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the who's this is the w news life from or lead president, she's been paying health china thrive as it reversible as a whole lavish celebrations, marking 100 years since the founding of the chinese communist party. she tells a flag waving crowd that the error of china being bullied is gone forever.
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over still coming up, us committee and bill cosby is free from prison after his conviction for sexual assault is overturned and a legal technicality. the actor was jailed in 2018 for drugging and violating a woman 17 years old. and it is the most extreme heat wave the world has seen in many years. record breaking temperatures leaves forth dead in canada and the northwestern united states. ah, i'm sorry, kelly. welcome to the program. china's president, she's been paying has struck a defined tone of celebrations, marking me $100.00 the anniversary of the countries communist party at a major event in sienna mac square. she called for the countries re unification with self rule taiwan. will. he also warned that anyone attempting to bully china
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would quote, get their heads fast in observers the, the comments as veiled threats to western countries that have criticized china for human rights abuses and crashed down on hong kong. she's our long speech followed a military fly over cat and pollute and patriotic songs in honor of the woman communist party. it has been a turbulent century for china under the party. the party started with a secret meeting of 53 people in shanghai and a house in 1921. it has since been transformed into a colossal instrument of political control, with some 92000000 members across the country. after decades during which the people's republic of china was essentially close to the rest of the world. under founding liter, mouse, a dog. the once impoverished nation has been transformed into the world 2nd biggest economy, the party and its current liter. she's been paying appear to be riding high from
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opening the world's 2nd largest hydro power plant to launch in the highest luxury hotel on earth, celebrating its triumphs in space. the chinese communist party is turning $100.00 and it's mocking its birthday with a propaganda blitz. highlighted stability and strength and justify it's increasingly tight grip on daily life in china. can they don't wait out this week, celebrations will highlight china's rise in recent decades and glorify early days of struggle under founding father mouse on the communist party is rule china for 72 years of its 100 year history. no other dictatorship has been a successful at expanding international influence, adding military muscle and overseeing economic growth. the party will gloss over policies like the great leap forward in which 1000000 starved and cultural revolution of half a century ago. here. and there be no mention of the bloody crack down on pro
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democracy protesters a gentleman square and beijing in 1989. you'll see this week the party will be all about promoting the success of its marxist lennon, his political system, and a few things. supreme leader, she jim ping, who enjoys more power than any leader since now, john is brian of state capitalism, whether the global financial crisis, while many richer nations floundered and despise, initially mishandling the corona virus outbreak which started in new ham. china's economy is back on course. most other countries are still barely coming out of locked down. foot wide, china celebrates there is growing international unhappiness about china's more aggressive approach on the world stage. about the oppression of we're muslims, and change young about the dismantling of freedom in hong kong. and for more or less bringing richard mcgregor senior fellow at the australian thing tank. the low institute and he's written extensively about china's communist party. how has the
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party changed the country over the past 100 years? well, you know, the pony wasn't in town until 949 in from 949 until that 978. to change the country a great deal, but it didn't enrich the country. china really only took up the mouth died. and since then, if you've got $1400000.00 people economy growing almost every year, about 10 percent, that's not just going to transform china. that's really going to transform the world, and that's what we're seeing unfold in front of us right now. and we're also seeing china, of course, asserting itself more and more on the international stage against that backdrop the you have just mentioned. she's paying, in fact, warning in his speech that foreign forces attempting to bully the nation will quote, get their heads bashed. what do you make of that tough talk? well, i guess, 1st of all, this is for, you know, a domestic audience,
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but domestic consumption. you know, all politics is local, china is no different in that respect, but i think, you know, there's also a message for foreign countries, particularly western countries, particularly the united states. you know, china still thinks and also plays up the, the idea that foreigners want to keep china down foreigners want to contain china. see the paying used to the word today in slave china. in other words, foreigners want to do to china what they did during the colonial period. and that is really a highly motivating line of reasoning for him to use. and it creates a kind of emotional connection with people in china. you can still get very angry and emotional about the past. and we know that, you know, many of the, these foreign powers watchdogs, for example, they have been putting the spotlight on human rights abuses in china itself, for example, inch in john. also the cracked on free speech and the pro democracy movement in
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hong kong. all of these that have come under intense criticism in which direction do you see the party heading well, very much in its own direction. you know, when china was poor, i took no notice of waste and criticism of human rights. now that it's richer, it's going to take even less notice. and in fact, you know, is all trying at all manner of ways of 5 back and put its own story, which by the way, have been largely unsuccessful in convincing public opinion in western countries. all of those different issues. you mentioned kim jung, hong kong, you know, later on taiwan, they all have their own dynamic i think, in their own sort of context. but i don't think that china is mind to change direction on any of those issues. in the short term. i'd like to ask you just briefly before we go, you know, president, she's paying is set to be
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a ruler for life if you want. just like to ask you, how did he pull that off? how has he held onto it? and what does that stay about? the state of the chinese communist party and his whereupon at right now, well it's quite remarkable. he's really overturned, you know, a few decades of, you know, incremental institutionalization of peaceful transfers of power. he should have been stepping now at the end of next year, and nobody's expecting him to. so it tells you bus number one is an extremely powerful leader. number 2, he's a very worried li that because he doesn't feel like it's safe for him to step down . number 3, he wants to, he thinks, you know, has a sort of messianic sense of leadership and mission that only he can carry china to the, you know, modern, the end point that he said force pressure mcgregor joining us from the low institutes. thank you so much for your insight on this chinese and 10 of the communist party. we appreciate it. thank you
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to the us now where american actor bill cosby has walked free after his court over after a cord excuse me, overturned his sexual assault conviction and ordered his immediate release. he was the 1st us celebrity sent to prison for sexual assault since the beginning of the me to movement. now, 2 years on the pennsylvania supreme court decided cosby never should have faced charges in the 1st place. after striking a non prosecution deal with a previous extra attorney. and just like that, bill cosby was free. his scar sped by the walls of the pennsylvania prison in which he served 2 years of a 3 to 10 year sentence. before arriving at his home in nearby norristown, after being helped from the car, cosby gave the camera signal v for victory. his attorney was similarly
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triumphant. i am thrilled, and i am pleased at the pennsylvania supreme court. what we knew all along, which was that mr. coffee never should have been prosecuted, part was driven by politics, were quite pleased that the pennsylvania supreme court seems impervious to what is going on on the outside world. and all of that pressure that was placed on the criminal justice system from the move to me to movement help bring cosby on the scrutiny. he was one of a number of high profile men in show business accused of using their power to exploit and sexually assault women. but only one case against cosby went to court. the alleged drugging and malice station of andrea concerned the quashing of that conviction as re ignited debates over the ability to hold a fair trial and made intense public pressure. and of the efficacy of the me to
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movement and holding powerful men to account. right, right, right. that's bringing k j matthews and entertainment journalist following the story for us from los angeles. so i mean it, what does this mean now the trial wasn't fair. yeah. you know, it's, there's so much legal lee surrounding this, but basic, well, let me try to kind of dismantle it. basically, a couple of years ago before he was actually charged. the older prosecutor, the previous prosecutor that is in the state of pennsylvania, asked him to come forward to give a deposition in exchange for that he would not be prosecuted. as long as he told the truth. while bill cosby came in, he spoke, contemporary is really very, very long gave extreme graphic details about the fact that he drugs certain women that he had, according to him affairs with certain women in exchange for that truth, he would not be prosecuted according to that prosecutor well,
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after all that happened, he was charge, he was prosecuted and he was found guilty. so what this state supreme court is saying now is that bill cosby should have never been prosecuted in the 1st place because they had an agreement on the table that he would not be prosecuted in exchange for his testimony. so because of that, they're saying that this conviction has to be overturn. what people have to understand is that this decision that came out on wednesday does not say that bill cosby is innocent. it is not say that there wasn't enough evidence by these dozens and dozens of women that came forward and claim that bill coffee, sexually assaulted them. that is something very different. so we have to be very, very careful about how we can find this with the law. speaking of the law, k j. i mean, is this the ends now of this particular case for cosby and how about other legal measures? well remember bill cosby is 83 years old and that this case really surrounds just
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one woman. andrea constant. yes, we all know there's more than 60 women that have come forward and told their story, but because of the statute limitations, and other lack of evidence in some of those cases, he was not tried on any of those cases. so for this particular case, it really is the end of it. he cannot be tried, his conviction has been overturned, so it looks like this is really the end for bill cosby criminally speaking. however, there could be many, many more civil suits coming forward. in fact, there is an attorney, glory, all written here in los angeles, who's representing a number of the woman that come forward there were alleging a sexual assault by bill cosby. so he still has to fly to los angeles and give a deposition in that civil case. ok, so it's not entirely over k j matthews entertainment journalist with a view from los angeles. thanks so much and he has to look at some other stories making news around the world. for us defense secretary donald rumsfeld has died at
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the age of $88.00. i am saying he served twice in the post under president gerald ford prison and george w bush before run over thought the 2003 us invasion of iraq. you remained unpolished eric, about the war, insisting that toppling saddam disdain, created a quote more stable and secure warrant. hundreds of indigenous brazilians have been protesting against a bill allowing commercial agriculture and mining unprotected tribes. reservations . legislation advanced in congress on tuesday bar. right president jaya. both the nato and brazil powerful farm lobby have supported the bill, arguing that indigenous communities are blocking development of the amazon authorities and ecuador has seized more than 7 tons of cocaine in the port of why it is. the drugs were kidded in containers of canned tuna bound for spain. the
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cocaine has a st value of more than $300000000.00. officials in northwest canada say the most intense heat wave in years could be to blame for hundreds of deaths there. and in the u. s. state of oregon in washington. the weather is slowly beginning to cool and coastal areas, but the heat is spiking further inland. this is an unprecedented episode for the region. experts are warning that climate change will lead to more frequent extreme weather. nothing like a cool dip in the pool to beat the summer heat. these elephants at the organs do in portland. know that going for a swim is the best way to cool down the city. set a record high this week with a mercury rising to over 46 degrees celsius, prompting authorities to issue heat warnings. further north, the town in western canada broke the countries all time record with a temperature of 49.6. it's feared that the scorching heat caused the deaths of
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hundreds of people. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau paused to remember the victims the temperature is recorded this week are unprecedented. lives have been lost and the risk of wildfires is that a dangerously high level thoughts are with people who have lost loved ones. the heat wave is being described as a heat don't. it occurs when they atmosphere traps hot ocean air like a lid blocking other systems for moving in. it's unclear what triggered the heat them, but climate change appears to be a contributor. climate scientists warned that such extreme weather events could become the norm if efforts are not stepped up to limit carbon emissions. the if we continue putting emissions of c o 2 another greenhouse gases me atmosphere. not only will this become the new normal, per se, it will become
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a much more likely normal than it even is today. well, temperatures codes considerably in the western us and canada by wednesday. authorities issued heat warnings for interior regions including the canadian provinces of alberta and saskatchewan. once a day marks the launch of the european union's digital code 900 certificate system . it is supposed to make traveling across the u easier for some that airlines are warning the system isn't ready and could cause long delays. it links up the various existing cobra, 1900 apps approved by each country. the app display a q r code, which can then be scan to confirm a person status as well as vaccination details. the apps can store test results and evidence of recovery. and paper pace q r codes should also be available. your digital certificate is off to a shaky start with
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a bit of confusion and accusations of inequality is between travelers, jill dora has that story for us. so what can travelers expect from today? from today? europeans can present their existing national cove and 19 status. that's or printed paper equivalent anywhere across the european union, and that should ease restrictions and should make it easier to avoid things like quarantines and for the testing requirements. however, the system has limitations. for example, these apps are not a free pass to travel like it's 2019, all existing travel restrictions still apply. all this will allow you to do it, let an official from one country recognize that you've been vaccinated in another country. importantly, private business is can't actually stand these apps. only authorized officials and institution is 10. that means the apps won't necessarily help you get a table at a restaurant. and there are not a requirement for travel. you can still travel using existing paper based evidence as before. so what does this mean then at the airport?
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so, i mean, are we talking about things moving along more efficiently here or? well, airlines in airports are actually wanting. they may be further delays, and that is because each country can impose its own rules and restrictions on how it actually uses these apps. and that's created a patchwork of procedures. in some countries, airlines are expected to scan the codes. however, most airlines say they have not been given the software all the hardware to do research so they won't be checking out some today. you may still need to bring paperwork along with you. further in some countries, border guards are the ones who are expected to scan the apps. however, airports warned that there are not enough stuff on hand to actually do the job and is more people start to travel over the summer. the industry is wanting that long queues could build up as stuff that struggle to check all the paperwork. now that will create time delays, but it's also a potential health hazard. now the industry is calling for an e u wide set of rules about who checks the apps, where they checked and for the technology to be able to do so. so you weren't kidding when you said that this was a rough start div. also,
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further complicating matters not, not all vaccines are being treated equally, are that right. it's up to each country to decide which vaccines are acceptable to avoid quarantines and other restrictions. and in most cases, countries are only recognizing the for vaccines which are approved for use by the europeans medicine agency. and those are biotech, pfizer, johnson and johnson medina and astrazeneca. but that excludes the vaccines made by, for example, russia sputnik v, the chinese vaccine. and india's vaccines, including covey shield. now covey shield is basically a copy of astrazeneca. now, these excluded vaccines are approved by the world health conversation, and they are distributed by kovacs, which is approved and supported by the european union. and they also some of the most huge vaccines across parts of india, south america, and africa. so the african union has lotion, official complaint saying that this use system basically risks the equitable
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treatment of people from countries relying on carfax schemes. and also create inequality between particular european union vaccinated citizen, a person from hungary who has received sputnik v will be considered unvaccinated by germany when they arrive, no matter what a digital app says. some countries are exercising their right to recognize more vaccines, such as greece, no doubt in an effort to boost tourism. but the spot is criticism. the european union says it is not going to change the system. and that basically means that although this digital certificate seems like a slick unified e u y system, it is in fact a kind of digital phase on top of a patchwork of confusing national restrictions total or i d. w reporter, thanks so much for bringing us up to date on all of these challenges. we appreciate it. what we're going to have next to serbia. one of the countries on the so called bulk of migration root. nobody knows how many child migrants pass to serbia
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every year in search of a new life in europe. many have been on the move for months or even years. thousands go missing. some fall prey to people smugglers, others face harassment from officials at border crossings. the w funny for char went to belgrade to find out about the dangerous facing young migrants and the efforts to help them. i'll do what he has been on the road for the past 2 years. he says he's 16 a child migrant from us gone down. his place to sleep tonight. under the bridge in belgrade, he shares display in english. he learned on the road, will escape me to port will gross no worse than one after the speech music for it is the story of being pushed back all over the balkan route. he says some serbian police demand money from migrants to let them cross the border lead romania, just for the romanian authorities to return them to serbia. down for the police on
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the syrian border, creating problems for us because they asked for money years ago. we don't have that much money to give to the police and to buy food for ourselves on such ample. we're driving to support it's one of the serbian hard spots for migrants trying to cross into the you. just a few 100 meters behind me is hungary, and if you continue in that direction who cross into croatia, but claiming asylum in the european union has become nearly impossible. even still with these young men want to take their chances. so local taxis stand by to drive those with enough cash closer to the order last night. no. somebody has some kind of trouble with the physical violence with the police on the board of the order here or yes, senior love the troops were the only local and you in this area she wants to warn, under age, migrants about the danger of crossing her waters. police brutality,
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human trafficking, but we cannot say, don't call. it's not our rules, say go or don't call. it just can see the options i can ask you to think about may belong to the counselor. well, good. and then the answer i have to go from becky belgrade migrants have been stranded here, trying to avoid the camps out of fear of being deported. nicholas watch of its stars. children have a special rights to protection and trying to avoid the serbian camp system should not mean that they should be left to fend for themselves. unfortunately, the system does not provide enough that affection for them. yes, still that it wants to fail to the system, but also the system is not strong enough to to attract them to give faith in the system and then at least decrease the risks while that in transit thousands of migrant children disappear every year in europe. abdul dreams about a life in switzerland. but riding on this swift builds tramp might be as close as
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to get in sports. britton's andy murray shows. he's still got what it takes as he staged a thrilling come back to reach the 3rd round at wimbledon. murray at the bottom of the screen, was trailing by to test one against german qualifier. but the 34 year old who was twice one the tournament, turned things around after that, inspired by the part of the home crowd. he produced some of his best tennis in the deciding that feeling his victory with a lob you know, the crowd create a gray atmosphere, but i think i was also, yeah, engaging them were feeding off each other a lot at the end. so i'm aware in the moment, like when i know what a great atmosphere isn't tenants i've played here more than a year and that was definitely one of them. and yeah,
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obviously what the atmosphere is either and things are going your way. it is a nice feeling and in football it's looking like gee and vanco will leave 1st the adornment, the summer reports say that he will join manchester, united for around $85000000.00 euros central emerged as one of european football caught his prospects during his 4 years endorsement, he scored 50 goals in 137 appearances for the club. the move these don tow, who's in england's euro 2020 squad returned to manchester a previously played at youth levels for united rivals, manchester city. and finally, greek police were celebrating the recovery of a picasso painting stolen 9 years ago from the national gallery. but the paintings slipped and fell to the floor as it was being shown off to the media. casso presented the painting, women's head, the great people after world war 2,
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the gift to recognize their distance against the axis forces. the work is not thought to have been damaged. fill it must have been quite a shock to those who are present coming up next time d, w, do focus on europe is coming up and we will be back with more news at the top of the hour. there's always more of course on the website, p w dot com. i'm sarah kelly and berlin. thanks for watching. the news. the news, the news
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the the the, the, the, the refugees, the 3 island lead the where their dream for paul assume a young joke. it is where one could begin. football has helped them overcome the trauma of please your homeland. and he'll give it his all to become a professional european kicker. focused
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on dw, into the conflict with him, sebastian, american, secretary of state, one's in a lincoln was in craig last week. his name apparently to offer words of comfort and support for the country. after rushing to mass in huge numbers, closely with florida, my guess is really crazy as far as the nature of what did he get out of the visit? what was the conflict zone in 60 minutes on dw ah was was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone beer. game said,
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hope you're 2020. 21. thrown off course during the qualifying ground. not nice for sports heroes. actually it was a flap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk down the lucky to tokyo, july 19 w. twos . hello and welcome to focus on europe. i'm lar, bella, it's nice to have you with us. after a long delay, the european championships have finally kicked off, and soccer fever has taken hold of europe. be in the stadium in pubs or on the
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streets. millions of fans want to see their stars and their team for them. it's the perfect opportunity.


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