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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2021 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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and should be, so there is no sign of less up when it comes to the tensions. in fact, it's starting to to move into other forms of tensions, particularly the racial tensions at the moment. testing, i wonder with an update there from cape town, south africa, do stick with d. w. news up next are covered in 1900 special. the consequences of not knowing my laraca berlin. thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us out as the americans use the law what people have to say to us i that's why you listen to their stories. reporter every
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weekend on d. w. i was interested in the global economy. our portfolio e w business beyond here is a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance . with c w business beyond on youtube and the violence on rest springs trouble of times to the south african businesses. right. i think following the jailing from the president jacobs dear man has seen stores, looters and shopping centers trashed. we report from johannesburg you has announced how it plans to be carbon neutral by 2015. the green deal will effect almost every aspect of your life. but when it hit the wrong,
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people will take the pattern and the fidget to your right is coming. the europe in central bank has formally begun to project to make sure it's currently moves with the times of your business. i'm robots in berlin. welcome to the program. the army has been called in to protect businesses in south africa after several days of riots. over 1300 people have been arrested and at least 72 people have died in unrest since the jailing, the former president jacobs emer, but contempt of court violence and destruction on the streets of johannesburg. the economic capital of south africa. this shopkeeper is just one of thousands of petrified business owners caught up in the looting and vandalism now spreading across the country. the most wonderful woman
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follow what initially started as a protest against the incarceration of former president jacob zoom for contempt of court. has mushroomed into nationwide unrest with the countries logistical supply chains, fast becoming affected. fuel food and medicine shortages are now only days away. it started off as a political message to the government. i did quickly erupted into riots and looting. and yes, we have a lot of poverty and people did grab the food that they needed. but we've now gone further than that, where we've seen over 200 shopping centers destroyed, we seeing a lot of businesses going out of business. we've seen a lot. and this is going to take years come back and fix itself. so the poverty
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and the inequality. and so that because going to get worse before it even has a chance to get better. the south african national defense force has now been deployed by the government for only the 4th time in 3 decades to re establish launch order has businesses are plunged by angry mobs that out number the countries police. i'd say size 5, when i was in my mind about happening here now is that people started breaking them to shop soon as you saw or more pleasant thing. i will go on over because we want to former president jacobs tomorrow. and so i try to find a new one, even if the president does do that, will carry on because we are hungry to destroy it dos for business owners. the help can't come soon enough with the majority of those in
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affected areas too scared to reopen for trade. i'm going to send up very soon. so the other property and they're going to label the widespread looting will put further pressure on in already strange economy as the country battles of lethal 3rd wave. but the corona virus to europe. now, where the e u has laid out plans to be, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. to do that, specialist wants to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles. after 2035. it's green deal proposal would also make factories power plants and airlines pay more to make carbon by revamping the existing emissions trading system. the plans will effect nearly every aspect of the european economy and are likely to face some heavy pushback from industry and poor a. you countries, his european commission,
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president fonda line. today, i'm proud to say that we have made good on our commitments. europe is now the very 1st continent that presents a comprehensive architecture to meet our climate ambitious. we have the goal, but now we present the roadmap to how we are going to get their our package aims to combine the reduction of emissions with measures to preserve nature. and to put jobs and social balance at the heart of this transformation. let's speak to mattie his book, he's director of european energy policy, the energy transition, think tank i go are and a give and thanks for joining us on data we business. just tell us all of these proposals. realistic from the technical perspective. yes, indeed, they are realistic. they have been many studies done by the commission,
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but also from think times like us, i tend to find the measures which can be taken off as a price lower than continuing to go and fuels. so it's really ah, you're paying consumers ultimately going to be paying for these policies because a lot of it involves companies paying more and presumably passing those costs on to their customers. so there will be some areas where prices will go up like it. so if it is concerning production based on faso eating, your homework with oil will become more and more expensive. driving fuel engine vehicles will become more expensive. on the other side, clean electricity will become cheaper. hitting your home with renewable electricity . pumps will become cheaper. driving electric cars will become cheaper than
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driving cars, combustion, and so it's back. what is clear to cents from the commission to says you are governments and citizens in europe. now we're getting serious about the targets of set ourselves. there's no time to waste. let's say the 100 questions on the measures needed. but there are a few things missing from this. for example, there is nothing in this to encourage individual to change the behavior. of course, in the proposals from the question they're proposing european laws, europeans, all, most of large governments, to some extent companies. they're very rarely, directly obliging citizens and you know, what will happen, of course. so this isn't, is that some of that typically which relate to profit fuel consumption, for instance, long all site incense will become active with other activities will become more
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affordable. so protecting the climate. so you will, as a citizen and europe see tense and in physical terms, we need to see chance. we will see a method ramping up off renewable electricity. over the next decade, we will see a search and fully electric vehicles. we will have what we call the renovation weights of the existing building. stock will need to be renovated because they do not know consistent with plans of trinity a requirements. and in many cases, businesses need to change the way they're operating because the business model is not consistent with time to try to plan. perhaps overestimate how fast that change can actually come about. for example, that aerospace fuels are a long way from being anything other than highly polluting
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it really depends on the sector. so in some sectors to take the example of the power sector. we know renewable electricity is the way to go forward on to wind also wind solar p v. in most cases, the already cheaper today building a new then continuing to burn fossil fuels in a gas or a coal fired to generate us. so this is a reality in the market already today. some of the measures proposed now, for instance, increasing the price on emitting carbon in europe. but the seller, it changes, so we see to call phase out in europe, continent by, by 2030. this is what the numbers are telling us. and so it's just really a question more not of the technical possibility of to nice and but barrier. they can push, push these change and fasten by forcing companies to need to do to save money. alternately macias book from ago or at any given thanks
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a lot for joining us on your business. take your matter a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. i don't call it has roads that thousands of folks spoken owners are in touch with the compensation in the diesel gate case. because in amsterdam set that compensation of up to $3000.00 euros per car was warranted. dennis had filed a class action suit over the german comic as rigging diesel. emission test is earning seasons for the top wall street bank. big lenders are seeing sharp, the higher profits in the 2nd quarter is the u. s. economy bounces back, shaping morgan's earnings. more than doubled while goldman sachs revenues and it's asset management, is an all time high. pm central bank is formerly beginning a project to create a digital your own plan aims to react to the growing popularity of crypto currencies and online payments. e. c. b will now begin exploring exactly how it
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would work from a coin, purse to a digital wallet. in e euro or digital euro would be designed to operate like platforms and apps such as pay pal and apple wallet and digital currencies like bitcoin. and this comes after the pandemic boosted online shopping and digital currency investments. analysts say, as consumers get used to making purchases online, it's important to have safe and easy digital currency. soon as more consumers will be in the things that when the cost and smart money, and that's why we need to do central bank owned and regulated digital currency. either euro or the other central banks are already exploring options. england is researching its own central bank digital currency cheekily named the brit coin and the u. s. and japan are also investigating. so far the e. c. b has promised that any future e euro would be fast, easy, and secure,
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and that services would be free and payments could be made via card or smartphone. a lot of questions remain unanswered, but there's still time. you see, be official, say the earliest an e euro coin could roll out is 2026. let's just try to get to a better understanding of the actual thinking behind the business. so he already had financial correspondence in frankfort contractors. the race of global currencies is on and if the europeans, if the european central bank once the euro to remain one of the leading reserve currencies of this world, it has to keep the euro up to date, the central bank has to communicate to citizens, businesses international investors that it's really worth while to have the euro work with it and invest in it. having a digital version of the currency plays an important role here. of course, here in germany, a little bit of german angst is always as play many people in the country love cash
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. they fear that they might be controlled by the central bank and that you digital euro. of course, some of the banks that worry that they might be left out of the game. but many younger people also younger, smaller fintech firms will come to digital to euro. they see the innovation and the potential for new services. conrad and that's all for me in the business team here in berlin until next time, i can use the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say information and contact the corona virus because it 19 special next on dw, into the conflict in savannah after 20 years fighting taliban and johnson failing
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to defeat them. plato forces i'm pulling out of afghanistan. my guess this week is midterm. joe, on that deputy secretary general and they tell us who joins me this week from the alliances headquarters in belgium policy justify the abandonment of the afghan people at the time of macs in conflict. in 60 minutes on w. ah, ah, a german study has found more than 40 percent of people in think it was covered. don't even know the races even higher among elderly people. and long covert symptoms of the chronic form of the virus may also go and identified that could include organ damage. testing could be more important than ever.
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welcome to the show one, been physical and 1st up let's talk.


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