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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, ah, excuse me, this is the w 9 from berlin tried to hit by the roof where it hurts you expand sanctions to target holds factors, the batteries in economy. so increased pressure on president lucas shanker. also on the program. if you get heads to the po, voters gives everybody on 5 minutes to reform agenda in an election delayed by the corona, virus prices leaving voice of hong kong democracy could pull violence in days that the government freezes. the aspects of the apple daily newspaper,
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the white letters that make history at the tokyo olympics. new sealants and our old hubbard is the 1st transgender to be selected for the games. conclusions has stuff control. ah, ah, i'm so welcome to the program. the e u has approved new sanctions against bella luce increasing the pressure on president lucas shanker, after he forced a passenger planes land in order to arrest a dissident journalist. the measures signed off by a new foreign ministers meeting in luxembourg, imposed asset freezes and travel bands on more than 800 people and organizations. the boss also considering more wide ranging sanctions that would target home factors of the bell regime economy, including its tobacco industry hurting major sources of revenue for the local
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shanker regime. dw brussels bureau chief, alexandra farm nominees up the foreign ministers meeting and luxembourg. welcome alexandra. so it sounds like 2 sets of sanctions. one approved a one, a waiting approval, one against organizations and individuals, and the other against economic sectors in celebrates. while that's precisely the case here, we're talking about more than 80 individuals and entities that are going to be added to the existing sanctioned list. that means that they're not allowed anymore to enter the european union at their assets in the block are going to be frozen. but what is even more important is that a b, u foreign ministers have agreed in principle to impose targeted sanctions, broader sanctions, rather to target key areas of the bella, ruth and economy. you are talking here about the financial sector, about petroleum products. we are going to see ban on imports of
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potash that is used in the fertilizer production. and this is very notable because this is a 1st for the european union to target the whole areas of the below use an economy . and this also notable because all member states were bored, even those who have close ties to be a law ruth and who has to expect that those sanctions are going to hurt their economy a bit too. right. and you mentioned in your answer that you did already have sanctions against the roof when the shank of force that ryan had yet to land in midst. so given that they were already measures in place, so these ladies measures likely to be more effective. well, i think yes, that's what the understanding here is because a very 1st time the european union is really going off to the state companies who
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are providing that main source of who are the main sources of revenue for the government. and it's probably going to hurt lucas shinkel and his regime and the opposition leaders. he atlanta to handle the car was here and look, some work attending a breakfast with the foreign ministers also said that she is happy that this is really going to make a difference over. i was under a lesson book. thank you so much. alex and lucas shanker. has managed to retain his grip on beller, is despite domestic protests on the international pressure. helped him to keep him . that is the countries secret service, the k g, b and the climate of fear they have created the soviet dictator yoseph stolen looms larger than life at this military theme park, near men's,
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people from all over billers have come to celebrate this so called border guard day many like yell and support. alexander lucas. shank. oh, she works in a meat processing plant in breast on the polish border. she can't understand why people in bella. ruth wants to be rid of lucas shank. oh, what are the most important things in life? we have a salary, a job, we live in peace, and our kids get a good education for me and my family. the current leadership is exactly what we need. we like living in bella. bruce, i don't want change in the foreseeable future. mastery of our young cuckold, if she's bella ruth in a positive light, he's a truck driver but has no desire to travel abroad and he feels safe with lucas shanker in charge. you go to stimulus. i'm not saying i like him,
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but i don't see who else i could vote for. was lucas shanker was leader. i can let my son play on the streets without any concerns. i sleep in my lori cabin without worrying that something could happen to me. many people here are untouched by the pro democracy movement. they watch day tv and work in state and companies or for the military or police. above all, it's the support of the secret service, the k g b. that is helping lucas, shank, oakland to power agents hound opposition activists and generate a climate of fear. valerie costco once worked for the k g, b himself wellness of which he knows why there is virtually no descent in its rank yards at the new pro charger. first of all, they make good money compared to those who plow the fields or work in the factories around. i mean, they are opperation, have taken on a criminal element for lucas shanker needs people who already have blood on their
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hands. correct, and i will call them to move them because there is no way out grow you and i was telling you about that. i didn't yet and they've insured that the opposition is red and white banners have all but disappeared. all that visible is the soviet era, red and green of the country's official flag. for many, it's become the symbol of lucas regime. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world starts in our media. what a prime minister called finance as one another term in office following snap parliament g elections. official results show his party, his one about 54 percent of the vote. a despite widespread frustration with the handling of a war last year. we started rifle as a by john sweden's prime ministers lost a no confidence vote in parliament defend loss, but now has a week to reside or announce a snap election. the vote was triggered by a plan to ease rent controls. mr. lawson is the 1st swedish prime minister to lose
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a confidence vote for spain. prime minister says this government will pardon the 9 jail leaders of catalonia failed 2017 independence bread. sanchez said he, he hoped to ease tensions in the northeast and region and kicked up because stations were cut off if you can have begun voting, the general elections that have been seen as the 1st major test of prime minister, i be a man and he's ruling coalition elections was scheduled to take place last year, but were delayed because of the pandemic. the corona virus isn't the only challenge facing mr. met. the vote comes as war rages in the northern t guide region, which is triggered a famine that threatens hundreds of thousands of people. opposition groups accused that the country is ruling party of harassment. the prime minister has promised that the election will be peaceful when i'll be men came to power. he was lauded as a reformer, lifting bands and opposition parties, and free and thousands of political prisoners. his efforts to end hostilities in
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the region also saw him awarded a nobel peace prize would be a med is facing mounting pressure, both at home and abroad. e t o p as international partners want to quick end, the ongoing conflict graph region fighting there between the regions former ruling party, but the growing people of ration front and both government and retrain. troops has caused untold thousands of lives and spread famine throughout the region. you will figure say over 350000 people here are facing acute hunger. that includes tens of thousands of children. monday's pulling has been twice delayed due to the pan demik and logistical challenges still remain. many opposition parties are also boycotting the election because leading members have been jailed. the accused the government
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of rolling back many of our b of meds, initial reforms, hardly no suspicious backdrop for the 1st major test of the prime minister's prosperity party. what in the run up to the vote, mister med remain confident? seeing the pulling would be his country's 1st attempt. a truly free and fair elections at home come where the printing press is of one of the charges last pro democracy. newspapers could stop rolling within days. the apple daily says this friday's edition is likely to be its last, after all, authorities pros, it's assets on the, china's national security law. these newspapers could be a thing of the past, not because of digitalization or rising competition. that because the government wants to put a stop to them, that's what supporters of hong kong pro democracy newspaper, apple, daily a saying a last week police raided the company's newsroom for the 2nd time. and under
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a year, 5 senior executives were arrested after authorities accused them of publishing articles that violated china sweeping national security law. the government also for the papers assets leaving it unable to pay staff or conduct business. the papers owners say they have enough cash to last a few weeks, but after that, their future and the future of free press in hong kong is uncertain. apple daily, you see jimmy lie was arrested during last year's raid. he was sentenced to 14 months in prison, in his role in an anti government protest in 2019 despite china's intensifying crackdown on media critical of the mainland government, many hong kong, as a still running up to show their support. oh, well i'm here to buy
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a copy of actual daily because of what the police did. i have to support them. in any case, i've paid their monthly subscription fee, but i think i continue to buy newspapers to help them. i want to support freedom of speech because the journalists, apple daily have done nothing wrong for the moment. mom de la, good with an apple day we can afford to keep publishing is uncertain. its future will be decided by the company's board on friday. they w correspondent fi because in hong kong, she told us about the precious facing apple daily last week. so he, companies like to apple data, including it's printing and internet companies which hush those entities under the national security law to get with executives. they all thought his have also pros and 800 meter, hong kong dollars assets of the company, making apple day, the almost impossible to deal with any kind of banking operation. this is not only
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a huge blow to the movements, but also to the people society as a whole. apple daddy was found a shortly before hong kong returned to chinese through it just marked his 26. any post. recently, it has long been the icon, the one of the most critical voices of chinese warning party, and also symbolizes the authorities. tolerance of free speech on the chinese rule, but not always possible closure could mean a huge loss of veteran generalist. and also a platform for the opposition opinion. so that's why the critic sees this could be one of the most serious erosion of freedom of expression in hong kong. phoebe call more of today's top stories. the palestinians have protested against a new israeli settlement in the west bank burning ties instead of 5 practice close to the town of na blows, area sing multiple demonstrations. israeli settlements in the west bank are illegal under international law iran's so nuclear power plant is undergoing a temporary emergency shut down of what's being described as the technical folks.
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officials say the outreach is expected to last up to 4 days. power blackouts are expected. tornado has damaged homes and left thousands about powder and suburban chicago for people were taken to a hospital with may. minor injuries in the us. 50 officials are assessing the damage which include downs, which includes down to power lines and trees. large pots of romania, a baffling, severe floods after heavy rainfall. hundreds of houses in the eastern european nation are in the water with some residents having to be moved to safety. but you just want a bit more. rain is on the way a germany's conservative some adopted that joint program for september's national election. c, d, u leader armand lasha and marcus soda from the bavarian sister part of the c s. you presented the jordan manifesto in berlin, promise and texture the from fiscal discipline. you said critics say it's not clear how these plans would be funded. the conservatives are leading in the polls. and
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after 16 years in power, that chancellor, i'm going to matter is not running again with the luxury hopes to replace the w j political. have you sent me here? cuz that has been watching that presentation. welcome attack mikaela. what do they pro.


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