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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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the mm ah, [000:00:00;00] excuse me, is it the w 9 from berlin? organize this bad old spectators from the tokyo olympics. rising corona virus case, it's mean next month, games will take place in empty stadiums. the 1st ever closed door. allan picks also on the program. jacob's duma is behind south africa is full, but president became a 15 month prison sentence for contempt of court ending a stand off and how to self into courses overnight. in football,
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england be dead market extra time to make the euro 2025. yeah. to the time to take over the streets of london to celebrate that scene reaching a major tournament final for the 1st time in 55. ah, i'm still getting welcome to the program organizes of the tokyo olympics 7 hours to total ban on spectators in the stadiums. and follows the declaration of a new state of emergency in tokyo because of increasing numbers of corona virus cases. foreign fans that already been bad. now, japanese spectators are being told to stay at home. the games are due to begin in just over 2 weeks and will be the 1st ever olympics held behind closed doors. the limbic torch continued. it's
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a long journey towards tokyo to open the games later this month. while there were plenty of fans cheering on the torch barriers as they passed through the site on the prefecture writing covey cases in the capital means there won't be any fans to greet them in tokyo. government officials have announced a state of emergency in tokyo set to begin next week in a bid to curb the spread of virus. while the crux of the measure is cutting the cell of alcohol at bars and restaurants to help limit social activities, it will also directly affect be olympics use. although the number of severely ill patients and the occupancy rates of hospital beds have remained as a low level, the impact of the various strains must be taken into accounts. we must strain from the counter measures to prevent the infections from spreading to the rest of the country again. follow the pic organizers had already kept spectators to 50 percent of the venue capacity and bard international fans from attending. the new ruling
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now prevents any spectators from attending the games. the public sentiment in japan has widely turned against hosting the tournament. olympic organizers have dug in their heels and are committed to seeing the games through we continue to be committed to our principle of organizing safe olympic in parallel games together with you. and we have shown, you know, this responsibility in the day of the postponement. the games are estimated to have cost more than $20000000000.00 cancelling them, which should cut off broadcasting revenue. but make recouping any of that next to impossible for tokyo and the international and the committee for better or for worse, just like the olympic torch. the games look set to march on let's get more from a medicine that dw for welcome knox. and coven is responsible for all sorts of
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unprecedented things over the last couple of years. now we have a spectator free, lympics. what sort of games then we infill a very, very strange one. as you say, we've got used to decide dear of not having fans and stadiums over the last 18 months, especially with football. but when it comes to the biggest sporting event of all, that only comes around every 4 years. it's a big, big blow. it's a big blow for the japanese athletes. because they were really counting on having japanese fans and dan, pushing them along. japanese fans tend to be very passionate, very excited. we already knew that spectators from abroad weren't going to be there, but still, it's going to change the whole sort of effect of the games. really. i mean, you think about when you, when you watch it, even on television, fans are part of the game. maybe when you're watching archery or rowing, you don't see the fans quite so much. but in the really big sports, like athletic and swimming, especially the noise when it comes to swimming, the fans are a big, big part of it. so it's going to feel very,
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very strange. so you mentioned the football there, so we're in the middle of a european football championships. we've seen large crowds, we've seen large crowds at wembley, while london is in the middle of an increasing number of corona virus infections. so what is the difference between the 2 events, the 2 cities, i guess the japanese are being extra cautious. it is true that in britain, the vaccine rate is higher than in, in japan. so japan fee is the delta vibrant, really, very, really great stead. and they could be in serious trouble, and they decided they have no other option. even though as you say, the cases are relatively low in compared to what we're seeing in, in europe. i think also the political dynamics in there, there's an election coming up in, in japan in october. but other people will say people in europe are being too rash . i mean, 60 fans. these england games at wembley, when cases are rocketing,
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may be in a mom's too much time. people will realize that actually japan took a very sensible course of action and the international olympic committee is determined to press ahead with this. they have to, it's all about money basically. i mean it's cost billions and billions to host the games. the postponement cost extra, now they're not getting tickets. income. the only income they're getting is from sponsors, from television. and if we're honest, the sponsors care about the t. v viewers know the spectators in the stands. that's how they make their money. and so that is basically what they see is relying on if they scrapped these games, that was he would be in big, big bava, especially with the next olympics the winter olympics being beijing and various governments talking about diplomatic boy talks. the best case scenario is olympics without fans where at least you have the sport and you have the tv, you can give her medicine w school. we'll take a look at some more stories from around the world. now starting in israel,
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where the forces of demo demolish the home of the palestinian accused of carrying on shooting in the west bank and israeli court rejected a petition by the strange wife who lived with their children. the drive by shooting in may killed one person and wounded 2 others. dozens of people have held a vigil for the victims of the building collapsed in miami. in florida, authority of ended the search for survivors, though they will continue to search for bodies 54 people have been confirmed dead 86 after accounted for apartment tower collapse. maybe 2 weeks ago. european union has fines. german comic is 875000000 euros commuting to present the latter clean emission technology. you have to trust body says diamond b m w, and the volkswagen group denied, consumes chance to buy less, producing cost a dime the escape to find because it revealed the cato to the commission
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of spain and lithuania, had to break off a press conference at an ad bass, when she gets behind them was grumbled and triggered according to the spanish government. i'm an identified and play over the baltic. spain currently has 7 euro fighter, jeff stations in lithuania, jacobs who has spent his 1st night in prison before the president of south africa ended his stand off with authorities and gave himself up. overnight. mister zoom had been inviting arrest since last week when he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. fighting to appear before a corruption inquiry. you'll be eligible for parole in around 4 months. this is the 1st time south africa, his jail, the forward presence, though mister zoom, did previously serve time during the struggle against apartheid. cutting it close to midnight deadline. the convoy of vehicles carried former south african president, jacob xena on his way to hand himself over to authorities.
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the 79 year old is now in custody in his home province, beginning his 15 month sentence for contempt of court. on sunday is in a stress he wasn't afraid of jail time referencing his previous incarceration for his role in fighting south africa's racist apartheid regime to remind them and i'm not scared of doing of boeing to jail for my belief it did not be for the 1st time i will be a prisoner of punch. it was the former president who was in office for 9 years has been at the center of corruption allegations surrounding his time in public life. the contempt of court charge came as a result of him refusing to appear at a corruption commission. he's called the process
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a political conspiracy. but authorities have accused him of mister perforating funds and fraud. some of the charges date back 20 years. the on monday, the constitutional court is due to consider an application by xena for the cancellation on his prison sentence. well, let's talk to professor till he met on sailor who's a former public protector in south africa. she spent 7 years exposing corruption and ethics violations in the highest public office, including jacob zoom as a welcome to the w professor. you led the team that triggered the corruption in quite a bit jacobs, who refused to appear before. how are you feeling today? i'm in the flow is holding in africa has said that president who is one of us and
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then and they form a 3 to 5 is going to june was such a small issue. all he needed to do was to build a quote for us as the rest of us. but the central charge is it must be, it must be quite annoying for you that because the central charges relating to corruption and state capture still remain unproven and untasted in court. now i'm going to nice because i've never made these base. and even when you pull me in feet, i don't allow myself to drag that or no flaw in everyone in this country if someone was infected by even if they cancel and then refusal to be just in refusing to be accountable is the interest in the country and
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he will still be held accountable because the commission inquiry will proceed with him. hopefully if he's in sitting all by himself, he will understand how it was not to allow himself to be an account because the decisions will be made without his own. when he says, as we heard in the report, when he says, i'm a president of conscience, what do you think he's going to noted, please know questions and conscience mean being believing in the opposite because there's nothing he really was present and actually said that it was applies that if you don't like what the judge phase the, what the judge does. you can just step out of the room and then refuse to go
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back. and that he may have been advised also that you can reject a decision of the court and then go to the lower court to tell him those things don't work. and there's nothing quite she anxious about the president zoom appointed you to the position of public prosecutor in 2009 and you published this report. and so they said they had the, what appeared to be corrupt, allocation of cash for his security as his, as his compound into 2014. did you come under pressure from the president when you published that report? president is president luma is he was then didn't know the standard key place that i need to do anything improper. but we of course,
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respects by us in the security try and really some of the supporters that some of this, including in, in organization that was formed and funded by bell put in black lives. then 1st, 1st they would come to most of the time to stop in this case in time the city that we should investigate all kinds of and they say it's been, it's been ok. so you, so you publish this, this, this report, the accusing that the presence of states capture. was it just him or other more rotten apples in the battle? currently the last question in the borrower is, is, has been seen in the state commission and it's funded monday. but i
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wasn't asked to for more uncles in the room. i was asked to conduct a specific investigation on with the family


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