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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2021 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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athletes and officials have to take regular tests and follow rules on where they can go. you're watching the w news live from berlin, coming up next, rob watts, with the business use. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website, w dot comp, mike local in berlin. thanks for watching. this is doug. the news ah, the world to get to be on as we take on the world, we're all about stories that matter to us.
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police my we are years next to me on fire. for mines in the the $100000000000.00 to save africans economy. leaders meeting in every case they, they need international help to dig them out. the economic holes caused by the current of ours pandemic. the us is poised to ban all imports from the chinese region of sion. janet where a shame is accused of his trustees against muslim league is that will ask if other countries to body shape is one of africa, fastest growing exports, but success, bad news, forgotten,
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and the state of your business robots in berlin. welcome to the program. african leaders are calling for a 100000000000 dollars in funding to help their economies survive. the corona virus pandemic, 11 heads a states meeting in ivory coast commercial capital. i'll be jump, signed a declaration, appealing for loans and grants. and the world banks international development association, though african nations, have avoided the numbers of deaths in 1900, seen another positive world. knock on effects from locked down shop restriction of last many in a financial black hole. and in some areas, even individuals are appealing for overseas health. expensive current vice treatments left them with medical costs. so they simply can't pay hospital bills or piling up, forgotten we might. yeah, he spent 2 months in a private hospital in a row. be sick with cobit 19, and then
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a subsequent heart condition and then the cost around $3000000.00 canyon shillings are $36000.00 us dollars. an amount the 44 year old civil servant can't possibly afford. the pre been as may be of our country was very weak, was very low. so wednesday, devon, as coverage, my friend doing trouble. if he doesn't pay the hospital, his home and land will be auctioned off. my pastor, reverend robert, because he wants to help. so he's been organizing fundraisers for godfrey and others who need help hang health care bills. but he's worried about how much more his church and its generous constituents can really do. i do wonder if i get 10 more cases requiring over 3000000. what will the judge do? because people come for inject it, would we auction the judge for we, we allow every thing and everybody to be bankrupt. the only solution he says is
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a global one. he wants to see a fund set up to cover covert 19 treatment so that people like his church members don't have to choose between their lives and their livelihood. 7 times langler merkel, and he was president joe biden maintained that disagreement over the contentious non stream to pipeline during visits her visits to the white house on thursday. both however stressed the need for ukraine to remain a transit land russian gas. the us wants germany to scrap the deal together with russia, and there's put sanctions on the project. gemini, has defender nor stream to as economically necessary, but also on the agenda at the meeting. china with the us pushing europe to take a firm. a stance is what the german chancellor had to say. you know, we have talked about china and there is a great common understanding that firstly, china is a competitor in many areas. does
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a trade with china has to be based on us having a level playing field? that means that the standards are the same. incidentally, this was a major point of negotiation in the u. china investment agreement of common silva. but i believe that the foundations of our dealings with china are simply based on the common values that distinguish our countries whether or not or cited. for meanwhile, the us senate has passed the bill to ban the input of products from china, shin jang region, washington and several human rights groups. say the muslim league population is being forced to work with domestic and international companies. the us house of representatives still has to vote on the bill before president biden consign it into law, but the move is already putting pressure on the e. you to consider similar action rights groups say at least 1000000 weaker are being incarcerated in camps. engine jong, washington band imports of solar panel materials from one chinese company and
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placed trade restrictions on or others accused of using forced labor. europe has been more cautious while the block has sanctioned chinese officials over rights abuses, actions against businesses that may use force labor engine. john, remain sparse. earlier this year, french prosecutors opened a probe into retailers who may have used, forced weaker labor, including japanese owned unit clo, spanish owned zarbara, and french ready to wear clothing company as m. c. p. german automaker. volkswagen has meanwhile faced criticism for its john production facility. the auto manufacturer says there's no indication of forced labor but admit they can't rule it out. to live, don't have a shifting law to the fact that we hire all our employees directly. we send a resume and we have a job interview. and then the hate charge department and the operating department
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make a decision based on the resume and the impression they gave me. what happened to them before is something that is hard for us to know. if it was ex claims we are enough to keep chinese authorities have vehemently denied reports of forced labor labeling those who make these allegations as quote, western liars policy analysts say the us and europe should show a common front globe. i think it would be a good idea for washington and berlin to send a signal just now we are ready to work together and make it clear to beijing that they cannot simply divide us from pekin. captain lohan does it? no, no. as the e u and us look to strengthen ties, is the
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e you willing to match the u. s. is assertive stance towards china's action engine, john? well, to answer that we asked economist l. l gene from the cum stamps, university of applied sciences. if toughest sanctions from the you would make any difference in the st john case, we talk about human rights policies which are problematic from the rest and perspective. but when we look into the experience in the data, how sanction targets, at some point, this special area on the constraint area affect the policy in countries like china and russia. the answer is very clear. there will be no change in china policy. and one reason is also that the economic impact, the cost for china, of the regional tar just chunk sanctioned are negligible for china. the more important question i believe is it help or other countries will align their policies in the coming months of years with us. and also our bill to increase
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pressure on china. now a quick look at some of the other business stories making headlines. the 5 of i on fact covered 19 vaccine is on track to become the 1st orange job approved in china . chinese regulators completed an expert review of the m r and a vaccine china looks set to use the drug as a booster. those who have received to shop a main fact new passenger car registration says 13.3 percent in europe in june, rising for the 4th month in a row. according to industry, data sales are continuing to recover from the low level report last year when karenna vice restrictions shut car dealerships across the continent. in the 1st 6 months, sales rose by, by a quarter to 5 point 4000000 cars in tech company square is finding a new firm that's focused on coin according to square and twitter. the jack dorsey
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he wants to create an open, develop a platform to make it easier to provide a centralized financial status following the pattern to squares. previously in our digital wallet, a bitcoin german airline. lufthansa has its new holiday carrier called your wings discover. it starts off with 7 planes with its 1st flight next week to mombasa in kenya. it also says special holiday destinations like amman jara victoria falls in africa. i know that gun is not harvesting season is a crucial time for many rural women who earn a living, making shade butter. but a surgeon multinational companies exporting the raw nuts is now threatening their livelihoods. myself, duke reports i had a motor house and is among dues profiting from money increase international interest in gun if not industry. he buys the produce from thomas in sales on to
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more to national. this particular budget destined to be shipped to techie business . he says, is me, i say 2018. and 29 to coffee. i supply more than $10000.00 to my company and $29.00 in 2020. i sell about 18000 metro dos. ganna is, was the guest head largest exporter of the money in booking of us who during the countries not season many women get temper awake in the industry and installing the produce. the industry has been a reliable source of income. many women would prefer it to run us when not export that then now we are doing the wrong. that is not good for us. they russian by everything cheaply and there won't be some in the system. again,
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we prefer the empower with skills to add good values on it. that way we will be empowered about that gentleman ship, but becoming more popular than a woman of taking to process and, and not themself. but me can international quality images challenge less than 10 percent of the produce in ghana, portable this has led many women employed in the industry to call and a government and companies to provide them with just to produce better quality. but instead of allowing the less to export or not better non, if the companies could come down to educate as well on how to produce quality butter for them that would benefit us. you know that that, that they could even by the nuts and bring it to us to process the better for them . when you've done it that way. they empowering a what they are doing is crippling our businesses at the number
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would export targets on the rise from attempts to women training in ship, but the system minutes that if nothing is down to regulate the export abroad last will many years could face a trade to the alive and who's with this bigger companies we, i really, really afraid of what's next. the better is for us to, i mean, see how the government can come in and help us to reduce the export of the out the for many women. and we're gonna the chance to have ski lim, food, use your own ship butter. could be key to sustaining an income for the families. just hi, for mind of our top story, this our african leaders of code for $800000000000.00 in funding out their economies divide. the terrain of ours pandemic is came at
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a meeting in ivory coast commercial capital. a job effects from locked downs and travel restrictions. it's many african country and that's all from me on the business team here in berlin for more you can get it on our website either way, dot com slash business and on the future channels. so next time, ah ah, when i come from, we have to fly for free press and was born and raised me to the state or ship with just one tv channel and a few newspapers with official information as a journey. i have work on this trip of many can, can and the problems are always the same for to equality. and that the freedom of the press on the safe side. and when it comes to the defense issue
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from steven white to those who have side to prevent drug enough, my name is daniel harris and i work at b, w ah, ah, news pay show coming up today, interview shows, unfolding, covert emergency. oxygen supplies are low and hospitals or whatever, and it's a surge fueled by the delta variance, but could have been prevented plus exodus ahead of a festival bung additional to national lockdown before either prompting 1000 to be protected when the party animal vendors are making their killings before the actual killing begins on need.


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