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tv   Pakistan  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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still is air conditioning process creates new power and more energy. it's like a vicious circle. i mean it's, it's something that really it's there, there are solutions, but they're not necessarily a good ones. so even if we've hits we in the world hit the paris climate target tomato, on his criticize his own party for phases in dealing with the corona virus. state media reporting a grave incident but has given no further details. north korea has no officially confirmed cove in 1900 cases by the more russian presidency. meanwhile, lot of my food has confirmed he has had the sputnik v vaccine. got his 1st show in march, and the 2nd month later, at the time the crime is not disclosing, which vaccine had been years, but it's a gemini been knocked out of football euro 2020 tournament by arch rivals, england. it's the 1st time the 3 lines have beaten germany and
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a knockout gave me 55 years. england now advanced to the quarter finals and play ukraine. ecstatic fans have been celebrating a historic victory the 3 line road and england sword. a to know when against germany finally break because again, it's the best english ministrations. 966 june. we be jeremy law coleman. volkoff is the fact that you know, 10 minutes or so. another company we put it through the box talking is brilliant. and i thought were going to like german fans when the stadium tried to make the best of it. the growth teams play defensively. i think it miller had put it in. we would have sub job. but you know, in the end divided by and munich forward too. much mila gave fans and germany and
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moments of hope. finally, for a few seconds, the across the channel, the english fans honest, think of ecstasy despite elia, doubts of catch goth southgate structure g. i say we spoke earlier on on may no, no 11 might be a good. yeah. we want to know 90 minutes. i could not believe it. thank you. thank you. but before it comes to, the english team has to go on the road and is now off to rome. the dangerous moment for us with a warmth of success and the feeling you know around the country
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that we've only got to turn up to when the thing and we know it's going to be an immense challenge from hereon. while police tried to disperse the cheering crowds, the magic is far from the will that germany loss also marks the end of your lives. career. as in germany said national king coach, he's been charged since 2006. and when the 2014 will come in brazil, the 2018 woke up campaign in russia marked low points. germany. we're knocked out in the group stages. the says he takes responsibility for the defeat by england slicked and mine off until i take full responsibility for unwelcome for, of course i take responsibility as well for being out this early without any if and, but also to the home,
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of course is going to take some time to process and digest this disappointment, thus as sincere long a jaga bob was 15 feet in the fruit very long years. wonderful moment. well, but with a sash disappointment, when i came and some of the players may be with us this year in the germany national team for the to come, some of them have a very bright future. decent forget right. and hopefully they will us, but they are all hoping for. we certainly wish that and i wish this comes the flick, my successor, all the very best and on many successes mine had slipped by him and my heart was continues to beat black red gold. let's get more on the end of you. i came the loves the rain joined now by phelan steele in munich and to the former goalkeeper.
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he's currently supporting director of us team. st. louis and pundits are all things german football welcome to d w. so we see that yogi live something of a fixture, german football. how big a deal is it that he's now going? i think it's best if it's the end of an era, you know, 15 years in charge of the german national team. it's it don't like an eternity. and overall, i think, yeah, i mean, people will look positive at the 15 years and you will live and always be a legend. what you say people will positively tell you what, what would you pick out as the highlights of is a time that i think you really need to split that. i mean when he took over, you know, it was like a very young team, very successful. and that you're able to talk was obviously very the bulk of 2014. in brazil, he always managed to put the german team always in the semi finals, but,
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and i think the big, but when i look at the woke up 28 unit also now it is euro. somehow the shine has gone and it didn't really work out anymore. and i think it is now the day when you have to make the cut when you have to look forward for fresh blood for, for something new. and overall, i think you always remember being a great manager and being a little company manager. right. and that fresh blood comes in the form of hands, the flake who you know from the time together hoffman. hi. what do you think of the best challenges? the biggest challenges facing him? yeah, no, honey very well. it's a good friend of mine and i think he's the perfect matcher really forward position . i think the big challenges that he comes into a team though, which is quite settled. there is plenty of older players. there is plenty of players which probably will retire or maybe should retire and for him to make the
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call very early, it's quite a difficult challenge. i think for him it's important that he 1st analyzes looks what he wants to do. do they make a very big cut to, to make a smaller step by step? i think that the biggest challenge. yes. but i'm saying he again, i think he's the perfect match because he knows the truman football very well as a manager by and really, but older as louis assistant during the work of going in 2014. ok. so what would you like to see your love do next? well, i think he makes a nice holiday. no, i think you deserve that. i really don't know, but for some feeling he told me that he will take over going to national team, having been 15 years, not in club football, and only coaching a national team. it's something which is pretty pretty thing you get used to. so i see and taking over another national team, whatever that will be, i don't know, definitely not immediately. i think he will take a certain time off to, to really get his thoughts down to, to reflect the last 15 years. and then he will be ready for a new challenge. well,
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isn't it? thank you for joining us. lots, lots of fun and she'll the tennis. serena williams dreams of equaling margaret caught grand slam record of 24 and in tears as she retired, injured from wimbledon. williams was waiting in the 1st step of her opening round match against the alexandra bitch of bella. ruth, she found him hurt and leave me to concede the man's way to the court crowd as soon in another domestic match. 8 time limit. and when are budget federal qualifies for the 2nd round after his opponent also suffered an injury and a swiss at the top of the screen survived a major scare scare? adrienne marino pushed him all the way the match would have gone through a decisive fast marino slipped awkwardly in time. phaedra
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gave an emotional assessment of the injury to both so it was just a terrible ending. and one that i don't like to see, and i don't know, i just felt really down, especially with everything that i went through with my knee. and then that was his knee as well. i hope he's not out for a long time. feel like for a lot of players, it's super key key to get through those 1st 2 rounds because the grass is more slippery, it is more soft. and then as the tournament progresses usually gets harder and easier to move on. but this is obviously a terrible that it's back to back matches and in his serene as well, my god, i can't believe great place. police were celebrating the recovery of a picasso stone. and 9 years ago from the national gallery painting slipped and fell to the floor there was being shown up to the media castle, presented the painting on woman's head to the greek people after world war 2 to get recognized their resistance against the axis forces the work is not thought to have
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been damaged this is dw, tell me up next in news asia, hong kong, new climate. we asked what's changed since china imposed is tough security lower near ago. and we hear from a young activist determined to continue to speak prepared to impose drastic measures to control the surgeon coping 19 cases. as the delta variance branch manager will have those stories and more of the next. i'll be back at the top of the hour and around the clock, of course there's always the website and the website is a w dot com the the news the news.
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the news, the news news news, the, the news ah,
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sustainable and trendy. many companies are rushing for green solutions because they're popular with the customers. but just how green are these solutions made in germany, dw the world to go beyond deals yet. as we take on the world, we're all about a story that matter to you. the library by police. my phone
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we are here is actually on fire for mines loosely, the listen carefully. don't know how to list a deal done that the discover the world around i subscribe to w documentary on you to me they say the dublin years a show coming up today,
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hong kong new climate. yeah. it is one year since john, i'm both a top security law. we ask what has changed since the crackdown and we hear from a young activist determined to continue speaking out. we feel like we have to stay pumped, especially when prominent figures are either in jail or an exile deli bunger. they're suffering aside in the number of 19 cases. as the delta various spreads, the government is preparing to introduce drastic measures to try to bring the numbers down. and plastic pollution is a growing problem in indonesia. authorities are unable to even collect much of the garbage. now though, a startup has come up with a way of producing waste. the news i british benji. welcome to deed of the news,
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a shot. glad you could join us. right group, i'm listening to national says hong kong, the national security law has created a human rights emergency for the people of the city. one year since its implementation, anti government protests have been muzzled. 100 the rested for endangering national security and prominent activists put behind bars. but still some persist like student pro democracy activist long, yet chin riding his politics and his love of hong kong into his skin. still be with one yet chin even in the dark. his days hold on the whole, i hope me remind me of the beliefs i started with, even if i'm jailed in the future. one started the group student politicize isn't last may just after hong kong or is heard about the national security law. at 20, he's one of the oldest in the group there as young as 15. there's some of the few still visible on the streets. many other groups are gone,
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but i still have got no many political influence are seldom speak in public. people fear that could be called under the national security law, with all else, especially with it being so uncertain dahlia how we feel like we have to step out. especially when prominent figures are either in jail or in exile, one has been arrested for times in the last year. twice just this month, marches are banned under pandemic rule. he and his group hand out leaflets instead, but it's enough to get him into trouble. water, even the terms, freedom and democracy become to be one day. i won't compromise on my speech or that if he will. he and his group support those already in jail. they take supplies to protesters behind bars all and we have gotten many see we are the kids chosen by the time. but i think it's we who have chosen this era the same thing.
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dial the symbols on his skin state, his certainty, the tattoos are messages of defiance to his future self. and jeremy now for moiz, hong kong for democracy, actor is different law. and it's an up people like born yet children who are still publicly protesting against the government or rarity in hong kong now. well, definitely after the implementation of the national security law, government basically fees or protest brushing the national security. and it people who are rest of under the law could face up to decades or even by filling prism. and so we impose what tara in hong kong. so people like one chin and other who are still protesting on the street has bravery to go against this fear and probably readiness for these long jo time. so they are definitely not as many as before.
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but i believe that even though for those who are not protesting on the streets, they still have a lot of all position and content source. the government can you describe for us how life is changed in the city since the law was implemented? i'm wondering specifically if the impact is only in the political arena or it extends to other aspects of daily life. well, the, the facts of the national security law is actually covering all aspects of lives. it is not only introducing a new law in john com, but completely different ways of governing the city. we used to believe that one country to the to, to system means that it's a fire war in between hong kong and china system. that hong kong, still compressed is freedoms, is not told him in democracy. but i think the while the meaning of the national
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security law is more than just a low transplant. the way that the government sees the centralization of power. you may name china and implement them into hong kong so that you could see a lot of the shows now claiming that he has no division of power and from the government is trying to you rhodes or the checks and balances up vailable in those society. so not meaningful protests, but you can see that journalist media education publication also to expect in the civil society are being severely curt out and scrutinize or even some of the organization dispense. because the government for nowadays does not allowed any checks and balances and monitoring from the society and isn't a beijing always maintained that the national security law was meant to bring about prosperity and stability to hong kong. do you think the majority of hong kong guys would agree with that view?
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well, definitely not. if you look at the 2019 district counseling election when the pro democracy came, which was also troll movement, they won't length life victory. we will actually express the view by voting one of the most ordinary practice in the classic countries. and they said a very clearly they want democracy. they want the government to be held accountable . the implementation of the national security is quashing freedoms and that not what all people want. now this law is only one year old, but as time passes, do you think the voices of protest in the city will gradually fade and be replaced by the reality of the cities political situation? well i think that would definitely be the way to protest, but it just takes time. we've been to, we've been through a lot of ups and downs and a lot of countries, even though they have more strict for the call situation like murmur,
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but still people coming out to protest, patricia moved on the cycle. so i believe that in the future when the energy in the civil society grows and oppressors and less than that will be definitely another way of protect nathan, you left hong kong about the same time, last year as this message was coming into force. was that the right decision for you? well i think for now i've been able to be a voice of ongoing, continue to become phone call and continue to do my in special effort to work. these are unable to achieve when use remain on call. so i thing that i have played a role that for now i think is important for the movement if a law, thanks so much for joining us today. a bit now about my mother. she has a situation with covert 19. the country will implement district lockdown from thursday to tackle rapidly rising infections initially planned for
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a week. it comes up to the surgeon cases, particularly in areas bordering india. the delta barrier has run brampton area and the government want to avoid a repeat of the devastation. it caused in india the to the 900 crisis is pushing this hospital near bangladesh and border with india to its limit, relative desperate to secure medical care and oxygen for their loved ones. the one will be important issue with the patients we're currently seeing is that oxygen saturation levels, they can't be managed properly with only oxygen cylinder concentrated. and if we can't provide them with a central oxygen line, god forbid the casualties may increase. more than 14000 people have died in bangladesh since march last year and daily infections. a currently skyrocketing after the pandemic case,
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a devastating peak in india in april, death began to rise in bangladesh. the border between the 2 countries was shut. the people continue to cross illegally prompting new infections and fatalities. the virus is now raging through smaller towns and villages in the border regions. easy . by making the tests free, we can now locate the covert positive population. people from the villages are coming to get tested and it's proving the virus has spread significantly in the villages. the surgeon cases have pushed the government to double down restrictions that a partial shut down began in phases on monday, leading to a rush of migrant workers to flee the capital decor. as of this thursday, all economic activity will be halted and a stringent nationwide lockdown will kick in. but will it be enough to combat the delta variance and alaska vaccines?
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1000000 doses of china, so i know from back seen recently arrived in bangladesh, but it's still waiting for 20000000 astrazeneca doses from india and the 2 and a half 1000000 doses of the medina vaccine from the us before those arrive math vaccinations cannot begin plastic waste is proving to be a growing problem for indonesia a lot if it comes from single you sessions that are discarded, but cannot be recycled. now, a startup in the capital jakarta has come up with a seemingly simple way of tackling the problem. and as the report is proving popular with the locals, delivered straight to one's door cleaning product without the plastic packaging. it takes just a few clicks on an app or a text message. and growing numbers of jer, cartons are taking advantage of the offer. off the current sick las we can refill
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our bottles and reduce the plastic waste neighbors here of joined us. probably sick lists was set up in 2019, especially for lower income communities to help reduce the use of products that are packaged in foil pouches. these single use pouches do offer convenient access to everyday household essentials, but even when they're discarded, they often stick around. indonesia has a huge plastic pollution problem. the country generates almost 8000000 tons of plastic waste annually. and more than half of that waste is not managed properly. a lot of times, you know, in indonesia actually only 45 percent of race gets collected. because a lot of the small towns there is no funding for it. it's not, it's not cheap. you know, and so i think that the government is looking for a solution that are not just okay. let's recycle. i'm all for recycling. but
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a lot of these products, actually, you cannot recycle. so it's good if there's ways that you can actually reduce it rather than you know and have it out of the system. and so that's actually really helpful, and i think the government is supportive demand for the deliveries is growing fast . and not only because they're actually cheaper than the stuff in packages, says the company c e o. i think indonesians across our class as they see the plastic problem and they care about their country, they care about making it better. and i think this is really why the response to good good enough for plans to expand to more indonesian cities, helping people reduce and reuse their plastics is more on our website. we will see you tomorrow. bye bye. ah, the,
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what goes the latest research thing? information and contact the corona virus. 19 special next on dw you feel worried about me to i'm neil, host of the on the grievance both come and to me is clear. we need to change the solutions or out the join me for a deep green transformation to me for the the me ah,
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it was under his lease was one of the 1st germans to contract cove in 1900. and she was one of the 1st to see that symptoms can remain even after the virus is gone. 5 months later, she was still experiencing difficulties. as you can see, moodle come, i'm very tired. i can easily go to bed and fall asleep at 8 o'clock. that wasn't the case before. yeah. and that's the main problem. the tiredness, it's really debilitating. some tend to 20 percent of those infected later suffer from long cove. it recent studies suggest women are not a history, was one of the 1st germans to contract cove in 1900. and she was one of the 1st to see that symptoms can remain even after the virus gone. 5 months later, she was still experiencing difficulties. as you can see,
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mood come, i'm very tired. i can easily go to bed and fall asleep at 8 o'clock. that wasn't the case before. yeah. and that's the main problem. the tiredness, it's really debilitating. some tend to 20 percent of those infected later suffer from long cove. it recent studies suggest women are at greater risk than men. the lungs, heart, brain, or mental health can be affected and it is still not exactly clear what causes long cove it or what can be done to treat it. hello and welcome here covered 900 special and chris kolber and berlin. being tired out of breath and feeling like the infection simply won't leave. long covert syndrome is grueling for patients and a challenge to medical professionals. now researchers in the german city of ally and might have taken an important step towards understanding more about the condition a single drop of blood. it's all that's needed for the examination. at
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the university long and math monk institute in germany, scientists are looking for the causes of long covert or post covered $900.00 syndrome and which patient suffer from lingering breathlessness tightness and the chest for fatigue. we've seen many different blood cells react very strongly. they get bigger and have a greater volume, some become more malleable, others become more rigid. these characteristics might have something to do with the sales, not passing through the capillaries as easily. and instead, getting stuck in the lungs non to come the longest line to measure the cell smelly ability. scientists have developed this so called chip which contains tiny holes finer than a human hair. blood is pumped through these canals and films with the high speed camera. the result, healthy blood cells become rob shaped,
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infected ones remain around class alone. the finding that all blood cells change is very significant. and what we then saw is that these characteristics revert back to normal in most patients, once they've got over the disease and made a full recovery for the test method from and on and provides doctors with yet another tool for better understanding cove at 19 and his long term. so there is some indication of what could be causing long coded symptoms, but a lot still needs to be figured out. let's try to unpack of what is known so far. with me is matthew bartels, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. and while you're a medical center in new york, welcome back to our program, matthew. as we just saw the report abnormalities in the blood could be a cause of long could it, could this finding help in the prevention or even therapy of it?
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this is a very interesting finding because, you know, we have not really to this point understood the exact causes of long code and it is a systemic type of disease and manifests in many ways as you have in your intro piece. the idea is something that the blood of malady may contribute to a systemic diseases is not at all something that would be unusual. many people are familiar with sickle cell and although that's a genetic condition and very different having maladies with the blood cells, they are cause many effects and putting central neurological symptoms of tea cause muscular skeletal complaints problems with the joints. so having something that is present all throughout the body like blood showing these long term abnormalities may be a very important step in understanding part of where we may be getting the cause of our long cove. it 10 to 20 percent of covert patients end up suffering from long
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covert symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, headache. how long do those usually last? well, that's a very good point. we don't really know. we are, you know, at this point only a year and a half into the pandemic, but we are seeing in our own medical center and we have a long coded clinic. numerous patients that a year out are still seeing symptoms. the fatigue seems to be one of the greatest ones. there are of course, patients who have long term lung damage that have come from having had the co and that causes scarring that we don't know if it's going to reverse. but it seems in very severe cases, unfortunately, that it persists. and we're now starting to be concerned that that may actually progress to the point where patients may actually require long transplantation. as the disease progresses and the neurologic symptoms of the many patients complain of a fogginess or a little bit of mental clouding. that persists for
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a long time. we don't know exactly what the causes of these things are, but we do know that exercise and that having patients participate in our therapy programs rehabilitation things that we would do for patients who have other causes of either neurologic or pulmonary or chronic fatigue or muscular skeletal symptoms do seem to have effect as well for this population, so we're having benefit and we're actually making them feel better. but we still have a problem with not understanding fully the long term time course because it's just too early for us to know the long term effects. ok. we know that high age being overweight and other symptoms at the risk of a severe covert infection. do these conditions also contribute to the risk of long coping? it appears that the folks who had a higher risk for having coven seemed to have more symptoms. but it's not just only those patients we have young,
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otherwise active and healthy patients who are presenting with long coding symptoms . and so it's pretty broad spread. but they do see, it does seem to be that very severe patients seem to have more of a pulmonary and cardiac symptoms that process. whereas we're very surprised to see a lot of patients who are never admitted to hospital and he would never in an intensive care unit or on a breathing machine who are presenting now along over it. so they had a relatively mild initial, of course, but are still presenting with the fatigue and some of the mental clouding. and that is very interesting and kind of concerning because we don't necessarily have a handle to say, oh, you are definitely going to be free of this because it happens to everyone is the fact that we've just quote, unquote just been one and a half years into this pandemic does this fact make it so difficult to do proper research on long over? well, the, the research,
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there's some things that are progressing rapidly and because so many individuals have had long. this is a disease and have a co it, we're actually getting a much better categorization of for the long terms, the quello or the long term side effects of this condition. it's difficult for us to actually tell because we don't have a long term yet. so we don't know yet to say what will happen to people 51015 years from now. but the other challenge that we have is a lot of the symptoms of long coping overlap with symptoms that we can see from other kinds of syndrome such as chronic fatigue syndrome or from mild dimension or from other kinds of metabolic conditions that may cause some brain after maladies which cause people to have some confusion. and then as you resolve those underlying metabolic conditions, you can resolve the underlying problem. so we, we really, at this point are looking at such
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a constellation of so many symptoms that it makes it a little hard to focus in because it's not like long code is just causing one thing . causes a whole constellation of symptoms which may actually be either enhancer worse and by other conditions, or may just be the other condition and we're thinking it may be long home. and so it's a bit challenging for researchers to actually tie it, get it tied up in the plate bundle because we have so many complexities that are actually in there. but the knowledge that we're getting now is moving forward. for example, the blood study that you just mentioned is one of these things where we're now starting see the physiologic background. right. matthew barton was professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. thank you for your thoughts. thank you. and from the feeling that cove had never left its now onto the worry of catching it again. here is one of your questions for science correspondence. williams. all i had coven 19 recently and recovered. then not long ago found out i was exposed
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again. could i have been infected again? the data we have indicates that although it's not impossible it's, it's highly unlikely. a lot of researchers have looked at this question and come to that conclusion. for instance, a recent large scale study involving over 25000 healthcare workers in britain showed that having had cobra 1900 once had a dramatic protective effect for at least 7 months after an infection. the strength of the effect was close to the one observed and people who had 2 doses of our most effective vaccines. additionally, this study showed that people who had covered 19 then tested positive again for it a few months or weeks after convalescence. the chances of developing symptoms were also much lower than those who were infected with the 1st time. but if you have the
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disease and recovered, it still doesn't mean that you can just sit back and relax completely. you still really need to follow it up with the vaccination. that's because although recent studies into the robustness of long term immune response in people who got the disease, although they've been very encouraging, we still don't know whether that response might wayne over time. in fact, a growing body of research now indicates that people who recovered and were subsequently vaccinated, that they could very well have the best protection of all. some experts believe the immune response after that double whammy will be so powerful and so long lasting and those who've recovered and been vaccinated, that they might never need future booster shots. but for those of us who've only
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been vaccinated, a lot of experts expect a booster shot will be necessary at some point down the line. me. and that's all for this edition of covered 900 special for more information about them that make you can check out the code 900 section on our website at www dot com. now, thanks for watching. take care. the news. the news, the news,
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the the, the, the, the screen sustainable and trending. many companies are rushing for green solutions because they're popular with the customers. but just how green are these solutions
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