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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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the worst hit the coming up next more on chance for medical visit to washington. daniel winter. it has to be a business. and a few moments. news news . in december, 2019 the european council. president shaw me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by 2050 all you member states supported and some persuasion is required. so
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surprising, glanced into the very heart of power to vote. when the game of diplomatic poker, 3 power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august 5th on d, w the the, it was angle americans last visit to the u. s. as chancellor. but did she managed to take off any of the items on her political bucket list? we'll ask an expert. and lufthansa is pushing tourists. travel is the seats to make up for no business passenger numbers. it's the launching a new airline brand. we'll take a sneak peak. hello and welcome to dw business. i'm daniel winter in burly german chancellor, anglo merkel, and us president joe biden maintained that disagreement over the contentious gnawed
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stream to pipeline during a visit by anglo michael to the white house on thursday. both however, stress the need for ukraine to remain a trends at land for russia. gas, the u. s. ones, germany to scrap the deal altogether with russia and has put sanctions on the project. germany has defended it as i can not make the necessary take a listen to what the german chancellor had to say. how many of us, you know, we have talked about china and there is a great common understanding that 1st lead china is a competitor in many areas that trade with china has to be based on us having a level playing field. that means that the standards are the same. incidentally, this was a major point of negotiation and the china investment agreement, coleman and andrew adair from the german engineering association. the dna joins us now. thank you very much for joining us, andrew. and it's kind of hard to, to, to draw conclusions from this meeting. it seems to simply be a holding pattern and
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a whole bunch of subjects, nod stream, china and so on, is by than just biding his time until merkel success comes along a good morning. thanks for having me. yes, in some ways that's true, although i'd like to start 1st start out by sharing with you the perspective of the dna, which is we are extremely delighted that there is a sign of of progress in the travel ban. the travel band right now, which has been in effect since march of 2020 of prevents travelers from the shing in area from coming in to the united states without a waiver, which they have to apply for it's a very burdensome process. and last night, joe biden indicated that there could be there that there was a review of the travel band going on, and that there could be an announcement in the coming days based on the action of
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his cobit team. so we are the, this trouble band is not gonna make that much difference at the moment. we're still in the pandemic. we're about to talk about left hands later. and, you know, we're seeing the business travel is still extremely low, even within europe. is this going to make much of a difference? yes, for, for the dna, for our member companies, lifting the travel ban will make a huge difference. and it will also make a difference for our american clients who at the end of the day need their machines and their ment maintained. they need their equipment installed, these things they, they can order packaging machines out of a box from amazon. you need to have a technician, fly over and install it there, extremely complicated, complex technologies, every few months, these, these things lie. so there are many examples of production processes in the united states that have been put on hold, or that have been stopped altogether because of specific technicians that have not
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been able to enter the united states. okay, so it seems that these were getting some movement there, but back to, to node stream where we're still not seeing any agreement. it seems to just been kicked into the long grass. is there any way forward on this because both sides just seem to be at opposite opposite and still yes, i mean you add it v d m a our position is that extra territorial sanctions are not a good way to conduct business. and so that is out, that remains our position going forward. okay, all right, thank you very much, andrew. from the v d n. a. thanks very much. thank you. and we spoke briefly about travel that will look hands or has unveiled its new holiday carrier called euro wings discover. let's take a look showing off. it's new branding at an event in frankfort on thursday. the company will start off with a fleet of 7 planes with its 1st like next week to mombasa in kenya. it'll also so
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special holiday destinations like hillman gero and victoria falls in africa, but also the dominican republic. and it's all part of last hands are extending its reach into the tourism market due to a drop in business, travel, europeans, a desperate to go on holiday after 18 months of staying at home. i know i am, it's not as simple as trouble used to be. you know, for both passengers and airlines were all having to adapt to the new normal co pilot team. gov let's is carrying out his pre flight inspection of tons of flight one to know i know is due to take off for santorini in an hour's time. the greek island is one of some 50 tourist destinations. germany's flag carrier didn't serve before the pandemic. but now it's falling back on holiday make is to boost ticket sales captain. andrea rice, it says it's important with flight instruct accompanies pilots as they return to the cockpit after months of minimal flight time. i hear from all our colleagues
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that it's a lovely feelings that have the company doing more business again, it's the things are on the way up again, and we're flying more more and the customer base has changed vinegar. we've got few business travelers, and more tourists were also more enthusiastic about flying water. on the other side of the airport building, it becomes obvious that times have indeed change for air travel drive in corona virus tests right ahead of check in martinsville and his friend flying to bulgaria so that they need a negative p. c r. test one segment out the drive up in the car, don't come into contact with others in enclosed places where you might pick the virus up. and that's why we're taking this opportunity to move to scott drive and testing is certainly one way of making pandemic travel. a bit easier, especially when it's coupled with check in in the testing bay. the test swabs are
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already in the lab 100 meters away. passengers get the results sent directly to their smartphones for those in a hurry inside. now, by the lighthouse, no more testing is like a bakery doing a 100 loaves at a time and a couple of faulty, that's ok. you've got time to retest. we don't have time to repeat tests here. so each one is done separately, which takes a lot of effort over in the terminal, the center. any passengers aborting, more than 25 percent of lift hands is destinations now. a tourist destinations with more being added. it's a ray of hope. the flight attendant getting his outspoken during the pandemic. so she's only been flying once a month. she says the new focus to queue is jobs and also generates a new atmosphere on board. and everyone full of anticipation, of course, many of them fly only once or twice a year of all sorts of questions. a few of the flying and for most the holiday
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begins on the aircraft is not long before centering is in sight, flight one to 9. 0, passengers will soon be revelling on the beach there. but the crew only gets a quick peek at the landscape. 45 minutes later, they will be on their way back to frankfort. and there is no better person to talk to this about than our conrad booth, and in frankfort, our financial correspondent, conrad. all that finds that most hands are, is now turning a corner. after all of this, pandemic chaos signs are there, daniel? but they are very, very weak one indicator for this is the share price. the price follows times as chance has fallen, but below $10.00 euros again, which is much, much lower than the average of this price. and also this strategy to do more tourism related business is working. i would call it so so you know, if you took, if you look at german travel agencies, the booking situation,
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the 1st half of this year is still 57 percent below the level of last year. if you look in countries like portugal and spain, very important traffic destination for germans, we can, we many, many new carpet cases are reported from that, which is of course, very negative for the outlook of lot of times and all of the carriers that fly there. okay, so it's still a long way to go for airlines, but at least there's some good news out of luxembourg. lufthansa and e, you court saying that it's pandemic state a was legal? yes, this is a defeat for ryan, which is launched many judicial proceedings in cases where, you know, national governments paid money to the national carriers. when the pandemic struck last year, this case was against loss times subsidiary in austria, austrian airlines, that you quote, he says, the extraordinary subsidies cause no immediate risk for competition. right now
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already has said that it wants to appeal, so the fight is not over. right to conrad loosen in frankfurt. thank you very much as old and now quick look at some other business stories making headlines. american airlines is calling 3300 flight attendants back to work cancelling their extended leave in time for the holiday season. american also plans to hire 800 new flight attendant by next march. the latest sign the leisure traveled in the us is recovering more quickly than expected from dependent cases of african swines. these i have been found in domestic pigs in germany for the 1st time until now a s s had only been found in wild pigs. pigs that tested positive came from from the polish border. a s f is not dangerous to humans, but is usually an fintech company square is planning a new business focused. a new business focused on bitcoin,
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that according to square and twitter ceo jack dawson, he wants to create an open, develop a platform to make it easier to provide the centralized financial services following the pattern for squares previously announced digital wallet for big costs. now the global effort to hold climate changes, forcing the hands of countries who currently rely on coal has international funding for fossil fuel projects drive up. they have no choice but to accelerate the switch to renewables. and for countries that are running an energy deficit likes and bob way needs to find new sources of electricity is especially urgent. zimbabwe is energy requirements are still relying on coal power plant. a boat for the most part, stations supply the country with above 500. mit goes against the national demand of more than 2000 megawatts. the country has been on
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a driver creek spawns its generation capacity to boast. industrial production, our huge competitive goods or products to get is directly also that is out of our in a just definitely our growth projections for the coming upcoming years will be seriously weekend by this continuing deficits in electricity. energy decreases his wanted the country's businesses revolving 18 hour parker force industries to operate a few hours, often late in the night. the front season renewable energy has started. some local entropy, yours have taken up the opportunities to invest in solar fansite in it to give that invest as hoping government will continue to put attracted incentives to grow their renewable in a. fixer, zimbabwe is already offering 5 year tax breaks and due to free importation of
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equipment for national projects. and you're up to date with the d. w business. i'm daniel winter. berlin, thank you very much for watching the news . streaming beller ah. encouraging cry from harness exile while in prison. i often children
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we get some hot tips for your bucket list. magic corner check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorial. w travel off we go. mm. the hello and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me. peter craven. and we begin in belarus, where dictator, alexander lucas jenko, has been stepping up efforts to silence his opponents despite an international outcry and sanctions among those in detention. bella ross and bank of victoria baba rico who launched a.


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