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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2021 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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on the opaque world who's behind the benefits? why are they a threat to whistle oak creek wolves starts january 5th on d, w. mm. yeah. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, the netherlands analysis, a christmas corona virus lockdown. shoppers have been out in force in anticipation of harsher measures. the government says there's no other way to limit a 5th wave infections fueled by the army kron variant. also in the show,
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more than 30 people have been killed as a powerful typhoon batter's the philippines, leaving massive destruction in his wake. and a collection of looted african art has a final showing at a museum in the german city of hamburg. the benign bronsons will soon be returning to nigeria. ah, a marion evans dean. it's good to have you with us. the dutch government has announced that the netherlands will go into a hard lockdown beginning on sunday morning. dont' prime minister margotto said the lockdown was unavoidable due to a 5th wave caused by the army kron variant. last minute shoppers, phil city, streets ahead of the announcement. all non essential shops will close as well as bars restaurants, schools. your facility is hairdressers,
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and cinemas. the restrictions are planned until at least the 14th of january when joining us now from brussels is did over your correspondent, bad and eager advance get to see you. so what exactly do these new restrictions in the netherlands mean for the dutch public? i mean, we've already seen very tight restrictions in place for a week, so what's changing the dividends will come to a grinding hold again, beginning from tomorrow. so far the restrictions were only in place, so kicking in after 5 pm, but now everything is closing down, including scores and kindergartens. and you're only allowed to receive 2 people in your own home and over christmas. that's for people. but that makes of course, family reunions very difficult travel will be restricted. and so the dutch government is hoping to, to stem the or on the con,
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a virus. but this is very unlikely because everybody now says including the german health minister car, lot above that there is no way to stop this 5th wave. you can only delayed but not stop it and a lot about talking about a massive wave. so it seems that also measures in germany and other countries are imminent. and already trevor restrictions are kicking in in france in porterville, in italy and denmark and other places. but there's also the opposite. austria, for example, just lifted. it's locked down, but it's having more restrictive measures for travelers. so there's no common approach in the european union. right. he mentioned these different levels of restrictions depending on which your country we're looking at. i mean, there's obviously makes travel very difficult. could we see perhaps a unifying european union approach? is there any discussion of this? no, there will be no unified approach. there is
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a patchwork of fir restrictions and rules already at the last summit, just last thursday. the leaders of the european union failed to agree on more corporation, although there are dire warnings on the table. already. the european center for disease control warned that there's only kron rafe cannot be stopped. that hospitals will be overwhelmed by the cases that the kick in and come in just a couple of days or weeks. but the leaders went home and then decided to look at their domestic front and do what they liked. there is no common approach or in europe so far as old leaders pledge that they want at least to keep supply change and chains and delivery open over the borders. all right, well what about vaccinations? i mean we keep hearing that getting boosters is critical. getting people to at least get their 1st and 2nd,
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vaccines are so important is the europe equipped to offer enough vaccinations to stave off? perhaps yet another wave the you commissioner brothers tells us there is enough supply. there's enough vaccines, there is enough booster shots. and to get everybody a vaccinated or boosted in the coming weeks, maybe there are some shortages are late in february, march, but you can take care of that. and it's, it's very difficult because the e, c, d, c, the european isn't of a disease control said it's too late already. who cannot hold the 5th place by boosters or vaccination. you have to prepare otherwise. and that makes it very difficult for the countries to react. accordingly. he w as banter, ega reporting for us from brussels. thank you so much. well, london is also facing a huge surge and corona virus infections. fueled by army kron prompting the mayor
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to declare a major incident in the british capital. this measure is designed to help authorities coordinated their response to the virus. here's what mer said. a con, had to say earlier, were incredibly concerned by the huge surge in the army kron variance over the last 24 hours. we've had the largest number of new cases since this upon tamika began more than 26000 hostile emissions are going up, but also stop absences are going up by massive levels. it's really important londoners understand how serious things all the best thing lemons can do is to get both vaccines and the booster. they provide extra layers of protection. the really bad news is those in hospital the vast, vast majority on vaccinated. that's why it's so important to get both the vaccines and the boost the job. let's get a check now. some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of
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people have protested in barcelona against a court ruling mandating that 25 percent of school lessons be taught in spanish. demonstrators sale threatened the education system, which has helped bring the local catalog language back to cut public use after years of repression. under the franco dictatorship, 20 trap miners have been rescued from a flooded coal mine in china's shan. she province. 2 others were confirmed dead. the men had been trapped for nearly 2 days. your state media said over 400, rescuers had been raising the clock to reach the miners. 3 construction workers have been killed in italy after 2 building cranes collapsed on the street in the city of to ring. 2 workers died at the scene. the 3rd was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead to passers by, were also injured. at least 30 people have died after a super a typhoon. riot slammed into the philippines. official say,
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many people are still on, accounted for. hundreds of thousands fled their homes to escape the typhoon, which has left massive destruction in its wake. it was the strongest typhoon to hit the philippines this year. battering the country with torrential rain and a 175 kilometer per hour winds the southeastern province of sorta gal, dell not a bore. the brunt of the storm here, residents are already counting the course of the devastation. it left behind. thousands have been left homeless of the storm flattened buildings. many remained evacuation centers. in some areas, residents had to be rescued by boat of the heavy rain led to flash flooding. many have been left with little access to clean water. food with communications and power also knocked out some a traumatized. i am an image available, it was unimaginable them. but i thought we would all die us in our roofs were
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torn up by the storm. they're all destroyed and it was a, it was loud howling them. i prayed, but i'm so rattle and the mom. i don't know what to do. any more mercy filter. gillen, i had a panic attack. finally got that macbook reconstruction costs estimated to run into hundreds of millions of dollars. but president rodrigo, to techy, has warned that disaster really funding has been depleted by the pandemic. ry was the 15th typhoon to hit the philippines and 2021. the disaster pro nation typically sees 20 each year cleanup efforts are already underway. but for todd filipinos, there's little end in sight scientist, walnut climate change is making storm stronger. the united states and mexico have resumed former president, donald trump's controversial stay in mexico program for migrants. under the scheme, mexico pledges to take in migrants and back by the united states while their asylum
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applications are being processed. but shelters and reception centers are overwhelmed at the border and many migrants remain stranded in limbo. isaac brisco reports from the mexican border city of tier wanna the rain threatens to wash away the out chapparal camp in to you wanna just a few meters from the us mexico border. many central american migrants live here in dire conditions. the old dream of crossing to the other side. despite the difficulties neglect and moment, i'm with letting a 1000 for now they have closed the doors on us, let them, i don't know why it's to wait on your model. but there are many people here who have waited 7 or even 8 moccasin man, it's a hotel massis. their dream destination is a few minutes away from here, but getting their asylum applications approved and crossing over is an almost impossible task. that means that thousands of migrants are stranded here. local
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authorities believe border areas can meet the challenge. me lot boil dollars with the support of all the international organizations as with civil associations and shelters on the border, americans and with the entire population eco. this is possible to take care of it, possibly at the low, but thousands of migrants are forcibly stranded here and support organizations say their capacities are stretched to the limit. oh, i think that boy, the faded your is shelters are at maximum capacity. so we're talking about several 1000 people and they continue to arrive every day. we can get on the godaddy. how many of those stranded say they are fleeing serious threats in their home countries? and what the warfare saloon choir. i left my country because gangs threatened to kill me. i came with my son. we have been here for 7 months now, waiting to see if they will give me a permit to the united states or asylum. according to local
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authorities, about 300 people are deported or returned to mexico every day. a number that could increase due to the recent agreements between both governments. i hamburg museum is displaying a trove of looted african artworks before handing them back to their rightful owners. the benign bronzes were stolen from present a nigeria by british troops at the end of the 19th century before being housed in various european museums. it is beautiful art with an ugly past one that germany's museums want to turn the page on. ah, these artifacts are regarded a secret in their land of origin. many are looted art brought to europe during colonial times. now hamburg is showcasing its nearly 200 but in bronzes one last time before returning them by hand that is an object. these objects were taken by
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force of, so it's only right that they should be returned. now says i'm as a full collection as to their place of origin rickety as fizzy. it's because i'm tough to look in van. a delegation arrives at the museum from nigeria. the visitors are seeing many of the art works for the 1st time. well, it's emotional hour for me because this or not, or not it walks a lot for them. this are pieces that actually touches on our all aspects of their life. rendon, from ritual on religion, political, historical a so many other things. visitors to museums often see a history that's been stolen, asked, exhibit points out. awareness of that injustice has been rising, including in germany. some $1200.00, been in bronze, us can still be found in museums in berlin, leipzig, cologne, and bremen. what ended up here and how research on the pieces, origins, husky and,
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and you, importance as he could and from the in obese, you can trace each object who brought it here and what that person's relationship to it was that meets with one hot though. the idea is to gradually of repatriate art. that's proven to be of looted origin, an act that benefits both sides. then these ill be acted. so it can, the return of these artifacts will have a big effect that it has huge symbolic value for all nigeria. because it acknowledges that suffering was caused here. we also want to express that this is an act of reconciliation and justice being done if a soon or is it may be a new era for cultural exchange. some of these objects might even returned to germany as some time in the future, but only as loans from their rightful owners. one is like a soccer now and struggling. glad bach. we're hoping to slow their slide down the table at hoffen heim, but despite leading for most of the match,
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they could only draw $11.00, a 35 minute corner balance to an unmarked braille, and below who tap the ball home and put a glove ahead of time responded by piling on the pressure and snatched a dramatic equalizer in stoppage time. thanks to kevin up who was fast eating the box lava. go into the winter break on a fine game windlass streak. thus, the latest on the w news at this hour. i'm marian evans, dean from me and the entire news team in berlin. thanks for the company. ah, the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. e ron's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty.


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