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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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many of his support and they were angered by him. it's 15 months. dow term employee for failing to appear as corruption inquiry. but now the violence is also sprayed to johannesburg. south africa's economic panel hill with police rich fin. the army will deploy troops to the 2 most affected regions, the unrest, these uncalled for said presidency were represented by those who may be hurt and angry at this moment. that can never be any justification whatsoever for anybody to embark on violent and destructive and destructive actions that's negatively affect the rights of others. gina is popular among many of south africans, less well off. his imprisonment has laid bad deed divisions in the country. and dw correspondence christine wanted to join us now from cape town in south
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africa. christine, what's the latest? well nina and this is, i use this unrest has been intensifying what began as just already prostate. the notation, it wasn't in the presence that the weekend had come out to the full scale routing and ran, slacking off shops and bath, 3 the destruction of property to a great place to make a hundreds of millions of rang worth of damage has been done. the nbc, why would we know that among the people that have died is a teenage boy who took part in some of the new thing that we can see happening most me in was him in the house. as well as helping that at home to join the military. it's now been deployed. we're going to be hearing from the president in a few hours from now about the situation in terms of that. but that is the situation as a leader who is behind this later,
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it started out with the people in the room i can calling out to the former president. support is to go and pray against his incorporation. his imprison. i'm so initially when it says we're coming out with the blocking roads and creating also payoff. they were saying that this is in the name of the president, mr. be brief, but it is not the to ration. we can see there are criminal intimates. now you've got to be remind a lot of the people that were being carrying out be fine, and these people come from under privileged communities. we have them on policy and unemployment here in there. you can see that you've got people looking into shop feeling basic items in many cases, the baby and i some of them, i was not an intimate of opportunity criminality. people taking a bunch of the situation, young children involved in the elderly people as well. so there was some incitement
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from mackenzie initially mobilizing, support the hearing supporters on in terms of the retreat them up the videos, what people will do, anything more people to do the same thing in the name of but it's not walk into a complete chaotic situation where there are different motivations. now, of course, mr. zoom, i said, appeal trial triggered all this interest. what am assisting with chances of success in this new court hearing legal experts that i've been listening to has basically said listen to my nieces, be able to demonstrate one of 3 things. he's going to be able to tell before that is somehow was reaching a decision in finding him to see him or made a mistake or that new information had since the married since that ruling and was handed down a legal policy review that mr. has not been successful in demonstrating any
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hospital practice. we know right now that he remains behind why many people think that will be the case for the next 2 weeks months, and that is how they see it here, christine 10 seconds. how much support does mr. zoom still enjoy among the and see well, the stresses in the agency had shifted significantly. this is why you for this cause . we think that handled the bridge when they took it was they could have been to defend and help me because they chose not to do that. and this is way to find the support for the pull the president within the key structure you correspond to christine when reporting from cape town, south africa. thank you. that's we have to speak now with some of the other stories making headlines around the world. a court in jordan has sentence to former officials to 15 years in jail for attempting to destabilize the monarchy. besson what law sharif has been said were found guilty of conspiring to install prince
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himself. as ruler is the half brother of the king, contempt himself, avoided charges. police and haiti say they have arrested a man who they allege flew into the country on a private jet and conspired to fascinate president jovan now maurice. while the haitian, the national allegedly worked with the masterminds of the killing, mister maurice were shot dead at his home in the past. early on wednesday, mandatory evacuation have been ordered in northern california. the fire fighter struggle to contain a massive blaze. the so called a bag worth a complex fire doubled in size over the weekend and is now the largest in california. is thought to have been caused by lightning. more than 6000 acres have burned. while next to astonishing season cuba were protest
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have broken out thousands of people taking to the streets against the communist regime. demonstrators express frustration, food shortages, rising prices, and the lack of coven 1900 vaccines. the government has tried to put the blame on the us for the unrest and is rallying its own supporters. yeah, made crying out for freedom in the streets of savannah. be the greatest show discontent with the socialist government. the 1990s, like fact in the trigger for this project is the desperate economic situation. right now, the country is suffering from food shortages. we're here because of the repression of the people. they are starving us to death. havana is collapsing, we have no homes, nothing. now the police arrive and they begin to drag off people in the crowd,
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the arrest and the violence only makes it demonstrated angry. we are not afraid. they cry out. security beat me and my daughter a child. they beat us just because we were walking down the street. the supporters of the government had been out in the straits to president miguel diaz can now himself lead this rally was organized quickly in a town outside havana, where the anti government protest began early on sunday. so though we came here to show together with the revolutionaries of this town to the streets, belong to us with the president encouraging, supported to mobilize against opponents. there were ugly confrontations here, revolutionary, detained opposition. protest to the cubans who were here. we had never going to give up this revolution. never communist
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regime, his rude cubis in 959. it survived the whole of the soviet union, and the depth of it found the fidel castro's now would it again be challenged. i like the show. it is unlikely to go without a fight. and earlier we spoke to ted hank and an associate professor at the city university of new york who specializes in cuban affairs. and we began by asking him who was behind these protests? it's fairly obvious is that the people are behind it. this is a protest that has no leader, has no organization. that may be a weakness of it going forward. but it seems to have broken through because we accumulated frustration over the past 21 or 2 years with the economic crisis, few food shortages, medical source shortages,
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caused primarily by the economic system of cuba. that's inefficient and unproductive. and on top of that, of course you have the us and margot, that isolates are attempts to isolate and cut off. i think the people are in the middle and they're fed up with excuses with wise with manipulation. the government claims that this is orchestrated, paid by the united states. how do you get people and 6 or 8 cities all across to about thousands of people in each case to protest from united states. it's ridiculous to claim that at the same time, we don't know really what the next step is, how the government is responding. now it seems to be inflaming the protesters and not leading to any kind of negotiating solution. and that was ted hank, an associate professor at the city university of new york, speaking to us a short while ago. and want to turn our attention now to the country of georgia, where protesters have been calling for the prime minister to resign over the death
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of a journalist alexander, let's go rob worked for an independent television news channel. he was found dead at his home on sunday after he was badly beaten by a far right activist during a protest against an l. g b t q. pride. march in the capital to please see attacked for doing his job. now found dead camera, men alexander less corolla was beaten by right wing mom. well, covering an anti l g b t q. riot. the exact circumstances of his death are still unclear. thousands have taken to the streets in solidarity with the journalist. very angry protesters accused the government of enabling by violence. we all the government directly responsible for failing to provide security for that, you know, we and therefore we believe that the resignation of the prime minister and the
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government is the only requirements that will be set to factories of the oregon in they started with the very clear message, the government organized poker almost by the radical reciprocal targeted to the, to dollars journalist and has multiple people's was damaged and now $11.00 that has to reside last week, writers attacks the l g b t q, campaign offices in georgia, capital tbilisi, much carrabas was there and filmed the attackers around 50 journalists were injured . the last 4 of us death has further inflamed tensions and more demonstrations are expected. and i just moments ago where we had the opportunity to catch up with 0, but he'd say he is a georgia writer and l g b t,
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q activist. and we began our conversation by asking him if he feels that the georgia government is complicit in what happened to mr. bus corolla? they kind of want us to lose main focus on st. simon's direction was those only clocked in clash between georgia people. this is the only way for government to make us blind and hide how jumps will struggle with low economic injustice. they want to make a blind for not to speak corruption, we have in our country and she said that they are choosing minority and they'll just to keep people to height their weakness. so what's, what can you describe for our international viewers? you're also a writer yourself of what's it like being a member of the media or a writer in georgia? can you without fear for life, conduct your, your job like those few days with super hard for everyone, especially people also like g p t q i come in and change it for most of the time.
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going out without strengths or without any people is not faith anymore. if you look like the trends are like you to reading some like everything's or like, i don't know, they wouldn't find any reason to like be q in the 3. we all cared and you're starting to think about leaving our country, especially like you like writers and many other people are from like art or like media because we don't see any future for minority in georgia. but not . this is hard because one of the main taken from people from bar, right, humans or lesbian, gay community is to leave georgia of a good or type in a close. that's a georgia writer and l g b t q activists are thank you so much for joining us and sharing your views with us . we appreciate it. thank. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. official results show nuclear winter in bulgarian parliamentary elections. the central right
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party led by former prime minister void for his off one. the most votes just ahead of a new hopkins party, but i looks likely to form a coalition. the result could usher in a period of political instability as public anger. corruption is growing. u k, president of a lot of mutual landscape is in berlin, where he has been received by german president tank walter stone meyer. mister zelinski will also hold talks with the chancellor. they're expected to discuss ukraine's reform process and the ongoing conflict in the countries east. ukraine is seeking e u. n. nato membership officials in india. a lightning strikes have killed at least 18 people as monsoon rains and thunderstorms hit the country's north. among the dead or children for cancers have warned more lightning strikes. over the coming days, the italy have been crowned european champions. ed
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wembley stadium in london after beating england on penalties. it was heartbreaking and for the english who missed 3 penalties. and last, despite their home advantage. but for italian fans back home, it was time to celebrate after and now be nigh nail biting rather finish the fun, which was just the start of the party in italy. oh, after another glorious night on the world football stage, fans of the duty painted cities red across the country. ah, moved by their team writing another hard stopping chapter into the country, sporting folk, lord i jammed into cars on top of scooters that soon club city. 3 and on pretty much what else they could possibly get the keys to?
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yeah, italian football fans were paying loud and joyful home aids to a new set of heroes minted on english soil. so that one because we had the strongest, nothing to do with europe. it was italy who had the strongest team, the only team that did not have individualities but a collective with deserved win. and we want my g o nearby the hello to wembley, one italian fan was dressed to deliver the highest of honors. he's the only want to know ring he hold your water. god. oh, as for the england fans, they dressed down to fit the mood of what was to be yet another footballing wake the keys and the one i was looking incredible saw or aligning the when i just fly use or hearing
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everything to get to a song. the last thing as morning broke in italy, the spoils. the decree will return to their new home. yeah. yeah. football has indeed come to broad the and let's take you now to the eternal city to real. do you ever use force correspond to ally? my talking is there for you, a leave, a looking great that background tell us how have the italians celebrated their historic when well, look around, you think back to normal today, everybody's back to the usual activity is commuting to and from work. that of course, wasn't the case here last night where i'm standing visit the i have in,
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in the and it was one of the main points around 4 to 5000 italian fans gathered after italy beat england on penalties of 32. and oh, it was a mix. it was, i don't even know where to start. it was an explosion of emotions. do you have fireworks happening on that side? there was singing, there was chanting the like was i it's hard. yeah. and as you just mentioned in the peas, it's coming rome a pay on board with the english. it's coming home. but there was also something after speaking to a lot of italian fan, there was a chance that the emotions with quite intense and i think that also had to do with the fact that of course italy under wind temperature, trig lockdown. and i think that resulted in from the bottom up emotions where of course, you have to, you couldn't meet up with friends. you couldn't watch football in math math gatherings. and i think yesterday when it'll be one,
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it was football became an outlet, it became a relief, it became where they actually has a life. and i understand that victory parade could not take place exactly because of what you've been reporting. we're still in the middle of a pandemic. exactly, exactly. so the italian team arrived early this morning at around 6 am in the capital, and they are scheduled to meet the italian prime minutes, so they will have, what is it dinner with him later around 67 pm tonight. but authorities decided to cancel the bus parade because of what you just because of corona, virus, ca, theresa. and especially after the celebration yesterday, if it was, people can barely war any math. there was no social distance thing and authorities . i think i'm just afraid that this sort of celebrations might lead to
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a church in corona virus cases. but one thing i spoke to said that look were not really that upset about the bus parade. because at the end of the day, the fact that we had a massive screening of the game, the fact that we got to celebrate after that is in and of itself, a miracle, a given the pandemic given the pandemic. let's look ahead. 20 seconds left for us. italians must be looking at the world cup, taking place in guitar. it just one years a time. so i mean, they are, they confident that they're going to be the ones raising that trophy? i'm sure they're confident, but if there's one thing that this tournament showed us, is that just because you did well in one tournament, doesn't it's not necessarily a measure of how well, how well you do it. the other tournament this tournament had so many upsets so many surprises. so i just say that just leave it right. it's wide open. it by your opinion is wide open and it's a year away, 11 talkie in rome,
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thank you so much for your reporting. and british billionaire richard branson has successfully completed a maiden flight to the edge of space. mister brand, 75 crew members short some 80 kilometers above the earth in the virgin galactic unity space plain. well mister branson has now edged ahead of his rival, jeff bass off and eli musk in a battle between high flying ty cruz to, to, to and climbing as we take off for richard branson as a unit. the space plane took him and 5 crew members beyond earth's atmosphere. the aircraft climbed 80 kilometers from the new mexico desert. during the one hour trip the crew experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. 10 seconds. i was wrong. the child were the dream . looking out to the saws now and i don't hit a spaceship, was a lot of wonderful, i doubt looking down to our beautiful beautiful. so the next generation of dreamers,
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if we can do this, just imagine what you can do for some, this is the mission of eccentric billionaires, and it's time when financial inequality is rising. others worn but space tourism will only create unnecessary emissions as the world faces climate change. but for brands and, and his theme, it's a success that was long in the making. there's mach one trimming. now. i think that this is now here finally reaching the point of commercialization where anybody who has the money and once has the desire can, can buy a ticket to go to space that, that is truly special. is going to be a game changer. i think for space a trip with virgin galactic for a few minutes and space will cost around $250000.00 per person. but branson is alone and has ventured to commercialize space. travel hasn't feel we've been working on amazon or just phase us the scheduled to fly aboard his company blue
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origin rocket later this month. this time to stay. meanwhile, tesla mosque says he is planning to head into space in september. his space ex venture has received funding from the u. s. government and has even bigger plans. what space x is doing is primarily launching satellites, government, satellites, commercial satellites, and, and other, other space systems to earth orbit. and ultimately, what they want to do is launch people to mars, and that is the most ambitious of all these 3 ventures. the other 2 are seeking to focus on space tourism, taking passengers to lower the orbit for a few minutes of micro gap microgravity time. branson beat his rattle tycoon by being 1st off the ground and back down again here. but this new space race is really just beginning. hold it just like this for a minute before you're watching the news for rolling up. next are science magazine tomorrow today, but now i leave you with scenes of italy,
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fans favoring their euro. 2020 victory. the me. oh, the i the the news. the mm. ah. excuse
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me. the the the the the the, the out the the, like the pool german robotics researchers are developing new systems to release stream on the body. neck and shoulders back. how does these ex though skeleton fair when tested to borrow today.
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the w. o. views in the climate change the what are the people who hear what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity, the media click and enter. the goal was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone beer game central europe $22021.00
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strong off course. during the qualifying round, not least for sports heroes. actually it was a flap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing super powers. i'm fired up and ready to help down doing walk down the rocky. go to tokyo. starts july 19th on d, w. me. what's this be robot doing in the name of science? me and why is this little muscle is locked by fisherman and research? and how can an excess skeleton make heavy lifting easy all this.


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