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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 7:30am-8:01am CET

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brilinta history ah, the cities, the mosaic of different people and the languages. oh, the wrongs mountains reveal. unparalleled beauty. but it will. yeah. the scenery is magnificent particularly warm in casinos exceptionally ah, a special look at a special country. the road from above starts december 27th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. r roving reporter excell prima easy took to the skies for another episode of axel on the edge. find out more about how
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he got on later in the show. hi everyone. welcome to another edition of your max with me, your host. megan lee. here's a look at what else we've got coming. we had to turkey for arrive on a historical street car is temple. and we find out how people around europe decorate their homes for the festive season. flying like a bird has always been a dream for many people. that's why we see dare devils throwing themselves out of airplanes or jumping off cliffs with just a sheer piece of cloth floating over their heads. well, there's another way for adventurers to get closer to the clouds, and that's in a 2 seated open air flying machine. you're a max reporter, actual prima easy learned how to fly one in just a single day data data. mike's on the runway and taking off
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with you're in charge. it's cool. ah hey, there, i'm accepts him of easy and here's my challenge for today. i have to learn how to fly this thing in just one day, including take off and lead him all by myself. i've never flown anything myself, especially not such an open air. a haley cup that type of thing that looks quite difficult to handle. i don't. hello, i'm access there. hello, axel, i'm johan. was you? my flight instructor can always been right oklahoma and today we're going to fly. this gyro come to who will come up. but 1st i can't go up just like the sunshine. i am sighing order of kind of way like we need to get you the right clothing. come along to the hanger in hunger holiday. it is it. so what is this good?
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it no, not really guns and it's all of the know against hard right now. i know like i find some sensible music isn't here. ah, i can simply fly this thing. yeah, i do wrists 1st. you'll need a bit of practice in their loft, glen the air. you'll catch on, fast fished out for the take off and landing. you'll need some training about but you'll get all that during the day. killing enough info of us. what tisa gyro kupta seat our v i'm client. it looks like a small open top helicopter and it flies like one to here above. but technically and aerodynamically, it's very different. you know, home guns and us. the main difference is that the rotors poet by the wind not by the engine as it out overhaul who has on the upper rotor, generates
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a lift for the actual flying detox. it essentially replaces the airplane wing once the hint angle and the rear propeller drives us forward and provides the necessary power on fitting no. to get naggie. even if you can tell, i'm extremely nervous. we're about to take off on the machine is running already like don't ease up too much on the gas. we need some more revs because the engine is still cold. the air field we're about to take all from is in the fall west of germany, between louis and doland on the french border sandwich or louis info data. mike mike there to mike huddle on, all delta delta mike over charlie to runway 25. please dedicated to mike take seen to the runway for take off of it and then we taxi right onto the runway. right? not left insoluble. no problem. we'll stop here in the middle. yes,
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it was. now let go of the red button, hole back on the stick. let go of the break and let it roll. and remember when the nose of the machine goes up, the stick must go forward on, then we'll press on together. okay? okay. okay. so let's give it some gas for the nose is coming up, we'll press down on it together, pull out the throttle and take off the money. very good. and don't call back too much. perfect. you are in control. we're going to fly straight and stick to about 100 kilometers an hour and with that is still don't feel up to it. but i'm actually piloting this thing. amazing will turn right here. pull on the stick slightly. a use the stick may need to adjust this beat and is extremely sensitive. i'm really struggling with it. general covers were invented in 19
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twenties. but nowadays it's mostly emma to pilots flying them and complete beginners like me. huh. isn't that awesome? it sure is. and now we're taking a right turn like cause of after getting a handle on flying, i faced my next challenge landing when i bought it, when we get closer to the ground, we'll pull on the stick a bit together. now the ground is getting closer, pulled a little, just a bit. and now we hold the stick. just hold and wait on. keep waiting. now pull the stick a bit more. keep pulling very good. and now we pull it all the way back with perfect. good landing under
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so i'm, i'm back on of safe and sound but it's really been difficult to and law this thing set the same time and keeping the pace and the hate and blessed and riots and enjoy the view in the meantime i that's a lot. so how was my 1st flying lesson sooner? just as of in for you definitely did a very good job. you really reacted to my input. we're good for me. and so you made huge progress in this 1st lesson mega, fortunately from india and next will make sure you can handle take off and landing a bit better on your own and visit i. and you will be right on track. no vista of, i'm good with it. was much tougher than i thought, i mean handing this stick and the throttle checking this speed and the height and
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everything at the same time. but in the end, i was able to control this thing and i like that feeling. and so i'll be out there again before long getting some more practice taking off and landing. but one thing certain, i won't have my pilot's license any time soon. and you can always check out more of actual adventures on our youtube channel. here's what you'll find there, want to see how far one man can go ah join are extreme reporter when he exceeds his limits. don't miss out on axel on the edge and subscribe to d w. you are max on youtube. if you're
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looking for some collin airy ideas for this year's holiday meals, you might want to turn to the good old british pie. now, the brits have been enjoying their pies either with sweet or savory fillings for centuries. in fact, they're so popular that you can find them everywhere. now, i know there's the sangh. it's as easy as pie, but i think making a really good pie is pretty challenging. so to make something impressive, returned to a top british chef who creates a gourmet version. ah, the 1st thing you get is that smell. so the beautiful caroline is done in the cheese, the hubs that those was the layers and lovely. and so, you know, defined you for the cheese and the organ in the middle. yeah. hi, she's crispy, i'm really happy
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with . hi, i'm kind of franklin, i'm the head chef of hope and dining room. and i'm gonna take you through the all to pi making in my point i feel very lucky that i have found like my true love and my sort of direction in cooking is 100 percent in pine. my shing, i'm, i'm now i, i count my blessings, thought quite an early age. i found out that thing that really makes me passionate . and so by inside london, chef kellum franklin, which is a great deal of love and care into short lived works of art. the type of crust depends on the pies filling the moist, written, the crunchy, or the crust needs to be his favorite. due is the classic short a to flour, butter eggs, but in wine require law. so i like my thought is to be really tasty. so it always
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season, well i'm the key to this don't is controlling the temperature because we want to have within that so little nuggets of butter which will create pockets in cooking and then create flakes. probably the hardest thing with this stuff is making sure that, but it doesn't mel as you're rolling in in the u. k. mass produced pies can be found on almost every corner. in the loft, the hood cuisine, the art of beacon, the luly pie with sweet unsavory, had nearly faded into oblivion. a coincidence started tell him franklin on his path to becoming the king of pi. on a tour of the sellers of london storied rose, who to tell the gloomy shack spotted an antique heighten with interlocking partisan keys. but he was puzzled. i knew roughly what it was for, but i didn't know the technique items. i brought up to my kitchen and asked my senior team as anybody love the technique for using this for pie making. and none
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of them had hoping to preserve and even revitalized the tradition column. franklin and his team worked for almost a year on re learning and defining the methods of pi making. soon to man grew to where the restaurant kitchen was no longer able to keep up. a new fleece had to be found, especially for the purpose. in 2018, the ruse would hotel opened its pipe. it was a room bought out of necessity, which is white. so white swapped to basically design to perfect pi my he var adds that. so we did, you know, i sat down and i drew out the room. i collect these beautiful antiques from all over europe to fill that room. i so the 8 rudy felt like you were sat in a victorian pirate. london's project market, like the foreign market furnished 39 year old calum franklin with plenty of inspiration for the seasonal ingredients too hot. he picks up special items to lend
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them a touch of elegant. his newfound was pie is based on a classic british pie combination. chief, petty tooth and under the so title element is based on a classic type dish gratton add buy from us potato. so we've pre cooked that and then onion. we've caramel eyes and the cheese. we found an incredible montgomery cheddar, which is from some a sat really rich cheese, nazi bascom b, lay it in between the pie. so in the onion, when pressing down the loop here must be taken not to leave any air between the filling of the 2. or it'll give rise to unsafe bubbles. he brushes the pies top with a q and feels the edge. and then you can get down to the decorative stage. so
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when we're doing a decoration very fine detail, one of the things that we found helps with that to make sure the price she stays cold is we put these chopping boards into the freezer in the morning, so they're super cold. and then when we walk, charles does that temperature, so the fat and the pine street and keeps nice temperature for the decoration of his pies. the architecture of london borne franklin's hometown provides inspiration. he sees it as a nice way to connect his patients to their surroundings. to the british capital and give them a sense of place. this pi recalls the old seeds church on market street. i love it, says neo gothic church kind of unusual from the outside with different color breaks and or yeah, like a pretty unique, locally outside on the inside. incredible. i mean, yeah, there's one stained glass window. the i've been obsessing i have in there and i saturated the details. i want to put on to the pie. it's gonna reflect that
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beautiful. so hidden detail and so step by step past he is transformed into an edible artwork. if you look back through written history of pi makes you in this country, which has 600 years of it's always there and our free culture for me, it was very woodson said, celebrate the pi again. i never seen that is, you know, i've been in the past i've, i've used the techniques, knowledge and ingredients that we have nowadays to achieve pelham. franklin is not keeping with, he's learned the secret. he's collected recipes in his book, the pi room with its health, even beginners, turn on. the culmination of all the effort is always the moment the shift cuts into
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a freshly peaked creation. thank you for joining me. i hope you've learned something, and i hope it's as far as you go home or make some parts. it's a british tradition. you can really sink your teeth into. oh no, all right, well next step we take a sentimental journey back in time. now, lots of cities have hop on hop off buses for seeing all the sites, but the turkish city of is temple has something a bit more romantic, a so called nostalgic st cart, but takes visitors on a ride to some of the most charming spots in this city now the line isn't very long and the tram moves at a slow pace, but it gives passengers a memorable experience. ah, it's one of this done bull's most famous attractions. the historical street car,
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t 2 trundling down as the cloud shad essie independence avenue. there is plenty for passengers to discover. hello, this is arthur allen. i what's her guide for him? his thumb, until they will make fairy nostalgic tram ride together. the route is only 1.8 kilometers long, running between toxeme square and to no station at most to street cars. roll along the avenue at any given time. this is both the main shopping street and a center of ist on bowls night life. a ride in one of the 100 year old tram cars is a unique experience and not only for visitors to the city. i remember that my 1st experience here it was when i was 13 years old. and as a teenager being here, hey, kinda tram ride or watching people around the thickness 3. it was very delightful
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for me. the 1st street car ran in istanbul in 1871. eventually the network would carry over 100000000 passengers annually. but in the 1960s people turned to cars and the tramps disappeared in 1990. the t 2 became the 1st route to be revived. today, 5 tram lines are back in service and it's donald little to put it in and says, you know, like the tram because it's antique and it recalls old times and it brings those old times back to life that i feel about to put it. that's why there's such great interest in this line to georgia tourists from around turkey and all over the world, take photos here with and none of them returned home without having seen our tramp . so i think it's become a genuine symbol of istanbul on the job in which you a stops along the route, have stories of their own. it's just a 5 minute walk to the pair. a palace hotel. it opened in 1895 as
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a luxury accommodation for travelers on the famous orient, expressed celebrities from around the world have spent the night here today. guests can still revel in the historical atmosphere. you see something very french, very british and, and something very moorish and oriental. so this is like a melting pot altogether. this is definitely a showing us the lifestyle or death time that multicultural atmosphere. the next stop is gelato sri the famous flower passage opened an 1876 not of a has held in here you can enjoy classical turkish cuisine. for instance,
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in this a beach restaurant with 25 different kinds of mazda, the turkish appetizers on the menu. first the display you everything in the small force you, you see if you choose it and then you order it like today. now these are to real ports you thought not too slow like the sample, and they are all my fair with one. the historical tram line with just 5 stops carries around 1500 passengers a day. and fans of traditional turkish candies can enjoy them along the way. the ucc yielded sheka lemma. sweet shop has a huge variety on offer. a be relied to finishing our meal when the swift, it's always part of our meal. and you,
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when there is a common item that we say let's, it's sweet and talk sweet. after less than 2 kilometers, the historic street car reaches toxeme square and the end of a journey through time. and they stumble, a city which is as modern as it is steeped in tradition. the count down to christmas is on and it is not too late to print out your decorations. for many people, this is a busy time of year as they get their homes ready in time for the holidays and of course decorations very from country to country. oh, we take a look now at some of the most beautiful holiday items from across europe, starting right here in germany. there the clinic, christmas tree ornaments the baubles from lasha in central germany here, they're still traditionally hand blown in the run up to christmas. the
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ornaments can be found on every corner in this little town. as i one ornament is prettier than the next, it really was your heart, disavow, traditional or original. they have all been made by hands for about 170 years to lincoln. that appalachian tells of a poor glass blower who didn't have any apples or not. asked mac in those days. that's what they decorated the tree with. but he didn't have any money for the mill, though he reproduced them in glass glass no. allegedly invented here at 1947, the delicate christmas tree decorations became a hot export item shipped as far away as the united states. now she's still home to glass blowers soon spend the whole year making nothing but christmas tree ornaments that always artistic, sometimes rather catchy, but certainly not mass produced from lasha. we had to london. the famous heritage
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department store carries everything for a traditional british christmas including of course, the famous christmas stockings that hung on the mantelpiece, waiting for santa to fill them. the most exclusive ones cost more than $500.00 euros collins and designs on unlimited even though i'm not young anymore. um we still love to fill up stockings for each member of my family. it's like a nice surprise. a nice thing for christmas day. if you are a kid, you can open up the smoking and you can get anything from a prism suites. new thing on north to stockholm, sweden and oven. nordic countries have a tradition all their own. at christmas suites put out there you books. billy goats woven from school. they used to represent the recurring fertility of fear
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the yearbook hanser tradition from from the christmas play. where, where people go around villages and, and ask for money and one is dressed in a gold mass. the youth book is an essential part of a swedish christmas for people of all ages. gretchen were tiny town in italy, reminds us that christmas is about the birth of jesus. this is where the nativity scene is said to have originated. in 2023, francis of assisi is said to have started the tradition in this grotto. gretchen has been considered the nativity town of italy ever since. the museum here displays representations of christ's birth from all over the world rather than nativity. these are all wonderful, especially this alaskan one, alaska, the lobby dada, present. the la from the birth of jesus has to do with family neu, cynthia morris. so it's a special aspect of religion. the little june, back in germany in the mountains at saxony, siphoned celebrates christmas all the year round. ringback the wooden handicrafts
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on display here are the creations of the local what workers the small town is home to over 120 with working shops. and since the mid 18th century, they've been carving christmas decorations, also with images from earlier mining days. the figures embodied stories from the region just as the christmas with the name on the blues and visitors aren't just taking a christmas arch or pyramid back home with them. and i'd say they're taking a piece of the or mountains with guns us. so i think we really help spread good cheer here doing the carvings from siphoned our world famous today as a highlights the festive christmas decorations i. with that we wrap up another show, but just a quick reminder before we go check out our website for this week. here was draw and a chance at receiving a d. w backpack. as always,
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thanks for tuning in policy again a ah ah, ah ah
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ah, with ah ah, good doctor, 270 intense d w. what's truly important in line with we take a look at his and future. meet the artist,
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a very personal case, nagondo arch 2030 minutes, d w. o. in his railey court, faced with millions of murders, the accused, a man considered the architect of the final solution. a look back at the historic trial o, a reminder to never forget the iceman trial, 60 years ago. in 75 minutes on d, w. ah. interest. the global economy,
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our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes. get a step ahead with d w. business beyond on you to welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's a, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we should light
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on the opaque world. who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o peak world starts january 5th on d, w. a. ah ah, isn't need any news live from the end authorities in europe extend? corona virus restrictions, in the hope of limiting the spread of the army, chrome variant. the netherlands called the snap christmas lockdown with hobbs and non essential shops close for business. london declares a major incident offer it sees.


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