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tv   Country Living for Beginners  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2021 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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the news joke road china wants to expand its influence with this trading network also in europe. china is promises partners rich. in europe, there's a sharp warning you want wherever, except money from the new super power will become dependent on it. china's gateways, europe starts july, 1st on dw, parched forest and dine trees. germany is feeling the heat of climate change. what can be done to help plum trees, for example, the pan african green belt movement on dw the mice are by far the most common lip, arbitrary animals,
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especially bread for this purpose for around a century. without them many medical breakthroughs wouldn't have been possible. for instance, lab might have been used to study the immune system, as well as in cancer research and drug development. in the russian city of novels appears, a monument has even been erected in their own. so there are no alternatives lab mice of to indispensable to scientists. research this me, as does invaluable work at the max planck institute for molecular genetics in berlin. it helps the scientists here gain insights into congenital malformations. today it's due to be inspected by professor stefan montrose and his team. at 1st glance, it looks just like any other regular math,
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but then you notice that 4 of its toes are missing. it also can we want to find out what causes this kind of developmental defect or the most the mouse is a useful object of study because of how closely we can track its development of cutting. but ultimately we're investigating a human disease and the human phenotype, as we call it. and it's about patients so exhibit similar developmental defects in leisure. and picking up the researchers, use genetic engineering to create the defect altering mass genes. so their offspring are born with abnormalities. the mice now have the same genetic defect as professors patients at the shower to university hospital. in the same way, we can see how similar the changes are when the 2 sides completely different, which is typical because the physical expression varies widely. or you can see several thing is missing, here are the 2 are missing. on the other side,
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they're only partially developed and they're also partially fused. what don't know why the medicine that nanda does this in contents quite similar to what we see appear in the mouse. but i'm also genetic comparisons of thick and healthy might help the scientists figure out the exact cause and frequency of the mouth formations. busy the max planck institute lab has its own facility for breathing. the animals, the 1st, the bars mice were breads in the early 20th century. they've since been involved in various medical breakthroughs such as the development of insulin, antibiotics and cancer treatments like their counterparts in the wild. they have a natural curiosity and a rapid reproduction race. what makes them ideal test subjects? are there genetic similarities to human scientists, you genetic scissors to alter masses, genetic makeup by switching particular genes on or off,
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or introducing new genetic material. over the decades, the institute standard lab mazda spawn hundreds of new genetic lines, including mice, the predisposition for diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, ah, the aim is to decipher the genetic causes of malformations and diseases that might have been key to a host of nobel prize winning research projects the mice at the institute for molecular genetics are used for basic research, as are almost half of old test animals. the other half are used to develop drug treatments or vaccines. each animal experiment here has to be approved and deemed essential for resolving scientific questions. but the moral dilemma remains, is it right for us to conduct tests on animals which result in pain distress and even death? currently is often no effective alternative stefan month, close feeling come and love, which was
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a lot of tests can be done using cell coaches. these days, it's measuring the toxicity of various substances. for instance noir maybe covered when it comes to developing new drugs, you have to see what it does to an entire organism booked. and some of those effects are hard to predict the effect of the montgomery for years. and that's why there isn't really a viable alternative. you just under source auto tissues is a spin off developed at the berlin technical university. it's teams develop chips that could take the place of animals and drug trials. they contain miniature versions of human organs. by this is chip queue, which currently has liver and bone marrow cells. we hope it will replace animal experiments in drug development. we also have chip for where we can test organs and we're currently developing a chip for 10 organ in organic who the scientists isolate human cells. for example, from human blood bone marrow, the intestines are the liver,
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and use them to make tiny organ emulator is for drug testing. researcher louise old myers check into quality of liver cells that are be ordered by a customer for tests. ah, computer mentally about right now, i'm using a microscope to examine my liver cells, which i keep in different media. now on day 7, i'm looking at how they're doing and they look quite lively. and so i'm happy of a slide ridge. ah, that supervisor alexandra lawrence shows has had the chip works and has a micro pump that conveys a blood like nutrient solution from one miniature, oregon to the next. this simulates processes that take place in the human body. ah, that's maybe it can. we can put some of the junk into chip and because we use human cells, we can gauge the effectiveness far better than in animal experiments. as
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a victim later than an animal experiments does. yes, this is more effective. the organ ship is placed in an incubator as a temperature of $37.00 degrees celsius. the start of hope, these chips will soon make drug trials and many other animal experiments redundant . but the multi organ ship won't be able to test the impact of genetic mutations. for that there's still no alternative to lab mice. ready i, if i look, let is read, why can you have a question you'd like us to send it in? if we feature it on the show, you'll get a little surprise from us as a thank you. come on, just this week's question comes from veronica in mexico. why is learning to love yourself so important?
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feel health. they say these, what do they have to do to be loved? nothing with practically hard wired to find them lovable. but soon were expected to be great at school. then learned an amazing job that pays heaps of money. when to top it off, was supposed to look fabulous to people make demands on us. we make demands on ourselves. one thing we said our expectations sky hi. thinking if we liked and admired, we'll feel good about ourselves. put up and that's a house of cards when it comes to self esteem. a recent study says that young people tend to be very critical of their appearance because they compare themselves to others or believes that others find them ugly. me enter x in me, alcohol abuse, and depression. many people who suffer from mental health is use also find it hard
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to love themselves. why? because something's missing. and that's a good relationship with ourselves. the relationship in which we are aware of our own needs and treat ourselves with loving care. loving itself doesn't mean that you worship the ground, you walk on it's about excepting yourself. as you just like we accept the people we love the way they walk turned all so how can we do that? step one accepts how you feel and how you look be okay with this right now in this very moment. therapists also recommend we reflect on the amazing things our bodies do for us every day. you might even end up feeling something like gratitude.
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enjoy in the moment, which is a good step on the path to learning to love yourself. you can find more fascinating stories from the will just signs on our website and on twitter. the every year, millions of hector's of rain forests are lost in 2020, even more disappeared than in the year before. many products contain tropical wood, but waste from labels on certified goods are supposed to make their origin more transparent. but does that make them green? it to me and now the tree is being cut down and one of the world's primeval forests, the wood harvested from them qualifies for certification by the forest stewardship council. even though old growth forests a crucial to the health of the planet,
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the s s c is an international organization committed to sustainable forest management. them also proclaimed forests for all, for ever. there's been there to the bridge to make sure this is helpful. a lot of customers who buy s s c certified products, choose them because they believe it's for a good cause. it is actually true nature conservation expert p f. a british has carried out a scientific analysis of the f s. fees certification system does f, a c z good did feel whole. the f a c label stands for word that has been harvested in a variety of ways. it might come from huge, clear cutting in old growth forest. us from eucalyptus plantations in rain, forest areas beaten in ecological terms. it doesn't necessarily mean responsible forest management for those on the so consumers shouldn't be led to expect that
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they get pushed. the, the accuracy is made up of 3 chambers, each with an equal voice, but very different interests. indigenous peoples, environmental organizations and the timber industry. ah, why do logging companies have a say in the f s fees management criteria? we couldn't get an interview with the f s c global h q, but talk to the head of it's german branch phase kind of to see is not a conservation label. the label that tries to take the realities of our world into account when it comes to generating this valuable resource would as a renewable raw material that entails maintaining ecological stand one at the same time, respecting social concerns expected from,
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as far as the f. s. c. is concerned that only works the lumber industry also has the same. and that's why even sharper call timble from the caribbean, rain forest can get the f. s the seal of approval. the stipulations include cutting down no more than one tree on an area. the size of a circle pitch every trans that conservation group say that even selective logging is harmful to the delicate rain forest ecosystem. on next still is brazil. the wood harvested from these eucalyptus plantations is also fsd certified in return. the timber companies have to meet various commitments, including preserving the last remaining old growth forests in the region. the eucalyptus is native to australia. it's fast growth makes it popular. but plantations like this are harmful to the ecosystem. they reduce species diversity and extract more was it from the soil than domestic trees. the timber is still f. s,
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the certified because the industry has pledged to mitigate the negative impact name. besides ecological standards, there are socialist use, such as indigenous land use rights and workplace safety. there are also environmental issues like safeguarding waterways and ground water and reducing pesticide use institute mid lines at sweden is also home to ober forests the trees here and mainly harvested by clear cutting. the timber they supply tends to be far less valuable than tropical woods. and that's why the focus here is on quantity, not quality areas that were until recently blanketed in trees. hundreds of years old, a stripped back an old green forest clear cut. but even this timber is f, f fi certified wise. because s s t rules are designed to also take the host countries economic interests into accounts. in return,
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the log in companies must meet ecological requirements that the f s. c has deemed reasonable to determine whether the f s system helps protect forrest's p. s. e bush and his team travel to an old growth forest in russia. and for the certified, clear counting is also permitted in the candles. greek and the research is compared areas with and without the f s. c label. they found that clear cutting in line with f s. c criteria brings no ecological benefits and it has a serious impact on old growth forests. is in, in the region we're studying, we can say with relative certainty that the old growth forest will eventually be depleted the next inflation for leon. as don flayson w areas left where the forest might be able to grow again, given in fights to its value. the land grows hotter and dry and we may end
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up seeing lasting damage to the ecosystem and i was initiated to go just this was a stance on scientists like p, f, e. bush and many conservation groups are opposed to any logging in old growth forests. they want the priority to be sustainability, the current f a c rules don't meet that demand. that's why pierre says that certification labels onto enough to protect the forests. in listen, we have to reduce wood consumption, companies, cutting down primeval forests in russia, paper, tissues, and toilet paper is completely unacceptable. was this sustainable forest management also means asking what the word is used for flushing old growth forest down the toilet is anything but green, even if the wood is certified in
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many parts of the world, the impact of deforestation can no longer be overlooked. it increases global warming and contribution to soil erosion and desertification. for more than 40 years, the green belt movement has been fighting to preserve forest. it was founded by kenyan scientist, one got him, a tiny w series african re tell her story in a very special way. this is canyon biologist, one gary my time during a visit to her home village in the 1970. and she noticed that local women have very little firewood and water to cook with a situation that had her thinking back to her own childhood back then, the surrounding hills were covered with forests and the streams slowed with water.
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the trees were later cut down to make way for farmland wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. one gary, my tie decided to take action by planting trees to prevent thought erosion and i keep the areas, water sources from drying up her work held revitalized the mountain regions and benefits of the entire country. my tie was a member of kenya's national council of women, and they also got on board in 1977, she founded the green belt movement. their tree planting campaign went on to attract high profile support in 1998 and a protected urban forest in the heart of nairobi was to be cut down for commercial development. when gary, my tie was ag raged. she and other
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women from the green belt movement took their protests to construction site that side career a forest which had been set up in order. the president, daniel, are up moy, they spent months mobilizing public support, other groups joined to protest. president moire refused to budge and sent in right police. the protests turned into violent confrontations. several protesters, including my tie, were injured. eventually, president more relented and ordered construction be stopped. and the activists made plans to restore the foreign laurie gary. my tie was convinced that planting trees help secure people's livelihoods. in 2004, she was awarded the nobel peace prize. when one gary my tie, died in 2011, she was honored with the state funeral and more and around the world. her legacy is a green belt movement whose message is gone, global the
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in honor of one god, my time a tree was also planted in germany after head back then it was purely a symbolic gesture. but now germany too has a problem with drought and erosion in 2020 was classified as being the country's drought in a row. cut, planting trees, and farmers fields help save german agriculture. no time a tool, it's a couple 1000 trees from that is $25.00 per bundle in the rio jimenez has big plans. she's hoping to see each of these cuttings grow into a fully grown tree in the middle of her parched fields.
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with the help of agricultural engineer, michelle, she'd already planted some poplar cuttings 2 months ago, but they didn't survive the spring time. drought frustrating sit back. it's unusual . there's 50 percent failure rate right now as tough. some have upset with us happening that has i think we've never seen that before. not even the extremely dry summers of 20182019. then in the spring, at least the ground was moist enough to force this type that this as you can see, rush way that it's just too dry. it's like a sand bulk. was on the thing, it's nothing to fear. so now we just plant them deeper and using shoots that definitely reach down to the lower and moisture layer of soil and enforced on board . interesting. and the dried out samplings will be replaced. the concept they're following is acro forestry, incorporating trees into farming systems to mitigate the effects of drought. this
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part of ne, germany is among the driest in the country. maria jimenez wants to be sure she's prepared for the likelihood of even dryer weather to come off. if everything turns out as we hope, the trees will help us to store water in the fields flashing of flesh by employment . what thing is it? the trees sit down very deep roots and extract water from the lower layers of soil and with the evaporation. the entire area is cool down somewhat chewing on that makes it more likely that the crops between them will thrive. the trees will also help create humorous and protect the soil from erosion which also benefits the crops agro for street or a mix of agriculture and forestry is a promising concept in the fight against climate change. extra say the germany, for example, is likely to see not less rain, but 6 percent more. but in the winter,
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trees can help store that water for the summer when it's really needed. but agro forestry hasn't caught on widely yet. and part because it doesn't receive government funding kansas enough. when you are applying for assistance, you can get funding to plant trees on farm and. and if you plant too many trees, you'll lose your farm and status. there are all sorts of disincentives that discourage farmers from creating agri, forestry systems. everything we're doing here is possible because we're not farmers where outsiders have been fortunate enough to acquire some land land. because maria human is, is an artist by profession, but also manages this farm, just south of berlin. so far without state support in 2007 agro forestry was included in the european union's rural development program. but germany hasn't
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implemented it yet. in contrast to france, where the number of trees planted on farmland has increased significantly, studies have shown that 100 heck, tears of agro forestry land produced the same yield is 140 hector of conventionally farmed land. still adding trees does make fields more productive if the saplings take root and about the saplings do get stressed when there's a summer drives that could happen here if we don't get more rain. so we'll do a little poplar trees survive this summer. this time around. it's been 5 weeks since they planted the pump, our cuttings and the sandy soil, south of berlin. so how are they doing? hadn't met in recent weeks. we've had more rain than in the last 2 years. a lot by our standards. but it's still not enough on the ground, it's still as dry as in the desert. but it was enough for the trees almost over
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new ones we added have green leaves. they've been growing very nicely. didn't i look at the show of oxen? all that stands in the way of the young trees now is couched grass, but they don't use her besides and instead do the weeding by hand poplars grow quickly, though these still need a few more years. but eventually maria minutes hopes the poplars will provide her fields with much needed water and shade. even when there is no rain. ah, that's all for today. we'll be back next week with another edition of tomorrow today. until then by buying the news
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. the news, the news news
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news the news lose a popular game bar in new york city. recently, it's hard to clear community. an uprising that changed the course of gay liberation . stonewall over 50 years ago. we're people started to fight back. today they're sharing their story. and the way the game so are you ready to get all these places in europe are smashing all the record to venture. just don't lose
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your grip. the treasure map for modern globe. trotter's gone for some of europe's record breaking into. and also in book form, i know it really feels jewish life in europe. ah, that's what film producer and journalist keep in mind. more exploring, delving into history and the present. ah, some things are painful, many or surprising. everything is important because life is so much more than
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what you think, you know, i would never have to be live so openly and so freely and constantly remind myself because i grew up in a completely the way the broad stickers jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th lawn, d w. ah ah ah, ah,
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was, ah, this is the w news coming to live from berlin. russia sounds the alarm over a new wave of the corona, virus numbers of new cases have reach record highs across the country. some regions are introducing tougher restrictions to stop the virus spreading. we take a look at why the pandemic is surging again. also in the program the coping 19 outbreak in australia.


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