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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 11:03am-11:16am CET

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the world health organization says omicron has already been detected in 89 countries. more and more are responding to the new threat novels. dutch prime minister mark wrote on saturday, announced locked on that will limit gatherings over christmas and close shops, restaurants, and cultural venues. shoppers rushed for them last minute purchased before the measures come into effect lockdown or none. the w h o expects omicron to become dominant in the countries where it has taken hold. scientists won the surgeon, cases could further burden overstretch health systems and lead to staff shortages across many sectors. oh, i earlier i spoke to john campbell, a health analyst in the u. k. and asked him if travel bands are really effective at slowing the spread of the travel bands can be useful in that though by you a bit of time. so it's what you do with that time. that's important. so governments in the u. k, the u. k. in germany, for example, of trying a great greatly increased vaccination. but i think we also need to take
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a bit of time to increase our and think about our personal immunity. how we're going to prepare for this. because i'm convinced on going to be exposed to this voice in the next few weeks. i'm thinking about things like nutrition, getting plenty of sleep, thinking about making sure you are using levels are okay. and your victim indeed levels are all right and things that if the we know, for example of victim indeed deficient that we're more likely to be co murray to get infected. so thinking about being ready for this to use the time effectively is the important thing. health analyst john campbell's speaking to us a little earlier. i had to look at some of the other developments in the pandemic. germany has put the u. k. on its list of high risk covered countries bringing in tight and travel restrictions as of monday, arrivals from britain will now need to quarantine for 2 weeks regardless of their vaccination status. the w h. o confirm confirms ami cronies fasting is spreading rather faster than the previous previously discovered delta variant. but they say its severity remains unclear. the variant has now been discovered in nearly 90
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countries and numbers arising in the us as well as both the delta and army from variance continue to spread. the overall number of confirmed infections past 50000000 on saturday, with some experts fearing that the country's already overburdened health care system is at risk of collapse. polls have opened in hong kong 1st parliamentary elections since a crackdown on the pro democracy movement by bay. ching observers are expecting a relatively low turnout as many hong kong residents say. the process is neither fair nor democratic. it's the 1st legislative council elections since paging, imposed to sweeping national security law and reformed the electoral system. under the new rules, only candidates considered patriotic to china. can rum, many opposition candidates have been silenced, jailed or have fled the territory? hong kong later carry lamb was one of the 1st to cost her vote. she denies
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accusations. her government has set voter turnout writes, but i do have said very key a target for this general election of the legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and i think that objective has been met through the design of the candidate eligibility review. will come each database correspond vitti can't pay the hong is covering those elections for us in hong kong. phoebe only so called patriots are allowed to run in this election. how does a candidate prove to the election committee? he or she is a patriot? yes. so monopole a new threshold has been set up under a new electro rules to screen candidates why not deemed as patriotic according to official standards. so essentially, a new batting body had by hong kong senior officials will be in charge or is in charge of screening the candidates that everything go on candidates who was around
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for the elections, robi assessed by these panel to determine whether on their patriotic or not according to the requirements laid out in the national security and the basic law. and other than that, kennedy is also have to secure nomination. take us from a panel which a stack for po beijing spec us. so all these kind of frat shows will essentially are by far too many altitude democracy candidates to run for the elections. according to many critics in a society, what avenue do pro democracy activists have left to show their opposition? while the on the election, they only a few activists from the opposition group are protested against on that you are the new elections. but are the majority of the opposition? psychos are have shown that indifference to the new like game rules that they are most of the major opposition parties didn't sent any members to run for the
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election, which is a very different from what they have done in the past and are like, are the turn out rate is at the core issue of these election that many see this as a reflection of the legitimacy and a representative nurse off the new election. an arc are over the 1st few hours of the election, lay around 10 percent of the eligible voters have cast that folds, which is a slightly lower thicker compared to, to attorneys, texting legislative action. and the government has done a lot to step up at those 2 are boost the turnout rate, including set our polling stations at the border and also on to our even the over free rights for public transport to attract people to cast that vote. and that government has also laid out new measures to deter people from protesting to our blank votes. and boycott up the elections that at least 14 people happy in the rest it, according to the new rules of the b, is the pro democracy movement still alive,
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or has been successfully squashed by the government. while the movement happen our last d a suppressed, i'll say that the imposition off the national security law on dozens of the leading fakers are from the opposition. cam has now been detained or jailed under the national security law. and also for auto charge as relating to the 2019 anti government tow test. so many up to lee. there is an out light absent from the cbo society. and we have seen in many, steve o groups, many important organizations out from now position cam, happening to spend after the past year. so on this is, of course, the major blow today possession movement. and the movement is now resorting to add a path outside the institution to continue the momentum, hopefully. favey. thank you. did have any correspondent, 50 c v kong speaking to us from hong kong. and it's 5 years to the day since
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germany's 1st major islamist terror attack on a christmas market. here in berlin, i commemoration event is being held in the capital to remember the victims, the attacker hijacked a truck and killed the driver before plowing into crowds at the blight. right? shawn plants, christmas market, killing 11 more people. another man died a few weeks ago from injuries sustained that night, bringing the death toll to 13. the attacker and his am rate was filed in his in asylum seeker who was known to authorities a few days after the attack. he was shot dead by police while on the run in italy. mm. the christmas lights are on and the route is festive at the market and berlin's pie chart plots. at 1st glance, it's hard to see any trace of the terror attack 5 years ago, lou, but market trader, mux miller will never forget of that day. he barely escaped with his life when the truck plowed on to the site and destroyed his stand far my knowledge of how i was
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working. when i heard a loud noise, but it sounded like a dumpster being rolled away. natasha was of all humming noise in the background, and i turned around and saw the truck. and what happened would have to dig within my wife and i ran to safety, hoping that we should run off all capricious, 13 people were killed in the attack and more than 60 wounded, the horror is not forgotten. this 5, this mux miller has opened a new stand at the christmas market. he prefers not to show us because he doesn't want publicity. how did he find the courage to return to the scene for the ball from the school? i was say, this is the best way of dealing with trauma. i was in therapy and learn how to cope with my feelings and to be in. but it will be with me for the rest of my life. when my children asked me and i was wrong, daddy and he wanted what was like on that daily the, i'll probably start a little before it controlled on a story and i'm see. and can we saw many visitors have mixed feelings about being
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at the christmas market. there is a holiday atmosphere, but also a sense of grief, especially at the memorial to the victims of dental. i feel a chill running down my spine. i can't put it on cameras there. monday, listen doesn't when you see the lights and smell the hot dogs. ready in that you can forget the bad things for a while and my corn voided the horrible. but you can't change what happened. giving in to the terrorists was never an option, says traitor max miller and his colleagues agree then is, is not a voc linda, it'll always be with us august. you can't forget something like that. bob, the shortness to you to try out. but we all said we have to keep going and not look back and listen by them. uh huh. no. fontainebleau. the memory of the attack will never go away. but to day the christmas spirit has returned to berlin's pride.
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shide puts my thing is for now, and in the bonus like a football don't meant closed out a year with a shock loss to head to berlin. and with that last, they have all but dash, their title hopes, filing a falling a whopping 9 points behind by an munich for lynch olympic stadium was lit up for the last match of the year with a sparse crowd of hats, a fancy enjoying the spectacle. and with their site hosting dornan the match was set to be blue flashing hair to fighting to avoid the relegation. battle came out. fiery missio alida burst ahead adornments defense and tapped home just 15 minutes in. but after b a r cheque teammate, the shock belford hill was world to be a hair off side on the play. no go. the visitors didn't squandered their good fortune with julian bun summoning its spectacular tight ankle finish. 60
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minutes later, one mill dort men in their hopes of chasing by him still alive. but here to return from the half time break, reinvigorated both it'll make good on his early infraction racing past his opponents to equalize with the strong so record in the 51st minute 6 minutes later here to double their score. markovich. the screamer lift workman's stunt with 20 minutes to play the the twisted, the knife making a 31 hat. stephan tickets hut dormant deficit with the late header. but it was already too late. dorman, were dealt their 2nd lawson for matches the serious blow to any realistic title hopes. while heritage celebrated the hall, the give of a massive step towards mid table safety and with a set of games over let's take
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a look at all the rest so far, unmatched a 17. as that hatter defeating dormant bella felled, stunned. ave, like fish frankfurt beat mines ahem! down early on berlin furred shade the spoils with alex berg and on sunday, fryeburg faced lever, carson and cologne battle stood. got that's it for now you're up to date, the deputy reporter is coming up next. i mean, we'll head on for you at the top of the alice that don't go away with o long does a moment last.


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