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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2021 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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other constituencies and other forces that will not allow that. so there is no way for the tale bond to take over by force. the whole of gun is done. we also are aware, the fact that having up connie sound going back to the period when the affections and some form of, of, of long term, you know, in fighting inside the country is also another solution. no, for the tale bond, nor for the other forces. so there would be a political compromise to be met. is this the right time? we hope it is easy only the role of the us and nato to encourage both parties to, to join again, negotiations in doha oils where no reason why we see interesting, you know, encouragement for parties to resume talks also by russia also by china also by other neighboring players. so i think nobody but nobody from dimensions
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community is interested in having a gunny some going that devastating wrote that they had many years ago. well with all of the left without the sound of just left, they may not be able to prevent it. mister john, i come back to the question that he can. we just discuss nato's credibility after this. withdraw not just in central asia, but around the world, leaving friends in need. and those are the words of general scott mella leaving friends in need. severely damages your credibility at a time when you really need it. how much value do you think ukraine, for instance, places on your messages to support when it watches you give up on i've got this down and pull out, leaving it to the taliban. i'm not here to to, to have on an argument over this. i'm saying that 20 years is a long period of time and saying in one place and trillions of dollars and
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thousands of lives of allied troops and our partners globally that have also sacrificed alongside with our guns in these 20 is then 20 years. and we can, we, if you want, we can have counterfactual thing. we could continue, we should have lots of left probably earlier, either the right moment to do this. no, it isn't. is this a moment? don't have to, to make up a decision. yes, it is. and it's up to all of us, including the and mainly the people are running on the really side what's the future? and of course, we are interested about nato's reputation. we are, we are of strong reliance. we know that sometimes our actions are inactions. also having an impact, i'm not concerned to, to, to, to tell you the whole truth that all reputation is an alliance will be diminished by this we've been studying for 20 years. there's no other similar situation when
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a global alliance around the nation from all the content is not only nato countries . we have come to the help of all american friends and allies. alright, my is my question, my question mr. joiner was what you thought ukraine might make of all this, considering that they're also in receipt of very nice words and promises from natal, like nato's support for ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering . when in practical terms, that's actually meaningless, isn't it? because nato can do nothing to prevent ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity being violated. wholesale by russia, as it has been since 2014. so nice, nice word is not that you want to be known for nice words. absolutely. just the opposite. what i'm saying you cannot compare on comparable things. i've got to sundays, don't ukraine. and that's a totally different ball game and story behind this to this to situation. but let
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me be specific where me remember, remember that the older generations, speaking of the annexation illegal and session of crimea, do we remember when the baltic states were an x by soviet union? was the same, the wards as you mentioned, now, that when the u. s. and western europe, downtime in small nato. in those days they said they will never recognize the annexation of the baltic states, the soviet union. these can take time and did the decades. we needed to wait for the end of the cold war. and today the both the nations, i'm proud members of our alliance. i know in your interviews with my colleagues with the sort of burke and my pieces as a really good them are you ask the question, can we really find these countries our l i c s. we have an obligation towards ukraine in terms of article 5, not yet. but when
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a nice will have that decision will also defend all allies the day. there are 30 allies that we have promised solemnly to defend one another miss. you you. i know that sometimes worse mean not to be strong enough them, but they mean something they meet political commitment from the leaders. and the moment we have decided that our nato summit in june on june 14th, it will continue to help oregon is done. that will contain sustained by the sovereignty, and there is all integrity of ukraine in georgia for that matter. that will say that will be helping our partners around the world. that's nathan reputation. this is what we, what we are doing. find you don't need not so long protected wars. you don't need me to tell you that the ukranian government is waiting for a date for full membership. the foreign minister said that just a few days ago, we would like to have an honest answer to the question when that's what he said. what is the answer? what is them, kenny? i bet on. let me give you, let me give you an indirect answer, but nonetheless,
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very direct us. i'm come from romania. i'm the 1st that you this region. i'm nato, from a new come into nato. i was foreign minister my country. i was embarrassed in washington trying to convince the allies to invite my country to join native. he'd anybody tell us when this will happen? did anybody give us a solemn promise that by that date you'll be a member of nato. you romania, you bulgaria, you the baltic states you the others know they're fighting on the border. mr. joe, i'm likely we have been russia. we have been on the, on the, on the border or russia directly or indirectly like the multi countries for many, many decades. this is not an easy thing. what i'm saying that the booker, as decision on open doors, is that to say, it was reconfigured our summit. and it's also up to us to reach consensus within the alliance. and also for we friends in ukraine. the continued up at the reform,
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you're not going to give them a firm answer, because what russia did feel free to read this morning. in time, we are working on open door policy. our foreign ministers will be meeting next december to to give additional support to our countries. they have to keep faith in their own decision to join the west. they have to continue to invest in reforms in ukraine, not for the sake of joining nato, the europe, ian union for that matter. but for the sake of you can people. and this is why i'm adamant against the idea that russia can have a veto. or we can accept ever in europe again, spheres of influence. and when a sovereign nation is borrowed from joining the kind of military alliances or the kind of structures they want to join when someone has actually enforced that bar very effectively. but in the short time that we have left,
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i'd like to talk just briefly about china because the recent nato summit prioritized what you called beijing coercive policies and the increasing dangers it poses to the west. your bus yet starting back said these challenges had to be on. so how, how do you propose to answer these challenges? i remember being new on the job. the 1st time that we had a mention, an explicit reference to china. efficient nato document was in london in 2019, when our leaders met. it was the 1st time that in the final communique, china was mentioned. and to put it in a very simple way, we presented china, which is the reality as an opportunity and a challenge. and we started to work on the rise of china because the rights of china is a reality that is shifting global balance of power. it's also a massive opportunity. that's a big country with a big economy,
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with lots of opportunities to do things. also, there is a challenge because china is becoming a mess they be you know, an aggressively investing in the, in the military capabilities and their portion globally. so yes, we are working on what they call friends of work. but there's all right now and then you hide your alliance because there are plenty of your members who don't like this new focus on china. president macro, for instance, was pretty clear. you said nate as an organization that concerns the north atlantic . china has little to do with the north atlantic. it's important that we don't scatter ourselves and that we don't bias our relationship with china. we should avoid distracting nato, which already has many challenges. do you agree with him? the china as a distraction for nato? i agree with what our lead us all our leaders, including the fresh president, the german chancellor, the american president, the president, romania,
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they all agreed on the language in our final communicate team. nobody was forcing those countries either way. when he motion immediately afterwards. it's important that we find ourselves, i'm bias our relation just fine. china, that's fine. we can use that to be original organization by un sanders. we are your atlantic organization by the rise of china is a global thing. oh, okay. the language that also beijing has criticize, you know, if i don't communicate is it is, is lighter than the language on china. and he will language on china, official language of you on china that they see china is a systemic rival. ok. i think he's much harsher in terms of and that's again prison micro again, repeat where we run out of time. unfortunately, thank you very much for being on conflict, so appreciate your time. thank you. always a pleasure. thank you. the
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the me the news
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the news, the news. ah . how does the virus spread? why do we panic by and when will all of this? just 3 of the topics that we've covered in a weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other find topics you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find
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a w dot com forward slash science. william how to think i knew you were lion would know if i had known that there would be that small. i never would have gone on the tray, but i would not have put myself and my parents angel got in the middle, even live with mother and sensitive. i think if i had a serious problems on a personal level, i was unable to live. there wasn't, ah, you want to know their story. migrants like and reliable information like this. as a 15 year old girl being gang raped me, his teacher is being
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a boy for talking back in class. on the rest of the class watches i, i'm hearing poplars being hit by his mother breaking up last child re from the streets because her family threw around me. here online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it. isn't there? make the invisible visible us my violence against children's disappear? ah ah.
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the news . this is the w news lies from berlin. top crime report at dies and hospice, dust journalist, peace of the fries that comes to guns. week after being shot in a central amsterdam. we'll hear about his legacy after a career of exposing criminals. also coming off severe storms of catastrophe across parts of germany, at least 30 people have died. thousands are missing,
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and homes have collapsed under heavy flooding on south africa counts the cost.


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