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tv   Kick off Special  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2021 9:30am-9:59am CEST

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the but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required by some time who will win the game of diplomatic poker. interesting power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the you. climate summit starts august 5th on d, w. the me when i got off the bus, they yelled and the 10 gays, and one i said, all right guys on the thin i got a couple of girls on the gonna grab the oh, it starts with the jury. you reach your goal.
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but the one you know for him you can take is the one you were born in the black man, the black man is always the 2nd choice. as you perform better than the others. yes, it's a form that has to has to do more than the other players in the way. how can i pay for jimmy? the when i got off the bus, they yelled $10.00 games. who and one. i burn. yeah. i go to school. but 1st of all, i'm going to be in black, can live in germany. you'd be confronted replacer. mm . the
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germany, when people hear the word, what do they think? known per cars? later hose in the worst and beer. when it comes to sports, 1936, the lympics comes to mind, invented spill blonde in blue i, germany, and then we think of german boxes, tennis players in race, car drivers, all of whom have made their mark football wise. we think of guys like these winning the world cup 4 times when we're talking about germans. the automatically think that germans means to be like, for instance, right, given from, from my talking that when they talking about germans, we think of course l, y, and business of obviously is not the case. but it is a business to help him with
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a germany, still walking the streets of berlin or frankfort. you could think you're in london or paris. in some black germans have gone abroad to get recognition in popular culture. half a 1000000 been nearly was german. they didn't really sing, though, did a but another black german b genamin. this number number also in films in tv and in sports like the indian football is the main draw in germany today. the national team looks like this, or among germany's new generation is re lubbock because it was a big moment for me. screen comes to play for the national team and then i will
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play more games on an edge. but if we move back a few generations, we see a completely different picture. ah, this was west. germany's 1st world winning team in 1954. and this was their winning team. in 1970. they were only called meyer and mueller. they also looked like alien germany's domestically the one football or didn't look like the rest. but with the loan, then i was really alive, alive. unlike the black players, they take to the field for the german team to de evan cost it shortly after world war 2 in munster was one of the very few die
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mission. there were 3 mixed children. so 3 children, black guy, 3, nothing more. the 1st black s, if he was an altar boy and had to go to the cemetery and then looked on the way back from the funeral, a truck around him. he was dead when they're going to have lots of fun coat. that was the 1st one. second, i was the 3rd one of the 2nd he drowned and unlike me during his childhood costs and it was on the receiving end of racist insults on a daily basis from the south florida on the open streets. when i was about 12, my look at me and that was here in months. i mean look at my look how dirty he is. and then i thought how they got it can't be can't be that you allow this ms. sanders told us to cost him the
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son of a german mother and an african american father. he never me, wasn't the only target back in those post world war 2 days, race makes it was in welcome or was also important. why does my mother have to suffer so much? because she got the most racist. yes she did. i don't want to repeat here what i've heard here. all the things that they've said to my mother when i'm with other left through the storm cost that of found football and develop a neck for scoring golf. playing for several blend, it's legal clubs. he became a prolific striker, but the hatred father gone, but when i got off the bus,
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they yelled 10 gays and one. i said, all right guys on the thing i got a couple of girls on sunday. school isn't the abuse. fuel costs victory over frank, whose fans came up with a disgusting change. in 1974, he scored a goal of the year in liberal asleep in that same year. having caused it became the 1st ever lack footballer to represent germany and clark for germany, a tool as a black man with a sensation. all eyes were on adding, costed a delicate clock that also represented an idea of race relations. in west germany had improved, the west was progressing. i knew my gave interviews and the coach helmet sure. and told me what i should say. this is not
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any germany, there are no races. that's not true. or if i said there are many races in germany and then the coach was angry with me in much the court not requested as much of one moment. unlike today where black and white players were childhood, friends like says good non bring in the actual cambridge circumstances were different in cost of his day. well, not everyone like me. i could tell them woocommerce, but then you don't get the ball as much as a center forward. you have to get the ball cabinet mapped. i could tell that some of them were already right. and sometimes when i went to the showers, they would look at me and say, what's that black guy doing an art team? costed a score, $98.00 goals in the boonies league, and was also top score in belgium, in sprains. but he only made 3 international appearances. my play for
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a long time, but in germany i could have made more out of it all. but with all the people i played within myself, it helped me back when i couldn't show my football skills costs that i felt pressured to perform. allen's mother and i had to do everything that's in my neighbor. my teammate, who is wide awake, was allison. and if i did something wrong and everything with 2 or 3 times is bad. nowadays, after retiring from football doors have opened up for some black germans. but for cost of the things took a turn for the worse or is it just to system cost? it was wrongly accused of an armed robbery in 1990 nearest home town of minster.
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me. he spent 6 months in jail. there were no witnesses. german law required there to be at least 6 people in the police lineup, but cost and it was the only $1.00. he suffered a mental breakdown. so i'd say that 80 percent of the germans are not racist. 20 percent a bad people liked him and his reputation and family were never the same. someone, my wife never got over it. as compensation, germany gave him the equivalent of about 1500 euros. as for accosted it being the only one in the police line up, they said they couldn't find any more black men in the area. despite there being several african students at the local university. on a side note, famous musician miles davis performed in minister in 1990. maybe he did it
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but it wasn't all bad. and then 1900 ninety's though, there was some positive change. the youth began to embrace the black culture, hip hop, the black suddenly seem to have become a color in germany. but it was always there. people just didn't see me in the late 18 hundreds, germany had their share in the big colonial game. germany controlled multiple african colonies into the 20th century. migrating into their colonial power. a permanent black presence in germany began to emerge before the 1st world war. but life was biracial children were called rhineland bastards. in the 1900 twenty's
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speaking, the peoples imagined fears of an emperor race. up until the 30 black germans were displayed in human zooms, companies have used races, imagery, hyperlink, this get home there and the new up would be good to. so cool, i did meet the move and the the word nigger was widely used in advertising. it used to be considered a neutral term. around the same time, evan cost in a made his debut in 1974 for west germany. jimmy hot became the 2nd black german to suit up for west germany in 1979. but he only managed to appearances more than 2 decades would pass before germany with field another black player in african born player at gerald as amolla. the 1st black german to play
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in a world had a different childhood experienced in cost of the decades earlier. as a more quickly found acceptance through performing the the accepted remo. when there was a band from donna who had to i think close at the school. and they got to go for it and when does with them? so i just went for in front of his band and i danced with them. so this was like, i went no, i got new my name in the school from josephine baker in the 1920 to roberta block. go in 1970. historically black, have entertained the masses in germany. performing with his feet as a mower, made history becoming the 1st african born player to play for germany, making the decision to represent either his native no or germany didn't come easy.
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i remember decided to pay for jimmy. it's not easy for me because like i think i've, i've before the, and i had some difficulties or use some reason things who came about me and so i was afraid not to be accepted. if i should to pay for gemini, i was afraid, maybe will you give me and you never be invited and you are made up of one for me. however, the more i scored on his debut and went on to play f, 820022006 world cuts. i didn't have a story about my own fast work up. my 1st wake up in japan, korea, and i was hit on a been for it before a game and. and it was a photograph. i think they can,
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can i didn't guy who passed by. what are you do you as a pair? you a gym and it's crazy. i can believe it was like what's going on. people didn't believe it is how can a black guy for germany, some germans didn't embrace the new look germany. when the world cup came in the summer of 2006 extreme right wing groups distributed flyers, posters and stickers, which read know gerald. you are not germany at the start of his international career as a more even had to convince some of his teammates he belonged. i think it's like i was supposed to them you, you can do something better than i mean then they started to feel and i think because my 1st name's going to go and where i saw this guy can help us who i saw i felt like now i'm in a team by the beginning was not easy to just come and say, okay,
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a no need to wait for with him. gerald amolla was not the only target in 2006 german nie jerry and player, patrick. oh, my yella was attacked in far right propaganda. white, more than just the color of a jersey for a real national team. back in the british league after germany's home, 2006 world cup. as a more was the victim of racist abuse and a cut match. fans made monkey noises when ever he touched the ball. ah, me lasting longer than the black footballers before him. some more wrecked up over 40 cats. score 6 goals with germany. and his success had a trickle down effect. and this was good to hope it went and i never took
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a look. i'm happy for it to open doors for, for the kids. well, i think it's, i remember when i came back everywhere, i went on black things for doing this. now i'm, i start my workplace as a more has become a beloved figure since his playing days. always wearing a smile. yes. my language to so you never know what's truly behind. so what happens when you take the non smiling approach? the way your own boy did, he never plays the performer. he just played his football. stoic in this self confidence brought him to the attention of german politician alexander galvan bo. it took it a step further than becoming the 1st blacks ball or window world cutlass germany.
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he's the most recognizable black athlete in the country with countless endorsements . but even bullets say it's not immune to the backlash of being black me. racist comments by the deputy chief from the right wing alternative for germany policy. a newspaper claims, alexander goldman said, germans 40 was a good football that didn't want him as a neighbor. i'm interested. i got into the races. there's a question and doesn't always. it's quite sad that things like this happen. you can't change it them that's. i hope things get better. i have been a lot of good response, unfortunately and me, you have to pay them. okay. now accept me because they put me in an ethical team and then it comes, you know, the spectrum that charging you how to want to board here. but you still get back person guidelines claims. he was only describing other people's attitudes and
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wasn't making a personal comment. the problematic thing is that, you know, in a way was right, because many germans don't want to have sex people as their neighbors. especially when it comes not only to neighbors, but when it comes to black black men once married, have i thought that clinton following the gal on fiasco coach yogi love name bullet tang the captain for a germany match, making that another historic achievement? ah no, i'm saying has used his platform to fight against such attitude. they still exist in the country. he achieved the ultimate prize in international football. 40 years after the cost of the day viewed for west germany. germany's 1st flag player never thought the national team would have so much diversity with the likes
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of to re sign a and re la bach, who's a rising star who made his debut for the german national team in november 2020 because it was a big moment for me, a dream comes through to play for the national team. germany. i burn. yeah, i grew up. i have a lot of friends here and it was my dream to play for them. i never thought it could be this way. i was in the play as a different today. these, they have all the self confidence that they need the supply slayers, my brother insisted, and they have more self confidence than i could ever have imagined so on in the 1st. but back, who feels the same pressure to out do his white teammates as cost. it is as clear. you have to perform better than the others. you have to perform better. you have to have to do more than the other players in the way class and,
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and if you not do this it's, it's very hard as a black guy to get to be respected for the others. that same feeling and then back who has today about having to be better as a black footballer, cost of the has 50 years earlier. i'm. i don't. if you fail you, there was a person in the world, especially as a black person, that it's trim that really sticks with, you know, probably whatever anyone says. and it may be different today about how it was costing to live in a different germany. but given how diverse germany has become, why does buck who feel the same pressure to day in 2020 ryan sets in new york that a german, but a black british player, shared the vial, racist abuse he received on line following wonder. among other things,
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the half anaheim loan, he was called a slave. he said the disgusting task. don't even surprise him any more. berlin's ga into renew. reagan said he was racially abused by salt to fans during the germans cut match in 2020, and mens jude bellingham was a victim during the 2021 but initially season. it's not only at the senior level in december 2019, but in this league club, had to berlin's under 16 team, walked off the pitch during the game, after several of their players said they were racially abused by their opponents. next me for i see this if i listen to the class that this happen for me, this never happen. my football career right now, but i'm believable. the pressure of the current class of black footballers to be
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perfect starts early me. this is always a mass. since i'm young kids and i know it's not easy for for black young guy. germany's latest addition to the legacy. the cost of this started is byron munich, starlette jamal, most jala, early in 2021. he declared he'd play for germany instead of england. there's a multitude of black football, the talent that's become a constant presence on germany's national teen, and others are on the way are on some here's the thing, it will always be the case. so you're in germany, maybe even in the whole world and cilenzo like man, this is always the 2nd choice in the title. there have been countless racial attacks in countless campaigns. in response,
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in 2020 player showed support for black lives matter. targeted players have condemned the hatred and continue to do so. but even in f c buyer, the country's most successful club, a coach racially abused a player in the youth academy in 2020 help arrived in the form of stars like thomas mueller and the actual cambridge speaking. now to combat the problem, i think everybody has to stay together and fight against this racism in football. and in the normal social life, the sport has the power to bring the people together to speak with one with a one time over a 1000000 people of african heritage live in germany today for the 1st time ever in
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2020, many, african and afro d. as for people, share their life stories and experiences that same year in germany had a racial awakening. following the murder of african american, george floyd by a police officer. sometimes i asked myself, why didn't go create different skin colors, white, black and so on. i. well, why did god do that? and let me use the who's
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the the the the the in the leader, lifestyle china, tropical island. paradise for surfers. but the country and dream beaches aren't just about fun and relaxation. young surfers are trainings in the least national program. their target olympic goal for china
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is daily life for jews in europe like beyond the framework of political debates. how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect in the lives film producer, alice bama and publish eve cooler man. examine what it's like be jewish. ah ah, the news against the corona virus pandemic has the right of infection in developing
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what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context, ah, virus updates and special monday to friday on d. w. president george w bush invited us chris summer. we talked about the path and the special relationship to chancellor ongoing medical. and i was not afraid to make a decision. it was not afraid to lead a kind person with a lovely soul. and that's a person i got to know these clues, that interview with george w bush july 14th at 1530 u t. c. on the w. me the
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news news, w. news live from berlin, france, and poses curb for people who are not vaccinated. the government unveiled new restriction designed to boost inoculation uptake for health workers. that means compulsory jobs for face. the consequences also coming up living with the mental scars of.


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