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brown and your horse watching date of your news live from berlin. next documentary, the price of truth looks at the case of the jail wiki, expound. or julian astonished. go to our website interview dot com for the latest world news development. next, spicer. watch. the news . ah, what people have to say to me that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. ah.
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the history really just the one i mean the liver i felt danger. right here review concerns for julians doing the
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the millions of people who may have a patient of would you like to just wanted to tell you just the collect and come that way. when they murdered the war and it's due and has to be expedited for reporting, it was in the story of wiki leaks began in the middle of the iraq war. the us military's worst nightmare came true when a handful of hackers and a few journalists,
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leak tech classified video to the well the me about the order me when i actually didn't have that much because i didn't know where it was when it was what was the circumstances who are these people who would only by saying how relaxed and innocent most of the people were in the cottage and became the footage was complex to decrypted, the wiki, founda and his team moved to reykjavik the capital of iceland bear. they rented
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street house, they named the bunker to prepare the video for release the footages from july 2007, and shows an apache helicopter flying over a neighborhood in baghdad. the on board cameras, boats a group of our rockies on the ground to look to be carrying weapons. the pilot and radio contact with his face requested permission for finance order. once. once i started discovering more and more detail, this is when it became more emotional. say to understand yes, this person was a journalist and this was a driver from race among the victims wiki leaks identified with each mall of reuters driver and photographer.
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now me an l d. the helicopter pilot, the obvious, can you see your insight insurgent instantly decides that the weapons are like that. this is what, that's what i'm all up on the the if you think things are wanting me a few minutes later, the nature of the incident changes the ab or mission because some war crying where
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we lean, a black van approaches to the wounded inside. there are no competence just to men with team children. the pilots reports an imminent threat and requests permission to fire again. claire claire around where on the grounds there are courses everywhere. the helicopter then captures on the
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film the arrival if it were pathologists. among them, ethan mccord. this is me here. i was when i was about 6, you were dismounted at the time. running up on the scene. i had never seen anything like that before i saw on the corner what appeared to have been 3 men. they were completely destroyed by the 30 millimeter thr, claire, that almost to me didn't seem real. it kinda seems like something that you would see out of a bad horror movie. blair soldier realizes the verity of the and then he approaches the he locates 2 wounded people. a 4 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. i originally thought that the boy was,
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was deceased because the he had a went to the right side of his head and he wasn't moving. and when i went back out to the van, he made like a labored breath movement. and that's when i started screaming that the boys alive, the boys alive and i grabbed and started running on to the bradley, which is now me at this point he looks up at me and i looked down at him. and i told him it's going to be ok. i have you don't worry, it's going to be ok in his eyes rolled back into his head. and at that point, i thought that he possibly had just died in my arms. me. after this day, i couldn't justify what i was doing, and i racket anymore. i became very angry with the war,
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the death and destruction of innocent people. that's not what i joined the military for you. so on april 5th, 2010, we can publish the video online with the title collateral murder. the public could see the true horror of this war in baghdad. the families with the victims learned the circumstances of what happened in the man driving the van died that the boy you saved by ethan mccord survived just and she she
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only because ah, well good afternoon to you. i am doing rad against breaking news this afternoon. a shopping graphic video from iraq, apparently showing us troops gunning down innocent civilians and just dropping my kids school back in april, 2010. and i went home, grab a cup of coffee, sat down on the couch and turned on the news. and there i was running across the screen of my own television carrying a child. i knew immediately what it was and it actually felt like a huge slap in the face. i had spent so much time trying to forget that incident. and then here it was being pushed to my face again. ethan mccord was discharged from the army in 2010. said then he has been an anti war activist. the 6 of
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the clutter motor released was, was very important. the video is eye clinic with symbolic. it was a stunning testimony of a war crime. there was no question about it, and people soft little eyes. what to the war and tales. we click something to teach we helix is undoubtedly not above criticism, but we helix has revolutionized access to information and wiki leaks has enabled the revelation of war. crimes perpetrated by the american army would undoubtedly not have been revealed without wiki lately. someone can, the wiki, li exploded in the national media. the world wanted to know who was behind it. here
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julian authorities and another prominence spokesman for the project because we just kind of $500.00 uses from private people, $200000.00 for operational costs. it was built in a way that was the goal is to remain anonymous to the project itself. so whenever something was received, it was not clear where it came from. so the wizard should feel secure in a way that if he feels something should be out in the public, there is not an instance that is then judging about his feelings. mm me. which was set up to guarantee anonymity to all its officers. but just one month after the video was released, the us army arrested a young soldier near back. bad news. the soldiers name
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was bradley manning. he spent his days finding military documents and was suspected after meeting the footage. rather man, in the young, 22 year old army intelligence specialist only a couple of years in the army. he felt that there were operations going on. he felt that there had been civilian deaths and other things about war, that the american people in the world should know about. with high level of security clearance, bradley manning was able to download millions of confidential documents, military reports, diplomatic came off, strategy memos about iraq and also afghanistan. bradley manning 1st off at the documents to the washington post and the new york times, but neither responded. oh,
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that's when he contacted wiki, neek, and then the soldier with enough found her bo position. he chatted with adrian latino, a young hacker, telling him everything was all we all i'm saying you know, reportage, bradley manning to the f. b i. this is how he explained the name of touring and meeting with other hackers. as it is when i do believe private 1st class manning,
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which in acting one conscience in that case, i can tell i don't believe the wrong word. the manning receive support from accident. however, that pales in comparison to the fire power from conservative. commentators riley, thanks for watching is tonight. there are traders in america that is the subject of this evening talking points memo. whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki links website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. whoever in our government leak that information is guilty of treason. i think anything less than execution is to kind of generally bradley manning was incarcerated in
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a high security military prison.


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