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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2021 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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almost 3000 locations across england were turned into makeshift vaccination centers on saturday. dutch prime minister mark router on saturday announced a lockdown that will limit gathering over christmas and close the shops, restaurants, and cultural then use also feel margaret air. we need to intervene now or to prevent a much worse outcome. the lock tone is a precaution for that's the complicated story. we have to tell. shoppers rushed for some last minute purchases before the measures came into effect, lockdown or none. the w h o expects ami chrome to become dominant in the countries where it has taken hold scientist war and the search in cases could further burden overstretched health systems and lead to staff shortages across many sectors. let's look at some other developments in this pandemic. gemini has put the united kingdom on its list of high risk coven. 19 countries, meaning tied to travel restrictions. starting monday,
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arrivals from britain who need to quarantine for 2 weeks, whether they are vaccinated or not. the world health organization says the owner can vary until the current a virus is spread in faster than the previously discovered delta variant that the viewer jewel, however, said on the grounds, severity remains unclear. the variance has now been discovered in 89 countries worldwide. in the us, the kona virus for them it is getting worse. as the delta and oregon variance continued to spread, the overall number of confirmed coven 19 cases surpassed 50700000 on saturday. with some experts fear in that the countries already of a bed and health care system could collapse for more let's bring in help us to john kimbell. he joins us from carlyle in the u. k. hello john. different restrictions are coming back. the netherlands has just gone back into lock down. other countries like germany tightening travel restrictions for people coming from high risk
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countries like the u. k. but what is more effective? well, these locked downs all they're going to do is delay the progressive of this on the conveyor because it's in every country in europe already. so even a lot of the, on the current levels in germany at the moment of quite low it, is there probably 23 percent of cases. so all this is going to do is delay things by a small amount of time. basically, everyone in europe needs to be ready to be infected or, or exposed, at least to on the call in the next few weeks. it's dividing so quickly, spreading so fast. the r value in the u. k is probably between 3 and 5 at the moment. so it's coming everywhere. so what we need to do, i feel is use the time to be as prepared as possible. now government, launching, boost campaigns, vaccination campaigns. and that's correct. but i also need to think we need to think about ourselves as well. so arousing levels, what are of it's mindy levels? because we know that to me, day is important for immunity and we get it from the sunshine in this time of year in northern europe. unfortunately,
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we don't get any sunshine and getting plenty of sleep getting some exercise. all these things are going to be important when we are exposed to the virus. and then we can be hopeful that the vast, vast majority of people will get no symptoms, a total of a minimal set of symptoms. so that's interesting, practical advice you're given there. i mean, you mentioned it earlier. some biologists are even calling for he had immunity approach. could that be the way to go? you think this some science that starting to demonstrate this or the some research out of hong kong that shows that the micron virus replicates very much in the upper respite retract rather in the lungs. and this means is going to be an awful lot of the virus around and people are going to be exposed no, every time someone is exposed to the virus, they will generate an immune response that will improve their immunity. so as, as millions of people, tens of millions of people in the next few weeks in europe are going to be exposed to the virus than, than the inevitably means. the community or her community is going to be increased
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. the problem is that it's going to be so many cases in such a short period of time. the, even if a tiny, tiny fraction of people do get ill, that could be a lot of people getting you all at the same time. so that is the risk, but the good outcome of this is by about february, probably everyone in europe will be exposed and their immunity will be increased. and there was real hope that this could cause very wide spread. heard immunity this time. ok. quick one on that, we need new job see every couple of months to are just to new crew and our variance . well, let's hope not, because that's not really a practical way ahead. but the german government just ordered 18000000 doses of on the kron specific vaccine in case it's needed. but i'm really hopeful that this sort of heard community is developing. we'll take over and make that, make this particular on the con, very like the other 4 common cold. so co devices that we already have because we have corona, virus infections all the time. it's just that this is a new type of corona virus. so we're hoping that this will blend back down into the
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sort of endemic viral ecosystem that i'm afraid we all live in. ok, let's keep hope alive. health analysts, john. com. no, thank you. hong kong is having its fast parliamentary elections since e crackdown under pro democracy movement by bays in. we just hours to go. observers are seeing an exceptionally low voter turnout. we're just some 20 percent accustomed ballot. many hong kong residents, c, b, c to process us need a fair nor democratic. it's the 1st legislative council election since fiji and impose the sweeping national security law on to be formed. the electoral system on the news only candidates, considered peach tree arctic to china can run many position candidates have been silenced, jailed or have fled to territory. hong kong leader carry lamb was one of the fast acosta votes. she denies accusations. her government has set voter turnout rates. i do have said a very key,
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a target for this general election of the legislative council. one is to ensure patriots administering hong kong. and i think that objective has been met through the design of the kennedy eligibility review committee. we. i handle ma correspondence. phoebe com, who is in hong kong to gave us this assessment with all the major opposition parties absent from this election. many up is a port us, especially the young people are no longer interested in a vote. long lives are rally seen outside polling station like this one. on one hand, the government is stepping up f as to prevent any resistance like open cause, but boy caught up the election as it has been criminalized for the very 1st time in hong kong. electro history and all the other hand to offer free rise for public transport and setting up new polling station at the border in a bit to boost to china. right. so the atlanta rate is the core issue of this election. as many observers see the speaker as a kind of votes of confidence,
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of the latest political situation in hong kong, and also a reflection of the legitimacy of the new electro system. it's 5, yes to the day since germany's fast major islamist tara attack on a christmas market right here in berlin eco, my ration event is being held in the capital to remember the victims, the attacker hijacked a truck and killed the driver before plowing into crowds of the bright side knots christmas market killing 11 more people. another man died a few weeks ago from injury sustained that night. brigand at that told to 13 the attacker on his, on re, was a field technician asylum seeker who was known to authorities. a few days later, he was shot dead by police while on the run in italy. ah, the christmas lights are on and the root is festive at the market and berlin's pie chart plots. at 1st glance, it's hard to see any trace of the terror attack 5 years ago, lou,
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but market trader max miller will never forget of that day. he barely escaped with his life when the truck plowed on to the site and destroyed his stand far my knowledge of how by me i was working. when i heard a loud noise. and he sounded like a dumpster being rolled away and told me that there was of all a humming noise in the background. and i turned around and saw the truck. and what happened with lit up did it go to the in net, my wife and i ran to safety, who been in to me. it would run off all completed in 13 people were killed in the attack and more than 60 wounded. the horror is not forgotten. this fight, this max miller has opened a new stand at the christmas market. he prefers not to show us because he doesn't want publicity. how did he find the courage to return to the scene football from the school? i was say, this is the best way of dealing with trauma that i was in therapy and learn how to
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cope with my feelings, him to be in, but it will be with him for the rest of my life. and when my children asked me number 2 upon data and he wanted what was like on the daily, shall probably stutter little before i can tell them the story you not see. and can we swa many visitors have mixed feelings about being at the christmas markets. there is a holiday atmosphere, but also a sense of grief, especially at the memorial to the victims. is how can i feel a chill running down my spine? i can't put it on cameras. there monday, listen doesn't when you see the lights and smell the hot dogs, that you can forget the bad things for awhile or in my court voice of a horrible, but you can't change what happened giving into the terrorists was never an option, says traitor max miller and his colleagues agree, then as a self involved linda, it'll always be with us abuse. you can't forget something like that. bob, the shortness to you to try out. but we all said we have to keep going. and not
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look back and listen by them. uh huh. no, fontainebleau, the memory of the attack will never go away. but to day the christmas spirit has returned to berlin's pride, shide plots and bundles like a football dos. mourn wrapped up the idea with a shock, lost her hat. berlin, and with that loss, steve, more or less dashed yacht title hope's fall in mine points behind by and munich, ah, berlin's olympic stadium was lit up for the last match of the year with a sparse crowd of hats, a fancy enjoying the spectacle. and with their site hosting dornan, the match was set to be blue flashing hair to fighting to avoid the relegation. battle came out firing. missio melita burst ahead adornments defense and tapped home just 15 minutes in. but after b a r check t made the shock, bel,
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fidel was rude to be here all side on the play. no, go. the miss their state in squandered their good fortune with you yet been summoning its spectacular tight ankle finish. 16 minutes later, one mill dort men in their hopes of chasing by and still alive but here to return from the half time break, reinvigorated. built it. oh, make good on his early infraction. racing past his opponents to equalized with their strong soul record in the 51st minute. 6 minutes later here to double their score. markovich the screamer lift workman, stunned. with 20 minutes to play these that twisted the knife making a 31 hatta stephan tickets hut dorkins deficit with the late header. but it was already too late. dorman were
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dealt their 2nd last and 4 matches the serious blow to any realistic title hopes. while heritage celebrated the hall, they a gift of a massive step towards mid table safety. oh, that's all for now. ok, next. and sports life covering the debates around a controversial 2022. katara woke up. we'll have more world headlines on top of the last day with us. and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around or clock on our website d, w dot com. thanks for joining us. ah ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. ah, and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360
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getty out. now sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big idea to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now feel free ah ah ah ah ah, the football world cup will come to katara but for more than
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a decade now many have been calling for a boycott, especially in the western world. to say it's a controversial issue is probably an understatement by god, mentally refusing to clinton with pata loves football. so let gotta have this will come time for a reality check as to well, kevin guitar is no longer just a plan but basically happening to morrow. should the rock up in katara really be boycotted if so why? and what for, or was this just big talk to ease the conscience? and in the end, we'll all sit in front of our a t, v 's because football is awesome. in case you're wondering what all the uproar is about, katara is often called the richest country in the world. natural gas and oil bound money teams is not the most pressing issue. katara has invested this wealth and to multiple activities in the world of sports that didn't want to go. yeah,
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m as lot katara. doyle, developers for tangible which tends to nila dish, and barrett my social once of i don't so forth. i'll c global a do not susco. he won't mit different by bit massage of his senior classes that was of wolf gallon had the airways, is i and goes a ones are the one from ven, bye to nealon allergies of it to let's with the and the than than the other ones. or there oh by myself. so hey, but what's wrong with wanting to promote your country? especially if you're not short on cash? well, critic said it's not always kosher. for example, when you buy features votes with it, ha, corruption is inseparable from the 2010 decision to award katara, the world cup 11 of to $22.00 fee for executive committee members who voted on this have since been fined, suspended, banned for life, or prosecuted for corruption in 2020 the u. s. department of justice claimed that
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katara had indeed bribed fifo officials to secure hosting rights. so it's this world cup the woke up of corruption. we've always complied with the rules and regulations of people to the strictest offence. when people say, how did you in the world come in on the simplest answer and i, and i assure you, and i promise you, it is not said in any way with any arrogance. we were the best bid. now, whatever the truth may be, one thing catches my attention here. according to that same investigation, russia allegedly bought the 2018 world cup. and in a more distant past, there is quite some evidence that the 2006 world camp here in germany was bought to the stadium right behind me, was built for that tournament. and today, house champ is leaking. in this stadium, plenty of fans enjoy watching our be leipzig take on p a g. and i wonder why all the fuss about guitar. if every country buys to wilco, katara gets an unfair amount of criticism. says my colleague,
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mark meadows. i think it's western european arrogance really to say that these are the sort of country shouldn't host bo cups. we know they'll put on a great wilco. we know every stadium will be fantastic. you know, every pitch will be fantastic. transport will work, and we want to put the game. so let's but the game more, let's tell the arab world, yes, you are part of the football family, and cutoff shall no commitment to football. not only buying power such a man, but also sponsoring barcelona. they buy music there for winter training every year . they really have put their money where their mouth is. well, but not all fans are happy about that money is their criticism, western european arrogance. and is katara purely interested in promoting football. other say it's about sports washing both watching katara. the perfect news in katana give the kind of, i don't give kind of the read the fun almost. and then that was,
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what do you say that mark, let's look at russia. you know, russia are, isn't friendly to almost sexual either, but there wasn't such a big issue about the 2018 local defendants have. i bought it from michigan. my employee is a live on the brought it up. why do we point to our finger at guitar and not so much at, let's say russia human rights issues on many levels plus and invaded neighboring ukraine. and what about the usa? one of the $32026.00 world cup hosts a country where the death penalty still exists. is it what mark calls, western arrogance, possibly even bordering on racism? is this about double standards or does it have more to do with the fact that guitar abuse has so many? right, so blatantly one of the main reasons for international concern about the world cup
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is how many people had to suffer and died to make it happen. katara is mainly a desert, but so it will be a desert with a highly modern world cup stadiums to its name. in addition to a dozen of other major projects, including a new airport roads, public transport, hotels and an entire new city that will host a well kept final. but it's how all this was built that race a lot of eyebrows internationally. british newspaper, the guardian claimed that 6500 migrant workers have died in guitar. most of them employed on well cub related infrastructure project. katasha statistical. it is like the m instant holland out them chavez cut him. it's and senior and the storms and m as if fully one clowned me believe of the feel it would have faded on the like them to the moment i buy it when i was spending shed in his room is about us to target the 4th. the business of the people tend on the fair,
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the that would have had a nice alpha cancelled. it's not just the dead workers that lead to concern it's the conditions for migrant workers in general. and the top is that's just about done in monday i by the mention, this is high thought the skip kind of my luggage skipped council. can augusta whether the sweat does noise and can get on top of the hard to get katara said it has reacted to improve the situation for guest work because it now has better laws the amount of work that went into legislation and the amount of work that went to the improvement of workers, conditions, rights have, have, you know, in my apt and my opinion, a precedent that the speed of the way things have happened here from flight of c. and would you be mon, cutoff game would have been tight, doesn't depend. i'm nice because in one side doesn't depend that cut have
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a nice place to perform for f listed on happy off the piano and that's the axis is the v that'll say to him of athens, english channels. where should the football world draw the line? should it draw a line at all as to welcome comes closer footballers themselves are standing up for human rights, norway, the netherlands, germany here in march 2021 ahead of their welcome qualifiers. but what they not play when it's time to go to katara for the world cup. what they go as far as finish international recall risky. he missed out on a friendly against sweden planning katara in 2019 and protest at katara human rights record. in 2021. not just this norwegian comedian, but also norwegian fans and clubs. representatives put pressure on their if a to boycott. the world cup
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and a congress held in the summer of 2021. a majority voted against a boycott though an executive committee member of norway's f. a had said prior to the congress, you need a critical mass behind a boycott. an opposition that calls for it in the country to v for says not boycotts, but rather inclusion drives reform in a country awarding to welcome to katara has opened the door for a social progress there it says mother oak cut the fif of president infant dino prayed his recent reforms allegedly improving migrant workers rights and car is it dialogue instead of boy caught that helps. the way of changing the mind of terry authorities is to kind of bring them in my mind more into the phone and say, look, if you like that if you like that will. we've given you and you want to host other things in the future. one picks one day, then you have to be
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a bit more modern than you have to allow homosexuality em, etc, etc. there is reason to believe that this won't work though china hosted in 2000 a summer olympics hopes for a high that the event would have an impact on human rights. there have things changed? well, they have gotten worse beat for the oppressed, muslim we go are minority or for civil rights activists in hong kong. back in germany, these football crazy students can be bothered about guitar 2022. they will organize their own world cup with 16 amatory teams from around the world when smithy about this steve, in the dought men's place refusing to create and with, by the time for food could dangly by managed in dublin, that management taylor from the mother says miss dustless and what else must own defeat i'm doing good at mom in police near you both of whom was said close often i shall site and shut it and they won't watch the games and car no semi final no
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final nothing only the live stream and post match analysis of their own tournament, but it can make them and also he does come with his gave him new if cayden for bundy me, the shits and lo, others for them love the student. emma wouldn't ramesh be a human gazande, her daughter emma meals or i all right. not hope you not have been with a stronger than not us. and osmond dublin viet ended mazin at ativa beaten b hersh diminished against madame assembled. jennifer spoke about the matter, but i mean, aunt em sima shouldn't obstinate at ativa to harm and ran. so cannon and bus monday, the agen investment ange console me. most of us will probably end up in front of our a t v. 's. once the ball gets rolling and katara, the world cup is simply too powerful, correct me if i'm wrong, yet this doesn't do anything for the terrible fate of katara migrant workers. or that if you're a homosexual or a woman in a country, you don't enjoy some basic human rights. katara needs to do much more if it wants
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to live up to its claims of reform. fee for simply lex clear rules for accepting world cup beds. if you thought i'd as, as early as i was little india v l over my long and depletion for different lab and image like little plots names. so why not have clear requirements and put all those nice principles from fif as website into place? what do you think about the controversial work up and cut hard? will you boy caught it or will you just watch the games are there may be aspects i didn't even touch upon like this one. for example, 3 lions fans. listen up. the other aspect of course is the november kicker. i don't think that's a problem. as in england, fans, i think it might be actually quite good because england players are always completely naked when he comes to june. he play in the middle of their season. they're probably in top form, or will it come home to katara minute?
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