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while it constantly kept expanding the hotel during the boom years now, he was saddled with a mountain of debt. he could no longer afford to complete the maysonet. he'd planned to build for his family on the 7th and 8th floors. he felt like a failure. as a business man and a father, i said these are he father 10 children. he but didn't really take care of them. there are more because he was le prestone. so a month and it was mama who raised us, sit down, felt that he was a father. but more of a businessman who than a family math compared to family, ah, during the great depression, when his hotel attracted few guests people eat, jamie worked on the many small details, inventions and special features, which would eventually save liberty stole for instance, liberty stone was the 1st hotel in paris to have combined heating and air
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conditioning units, but equally jammy, his most famous invention was the magnifying mirror able could exhaust. there are many examples that show, he was a visionary. does he take those little magnifying mirrors in the bathrooms, which are now standard fixtures in every hotel around the world? by now they're completely normal, but they were invented by april each on this. and though no one knows that if he to patented them, he'd have become a billionaire. unfortunately, he didn't do that at the time. but that gives you an idea of the kind of hotel here . he was full of ideas. creative hi say to see pretty jamie katie did. okay. and i did was also equally jamie's idea to create an air raid shelter here to create a place where people could take refuge yet. once again, a refuge within a refuge just in case something really dramatic happened. in paris, the lean years dragged on, still hipolito had a wealth of contacts, bankers,
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restaurant tours and politicians who helped keep him afloat at a time when many hotels were going under. ah, ironically, it was only when german troops extent and seized paris in 1940 that the tide turned for equally chummy and liberty stoke. as the germans began to take control of the city and requisition, its hotels hipolito had to quickly come up with a plan to save his establishment. so hickey's is a nazi's requisition to small, medium, and large hotels. according to the here are key of the troops who were to be lodged there, whether they were officers or soldier maskeen also phenom as were reserved for them . and for dells till and all the signage was in germany. this young it amendment ah
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and roughly the same spot where the hotel bar now stands, if only jammy built his famous air raid shelter. it was his ace in the hole. no other hotel could offer its guests such a sense of security. as germany had not yet declared war on the united states, keep ali jamie took a big gamble, muscular tribute sorted register. i think he realized very quickly that history was sealing the fate of paris and with it that of his business helpers. and of course, he had this famous air raid shelter as it is. so he went to see the american ambassador in paris. did you want a police asked him to tell all his compatriots, or at least his diplomats in paris, that they should come and stay here driven so that this place would remain almost neutral as far as that was possible at the time. but as you stick across ruskie prevail co, 200. so american diplomats settled in at lebel,
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his dog. although the embassy had previously dealt with the hotel de creone, the americans were swayed by the air raid shelter. as well as the fact that people eat, let the embassy staff have the rooms for free. that proved to be another clever move on his part. after american ambassador william berlin and his entourage moved in liberty stole was not only protected from being seized by the germans. it was also fully booked for the 1st time in years. the hotel was the site of secret political meetings, as well as a place where ordinary visitors from around the world could still find accommodation in wartime. come up at a very likely cost. my father had this agreement with the american ambassador. it was considered to be a us hotel, v. as a result, it was never closed. let me say it was open to parisians. were 42 every potty
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am. in spite of all the restrictions the police stole was flourishing again. the only hotel in the city to do so many jewish citizens were already fleeing from the nazis. for some of them, lovely stole became a place of refuge. together with her aid organization and morgan, the daughter of famous american banker, j. p. morgan arranged lodgings at the hotel for numerous jews from 1940 to 41. they were later evacuated to the us but equally jammy also secretly stowed away another jewish citizen. his name was leo. lemme proof here actually jew he hid was his architect. huh monsieur? laugh mom, we are cache fe, created the new restaurant that still exists today. oh man, abby, did i miss you lam on lived in room one. 06 for the entire duration of the wall. a
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don't go yet. he sent his family for his children to switzerland. all settled. he was the only one in his family who stayed in paris can wont go here. my father put him up and paid him it as a full time employee up front on the elevator is wrought. iron grille is the work of leo. lemme as are many other features still in existence at the bestowed today for a full 4 years left mall lived in hiding here. and during this time he renovated a large part of the hotel assistant. he was an extraordinary man. even today, you can't walk through this hotel without mentioning him, body dri, though, left em all himself had to keep his wanderings here to
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a minimum. ah, let me just explain to you. i thought you probably started melanie. a could don't is the funniest thing is that he kept on working for la bristol just at night where you like. so he walked through the hallways at night story. he designed the wrought iron grill on the bristol's elevator during this time. i left and like at the end of the more he left the hotel as a free man. lima ah ah, laughed mall renovated 50 rooms during his years at the boys doll. it's a lumped. yep. amo tick up. apparently he was a man who could walk into an existing room and in the blink of an eye. you just
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what could be done to make it even more pleasant? self was keep away yet because folk or program right under the noses of the german occupiers and other guests. he bravely and secretly supervised the renovations from his hotel room. but a book usually package or such back then no one was to know he was there because little indiscretions are quickly committed. people are only human off to roll the dice. but misuse ya even made his room number disappear, entirely fridge, so that in people's minds, this room didn't even exist. room one or 6, you know, there's room one or 5, but one or 6 doesn't exist to so, so i greenwich associates on easter, but it's not known. what happened to leo lemme after the war and he bullied jamie never breathed a word about this incredible story. of boss, good pool, havoc line,
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i think that for him to have taken the risky because it was a risk for which mistesia man could have paid a heavy price and they must have been more than casual acquaintances. hospitals got them over time, they became quite quilts hush yet, e capital q, yet understood, in cases like this of french people who saved on the french julie, we call this micro history e and around bothered mccoys to out, but i think these little stories go skip this hotel, history and humanity, but underneath water in humanity, a moscow i think we also have a need to show that such cases of solidarity exist if you know amanda city data that this hotel site demands long enough. hm. yeah, this will the unknown ah . when the united states entered the war in december 1941, the situation changed to yet again, for equally jamie and his hotel to liberty stole,
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which had previously been neutral territory, now catered to the german embassies guests. so after the war, hipolito was accused of collaborating with the nazis, as he was under the command of the chief of protocol of the german embassy in paris . fits bo checker, your philosophy that all he lavetia for a time he had to work together with this chief of protocol from the german embassy in paris, who was visibly very harsh. andrew, even in his contact with a bully, jam age, i am unfortunately observe as didn't catch on to that right away, which he can understand at such an overwhelming time. oscar is quickly book, etc. i can only imagine that this kind of interaction in a hotel that was supposedly a hotel for diplomats in neutral protected, quiet would raise lots and lots of questions. she's the book a book, a book. but afterwards it turned out the person in question was
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a double agent. i believe he absorbed did he know bordeaux was a german who's spied for the french, hipolito jammy kept his silence. even though he could have cleared his name, his discretion applied to every one. she monday above was seaman the while lived in the hotel during the war. though he say t the ritz is associated with personalities like coco chanel. yeah. lived there for 30 years with cluzee debbie. it's similar with other hotels sentimental than with lynn. the lease, which salvador dali, please do that to my knowledge. the bristol never used artists, intellectuals, or painters. he does that to draw attention to itself and nothing ever stuck. neither talk of collaboration. no, i said you quit stories about it and people follow what i see. see these trucks attracted maybe because it's such a discrete place when i asked valued kids can ah,
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and those who are very discreet leave no traces behind. ah as the end of the 2nd world war, drew closer origins longed for peace. ah and on august 25th 1944. their wish was granted with the liberation of paris.
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ah by this time people need jamie had skilfully guided his hotel through 20, tumultuous years of history in the making. and in the final hours of the german occupation, he even helped to alter the course of history. mm hm . mm. oh, hitler's order to completely destroy paris was not executed in the end. and liberty stole played a part in this. in exchange for sparing the city $150.00 german officers wives were hidden from the french resistance at liberty stole for a night and smuggled out of paris, unharmed blue. the man responsible for cutting the deal was swedish consul general. how would nordland, who knew a bully, chummy and liberty stole very well her
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awe? today, the hotel's role in this story is hardly known, liberty stole has never boasted about this part of its history. it's focus remains on being the ideal luxury hotel. but leo, lemme off the jewish architect who found refuge here, left his mark on the bristo's restaurant. in 1940 the hotels kohl's door was located here. the room was badly damaged. that among covered the walls of the oval shaped room with light colored wood. he swapped the art deco furnishings for fine 18th century style furniture, giving the room a sense of elegance, warmth, of intimacy, and distinction. chef and inc. threshold has made the bestows epicure restaurants into a culinary temple, which holds 3 michelin stars level. well, of a, like
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a do the m a home that was all every day. table reservations are discussed. the restaurant is always fully booked up with the who's coming. are they v i piece with you talk only, fucking every did it use you know, so the wait staff try out the new dishes on the menu, they must know exactly what they're serving and how it tastes officially. because as you are the with the you them to the lot the wine selection must also be perfect. the sommelier coordinates it with the chef and the restaurant manager, hipolito jammy was the only hotel owner in paris who remained lord of his castle throughout the war. in the postwar period,
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the hotels exceptionally good condition which owed much to leo lem all lead the french foreign ministry to officially designate liberty stole as the place to stay . when ambassadors and accredited diplomats visited the french capital, paris was once again a major player on the international political stage. and visiting world leaders also needed hotel rooms. in west german chancellor canada, now i often stayed at liberty stole. and it was here that he and french president child the goal, hammered out the final details of the alizae treaty. the friendship treaty between france and west germany. shock with the beach soonest. i think from the start of chancellor, i dunno. i had an apartment here. did you like almost from the time he started coming to paris regularly could rebuff as though he didn't always physically occupy a prayer. and after that, it was standard practice for old jim and chancellors to have an apartment in paris
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. they didn't have to register or ask the ambassador to prepare for their arrival mold, and he was like they were at home, the clip that he'd ever knew. should they come see the dishes? lou in his day he pony jammy met many great statesman, including then us president harry truman liberally. stone was now a true luxury class hotel. even today politicians including german chancellor anglo mce, appreciate its relative seclusion. blue foster literally selectively. dal you talk well clergy, i think le bristol has always been a meeting place for the power faulty due till its proximity to the elusive palace suitable anterior ministry. so the political world is always feared to have the business world as well marked because business men meet politicians in places of power law. a pledge to hang
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a lot of galleries have set up shop nearby. i still don't, he's only a home. ah one morning and may 1964 equally. jamie unexpectedly collapsed on the sidewalk. 2 days later, after suffering a heart attack and a stroke, he died from then on his eldest son, pierre ran the family business. ah, yes, the young rebel became pierre the hotel manager and husband followed buffy stole. he flew around the world like his father before him. pierre shamay met with v. i. peas like then future french president jacques. she hock. but what would a luxury hotel be without a truly romantic love story? ah, after pierre divorce from his 1st wife,
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heidi entered his life. the young german woman was looking for a job at the blaze stole in paris of all places. ah, i left on the 19th when i wasn't even of age. you only were 21 back then. uh huh. and paint to paris on frontal has the vehicle been not police. it was a 22 hour train trip to travel from berlin to paris. that in place to long enough to fly to america 3 times today, lou as an flish mission chung, when he finally received me, it took just half an hour to study and i was hired of ice. and instead, this is the skin as all went quite fast as possible as best. well he done him up. no, you can't do that here. and what do you want to do me? god said, i don't care. tell me what you want me to do with us. longer,
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and that was he to ha, do you have the room knowing then you'll get one dinner, et cetera. in half. now i was out the de la ah, back then p, f. shamay was twice heidi's age. but that proved no obstacle. it was love at 1st sight lake. oh, how sweet? ah. the couple married in 1966. ah, 3 years later their daughter was born. ah, the family enjoyed living in the hotel. they received the guests and represented and carried on equally janae's legacy. and yeah, that was a patio and it was our passion decide to simply the nicest thing in the world advocate that the vet the air and heidi continued to run the hotel through the 19
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sixties and seventies back then strict codes of conduct were still in place at luxury hotels you heard nice name is and we actually wanted more of a quiet clientele. oh do you have that is but not like the had to day in steve you hurt him and he was all still a little old fashioned at would for example, no man could enter the restaurant i was out wearing a tie letter today. that's on think about that guess later, lovely stole got its own hair salon and last but not least, something equally jamie had always reject it out of hand. an in house bar i will further shoshone altered my father with his diplomatic tea on towel, did not want a bar in the bristol. we could you thought he was afraid that streetwalkers would come into the hotel vin for rude boys. so i opened the bar who farrah. hm. mouldy,
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in 1975, josephine baker celebrated her 50th stage anniversary and parents kinda 250 invited guests came to liberty stone to join in the revelry with the legendary american born performer who found fame in france. not oh, so he moved. so i was sitting coffee harvey, who do you? josephine baker also celebrated the last evening of her life. here it was the last big soiree presided over by the shamay family lady lou, paula favorite del need. you need your living liquor. we held the last dinner for josephine baker who died the next day, or i don't have a, a funeral was held at. lemme delane gizzard of a then. oh, no book who had lots and lots of artists. she was so actress,
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cecilia. so her came down the stairs and ask it, i look good doing that a shall do a 3 year. lots of antics asti. so she liber he stole now, boasts one of the largest hotel, wine sellers in france. almost 100000 bottles are stored here. 85 percent of them are french wines some 15 years ago, liberally stole began producing its own house wine and has a mast quite a collection. somali, a bell now never always finds just the right vintage to go with every meal served at the epicure restaurant. even equally janay wasn't averse to a glass or 2 or you mean gum we started them of course le best or had
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a wine cellar bag then though it didn't have as many bottles or you'd actually, we've been lucky enough to acquire a large number of bottles didn't wasn't, and through the great efforts of the shaft, the, the restaurant was awarded with the 1st 2, then 3 michelin stars. hitler, me. so we've really expanded our wine cellar because the demand is that like clients who come to eat lunch or dinner at a 3 star restaurant in our connoisseurs, when it comes to wine and gastronomy. so we must respond to that demand. and that's what we've done on almost a century has passed since liberty stole 1st, opened its doors in 1978, the jammy family sold the hotel. in addition to pierre, the managing director, hipolito had 9 other children who stood to inherit their share to day liberty stole is a 5 star palace hotel. the highest hotel classification that exists in france. it's
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managed to retain its original character, discreet, unobtrusive, and laid back. while moving with the times, his lever readings, half a vote on foot. well, which as you can see now i'm the 1st female head concierge of the parisian palace hotel e with the bat at the start. this was mainly a man's profession. why? why? because concierge is used to work their way up from being caught is malaise, or bell boys or smell and back then they had to carry heavy loads. not the small, ultra light suitcases we have today. so said more lee, so they were essentially all men, ganganey belly, which you and then they had to park nice casa, which was also a male domains the gun. but today, there are schools which let young people, young women trained to be concierge, as a field. and enable them to enter this profession. only to sonya papa is duties as concierge differ considerably from those of her predecessors. the did he so now
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instead the dads, maybe there was a telephone in the beginning, but may be not so like grandkids, fax machines and talent. so if she can't overlay communication was very different back then human quinette were back on the meal. and when you wanted to make a reservation at the restaurant, you had to know the phone number by heart had the right contact, secure medical looking seizure. well, i've been told that when they left, an establishment, concierge was told that address books or even they said that they sold their positions with all the contacts that applied as a concierge of nipple. not one experienced liberal sales of now with the new social networks in the internet is our clients can get only information. they want your plan, what, what is up on a 20. so our profession has changed entirely, as the clients are already expert new to your it is that ill really know what they want to do as soon as they arrive at the hotel or, and with their, let's keep the fair. ah, liberties dahl is open to wall,
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yet retains an air of mystery. woody allen shot his fell midnight in paris here. and alistair is likely an ardo de caprio or regular guests who can come and go virtually unnoticed when they do need. but we've added a touch of glamour to la bristol, in recent years, i looked at the before things here were more masculine hard diplomats, businessman high finance, low t s. and now we have given it a bit of glamour, with the cinema to lambert, one remaining very discreetly thought pledges. so of jo, i set, i spare it all comes back to that aspect of being safe, of being sheltered from everything. did he, even if you do something terrible, bossy, even if you leave here thinking you should never have done it? what happens here stays here. so the word will never get out. it's, it's, it's, it's, it's a sped this and this aspect of silence, which we call discretion,
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is something that has always characterized us is, and what is good, is it something that underlines the family aspect like what happens in a family stays in a family and he asked me ah ah ah ah, ah ah, ah doctor, 270 and 10 d w. what's truly important in life we take a look at his past and future media, the artist,
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a very personal kent nagondo arch 2030 minutes in d w. o . and we'll get into the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter, the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque
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worlds whose b, this is and why are they a threat to whistle o peak wolf starts january 5th on d, w. ah, this is d that the news alive from berlin authorities in europe expand current virus restrictions to try and limit the spread of the only front of variance. the netherlands calls the snap, christmas locked down when pops and non essential shops closed for business. up to you dramatic rise in cases london b class.


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