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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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me oh, the news . this is the w news live from berlin tonight, the end of the rainbow, european football, governing body wave of launch plans to white unix arena in rainbow colors for germany's match against hungary wave of rejecting the show of solidarity with hungary l. g b t, community because of the messages political contacts. also coming up tonight,
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it's been called germany's biggest post war fraud scandals. the wire card fiasco was exposed last year. now a parliamentary committee severely criticizing the chancellor's government for failing to stop the global scam. and should the crime of environmental destruction be on par with janice thought activism say that fines are no longer enough and that perpetrators should end up behind bosses and the body adventurers missing travel or boarding the war you railway. but the trains don't go where you might expect. ah, i bring golf reviewers on p b s in the united states and to all of you around the world. welcome. we begin tonight with european soccer and the rainbow. european football, governing body you wafer has refused
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a request to light up unix stadium. as you see here with rainbow colors, winds a when germany take on hungary the rainbow colors have to do with legislation passed in hungary last week that bands the sharing with children of material portraying homosexuality and gender transition. you a for refuse the request to eliminate, eliminate the arena because of what he called, its political context. pictures of the alley on serena from january decked out in rainbow colors in memory of the gay men and women killed in the holocaust. this week munich mac wrote a letter to you for asking to use the same color scheme as a statement against homophobia and transfer via when hungary comes to play germany . but you said it was declining the request because it would be a political message to protest, a new hungarian law. the rights groups have described as anti l. g. b t discrimination. the decision has provoked outrage him munich, defend us,
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shake his shameful that you a for forbids us here in munich and from sending a signal for cosmopolitan as i'm sorry for tolerance, for respect and facility charity with the l g b t i q, community one, facilitate the head of the german parliament sports committee. his also waited in an interview with d. w. she accused of having noble goals on paper, but no intention of standing up for those values in practice. i think the city of munich really offered a great opportunity to price against discrimination o time my eyes wave really does not show ambition to stand up for equality. they just claim that you have suggested alternative dates for the rainbow colors in the later rounds of the tournament when hungary who are lost in that group, unlikely to be playing. all right, for me,
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whenever you want to bring in d w 's, felix thompson, he's in cologne. it's good to see you, felix. so is this what we just heard? is this a case of you wafer saying one thing, but doing another when it comes to the values of inclusive anti if you consider people's reactions to us as action most certainly yes. just just last in just about 2 years ago, you just did the official twitter account to come out again and get the nation against the community. say that some don't feel welcome in football. it would be the question if they don't feel welcome in football. what, where does it come from? and if you take the decision which you very clearly say to a sign in favor of the community entities to the recipes,
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instead of showing it on the biggest possible that it would be a question. what are you wait for the values when push comes to shove and not when rolling. that's what people are asking online most lead time here in germany as well. there's been a lot of talk today that you have is trying to preserve its relationship with hungary, with the government of hungry. is that the case? many people argue so it needs to be said, the hungary has been un gone to country for convincing covey restriction. remember the last march, both the leg of the time of december, 16th time between elbow, light and liberal workplace in budapest to circumvent the german government quarantine restrictions. so you wait, basically has an interest of keeping hunger reach me if you will. in the case, the colby and then go on, which seems to be the case nowadays. mostly the u. k. going forward,
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the more the pandemic goes on, the more you wait for has an interest of keeping this relationship going. absolutely. yeah, we've heard also felix a lot about tom hungarian fans during this tournament. are they are concerns about their behavior tomorrow in munich. if the rainbow colored lights actually appear short, because we're talking about, according to police, we're talking about 2000 found or expected to travel farm, hungary, some of them, according to the studies are being that are being labeled as problematic. we don't know how they're going to react in practice at been their numbers are going to be significantly smaller than the one we've seen in budapest. of course we're gonna send you the, we're full, but it is basically a getting ready for us and our, according to that statement from earlier today. all right, let's look into the future here. we know that you a for it's still planning on london to be the location for the semi final in the
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finals of the euro, 2020 championships. that's despite the delta very, that's the stand tonight. could that change? and if so, what would it look like? doesn't change. we've already seen several european leaders speaking again hoping to send the final the final blunder beetle it be in and get me active. germany chancellor mcgraw and frances leader has spoken out and demanded more careful planning of the games. budapest is again, be held that the account due to hosting the game as we discussed previously according to a b. so it's definitely bound to change. i certainly think the discussion really far from being over. all right, tom, so from d. w sports, felix, we'll be talking with you a little bit later on in the day. thank you. and now here's a look at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. iran, president elect abraham, right. you see has delivered his 1st public speech since his election victory. he
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says a rapid quote of iris vaccination campaign will be his government's immediate concern from day one or the 83000 of radians have died from cope at 19. since the pandemic began. protesters, me and mar, have taken to the streets in support of the people's defense for a group supporting alfred leader on songs who g, since the army seized power on february. first, communities had been taking up arms to defend themselves against military violence . were the 800 civilians have been killed since the qu, in spain, 9 in prison catalog activists have been released from prison. they were jailed for organizing and illegal independence referendum in the region of catalonia. 4 years ago, the spanish cabinet approved prime minister petro sanchez's request for the pardons made. he says, to bring reconciliation last year german payment processing company wire card filed for insolvency after
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admitting to fabricating sales figures and misrepresenting nearly 2000000000 euros in assets. where now the german parliament's committee of inquiry into the scandal has presented its final report. the committee examine whether the federal government and supervisory authorities failed to take action over obvious wrongdoing by wire card executives. but critics say the report may present more questions than answers. this meant shooter was a key question. facing the committee. many across germany's political divide, lay some blame for the wire cut scandal at the door. finance minister, olaf shaw it's. his ministry monitored the work of baffin, which according to the committee's final report, look the other way when it came to wire card here, keep this guns inside and there are very clear abuses here. and of course, he is primarily responsible stuff. and he must face up to it. we
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slide on each. i'm in the disk, in my opinion, we often got too much of a back seat in the public and political discussion. we had a team of tax board members who obviously acted with criminal energy to mean it. and of course, that makes the situation difficult to supervise an emotion. the wire card was a service provider for online payments. it was seen as an innovative german company, but it says figures are not real. in the end, a 1900000 euro hole emerged in its balance sheet. shortly after it filed for bankruptcy, there had been warning sign for a long time. the media reported inconsistencies. year after year the auditors, e y gave the firm the green light. baffin did not investigate allegations of wrongdoing. fraud just were well organized but
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not perfectly organized. and there were weaknesses. for example, in the way they falsified documents. you could have seen that one can turn a former wire card. both marcus brown is now in custody. and for my c o, john sharlack is on the run. more than 22000000000 years of market value was destroyed by the fraudsters. because the share price crashed after the scanner came to light, investors paid a heavy price. germany is marcie 80 years since the nazi invasion of the soviet union. the surprise attack on june 22nd 1941 would open, the biggest in bloody is front of board war 2. and in the complete destruction of nazi germany. by the end of the war and estimated 27000000 soviet citizens had died, including 14000000 civilians. now from its beginning operation,
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barbarossa as the invasion was called, was conducted as a war of annihilation. the germans also treated soviet prisoners of war brutally. they were executed or starved or died on forced marches from the front. the nazis took some 5700000 soviet prisoners of war over the course of 4 years. and it's estimated that more than $3000000.00 soviet p o w died, making them one of the largest groups of nazi victims. step by step home in the forest for traces of the war. what do you mean? it's good news. this is an empty cartridge from a german plains. that means it fell down here while the plane was shooting from i looked for 40 years now. sort of has been searching the area in her home region with a metal detector. she often comes with her husband to look for remnants from what is known as the great patriotic war. here in russia, there was
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a soviet air field nearby. these forests and fields where the sight of fierce battles around a 1000000 soviet soldiers died. protecting moscow from nazi forces between 1941 and 42. many of them went missing in action. kelly and states that he digs in her free time. the work can be dangerous. it's lucky. galena is a trained bomb diffuser for the russian emergency services. sometimes she finds shrapnel and old mines, but there are also human remains under the roots. they have been a born in the round is filled with war. the earth hides all these interesting secrets and traces no surpass remains of people and traces of vehicles. just imagine for walking around this wonderful forest, girls and boys are picking berries and there's a recall sticking out of a trench that shouldn't be normal. it doesn't say on the skull, whether it's russian or german, it has to be buried no matter what. over 40 years, the digging colleena has made many fines. she has collected them in the museum
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called a soldier's fate in her hometown of opium, south west of moscow. 3 years ago she found a bomber in a nearby swamp. the remains of 3 soldiers were inside. using archival information about the plane galena has finally managed to find the relatives of 2 of them. today, part of my toilet in the commander of the plains crew will finally be reunited with his family. he was 24 when he died. he was missing all this time, no big living off those notes. and it's very emotional for me that he'll be returning home when i was little, my mother said that my grandmother used to cry when she looked at his photograph to bubble. like, maybe she lena re, unions like this several generations later are emotional, muttered them talk a little them pitcher we weep on each other's shoulders. you can't really find the words to say the communication is happening on some sort of an emotional level. and
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of course, people just keep telling me thank you. thank you. i see was possible spicy. sometimes people say, why do you dig? why disturbed the dead? but i think there is somewhere in the ether faceless, i don't know how to explain it, but their souls are restless. every year galena sets off on her search. again. there are people like her across russia. people here say the war isn't really over until the last soldiers body has been buried. galena has made that her life's work. our time now was more headlines. south korean president moved in his met with the new us envoy for north korea. so miss kim. so said the u. s. hopes the north will agree to new talks. this, despite a statement from the powerful sister of north korean leader kim jong own, dismissing hopes of a meeting in france, a woman is on trial for killing the man who raped her for years as her step father
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before later becoming her husband and tim valerie. because the story has moved campaigners against domestic violence with hundreds of thousands of people signing a petition. calling for her release. a you in committee has recommended that the great barrier reef be added to a list of endangered world heritage sites. the body blames a decline in coral on climate change and is urging australia to speed up action to save it. of this is prompted an angry response from the australian government, which has been trying to keep the tourist attraction off of the in danger list. that brings us to the growing movement to put acts of environmental destruction on par with war crimes and gender saw an increasing number of activists lawyers and politicians want what they are calling eco side to be punishable by the
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international criminal court. they say making this a crime would deter companies and governments from harming the environment instead of paying fines and compensation perpetrators would be liable to arrest prosecution and imprison. that would be quite a change. my colleague, w correspondent, the only fund hammerstein joins me now here at the big table for a closer look at this is good to see you here. it's good to see you back in the studio again. where does this idea 1st of all of eco's side, where does it come from? well, the term was actually quite in the seventy's already all of timer, who is the premier. we didn't accuse the us of ecos height over the use of agent orange during the vietnam war. so obviously the herbicide, the deployment of the herbicide, created extreme environmental destruction and left millions of people disabled. but then the push to criminalize it as an international level sort of state at the periphery for many years, up until a couple of years ago. and that's mean thanks to the sub ego side foundation. none
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of really pushed for this, but also because sort of public awareness of the acuteness of a climate crisis has been you know, shifting and, and with climate move limitations taking place across the world. and suddenly world leaders, parliamentarians discussing this new concept of eco sites. there pushes a national level to, to criminalize mass destruction of the environment. you talked about the use of agent orange. we talked about the great barrier reef, but i mean, what current or past events would be labeled as eco side? yeah, that's the interesting thing that's up for formation. i'm convinced a draft panel of experts and actually come up with sort of what they call legally robust definition, because it's pretty hard to define what the crime could look like. and i'm going to read it to you. they presented a just today, and they say it was, i mean, i'm lawful a once an act committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long term damage to the environment being caused by those acts. and what we can immediately think of that
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would meet both thresholds our mass, vast deforestation of them is the rain forest deep water rise in oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the situation and the nisha tells us the really sort of massive like a pretty, you know, massive destruction of the environment. you know, the definition you've read there, it's fairly clear why is it taking so long to come to this legal definition? well, there's been so many questions on the table, you know, sort of what magnitude doesn't have in order to constitute of ego site. then how do you address climate change? i mean, arguably common change is sort of a consequence of a serious off act off destruction, off ecosystems. then who do you hold responsible for that? and it will humans have to be harmed, or is it enough to, to just destroy sort of nature, you know? so all of these questions were on the table and all the questions the lawyers have to reckon with. yeah, it'll be interesting to find out, see how people can actually press charges and get to that stage. the only is always we appreciate reporting. thank you. the shine is c,
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c t, b cameron, network is the largest in the world in surveillance, has only become more extensive and invasive in the panoramic when the artist want to know if it is possible to walk down a beige being street without being called on film, and he made it the focus of an arts project. take a look, the yard stick and measuring device. his tools, artist and you fun is documenting surveillance in one's true can be g. when you go, i have taken a picture of every camera. i looked up the model search for the tech specs, it spoke length, the angle of coverage, it's attribute to each camera. i have identified brand and model so that i had the exact data for all of them. and i could figure out which area is covered by it when you go cheaper and gentle. thank you, angela. you go,
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patty and you go so far, we don't. we wanted to learn whether it was possible to walk along one street in beijing without being caught on camera. once the established route, he recall did a number of volunteers who would crouch and squeeze in the shadow of 809 cameras. for one kilometer they needed almost 2 hours videos of his project have been censored. they are now only available on website outside of china's mainland than himself has been forbidden by the authorities to distribute them walk and so on. tomorrow he's just new that's always involved here. nice about and of course i am disappointed you are investing a lot of work of thoughts and trying hard to make it work. you express your ideas, it becomes like your child, and then suddenly you are prevented from publishing it from letting people see it.
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that is certainly disappoint handle dawn i focus on done has been detained by the police several times. he has been working on privacy and surveillance issues for years. it's a problem. he things exists not only in china. in his latest project, he looks at how much people reveal themselves on the internet. he has published a provocative profile of himself with very personal data, including his passwords and details like his love. in china surveillance has become even more invasive since the outbreak of coal, the 90. in order to track possible infection, citizens are now required to scan a q, r code that register system whenever they enter a building, a public space or even a taxi. those might be relaxed occasionally, but they are immediately enforced again after
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a few cases or consequently talking. you can see it shows your health day to age and with a check in contract your way through the city. once you scan it shows the signs of my condition is normally no problem wages the amps are but one of many images that china has taken to fight the disease. life is pretty much back to normal and aging and done the surveillance critic is not oblivious. so the reason why we have to make an ethical decision year is life more important or privacy. i think in this case we all come to a clear decisions and life is more important. that is the ethical decision technology allows us to make for done a fine line defines what extent of surveillance is acceptable. he is one of the very few people in china who still insists on discussing where that line life
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amazing. all right, let's take a look now, some of the developments in the corona virus pandemic. india has distributed a record 8300000 vaccine doses as of monday and it's campaigned to inoculate. all adults, italy will drop a requirement that people wear face mass outdoors beginning, june 28th, and organizers of the tokyo olympics plan to allow the sale of alcohol. the decision that has drawn criticism from locals who are still not allowed to visit bars in pubs. and north korea says it has tested more than 30000 people. not a single coven 19 infection. experts don't the claim because of the countries poor health infrastructure in cambodia like in so many places, pandemic restrictions have brought travel to a standstill and with cases surging. now in many parts of asia, the borders have generally been closed in travel of limits, but one transport company has found a way to offer travel attics,
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a taste of what they've been missing. what looks like a grand adventure is actually a journey to nowhere. this train is not leaving the station, but instagram errors can still rack up their likes by just staying put on cambodia as royal railway forward. when we come out to take pictures and have coffee, it helps reduce my stress. because during the panoramic, i stay home most of the time and there was a lockdown, so it's really stressful. train travel has largely ground to a halt in cambodia capital city due to corona virus lockouts. but when restrictions relax, pens a new train. cafe is a favor backdrop to come and strike a pose. the sophie takers can then relax
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inside with an ice coffee and more screen time. after life under lockdown, the cafe owner says customers just want an escape. even if the scenery stays the same. so we converted a passenger carriage into the train cafe. we didn't make a lot of changes to it so that it's original look wouldn't disappear. because when guests come into the train cafe, they can have the same feeling like drinking while they're writing a train. in the general and for this taste of adventure, you don't need a ticket. all you need is attitude. only the german city of cologne to endangered lemurs have found a new home at the zoo, meet, ziggy and your stuff. they're the types of leverage usually found in the 4th and by
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the gas are but their species is threatened by hunting and the destruction of their natural habitat. zookeeper, say that ziggy and you still are likely to become star attractions, not leave because of their human white qualities. you want you d w. news, i'll be back in just a moment to take you through the day to night. american football, european football, and the l g b t community. are we near the end of the rainbow? full explain the right back is who's the the news?
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the news, the news. oh the the a the news proceed. it's all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life
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with learning impact like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge and grows through sharing, download it now for the football field, jewish life in europe. ah, that's what film producer, bona and journalist eve cooper monument, or exploring, delving into history and the present. ah, some things are painful, many or surprising. everything is important because life is so much more than
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what you think, you know, i would never have thought that can be live. so i really need to remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. broad stickers, jewish in years. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw, the harl nasa, yesterday this 20 year old defensive lineman with the las vegas readers, announced that he is gay and historic 1st and a strong statement connecting inclusivity with american football. compare that to europe and football, and the euro 2020 tournament germany take on hungary tomorrow in munich, but the stadium will not be lit up in rainbow colors in supported l g
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b t writes in hungary, the message from you, wafer politics have no place on the.


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