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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 10:15am-10:31am CET

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we have seen in many, steve o groups, many import an organization's out from now possession chem, happening to spend it. i'll throw the past here. so on this is of course, the major blow today possession movement, and the movement is now resorting to ada path outside the institution to continue the momentum. hopefully. maybe thank you. did any correspond feeding? phoebe kong speaking to us from hong kong? yeah, watching j. w and use that to update this al, but i go away. coming up next is shift living in the digital age. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. i'm rebecca written. thanks for watching . we're all set to go beyond the obvious citizenship and we're all in as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to you.
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whatever it takes. policeman follow with w. fire made for mines on the green. you feel worried about the planet? me to on the old hosting the, on the green fence post cost. and to me it's clear remains to trade. join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you, for the plans with more than 4000 companies worldwide collect and analyze our online data with the help of algorithms google, facebook, amazon, and apple lead the way. but how well do the data collectors know us and what happens with our data? that's our topic on shift today. ah,
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i i have nothing to hide. when it comes to data privacy, every one has heard that phrase before. it's a bit naive though, considering companies definitely know more about us. and we like using google as an example. a group of artists from berlin and vienna shows just how much information our data profiles provide. in experiment, the artist collective law. com reveals how much google news about us and we want to have a closer look at the data that big companies like google and facebook the latent every day and facebook you take us. you also have thought about how to conduct like an artistic data experiment were leaked us enough where we can try and seen that if we could reconstruct an entire person's life, couldn't. i'm just their data. i missed battens that says without ever seeing the person owner that speed isn't meant to be even to try the in harm on to something else. probably it. ringback there documentary film shows how the group started out
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by looking for potential test persons whose data they could anonymously analyze on google. ringback ringback ready about 100 people applied in the end, the data of an austrian was selected high. oh, it was from the daphne that the group reconstructed the test person's life. movie nodded viennese actress natalie, currently stars as the test person's doppelganger, bringing the data to life in this film where she reacts lisa's life. oh, i finally the to meet face to face. hello dee had me done. then she started telling me what kind of a person she ever leave out. i am that it's been as a though i was born in a little town into oil one, the biopic from leases google data includes fond memories, her 1st job,
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or training to become a confectionary. but her data also contains very private details, anger, and eating disorder. depression crises, upon being confronted with these memories, lisa has to take a break from adults because we'll take a short break for and me a little not feeling well. it's this intimacy that makes the art project me to measure highly political. well, what is not open books, depression, eating disorders and crises. this is what google knows about us. perhaps there really are some things that we should keep to ourselves. but the experiment goes further. the ok on artist also focus on me. during the film i need to answer questions. this may seem basic,
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but the algorithms from may to measure also process other information. at the end of the program, we show you what else they look out for. and while the results about me are google, it collects my data as soon as i start searching for something online or what's a youtube video. the same is true for apple, amazon and facebook. the magic word here is cookies. cookies are actually tiny text files that are saved on your device. in homeless cases, cookies contain information such as your user name or the language the website should be displayed and but data brokers and advertising companies so called 3rd party uses. also use cookies to gather data. as soon as you allow cookies, your data is collected. the online forms that prevent them from doing so often long and confusing. they regularly ignored and people pay with their data. and it's not
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just your i p address or user name that they collect, but your browser history apps and devices to this can make quite a difference. companies like amazon are able to use data such as a person's location or device to give customers different prices. individual uses online behavior can likewise be tracked on many websites. data collect is paid to use cookies on thousands of websites, small tenuously from all this data, they create individual profiles, and the more detailed they are, the more profitable in real time bidding data broke his cell, user data profiles to the highest bidder in real time was the uses are still on the website, advertises by them to create person life split, 2nd at the to pip. this means that when i search online, the information collected is instantly sent off to companies,
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which can then target me with ad words as a result, online services or anything but free. i am being monitored in real time with my data sold for profit. so could i avoid this by browsing anonymously using a vpn to hide my ip address? unfortunately, no. the company's was collect our data still recognizes from our digital fingerprints. for example, they know which operating system i'm using, which plugins i installed, what resolution my screen is and which fonts i installed on my device. this information is enough to identify me online, but our data is not only used for advertising, banks and insurance companies. i also keen on having access to it many online banks use machine learning algorithms to conduct credit assessments. they use massive amounts of data collected from different sources. how quickly does the user complete their credit application, and how many mistakes to they make?
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were there facebook friends and what sir? google search history, like? all this data is combined and then compared to that of existing customers. see, a user has searched for online gambling site before and is installed a font on their device that is also used by online casinos. this could lead to their credit application be rejected. even health insurance companies are interested in data like from fitness trackers or exercise ends sharing this data, think it you benefits and even a more affordable health insurance offer. digital monitoring could have positive sites. for example. you can receive a bonus for exercising, but there's a fine line between this digital surveillance in china. social scoring systems have been introduced in some regions,
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algorithms observe and evaluate citizens behavior. if someone smokes to much or plays video games too often, they might not be allowed to buy 1st class train tickets for example. it sounds very much like jobs always big brother in 1984 algorithms play a large role online. on facebook, tick, tock, youtube, our personal data is used for content recommendations. this means every person sees something different online. some scientists are concerned that this could lead to the disintegration of our digitalized society into factional groups. when content includes fake news and alternative truths, this becomes especially problematic. radical vaccination skeptics and corona virus deny is often claim to be living in a dictatorship comparing themselves to the jewish population in nazi germany. as algorithms keep feeding them more of the same, they believe in conspiracy theories is encouraged, right?
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when social media 1st started up, there was widespread concern that algorithms might recommend content that keeps uses in the so called filter bubble with breaking news quickly spreads. but that's of quite how it works as you tube sions, that garbage effect. wondering if there was this filter bubble effect. and the public pressure on youtube was increasing. so they kept adjusting their algorithms . and in a study, we were able to show that the content that you can find on youtube or, and that is recommended to you, one has become increasingly diverse in recent years, most a tom, it's not the foot. a bubble effect seems to be less influential than previously assumed you. i'm a guy, a study shows that you tube algorithms recommend a diverse range of contact with you on the other hand,
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experts and feel you know how to trick the algorithm in a certain amount of wrong information will always end up on the platform a form and an italian study from 2021 analyzed millions of tweets about political issues and found that people who often click on content contained in fake news or conspiracy. theories usually had extreme political views to start with. and they also often actively choose to read posts containing similar beings. i believe they're still way too much fake news on social media, but algorithms alone are not responsible for users becoming radicalized. back at the start of the show, we introduced you to the experiment made to measure which aims to show how much personal data is available online by closely monitoring the participants. so let's see what the experiment was able to find out about me. me
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and now watching the metal metal him on the website. the special thing about it is i'm being tracked myself by watching and i will get that personality profile generated for me at the end. let's have a look 4 times as many searches aesthetically the film is great. it's also interactive. sometimes you have to interpret all the connected data yourself to guess what happens next. but watching a film at work is not as easy as it sounds. and we'll let's keep going alone, sitting in my room in england, i learned about an online fitness program that i won't forget anytime i think that sometime. so that was it. interesting. but now i'm really excited to see what the oddest group on has to say about me. after spending only one hour on their website
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. here is the psychological profile. you have a critical mind by your neck. now, we're at an average speed. we should read more trivial stuff. i think you reached only 35 percent of your potential tests. what you want. i was really surprised to see what conclusions about my character can be drawn from the data. the data even includes my mouse movements. it might seem absurd at 1st, but it's exactly this type of information that data brokers use to analyze us precisely. and it's not a pleasant thought. what are you most concerned about when it comes to data privacy? let us know. i see you next time. ah, a
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