels had eaten unto sent off, but they still qualify. after finishing seconds in the group, switzerland could still qualify as one of the best 3rd place teams after they be turkey, $3.00 to $1.00 in buck who turkey exit the tournament after finishing rock bottom.
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and let's take a look at the final group, a table. italy top, the group with 3 wins from 3 and 0 goals, conceded wales in switzerland. both have 4 points. but wales qualify with a superior goal difference. and turkey didn't manage a single when in a dismal campaign. well, italy's reputation as a slow starter and major tournaments has been blown out of the water by their blistering form at euro 2020, and fans across the country celebrated their qualifications the last 16 in typically passionate style jubilation on the streets of rome. i had no wonder with 3 winds out of 3 and not a single go conceited italy's funds convince that all roads lead to london that i'm confident and hopeful that will least make it to the final. we have a great team, a great coat, and we have a good chance of winning the tournament. you don't,
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it was certainly an easy run for italy, but it's a good start. it gave us confidence insecurity. you know, we have to see how we will play the important matches mateo person as the winner, italy. he was one of 8 new faces in a much changed side that worryingly for their opponent. so few signs of a drop in quality. never the motivation to waste every day. i'm very pleased to see that we change the players rather than the team played very well. many gall, we deserve to score more goals. but wales defended fiercely, but i really like what i saw in my team. the boys played very well, but i know much and i was so excited. we're living the moment. we're very happy to be here. how are we going to face the quarter finals? well, we're going to put up a good fight. the actual fight starts and right. know ominous words, the austria and ukraine, one of whom will faith italy in the last 16 the and in formula
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one red bulls mark 1st off as one of the french grand prix. after a thrilling end to the race. dutchman took the lead leaf as he overtook mercedes louis hamilton. when extends for stop and lead in the championship standings to more than 10 points for hamilton. first off, it was red bulls. he made sergio perez completed the pony and finishing 3rd and a giant panda in western japan has been treated 12 fathers. they feast. amy received 5 kinds of bamboo, his favorite food, of course, at a zoo and walk a young prefecture. 20 each year old is the proud father of 16 cubs, and he's also the world, the oldest pendant captivity to our father, to come by natural means. emory's youngest was born last november
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and a reminder of our top story at this hour armenian prime minister nicole pushing you on is cleaning victory as a poem entry elections in armenia. ashley young called the elections to strengthen his mandate. months after a disastrous war with neighboring as or by john up next, or documentary on the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia. and remember, there's more news on t, w dot com, and you can follow on instagram and twitter as well as well rather at t w news, i'm talking berlin, thanks for watching the the interest, the global economy, our portfolio w business b on. here's a closer look at the project. our mission analyze the flight for market dominance
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