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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2021 12:00am-12:16am CEST

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with learning like global ideas, we will show you how climate change and mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference knowledge and grows through sharing. download it now for a this is the w news, and these are top stories, hopes of phasing that any more survivors will be found in the rubble of a collapse apartment building in miami, florida, nearly 160 people on the thing and for our confirmed dead it's now known that an engineer warned of major structural souls in the complex 3 years ago. the processes have cast with police in the west bank over the death of a prominent critic of palestinian president would advance. there's been unwrapped
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since in his arm, but not died in police custody on thursday. the protest is want a boss to resign. the palestinian authority says it's investigating the after the death of me. you can health minister, not hancock, has resigned over an affair with a colleague, he admitted breaking his own coven, 900 rules by kissing and embracing and aids in his office. the scandal has angered millions of britons who faced lockdown. hancock has made regular appearances on tv, telling people they must stick to the rule. this is dee the of the news from berlin . this much more on our website, d, w dot com. mm. ah, excuse me. i in the homes and decaying
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buildings have become common in a 3rd of italy's villages. there like ghost towns. the youngsters go away. the old stay on. yeah, no, no go. every year when they moved, it is like concert, less than $1500.00 residents. lost about 25 people. gotten 1020 year done. a village would have nearly been a plan lately. but for many families, big city life has become unbearable, especially now. the longing for more space is driving people to take reasons. important in life to have new experiences and never to settle for the life. but discovery thing was going on. some communities offer financial support to attract new residence. i think there's more opportunity in italy, the water is in the u. k. the diesel lease countryside regaining a future. the
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i a just before the 2nd corona lockdown in new york in 2020, the victoria family was living in naples. life didn't change much for them. school holidays were extended and the children were already at home. anyway. paulo is a professor of education at the university of naples, federico 2nd. his wife wally is a programmer. they've been working from home for weeks. smart working children running riot. the television always own and a chronically underactive dog were all just too much chewing on the chairs. he always does bathroom now he's racking them more and no everyone was longing for wide open spaces. and thereby, when we got the idea during the covert, we're going to call it was a moment that all 5 of us and the dog, which is the focal point, the family found. we were shut up in our apartment again to come into the home and
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even a spacious area and like to do, we were still stuck inside our 4 walls. i mean over, but i don't know why that's when we felt close for funding. i was just working here at home and slowly but surely to be locked up and here again in the target sitting there on a like as naples is a fascinating noise, the city traffic trying and hardly any green space make living in the city with nearly 1000000 residents, a challenge to families. you wake up the kids in the morning, take them to school, go to work. somehow you have to cope with the diabolical traffic. then you get home at around 8 and make them something. you can spend much time with them all the family decided to leave naples and stressful city life behind their making a new start about 100 kilometers away into order. they made the final preparations
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to leave and go to the village in abilene province. taylor has the opposite problem, the population there is shrinking. the town urgency one sense supports families with children who want to move in. the victoria's been summer vacation in toyota. they loved it. when we sent them, why i'm happy we're moving to tiara. i made lots of friends there and we always tell you outside and not like clear. it's really nice in the country. we're not tied to our smartphones. we prefer to play outside instead and elaborate. the victoria's will be living out of suitcases for a few weeks because the house they're moving into is still being renovated. the real move will take place later despite all the noise intention in naples, the victoria family's decision to move to the country is still rather unusual in italy. because the opposite trends continues to unfold. more than $2500.00 villages
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and small towns in the countries interior, a threatening to dying out. ah, because there is no work. young people in particular move away to the cities or to the north or go abroad right away. that's triggered a vicious cycle. towns with fewer residents have lower tax revenues and less able to afford infrastructure and services like medical care, which in turn drives more people to move away. the mayor of taylor says he can no longer just look on as the village dies out. that's why stefan no farina is fighting for taylor a future. at the beginning of the 1900s around 5500 people still lived in terra. today, the population isn't even a 3rd of that. after the devastating earthquake in 1980, the town was almost completely rebuilt. but about half of the houses in the village center remain uninhabited. as italian cities filter bursting small towns and
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villages a dying else. but they could be a simple solution because of because we've never better understood how in the course in stage he's over crowding and big metropolitan area to live with soon, and encouraged people to settle in out of the way. places deep in the countryside. the develop a better quality of life and at the same time provide to solution, you see that all of the places in italy, in fact, worldwide be revitalized while at the same time improving the quality of life and city us urban areas are in the precarious situation. because they have too many resident stefano farina would like to make a ora attractive to new comers. anyone who registers here as a resident and sends at least one child to school, is allowed to pay nominal rent and no property tax for 2 years. the program made headlines around 14000 people, sent email inquiry,
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many of them from abroad. but only european union residents can take part because of the use of complicated immigration and visa regulations, among the funding sources of revenues from a wind energy on them. what is the wound to go with the drain? it became clear to us for the small community like cars or the round $1500.00 resident. i know i'm with births and dance being is a chief of lose about $25.00 people each year. quest was a busy man. i didn't handle 20 years. we'd be a cost tom feeney. ah, the main plan to attract young families is working. the victoria is one of 7 who have since moved to t ora. during the 1st weeks they stayed in the small house because their new home isn't ready yet. now they're living in green surrounding. i mean clearly take some,
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getting used to somebody about it when we got here it was flooring board. as far as from the weather standpoint, elizabeth challenging, today the sun is shining and we've been really able to enjoy the place for the 1st time. it was crystal over. there are only the trees behind them is the river. there are fruit trees and the bubbles out here. it's quite peaceful fashion. until recently, it would have been unthinkable for working parents with children to move from naples to tail aura. but the corona virus pandemic, a new acceptance of smart working a, changing the world of work in italy radically right now. and private life along with it, while easel so hoping that in the future she'll be able to work from home. paolo is already holding office hours for students on line when going. ok, so could you make
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a comparison between the 2 approaches that approach you he didn't tell me that clearly to be a few weeks ago the 6 men, but greenwood family moved in there from manchester, the old time residence. a curious hardly any one has met the newcomers. so a lot of, i don't know that as a final 6 people came from england that they don't speak early and totally dahlia and just bon john. and john john let go. the mankunis, rachel and damien greenwood had already long been playing with the idea of immigrating to italy. by chance they came across a c n n article about the program aimed at attracting new residents to the order. because prison with on the brink that breaks it. damian hopped on a plane 4 days later in order to school house and apartment in order. the whole
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family moved in june. it was just love at 1st sight. literally. the friendliness the mare was so welcoming the people were so nice and obviously looking around just it's just not for the place. and this is a big me. but if something really really wanted for the children, but life is not without daily challenges. the greenwood still speak very little italian, monday through saturday. see yes, that was the main one to be quite sure. what's her been seen? said she helio. knowing no noise. at
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the greenwood steering to food rule in manchester, they actually had a restaurant in 3 suite shops. maybe they'll open an eatery here too. we go to the market every start today, and because we own the market on the phone, i usually freeze him badge and the quality is really, really good. isn't it producing amazing enough for that? that is really nice. some the people around the nice somewhat come in somewhat of what you are doing the best for you both. read them out by call around for the green woods, italy seems to be the land of a 1000 oppertunity plaything. britain fence days are in the past saying that a good life there had become unaffordable. and as staunch opponents of bricks it, they want to leave in a country that belongs to the thing is,
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i think there's more opportunity initially to what bridge in the u. k. especially having lived in u. k in appeared as growth and see more what, what works and then at and adopting it really to actually ended up right now. the greenwood living off the savings and working out plans for the future in their new home. after they've eaten the children go out to play at the bill where the villages incoming and local youngsters meet and greet ah, as the victorian then the greenwood slowly get settled into your other towns in italy are looking for new ways to bring life back into shrinking localities, oh,
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the about 700 kilometers per the self on sicily is the small, little town this move so mainly the surrounding landscape is breathtaking. the beautiful ah, possible, the buildings in the old concert towns stand in. many of their owners have list, while others preferred new developments. the community then decided to sell the houses for one euro. each. valerian sushi is a real estate agent who's working for the town. the one euro home sales are a big hit. more than 1000000 people clicked on the homepage that was specially set up for the project. thousands of calls are coming in, and hundreds of tourists have arrived to have a look at mussa manley's, old town. almost all of them come from abroad. lead daddy,
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i left the room before nor see it a little as a dream. but it's rich and art and culture goes to having a house in italy is the fantasy of a lifetime, especially the american say that so together with a colleague, valeria meets a group of potential buyers who come from motor to take a look at the abandoned houses property on cecily would be a dream come true for sarah cooper and her partner to today i will explain a little bit how it works. the project that your house and, and i will also show you some property. we would like to find something very traditional to know people who buy property for one euro and move so mentally a pretty much free to do what they like with it. there is no residence obligation, but there is a catch renovation must be complete in 3 years.


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