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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2021 11:03am-11:31am CET

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selma comes already here with well and something in britain, so i don't see why. right? why we need a restriction. we're trying to escape game. so we thought this was a grand adventure. we've been looking for an escape game and, and we found out exactly how to get out of france and back from london. oh, they'll make it out. but reentering france from britain won't be quite as jolly across the channel though, a long queues at london saint pancras. station, as people there sought to travel in the opposite direction and get to france while they could from saturday. even if the british can convince french authorities that that travel is essential. they will be subject to self isolation on arrival. travel ban from the u. k. 2 from earlier we stay w correspondent charlotte chosen pill. if this was making waves in the u. k. well, they did have plants a good wrong, clearly, very, very disappointed. we're hearing that they've been neither rushing to counselor,
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as i say, rushing together across the border. that's been noises from tours and forties as well. they've described this as a hammer blow. obviously they've been very, very badly affected by the pandemic over the last year and a half. so another blow to them. but a lot of people in the u. k. i have to say a really focused on the domestic situation prompt to said it's and post these restrictions because it's the rapid spread of on the cross in the u. k. it says it wants a chance to increase it 1st to jam that but the situation in the u. k. really is quite alarming at the moment. the number of cases has been rising. the 3 days running and i think it is those case numbers that font is looking at half charlotte chelsea pill in london will france isn't the only country in europe bracing for a new wave of infections across the continent. governments are introducing restrictions such as limiting opening times for restaurants,
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pumps and venues vaccinating children is another measure. authorities are taking to reduce the severity of infections. a quick pinch. and it was all done in one who's i had these kids in denmark i getting vaccinated against coven? 19 a girl? yeah. i'll say full. i got the job because of the new corona variant. and i don't want to be so sick that i can't eat dinner. i leave on a cron is spreading at a fast speed and denmark. it infection rates, i think daily record hiv pushing more and more parents to get that children job to where personal to slow the spread of the virus. the danish government has announced that cinema theaters and concert halls will be closed. restaurant opening hours will also be restricted in neighboring germany,
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the health minister has raised the alarm alicia phone and i'm, i'm assuming a massive shift wave. that's awesome. we have to prepare ourselves for a challenge or all that we have not yet faced in this form. you via in these are formed nishaka infection rights have been rising rapidly across germany to the easy spread of on the kron woodson rights soaring even higher. as a result, the german government has now classified denmark and other countries, including france in norway as high risk areas. travelers will have to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival unless they have been vaccinated over covered from a corona, virus infection and has been to date of new correspond. but reagan in brussels now . burnt countries across europe had tightening restrictions, and now travel restrictions are returning to france of 1st. now austria have both
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reimpose them. will we see more countries follow suit? we are already looking at the petra casa regulations and rules, portugal islands, italy. they all want new testing if you are vaccinated. france has a very strict rule now that people come from britain, it cannot travel any more, although they can travel from britain to belgium. that's possible. you can take a train that's also possible after midnight. so the logic behind this was, is also a questionable and austria is now taking the lead with a very strict travel, ben, only people that are boosted that got got their 3rd job and are allowed to enter austria. if you are only vaccinated, you needed an additional test and if you don't have that, you have to current in immediately. so, and this of course, because the on the conversion is spreading, other countries will follow. germany is already a bending or retrying testing from certain areas from france and norway. and also
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the netherlands are contemplating to day a full lockdown and a travel ban. so all of your sliding back into this frictions will be, had already lost christmas. yes, it does feel very familiar as you say, of a patchwork approach across europe with questionable logic to some of the roles i might say. are there any attempts to find a unified european approach? no, to put it bluntly, no, there was our summit just lost a thursday over the heads of state and government and talked also about omni grown and the disease that they couldn't agree on anything. although all the dire warnings were on the table, the european center for disease control, the was own our own authority on this said, we cannot stop the spread of this on the con, via and you have to go into a lockdown. you even have to consider to set up make shift hospitals now because
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vaccines and boost a booster shots will not stop this very and the leaders ignored this morning went home. and now everybody is doing what she likes. they are all focused only on the domestic situation. right, or even lack of unity of really sounds like there. and you mentioned vaccines as an approach that might not be enough. what about vaccines? i mean, do we even have enough? they vary from country to country to is europe equipped with vaccines for another wave. but the european commission, he abrazzo says, as there is a ample irv supply of vaccines and shots available, there's enough. and also in the 1st quarter, there will be enough to have some difficulties now to buy and use shots which are attached or designed for the american variant. but the problem is the vaccination campaigns in the european union, a very herb it, they differ very much in some eastern countries,
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still have flex nation rates below 60 percent. in belgium, it's in close to 90 in germany, it's about 70. so this is a problem, but the fact is that the e, c, d, c, the disease control center of europe said this vaccine and boosters cannot stop under crohn. it's too late, so you have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. i'll definitely some tough months ahead. bent may get thanks very much. and i take it up now. i had some other stories making news around the world. ladies from african countries have gathered in east danville for the 2nd day of the turkey africa partnership summit. the meeting is supposed to cement strategic and long term ties. turkish foreign minister said on friday, turkey has expanded his presence in the continent with kate infrastructure and health care investments, as well as energy and military deals, as well as humanitarian aid defense lawyers,
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in the trial of british social aguilar, maxwell have rested their case in her sex abuse trial in new york, the lawyers spent 2 days presenting witnesses. maxwell declined to testify calling the prosecution's case unproven. she denies grooming, under age girls for abuse by the light. pedophile jeffrey abstain. from 20 trapped miners have been rescued from a flooded coal mine in china's chant. sheep province, 2 others were confirmed dead. the men had been trapped for nearly 2 days. state mediate said more than 400 rescues had been racing the clock to reach the minus or garage door. in the philippines typhoon ry has killed at least 19 paypal and left massive destruction. one governor says her on a province has been leveled to the ground. the storm passed into the south china save friday night after rampaging through the country's cell than in central provinces. more than 300000 people led their homes to escape. the typhoons destruction boat isn't chalet facing
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a stock choice when they vote in sundays presidential run off till i had been considered one of latin america's most stable and wealthy nations but has been rocked my protests about economic inequality. poles suggested nick and nick contest between 2 candidates who being described as polar opposites. they couldn't be more different. one is far right, anti immigration politician. jose antonio casa, the other, is gabriel bridge, a 35 year old former student leader with a passion for social justice. and they're going head to head in the battle to govern chile, offering different versions, and different hopes for the countries future. me. low nika, i am the alternative candidate who will face down criminals and drug traffickers, and the only options that will put an end to terrorism. sure, killable that thing out there already. more about we have been entrusted to lead the fight for democracy, for inclusion, for justice,
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for the respect and dignity of all. it's a struggle that we welcome and there is room for every one in it. we love that oh cast has taken a strong anti immigrant stance. tapping into the recurring theme as the country sees a steady stream of migrants from venezuela, haiti, and columbia. it's a divisive issue with some to lanes attacking migrants near the border with peru. he has strong support from some quarters you're going to put in when they've got i hope that with cast as president, no more migrants will come in. that's what i hopeful there are already too many migrants. it's already happened. burridge, on the other hand, embodies a desire to close the door and she lays past dictatorship by adopting a new constitution. oh that though you some, it's about constructing a chile that has just and dignified that has pensions to seniors and health care
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that doesn't discriminate. that allows us to decentralize power. that he saddle again would be. it looked that he thought you the 2 candidates are now set for the run off and engaged in a struggle with different versions of the future for one of latin america's most prosperous nations. date, emily's latin america correspond johan ramirez is following the election for us. the latest pause showed that the difference between these 2 main candidates is narrowing a right now, at this moment, a gabriella bodies would win the election with 39 percent of the vote, 3 percent over jose antonio cast. but what is interesting here is that, for example, some months ago, e september, the difference between this candidate is, was around 20 percent. it means that in the last few weeks, jose antonio gus has been winning more and more support. but there is a still unimportant number of voters undecided voters. so if they go out on sunday
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and they vote their election, their cars can change their, their, the result of this election at the very last minute. so he's very unpredictable. johan ramirez, speaking to us a little earlier, you're watching daily news. his reminder of the top story with following non essential travel between britain and france has been banned. paris is introduced, tie said travel restrictions that have been to slow down the spread of the army con variance. you're up to date up next. i report it looks at germany's flat. hit areas bracing for winter or headlines at the top of the hour. thanks for watching i her, i'm scared that i want that hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you and more we will send you back her. are you familiar with this
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snobbish reliance? resolving? what's your story? ready ready and he wasn't, i was women, especially of victims of violence, seen a lot of them take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want become a citizen in so migrants your platform for reliable information more than 4000 companies worldwide collect and analyze our online data with the help of algorithms google, facebook, amazon, and apple lead the way. but how well do the data collectors know us? and what happens with our data, that's our topic on shift today. ah,
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shoot. i have nothing to hide. when it comes to data privacy, everyone has heard that phrase before. it's a bit naive though, considering companies definitely know more about us. and we like using google as an example, a group of artists from berlin and vienna shows just how much information our data profiles provide. in an experiment, the artist collected la con, reveals how much google news about us. and what we wanted to have a closer look at the data that big companies like google and facebook alignment every day and facebook you take as you bought. so i thought about how to conduct like in our testing data experiment, were leaked us enough where we can try and seen that if we could reconstruct an entire person's life, couldn't. i'm just their data. and that means that says without ever seeing the person owner that we didn't mention, we gave it a try. the in hub on the samuels, probably it. ready there documentary film shows how the group started out by
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looking for potential test persons whose data they could anonymously analyze on google. ringback ringback ready about 100 people applied in the end, the data in austin was selected. oh, it was from the daphne, the group reconstructed the test person's life. all the knowledge, the in his actress natalie, currently stars as a test person's doppelganger. bringing the data to life in this film where she reenact leases life, ah, finally the to meet face to face. hello dee, had me done. then she started telling me what kind of a person she ever leave out. i am that it's been as though i was born in a little town into oil on the bio pick from leases. google data includes fond
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memories, her 1st job or training to become a confectionary. but her data also contains very private details, anger and eating disorder. depression crises, upon being confronted with these memories, lisa has to take a break and of course guys will take a short break and me a little not feeling well. it's this intimacy that makes the art project me to measure highly political. well, what is not open thugs, depression, eating disorders and crises. this is what google knows about us. perhaps there really are some things that we should keep to ourselves. but the experiment goes further. the ok an artist also focus on me. during the film i need to answer questions. this may seem basic,
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but the algorithms from may to measure also process other information. at the end of the program, we show you what else they look out for. and while the results about me are google collect my data as soon as i start searching for something online or what's the youtube video? the same is true for apple, amazon and facebook. the magic word here is cookies. cookies are actually tiny text files that are saved on your device. in homeless cases, cookies contain information such as you'll use a name or the language the website should be displayed and but data brokers and advertising companies so called 3rd party uses. also use cookies to gather data. as soon as you allow cookies, your data is collected. the online forms that prevent them from doing so often long and confusing. they regularly ignored and people pay with their data. and it's not
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just your i p address or username that they collect, but your browser history ups and devices to this can make quite a difference. companies like amazon are able to use data such as a person's location or device to give customers different prices. individual uses online behavior can likewise be tracked on many websites. data collect is paid to use cookies on thousands of websites, small tenuously from all this data. they create individual profiles and the more detailed they are, the more profitable in real time bidding data brokers sell user data profiles to the highest bidder in real time was the uses are still on the website. advertisers buy them to create a person life split. second, add to pip. this means that when i search online, the information collected is instantly sent off to companies,
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which can then target me with ad words as a result, online services or anything but free. i am being monitored in real time with my data sold for profit. so could i avoid this by browsing anonymously using a vpn to hide my ip address? unfortunately, no. the company's was collect our data still recognizes from our digital fingerprints. for example, they know which operating system i'm using, which plugins i installed, what resolution my screen is and which fonts i installed on my device. this information is enough to identify me online, but our data is not only used for advertising, banks and insurance companies. i also keen on having access to it many online banks use machine learning algorithms to conduct credit assessments. they use massive amounts of data collected from different sources. how quickly does a user complete their credit application and how many mistakes do they make?
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were there facebook friends? and what's your google search history like? all this data is combined and then compared to that of existing customer see a user has search for online gambling sites before and has installed a font on their device that is also used by online casinos. this could lead to their credit application be rejected even health insurance companies are interested in data like from fitness trackers or exercise and sharing this data, think it you benefits and even a more affordable health insurance offer. digital monitoring could have positive sites. for example. you can receive a bonus for exercising, but there's a fine line between this digital surveillance in china. social scoring systems have
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been introduced in some regions, algorithms observe and evaluate citizens behavior. if someone smokes too much or plays video games too often, they might not be allowed to buy 1st class train tickets for example. it sounds very much like jobs, always big brother in 1984 algorithms play a large role online with facebook, tick tock on youtube. our personal data is used for content recommendations. this means every person sees something different online. some scientists are concerned that this could lead to the disintegration of our digitalized society into factional groups. when content includes fake news and alternative truths, this becomes especially problematic. radical vaccination skeptics and corona virus deny is often claim to be living in a dictatorship comparing themselves to the jewish population in nazi germany. as algorithms keep feeding them more of the same, they believe in conspiracy theories is encouraged,
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right. when social media 1st started up, there was widespread concern that algorithms might recommend content that keeps uses in the so called filter bubble with breaking news quickly spreads. but that's not quite how it works as you tube. sions that. gov, if it was there was this filter bubble effect and the public pressure on youtube was increasing. so they kept adjusting their algorithms. and in a study, we were able to show that the content that you can find on youtube and that is recommended to you. one has become increasingly diverse in recent years, most a tom, it's not the full to bubble effect seems to be less influential than previously assumed. you all have a guy, a study shows that you tube algorithms recommend a diverse range of contact with you on the other hand,
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experts and think you knew how to trick the algorithm in a certain amount of wrong information will always end up on the platform. a form of an italian study from 2021. analyzed millions of tweets about political issues and found that people who often click on content containing fake news of conspiracy theories usually had extreme political views to start with. and they also often actively choose to read posts containing similar themes. i believe they're still way too much fake news on social media, but algorithms alone are not responsible for users becoming radicalized. back at the start of the show, we introduced you to the experiment made to measure which aims to show how much personal data is available online by closely monitoring the participants. so let's see what the experiment was able to find out about me. me
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and now watching the metal metal of him on the website. the special thing about it is i'm being tracked myself by watching and i will get that personality profile generated for me at the end. let's have a look 4 times as many searches, aesthetically the film is great. it's also interactive. sometimes you have to interpret all the connected data yourself to guess what happens next. but watching a film at work is not as easy as it sounds. and we'll let's keep going alone, sitting in my room in england, i learned about an online fitness program that i won't forget anytime i think that sometime. so that was it. interesting that now i'm really excited to see what the oddest group on has to say about me. after spending only one hour on their website
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. here is the psychological profile. you have a critical mine by your mouth where an average b you should read more treatment. i think you reached over 35 percent of your potential tests. what you want. i was really surprised to see what conclusions about my character can be drawn from the data the day that even includes my mouse movements. it might seem absurd at 1st, but it's exactly this type of information that data brokers use to analyze us precisely. and it's not a pleasant thought. what are you most concerned about when it comes to data privacy? let us know. i see you next time. ah
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ah the crystal pico, a german tradition. ah, we want to discover its origin and follow the sentence roasted almon brought forth and couldn't find the christmas my head in one of the most beautiful german traditions checking in h o d w in ah, with the landscape a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities,
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the mosaic of different people and languages o e, ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty as well. yeah, the scenery is magnificent, but people are warm and it was 0 assumption ah, a special look at a special country. iran from above starts december 27th on d. w ah ah ah hello and welcome to this special christmas edition of check in every.


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