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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2021 2:00pm-2:45pm CEST

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in our ways, the global ideas, mental series on d. w online. the news . this is the news live from the corona virus outbreak in australia takes a turn for the worse. new restrictions are imposed as more cases emerge and multiple parts of the country. officials call it a new phase of the pandemic. also in the program, concern to in russia where numbers of new corona, virus infections reach record highs. other countries also joined the scramble to
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contain rise in cases, plots of stuff fading, but rescue team. searching for survivors of the apartment collapse and florida say, they are not ready to give up on an evening of suspense and surprises at the euro. 2020 than at the the, the i'm got a small come to the program. australia is responding to the emergence of new clusters of the corona, vice by tightening restrictions. experts say the latest outbreaks are linked to the highly contagious delta variance mandatory vaccination for health workers. looking off, the elderly is one of the measures to be taken. several cities have also imposed locked downs and made mosque wearing compulsory authorities and australia fear the
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latest wave of infections could be the most serious. since the beginning of the pandemic. sidney's iconic opera house shrouded in silence. it's supposed to be the streets deserted. the city has responded to an outbreak of the highly contagious corona virus, delta variance with a 2 week lockdown. meanwhile, a lockdown in darwin has been extended. the reality is we are not out of the woods yet, not by a long way to risk to the community has grown in the past 24 hours. we are now in an extremely critical period. we must die lockdown while we keep this bar as trapped. other cities have made mask wearing compulsory and limited social gatherings. australia has recorded relatively few cases. $30000.00 since the pandemic began. but its success and keeping the virus at bay has been threatened by stuttering vaccination campaign. only around 5 percent of the population is fully
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vaccinated. we really faced the most serious crisis in the covert pandemic since the early days. in february, march, last year. it's made the worse because this was a largely avoidable and foreseeable crisis. but thanks to the very poor procurement and roll out of the vaccines, we don't have that strength to, to respond to the situation that's emerging as the virus forces like to a standstill. australians can only hope that the vaccination rollout picks up speed soon. from all of this, let's cross over to catherine james, a journalist in sydney, katherine in new clusters of cases across the country. what's behind that? that's right. as you heard the case numbers are relatively low, so we currently have 130 in sidney. the reason for striving is locked down is
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that is caused by the delta variant, and that happened the last 12 days. a stray of tolerance for any cases is basically 0, the same in the northern territory that locked down in full cases. but again, with a much lesser equip health system, they have locked down immediately. they do not want any further transmissions within the community. and so we're seeing that 0 tolerance for coded bringing these locked down and mainly so the crunch pack traces have time to get across the track, the right of transmission. so i understand only 5 percent of a strategy as population as so far been fully vaccinated. that's definitely not much compared to other highly developed countries. even germany is much further ahead. why is the figure so low? well, as you mentioned earlier, the, the rollout has been. flo,
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the right of vaccinations that are arriving in the country every day has been small . and when you think about the threat level and striving was so low, so the, the urgency to go out and get back tonight. it is definitely not there. this situation of course will change that people really do not feel that they want to be back and look down through like rebecca, the start. so that's going to be wrapped up. the government, as you mentioned, is having an emergency meeting on monday. no doubt that will be on the table in a very serious way. the state governments are pretty furious about it. the federal government has been in charge of that. they banked more on the astrazeneca vaccine and then the medical advice around that changed. so they are trying to ramp up the purchase and shipment of the 5, the vaccine. and a lot of people were waiting for the arrival of the find the vaccine for the people who is age 60 and under jealous. catherine james, joining us from sitting there. thank you. thank you. let's have
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a look now at some of the other developments in the panoramic south africa and has also reimpose corona virus restrictions to combat the search. and the delta variant president 0, run the post band, all gatherings except funerals and ordered travel restrictions and a band on alcohol. so south africa vaccine roller has been slow with less than 5 percent of population. having received a job malaysian is expanding a nationwide lockdown indefinitely. as the number of infections remains hide, the measures were meant to end on monday, but will now be maintained on so daily cases for below 4000. the government aims to have 10 percent of the population fully vaccinated by august. russia is in the grid, off the 3rd wave off the corona, vars that is threatening to overwhelm the country's health service. the capital moscow has just real recorded 124 death and one day from colbert 19 surpassing
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a panoramic record set at the weekend. an average of $20000.00 new infections are being reported across the country each day. authorities, i'm posing strict new measures to counter that serge as the w usually associated reports now, the st. petersburg city beach couldn't be busy with the temperatures above a 30 degrees celsius. saelens of russians have come to the gulf of finland to escape it. the hot weather and social distances russia is in the middle of its 3rd corona fires. waif, thanks to rapidly spreading. delta variance, the authorities are soundings. the alarm is in you. you taishan accounts for almost 90 percent over the you thought them precipitation with go with 19 is explosive. you have had record numbers of new mortality statistics. i'm not going either because i've been here to record numbers. so just within sauvage news to me
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at most, officials are talking about more than $20000.00 new infections every day. most of them in moscow to get the situation under control, the russian capital has re open field hospitals and built medical stations, especially for corona virus. all of the hospitals are quickly being re equipped to handle it 900 patients. but their main goal is to get more citizens vaccinated against of 19 russia was the 1st country in the world to get seen to market with nick t v. so however, only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated. the government once is that to change by degree from now on, all companies in moscow must have at least 60 per cent of their workforce vaccinate . and the other one right on the side of the mayor is right. everyone has to get vaccinated to stop the corona virus. and each year they shouldn't force us. they should try to motivate us because there was time for
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a lot of dollars in the virus feel spread less quickly this way because everyone should be vaccinated at home and to get money for food at the same time. then we will all be healthy movies. restaurants are still open if only until 11 pm. but in the future, only people who have been vaccinated have a medical certificate showing they have recovered or who have a negative p. c, r test will be allowed to eat there is there will have to scan a q r code issued by the moscow health authority struggling with a cheerleader. so of course, this means our turnover will be much lower, especially at the beginning until the customers have gotten used to it. but i think with each passing week will feel relief with more and more people getting vaccinated to your favorites. but even these unprecedented measures, i saw a cry from tough lock down the government, imposed last year as infections began to rice. biologist say it's
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a case of too little too late and that the 3rd wave could be rationally. oil. let's say the spread of the delta very end is driving that go with $900.00 base and several parts of the world from one that i'm not joined. but dr. john campbell, he's health analyst based in england. join us from carlyle. john, what's going on here? just a month or so ago, people in many parts of europe at least, were breathing a sigh of relief. and now this unfortunately the u. k. seems to be leading your cont, indeed part of the world in the worst possible way at the moment. the cases in the u. k. the moment about 58 percent on the last 7 days and there was a similar rise in the 7 days before that. what's happened is there's been travel from india, primarily from india into the u. k. but not single travelers, multiple travelers, many thousands of travelers. so what happened in the u. k, we've had multiple seeding events, many different feedings of the delta virus in different parts of the you k. and i'm
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sad to say that from the u. k. it's also spreading to europe, so a lot of people went on holiday from the u. k, because portugal was on the, on the green list for you. a lot of people went to portugal and now portugal unfortunately is leading the way in terms of increasing delta various numbers in europe. and because the delta variance is so much more transmissible household transmission is 64 percent higher with the delta barrier with the previous u. k alpha variance and so much more contagious is now spreading around ready. it's about 95 percent or more of the cases in the you carry an unfortunately you are, pres, is following in this trajectory. and the percentage of delta battery is pretty well doubling every week. unfortunately, across many european countries, the moment john is delta, just more transmissible, is it also more dangerous?
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this some early information from public health england, this shows that might be a slight increase in hospitalizations. now this isn't massive, it's a slight increase, but it's certainly more transmissible. what seems to be happening is when people are infected, they can be infected with a low number of bible particles, but then they develop a much higher viable load. so the more of the high, a viable low that someone house means that coughing and breathing out more particles, but could also mean that that's somewhat more at risk of becoming severely. but it doesn't seem to be a massive effect, but it is a risk to bear in mind, quite right. infections on spike in across asia and africa lockdown. so coming back or being extended, do these regions not have enough vaccines? i absolutely not mean the vaccination rates in the united states, the united kingdom in europe. a good and kind of does not too bad, industry is coming on. the rest of the world basically is sure to vaccines. now, china's doing well, china's vaccinating at very high rates. russia, there's
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a lot of vaccine available, but uptake is very low for various reasons. we've already discussed. but basically the rest of the world is very, very low vaccines. very low vaccination rates, even even in india. so new, something like 12 vaccines given per 100 people in india and other asian countries are particularly problematic at the moment. so for example, the delta barron is now spreading from india into bangladesh, which of course is imposing a weeks locked out at terrible cost to the local people who went bound are somewhat better for to eat. but yeah, they're doing that. so this delta vector is stretching in the lights of low vaccination numbers and because the delta varied you so much more transmissible, we need a much higher community or heard vaccination or immunity threshold to prevent and not simply not that. so the vaccinations are losing out to the delta vary in many asian countries. so pakistan, bangladesh, thailand, my, and mar, malaysia, cambodia,
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file. and all these countries unfortunately are going to be getting massively increasing cases over the next few weeks. and we know that even in some parts of time on the health facilities, everybody, badly stretched, it looks like these, this pandemic is really gathering, seem all over it well in the countries which are vaccinated. i think that is true. you're the vaccinations of accelerated really, really quite well. it's not quite what it is in the u. k. in maine, on europe at the moment is increasing and that combined with the summer means i'm hopeful we will get the surgery in sickness hospitalizations and in the u. k, we're still hoping to open up on the 19th of july. that is still the plan. they'll be more infections, but we're hoping that the link between infections and hospitalisation and death has been well and truly broken. you are heading that way, but many of the parts of the world are not. so there are definitely hospitalizations decks and overwhelmed health systems and oxygen shortages. and all these things unfortunate to look to look forward to, i'm afraid, over the next month or 2 in many parts of the world. are we better keep our fingers
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crossed that health, unless john campbell in england. thank you, john. thank you. annual monsoon rain has caused flooding along the river ganges in india and exposed hundreds of graves of corona, virus victims. most of the bodies are thought to be of people who died during a big rise in cases earlier this year. the discovery has sealed allegations that the indian government has concealed the true number of covert 19 fatalities. a single body floats down the ganges. india's sacred river has turned into a graveyard. seasonal flooding has caused the river to swell, revealing hundreds of bodies. they are mostly sought to be victims of india, a 2nd wave of coded 19 during a search in cases crematorium could not keep up with demand. the model of
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the bodies was thrown into the river and were floating in the water. the local authorities are arranging cremation for them because the water level in the river is rising. many bodies will end up in the water and there's a chance that the river will be contaminated cremation, that families could not afford. and now being carried out on the river banks, more than a 1000 corpses have washed up here. since may health professionals have accused the indian government of fudging its current of virus figures to hide the true death toll. the official number stands at nearly 400000. the hundreds of corpses emerging from the ganges suggests that number may be far higher. let's have a look now. some of the other stories making headlines. torrential rain is called
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flooding and landside in hong kong as well, or it is say more than 70 millimeters of rainfall was we ordered in the several districts the severe weather led to the suspension of classes, vaccine services, court hearings, and morning trading at the hong kong stuff in the us military has released footage and said shows air strikes along the syrian iraq he borders against malicious, backed by iran. the pentagon says it's targeted operational and weapons storage facilities. after drone attacks, against american personnel and facilities, it comes as president biden tries to revise the international nuclear deal with iran. secretary of state antony blink, and as in rome for international talks, which he is co chairing with the italian foreign minister, the ministers will discuss the so called islamic state and syria. lincoln has appealed to delegates to repatriate and then either rehabilitate or prosecute
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citizens who joined the military. us prosecute to say a man who ran the truck into a house and then shot that 2 black bystanders was white supremacist who left behind racist and i just submitted hundreds in statement. the shooting happened saturday in massachusetts, the 28 year old suspect was shot by police and died of his injuries rescue work is coming through the rubble of a collapse floyd apartment block. say there was still hope of finding survivors more than 150 people are still on the on accounted for 4 days of the complex collapsed. they're told is now at 9 relatives of the missing have been allowed to visit the site. mike noriega came looking for his grandmother, a 92 year old living alone my grandma. when he got the, the devastation was right before him. and yet he couldn't believe it. we rushed over and got here around 2 30 am. and when we saw the scene,
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it just it was so hard to process. then in the debris, they stumbled across a card. and it happened to be my grandmother's name hilda. and it was a birthday card that was given to her a couple of weeks ago. mean, what are the chances that that would happen? many others in miami, dade county florida are desperate to find signs of life at the sight of collapse. on sunday, some family members were shuttled in buses after the demanded to visit the site. rescue teams have been working through the wreckage for days, international units from mexico and israel are assisting as well. but people are frustrated that the rescue mission appeals to be to slow the refill. now scattered throughout and it's compact is extremely compact. so it's
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a very slow process where we have the shore, we have to stabilize the best we can as we're moving through the area. because again, if there is a void space, we want to make sure we're given every possibility office of items. and that's where we can't just go in and move things radically, because that's going to have the worst outcome possible. over the next days, miami dade county says it's going to audit every building older than 40 years to ensure that there won't come crashing down. under all this ruin, noriega doesn't know if his grandmother is still alive, but he sees her birthday card as a sign. i just feel like it's really god's way of comforting off to say either way . whatever happened with your grandmother? she's okay. these other things in brussels, belgium dumped raining champions portuguese out of your p in football championship
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in the round of 16 talk. and i was on a difference with a long range goal. in the 1st one though, the chief means portugal relinquish their hold on the europe championship program. earlier jennifer spade from d. w. sports told us what belgium did right. and what portugal go wrong. portugal that has a very, very good squads, talented players. but there were always question marks about the coach fernando center, and i think they probably got punished if playing to conservatively in the 1st half . they did. try to open up the game, bring on their creative plays in the 2nd half, but by then already a gold down. and i did have a bit of bad luck. they hit the post a the keep. keep it made. if you could say, they could say you could say they were unlucky, but at the end of the day, this belgian teams to good. i think they got their tactic spot on. and they're the ones going through the next round. they definitely have the talent, they've got romilly lucas who up top who is just a big force in scoring goals,
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but also bringing in the other plays in play. and then they've got a great midfield as well, but there are injury concerns over kevin to brian and it, and, and so missing 2 of the best players going into the next match against italy is going to be pretty tough and sundays other games a check republic read the final so after a surprise when over the netherlands in the past. but here's the list, thread cod in the 2nd half turned the game in the check favor and capitalized on their advantage to win to nail. and it's just a couple of hours by come from the check border to view the pest. so it's no surprise that fans traveled to hungary in their numbers and lay just celebrated their teams. performance. yeah, do you have the triumphant walk from the stadium, the check and asian, celebrating the sweetest the victories? okay. perfect. ah, i think people perfect down very good. much.
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i like these. my 1st watching chick or players were just as ecstatic. not the goals from too much honish and puts a chick with the dutch. the sword. some is good, it's me is unreal. no, it's a dream. but i'm, you know, it was the best game of my life with. this is the euro's in on has the check national team. it though it just came out a lot of funds in the stands, and it was a great game. i enjoyed the placebo. disclose our boss. how does this studio? the dutch struggled after mathias the legs read cards for them. it was another bitter disappointment and their weight to win. the 1st major trophy since you $88.00 goes on. wow you, i hope we were very optimistic, but no, we're ashamed. losing to new to the check, the public shouldn't be possible. funny, it's a shame we didn't play well. i think we're finally allowed to watch football from the stands again. and then this happens. but the night belong to the checks,
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complete denmark in the quarter finals, and will know surely fear no one in this week or half of the draw. while the ball interesting of the last 16 matches is taking place in london tomorrow. it's old rivals england and germany facing off and if you're struggling to choose a winner, maybe you should be listening to your showed up the elephant oracle of hamburg. she predicted that germany will win the match at wembley stadium. thankfully, good if you don't seeing how credentials you might want to bear in mind that she's got all 3 germany games. correct. so why is why i went on and we will be bring you all the build up to that game between england and germany here on d, w, and use to formula one. now the red bulls marks the stuff and has won the syrian grand prix in austria. the wind puts pressure on raining world champion, louis hamilton, whose place at the sports summit is under threat. high and the austrian alex is
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home turf for red bull racing. i qualified number one private max bus stop and on the very front of the grid, the with command of an incredibly powerful on the engine under the drive, his right foot. soon feeling right at home at the front of the field, back behind him, 21 year old lando norris. he in the orange maclaren added to his reputation as a good driver in heavy traffic. they were thrills and spills and some bumps and bruises too. as the battle for the points played out behind the step and there was hamilton seen no play up before, and he's review mirror the difference. this is that he's one of the chasing pack no longer the runaway leader for mistaking the pits from sergio presence crew. and it may have been to red bulls on the podium, but there was no doubt in the final result step and comfortably answered every
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challenge from the running champion hamilton. and even had time to stop and enjoy that winning. feeling with his team of people fell to report as finish stood behind the englishman who was looking for and i don't know why we lose all the time. but i think that the long run seems to be a bit better than to continue pulling out those up the ducks and got another champagne shower from hamilton, chappy, and toast. if one's ever parents he works in d. w. news. here's a reminder of the top stories we are following for you all straight is tightening. it's corona virus restrictions following the emergence of corona, of our clusters across the country. sydney and darwin have imposed new law firms and authorities and russia also tightening restrictions again. corona virus cases and please record highs and that's despite the country being the 1st to roll out
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corona virus to fax. the asset from me and the news team don't go away. next equal india on farm and magazine. more coming at the top of the o. in the meantime. go and check our website, w dot com for more information about us in berlin. fortune with the news news. the news, the news, the
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news news, the news, the india, the ancient method to revive it enabled us their bible of animals, human and the land in the state of time, you will not do my report about them and i would either of them because the water is precious dw,
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ah hey there, i'm david and this is climate change briggs, it happiness in 3 books for you to get smarter for free and above all how it feels. jewish life in europe. that's what film producer owner and journalists are exploring, delving into history and the present. i would never do. it can be live. so
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i remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. prod, pluralistic jewish in europe. the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. twos . the water is funded mental life without it wouldn't exist. neither would the plants, animals, and other organisms share this plan to treat. despite it being such a basic need almost half of the world's population expedients, some kind of water shortages or trucks into these episodes. we look at ideas on how to use water sustainably. this is equal india,
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and i'm fun about. let's start into menard at the height of the dry season. many districts in the southern states expedients, extremely high water stress. historically mother, i district dotted with water tanks was prepared to deal with this. but rapid openings ation in the last few decades has stood in the wheat and organisation in the region has been working with local residents to restore and maintain the ancient water tax to ensure access to clean water to order in the village of gumble in mother a district coming to the d starts with a trip to collect water from a nearby barn village isn't connected to any water supply network. so let me fill several containers at once. there are strict rules about what selection from the bond indiana outside. the zones allowed to use the pon. no one is allowed to submit
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to washington. no dogs are allowed, not even livestock, like how's? the village organizes if you want to use it sense, thanks to an organization called a ton foundation, development of human action. don heads villages regarding a centuries old tradition called korean mart. i'm a to a system of community management integration tanks. corey means people mama to minutes repair the project manager holes regulatory with viola gums, associations of local farmers. they are responsible for the maintenance of the village water supply. i'm anybody don't know people who have always depended on the water bodies using phones, the drinking interrogation tanks, so farming that people use the income from them as a community funds to restore on painting the water bodies model. and this,
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according to system, has had to make water manager and more efficient with the introduction of redemption bases that allow locals to use water collected during the month and season throughout the you got my report about them and all this cation time, 1300 you know, those, one of them want to keep the nearby land arable status position in the north, usually positioned on the river bank. my lovely, i got i want, i got about the got a well, but if it's in the one that doesn't cave in a low single to go the silt from the reaches the field, nor the nice concerts island on the way. i got to go into the new one of the new, you know, while i'm going to walmart, the people in charge of the maintenance of the irrigation sign and bond are known as water manages. they also decide who get how much water and when it's a challenging job and get my mobile number on the lot. i might not wanna hearing
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slow, they have to swim on the water. i remove the stones at the bottom of the dam. hello . and it's all about, and otherwise the water can't flow through the outlet into the field waterfall mangle enough already. not so much for sometimes a well to because i live in people who go into the water to open the slim to get caught up on that, that are going to go out. and among the 3 my, i'm a to system was discontinued during the colonial era. when water management was national light, local expertise gradually disappeared. and many reservoirs fell into a state of disrepair. the lines of people reading at what a connection point deaths to the importance of an efficient water management system . in india, water shortages threaten some 600000000 people. 75 percent of the villages are not connected to any water supply network. the foundation was closely with community
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locals plan and organized the restoration of wells and irrigation tons. shows that in 25 percent of the costs themselves. the rest is funded by the n g. over the last 3 decades, viola bombs or farmer associations have restored nearly 1200 default turns in the palm by region. this family recalls the early days of the project. me a lot of the 996. we paid money at work on 2 tanks. we transformed a huge wasteland into education. it's still in, you know, it's a community tank on the god. is it even now? cultivate born. despite the hush, some of this you're the only indication tank in fumbles is again brimming with water. the farmers in the region tell us how in the not so distant past, it was badly dilapidated until the 2 pads on the bus. yeah, usually we saw in january kind of in the harvest, we didn't have
2:36 pm
a water in the field barren. a lot of them now we have access water and cultivate codo miller. when one second ground gives us a profit of around 20022400 rupees. on one acre, we can harvest $0.20 of grandmother. we earn an extra 10240000 rupees and when the water was well known as ronnie's also supplied drinking water to remote villages. the model of municipal cooperation in the bombard basin that one's house more than 90. ronnie's currently only has $21.00 left. many of the older tanks and on these are garbage dumps to deep or have been repo post by the government or private industry. well then the old missile village run, you know, but after restoration it's bigger and deeper as 3 times as much water as they used to be. and it never runs dry together with locals. gone. has health drawn from
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the water system in some photos and villages using traditional methods to improve the future. offering india. many people on the world drink water out of plastic bottles where that it's considered unsafe to drink. tap water like an india because it stays still a more convenient while traveling, whatever the reason it often leads to more plastic trash. germany has found the solution, but let's find out if it works as well as it seems to be among the most common pollutants around the was. but all countries have been struggling to contain germany think of crack the cord. so why don't other countries around the world and then did this last crisis,
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the dreaded plastic bottle that's come to symbolize. i disastrous impact on the planet is really bad. around the world every day. almost 1500000000 germany where i live is killed as having the best cause as an overarching chad. henry schneider is from environmental action, germany which studies and supports the fund or the causes return system for plastic and glass bottles. so that deposit system works really well close to the 0 whole unit, the beverage packaging and actually in the state and the environment. and that's, that's really positive keeping plastic and glass out of me chose one main reasons.
2:39 pm
the german government introduce the deposit system in 2003. another way to incentivize the shift to a more environmentally friendly beverage packaging market overall. here's how it works. manufacturers make the bottle and the deposit is worked into its cost. they sell the bottle to wholesalers, retailers who sell it on to the consumer. when consumers have drunk bed drinks, i'm doing my money. they carried them to the store. one of the countries 48000 diverse vending machines. these except most kinds of buff news. very much for the 25 bottles like to can i go back around
2:40 pm
350 people only go into the wards of all the above is collected on the other side. around 40 percent of these are re fillable which means they get clean, refilled and sold again. refill about plastic bottles, can we use up to? 20 dimes and glass bottles can be used up to 50 times in germany. the remaining a single use bottles. these have a wrong double the deposit cost moved in with the hope the customers would be disincentive eyes from buying them. the problem that single use bottles is that and best they can be recycled, which uses a lot of energy and reduces the value. only a quarter and up in new bottles are those are downside linda fibers or other material exported or simply burned even considering the collection washing and transport that refilled. those require each single use bottle to have more than
2:41 pm
double the carbon footprint of a refill of one over its lifetime. one reason the deposit system has largely worked is because you are never more than a few minutes away from a supermarket shop that takes them back. and retailers can make money from it. those that collect bottles can decide whether to recycle them themselves or send them on to recyclers and they take the more profitable option. the coca cola is getting around in the big 2 liter plastic bottles these days to lead a plastic bodily, 25 percent lighter than the big single used packaging push started in the global north in the eighty's and ninety's. when the consensus was that plastic was the like with failure, that would replace fragile glass bottles, me when environmental risk and some different governments tried to contain the mess in different ways from schemes like producer
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b as to the green dots system. germany is environment minister at the time the organ 2 team decided the country needed something more radical. i'm so against a distance from beverages obvious including coord challenges. he said to these deposit system in motion to dance decision was received. and he was so proud that in his side gig as a d j, he calls himself do those in font is the day before most of the western countries have still been unable to stand up against pushback. from beverage corporations is cheaper for them because they go for a material that is cheap lightweight, so they break that are quite low. the plastic is true if they're lightweight, so you only pay for the production of john, mark simon, and his colleagues pushed for better waste management policies around the world.
2:43 pm
right now around 20 countries, mostly in europe, has some version of the deposit scheme. and some states in the u. s. and austria, i experimenting with it on a local level. other countries like indonesia and it could have tried different methods including extracting plastic bottles from bus tickets. after public pressures, cotton has been the latest, the implemented deposit system. the u. k. parliament was close to making a decision. but postpone this critics and the you said, the plastic lobby still plays a big role, installing such decisions and was we have seen if they have been opposing as well the introduction of new because it is there's a proposal for the government class last week committee systems and the night before, the vote in the minister will get a phone call from industrial entities. and the proposal will be removed and put in it will be made a leap internal memo from coca cola on the scandal when admit the strategy to
2:44 pm
oppose the systems. in writing this trend of corporations pushing single use into the market has moved to the global way until recently, bottles have largely been refilled. rico waste management. we have also led to many cities looking like this. definitely the corporations have you believe the opportunity and totally shifted from the mentor earlier. so that's thing is a waste management researcher in new delhi, like many countries in the global south, which production is growing fast in india. and the foremost systems have not been able to catch up even if they are trying the collection, the collection that they should be in india or what most
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of the ways gets collected. but the problem is most of it gets collected enough on informal ways to collect a large role in south and southeast asia and africa when they pick out plastic from an segregated ways it is often contaminated, which means it's recycling value and the amount that can be recycled a significantly lower western countries also often export that waste to developing countries which adds to the burden. back in germany, one reason the streets do look cleaner is the deposit system. it also means that uncontaminated waste with the recycling value gets systematically collected. but hasn't met its other initial objective of moving towards.


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